Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toronto City Council has done the “Unthinkable”

Toronto City Council has done the “Unthinkable”

Thankfully we have a defiant and politically savvy Mayor. I would have preferred that the Mayor accidently bumped into Premier Kathleen Wynne instead of Councillor McConnell – perhaps a good knock would have revealed the truth about the fraud committed by Wynne and ex-Premier McGuinty.


Rob Ford, and this “created” scandal are putting Toronto on the map across this planet. Any good businessman will tell you that “any news” is good news. The overwhelming media response has generated revenue for our hospitality and media industries, and made Toronto a more interesting City for any potential tourist.


It is so obvious the Police Commissioner Blair intentionally and with malice targeted the Mayor in his police investigation. This City “must indict” Blair for civil and human rights violations. It is appalling to have a Police Commissioner who instructed his force to intentionally target, humiliate, haze and deny Torontonians of their basic rights during the G20 summit, and not be held accountable. Why has this offensive individual never been charged? – Because he is a protected Freemason and part of the Establishment Rot.


It’s great to see Olivia Chow berate the Mayor and offer news on how China thought Torontonians were a bunch of idiots. Sorry Jack Layton, but your widow seems to have forgotten about the day they found you naked in a Chinatown bawdyhouse. Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy! I love what China has accomplished financially, economically and militarily, but they have a long way go to politically. This is where the Chinese can take a few lessons from Rob Ford.


This Mayor is reinvigorating democracy across the globe, and exposing how establishment whores manipulate media to demean and ridicule politicians who prefer to act on behalf of the electorate and not special interest groups. This Mayor has been the most fiscally responsible Mayor in this City’s history. That is all that should matter – he fulfilled his election mandate and showed up for work every day.


As I watched our “Rob-ust Caesar” being stabbed in the back, I witnessed Councillor Davis continually lie about events transpiring in Council. She should be admonished. Councillor Perruzza provided an eloquent speech and the hit the nail right on the head. No government should ever lynch their leader in this fashion. Two other City Councillors who had been charged with drinking and driving were obvious hypocrites. Councillors Mammolitti, Shiner and Pasternak reminded Council of the Integrity Commissioner’s Report and the voice of the electorate – the only two things that matter.  I was happy to see that Councillors of Italian and Jewish heritage directly or indirectly support the Mayor.

A final note – under Mayor Ford’s stewardship Toronto has climbed to the top of the totem pole in global social and economic statistics.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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