Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Starving Mind

Starving Mind

Truth hungers for the starving mind

The passage of time has rendered history incredibly blind

Little about the past do we care to remember

It is as though the calendar went only from January to September

The ground swells with the remains of all those who have died in battle

Castles built by men when they were no more than cattle

Cathedrals marked the beginning of each new schism

Fashionable architecture eerily baptized the latest designer ism

Kings and queens stood atop their mighty thrones

In the right hand a sword, and the other a mercenary’s bones

Aristocrats were allowed to make work life-long servitude

In the days of yore it was inappropriate to have opinions and attitude

The hangman’s noose was always ready to contain a rebel cause

Guillotines made the tongue permanently pause

Dungeons housed petty thieves seeking an ounce of bread

Prayer the only solution when one was eternally dead.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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