Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crack Cocaine You Say – Obama was an addict

Crack Cocaine You Say – Obama was an addict

The media is abuzz with the news of Mayor Ford’s drug and alcohol stupor. This rotund, jolly, sweaty, messy and DE shelved political protagonist is however no match for the criminal U.S. President Barack Obama.

Evidence that has surfaced during Obama’s presidency reveals the following:

1.    Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Obama was a drug-mule for the CIA. This organization employed both his mother and father.

2.    While in university he conducted himself as a “homosexual whore”. Having sex with successful Caucasian males.

3.    During that same time Barack Obama was known to “free-base” crack cocaine.

4.    He and his wife are both disbarred lawyers. His wife disbarred for insurance fraud and his transgressions are unknown.

5.    Well known Arizona Sheriff Arpaio along with elite forensic laboratories has proven over and over again that Barry’s birth certificate is a fraud – not an American citizen!

6.    Barry never served as a law professor but rather taught as a part-timer.

The world has been fortunate enough to have Barry command the U.S. Armed Forces over the past 5 years. He has murdered, poisoned, maimed and mutilated millions of people. Mayor Ford has only made Toronto one of the top and safest Cities in the world, and worked hard to stop the “gravy train”.
His future agenda should include term limits for City councillors and legislating a law to publicly expose the sewer-rats a.k.a. Freemasons. Many City councillors have served so long they think their shit don’t stink. Let’s put these long-tenured know-at-all’s to pasture.

When is smoking a drug by accident more criminal than stealing billions of dollars, murder and human rights violations? The media should be working hard to indict McGuinty, Wynne, Harris and Blair.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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