Thursday, February 28, 2013

Capitalism with a Ceiling

Capitalism with a Ceiling

I’ve always been convinced that the highpoint of democracy is communism.  Equitable decision-making eventually falls prey to dishonesty as democracy matures. The paranoia and dementia which overtake many senior citizens become the same divisive traits which eventually destroy the progenistic culture bred by democracy.

Capitalism, the bastard son of democracy, also becomes collateral damage with the demise of democracy. Those who ascend to the top of the pyramid while democracy evolves will eventually seek to be gods on Earth.

These gods strive to take complete charge of the political arenas, financial forums, spiritual wells and ultimately, who lives and dies. Capitalism is simply another word for opportunism without safeguards.

In Italy, a new and relevant ideology is taking root. I hope there is sufficient sun and water to have it grow into a tangible model for the rest of the world. It is called “democracy for and by the people”. Beppe Grillo does not want to “renovate” Italy’s existing political and financial structures, but rather he wants to destroy them. He wants Italians to decide what is to be rebuilt, not a self-centered or distant bureaucracy whose ability to resolve anything is entangled with the degeneracy of the day and times.

So I bring to you an alternative form of social equilibrium. I refer to it as “Capitalism with a Ceiling”. It would mean that no-one individual could climb above a preset social and economic paradigm. I speak not of collectivism, but rather a financial and economic model where everyone is subjected to an “equal and equitable distribution of risk”. Today’s financial systems are so corrupt that the elite of our society have taxed investors with "virtual risk", when no risk existed, and have manipulated technology to the demise of shrewd and intelligent risk decision-makers.

The only financial instruments that would be acceptable in this economic model would be voting common shares and a global currency backed by gold and silver. The system would be void of interest and taxes. Technology may ultimately lead us in that direction, but who controls technology is a dire concern. To safeguard this fear we must abolish all monarchies and asphyxiate the treachery of Freemasonry.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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