Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mr. Putin is absolutely correct!

Mr. Putin is absolutely correct!

It is no great secret that I have absolute admiration for Vladimir Putin. He is perhaps the grandest of all political giants yet he prefers to walk in the shadows of lesser giants. I have yet to conclude if Mr. Putin is a man comforted by obscurity, or a man who contemplates in silence and ponders how to shield Russia from the encroachment of a New World Order. Many envision Putin as a cold and calculating individual, yet I see a man who has a love of country and growing commitment to humanity.

Yesterday, Vladimir Putin celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad. His speech embodied the spirit of patriotism and nationalism – two ideals which fly in the face of globalism.

……….Vladimir Putin, called the battle ''one of the greatest examples of world heroism'' during a stirring address to veterans on Saturday that played up the nationalist themes of his third Kremlin term.

''Stalingrad will forever remain the symbol of the unity and invincibility of our people,'' Mr Putin said. ''It is a symbol of true patriotism - a symbol of the great victory of the Soviet soldier-liberator.''

The half-year battle in 1943 - much of it fought in close-quarters combat in the ruined streets - claimed the lives of 2 million people and eventually led to the surrender of the German troops.

The battle marked Hitler's first big defeat and led to a Nazi retreat from Soviet territory after the lightning invasion in June 1941 that had caught Stalin unaware.

Mr Putin has preached a patriotic message since returning to the presidency in May after serving four years as prime minister. He told the veterans that ''no country can live without [patriotism] because otherwise it will simply dissolve like a lump of sugar in a cup of tea''.

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