Saturday, February 16, 2013

Terrorism: Pamela Wallin questions Robert Fadden

Terrorism: Pamela Wallin questions Robert Fadden

Pamela Wallin asked Robert Fadden, “are we (Canada) using our money wisely (to fight terrorism)”? Should Canadians not be questioning Pamela Wallin as to her expense budget instead? No one in government is spending public funds wisely - our government officials are accountable to no one.

If we want to “specifically” identify the global terrorists then we need to ask only one question:

Who took Gaddafi’s, Mubarak’s and Hussein’s gold and money? Once you have obtained an answer to this question, you will have also identified who the assassins and thieves are.

After what we have witnessed this week and month, our only course of action is to abolish the Canadian Senate, abolish the British monarchy and commence an action to have this institution charged with centuries of crimes against humanity, and finally expose the duplicitous nature of Freemasonry in all our levels government and justice system.
Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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