Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Media and Masonic Murder of Mayor Rob Ford

When you are not part of the "system" they will do everything to destroy you.  Rob Ford has done nothing wrong, nor has he been convicted of any crime. He has become the planned victim of a character assassination.

The events being portrayed in the media are only peculiar because someone, or rather some establishment crime syndicate, has gone to extremes to entrap this man. Who and why would anyone stalk and tape Rob Ford's personal life unless there was a pre-set agenda?

This man is cleaning up the corruption in the City of Toronto, and the Establishment sewer-rats don't like it. Perhaps we should re-elect Ford's predecessor, David Miller, once more. Unaccountable waste, secret City budgets, lies, corruption and Miller placed up to 25 members of his family on the City payroll.

This personal attack on a good man will no doubt stay the attention on Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Police Commissioner Blair. These are the people we should be focusing on. Has anyone gone to great lengths to stalk, video-tape and plan the demise of these three individuals? Who would video-tape Rob Ford, in what appears to be his home, unless a planned attacked was in the works?

If you wish to revisit a post from my BLOG I urge you to read the following and view the video by David Hawkins. He exposes Prime Minister Harper and a whole lot more.

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Joseph Pede

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Anonymous said...

I believe you are incorrect in your assessment of the situation. There is a conspiracy, but it is not aimed at destroying the Ford brothers. It is aimed at protecting them. This is a charade and it is being played out as yet another soap opera of the world stage.

Rob Ford is a part of the system and always has been. He told an interviewer that the police were "too soft" on the protesters at G20, and he threatened to defund the Pride parade if Queers Against Israeli Apartheid were allowed to attend. He has consistently provided strong support to the police, who are largely comprised of Masons and who have a record for authoritarian brutality.

Rob, his brother Doug and his father Doug, Sr. were all active members of the Rotary Club of Toronto West. Doug served as its president and treasurer. Doug said: "Our family's been in Etobicoke for 55 years and been involved in the Rotary from Day One."

The Rotary Club is a quasi-Masonic society. Bill Blair and the Fords are not really fighting. Its all staged. Blair has been a close ally of the Ford brothers until now. Freemasonry Watch identifies him and former mayor David Miller as Masons. It is known that Blair is a member of the Order of Saint John, a fraternal organization. Its membership has included ranking U.S. military and intelligence officers.

Ford is a close friend of the Conservative establishment. His multimillionaire father, the founder of Deco Labels, was something of a political godfather in his day. It was said that you had to "kiss the ring" of Doug Ford, Sr. if you were an aspiring politician in the city. Simply look at Ford's friendship with Stephen Harper, who took a fishing trip with him in August 2012 and appeared at his barbecue. After the shooting at the block party on Danzig (7/16/12), Harper met with Ford to discuss the enactment of "tougher crime laws."

Jim Flaherty, who was Harper's finance minister, was a close friend of the Fords. He died of a sudden heart attack three days ago, only weeks after leaving office. Fl

Isn't it strange how Ford's unofficial publicist is Sun columnist Joe Warmington, who provided publicity to Luka Magnotta a year before he became infamous.