Friday, February 22, 2013

Why Jesus Matters

Why Jesus Matters

We do not create Gods, but rather bear witness to their gradual evolution. The continuity of thought directed towards one person, or a specific ideology, is comparable to light. Dispersed light will illuminate a general area, whereas light transmitted by a laser directs tremendous energy in one direction. The concentration of energy through one source is not unlike the creative process employed by God to conceive a soul. Reciprocally, the devotion that is transferred by humanity towards one soul is the way in which we elevate one of God’s messengers to a plane higher than our own. Visually, the hologram is behaving like a pyramid – every layer of creation is scrambling in its attempt to push that one special Avatar to the pinnacle of the pyramid.

Whether Jesus was born of divinity or became divine does not matter. Whether He died on the cross or survived the cross matters even less. His crucifixion was a symbolic message from God. Jesus resurrected because He is still amongst us. He is one of the very few spiritual protagonists who endured the weight of the burial sands and the hands of time. Jesus is like a cipher, the more we try to break His relevancy, the more His mystery grows. Forget about Jesus if you wish, but do not overlook His message. He continues to survive in the gospels, legend, lore, yet Jesus never wrote a book.

We did not create Jesus we simply continue to unravel the enigma that God presented to us. Fashioning our own technologically-based spirituality will see us become casualties of an artificial, ineffective and finite energy source. Whether they are batteries or nuclear fusion, they are a temporal power whose indestructability is lethargic when compared to the dynamism of creation.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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