Monday, February 18, 2013

Jesus Matters

Jesus Matters

The ancient architects and builders must have been convinced that their great structures would have inspired human beings for time immemorial.  From the pyramids which housed the mummified cadavers of the pharaohs to the grand basilicas which housed the remains of saints, they all attempted to answer one question – Who was the instrument that inspired Mankind to erect such grand and complex edifices?

A select few among us should be able to provide an answer to this question. Their silence, however, is outward evidence that the vast majority of humanity cannot be provided with such a truth. When one examines the rise and fall of great civilizations there really is only one real truth – power yields to the hidden truth. With the fall of each successive civilization the truth draws deeper into the layers of the Earth’s crust. It continues to be compacted by the tears, blood, flesh and bones of all those who have died protecting the “creation enigma” for those few who hide the truth from us.

When great civilizations rise, so too do the great Prophets. They appear to answer the prayers of the enlightened and inquisitiveness masses who sought an answer to their life and eventual death; mortality and eternity.

So why it is that every time we approach the truth, the powerful few among us plunge humanity back into darkness?  Mankind appears to never reach its intended crescendo. Is this one of God’s safeguards, or is this extinction protocol brought about by our own acts of free will?

We have had, for millennia, the Ten Commandments and Jesus as guides to our salvation. The rules and messages are extremely simple to understand, yet obedience to these straight-forward tenets appears impossible to achieve. Have we complicated our lives so dramatically that we have lost sight of all that matters? I believe this to be a truth. Jesus sought to revitalize our spirit and bring meaning to our lives, yet His message has become as empty as the great basilicas. Today, we flock to them as tourists rather than dwellers. We admire their grandeur, and lose sight of the Greatness that inspired their construction. These structures visibly hold great secrets, yet we lack the intuitiveness to seek them out.

If we wish to move forward, at this critical time in our history, we must once again grasp the message of Jesus, or anyone of the Prophets who sought to bring understanding to our lives.  This path is not difficult, yet it does require the following:

i)             Marriage between two people is holy
ii)            Family is the bond that unites society
iii)           We must not fear to do the right thing, at any cost
iv)           We cannot conspire against one another, and those who do must be exorcized from society
v)            Money is not the means to an end, but rather a device to lead a simple and harmonious life
vi)           We cannot allow our leaders to dictate nor devise instruments that separate us
vii)         We must not kill
viii)        We must once again fill the great edifices
ix)           We must identify and stop evil at every turn
x)            Ignorance is no excuse for the truth and our belief in God

In order to achieve these ten simple steps we must resort to a primitive form of expression – it is called protest. One powerful voice can raze the Walls of Jericho or make tumble the Tower of Babel.

To sustain peace humanity must discard, at all costs, monarchy and aristocracy. This is a manifestation of evil and its co-conspirator.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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