Saturday, November 23, 2013

What do Mayor Rob Ford and JFK have in common?

"The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer: Socialite, mistress of JFK, wife of CIA official, and victim of a terrible conspiracy"

The original article, written by Timothy Leary, appeared in the premier issue of a magazine called "The Rebel." which was published by Larry Flynt. The source of the article was taken from Dr. Leary's autobiography, "Flashbacks."

Listen to this video and enlighten yourself as to how LSD and drugs are used as powerful weapons of control and entrapment. The "Rabbit Hole" is deeper than you think. The world is not black and white for those who seek to manipulate and control society's mind. The creation of alternative realities eventually creates a world filled with uncontrollable absurdities.

A PDF version of the "The Rebel" can be downloaded here:

Mary Pinchot Meyer Wiki:
Cord Meyer,Jr. Wiki:

The truth hungers for a starving mind.
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