Saturday, February 16, 2013

What is Evil?

What is Evil?

I am confident that many great people have tried to answer this enigmatic question over the centuries. Before I try to explain evil, perhaps we should try to understand “hate”. In the Animal Kingdom, hate is a non-existent survival mechanism. In that realm, hate has given absolute quarter to instinct. Animals only kill to eat or to protect territory. That is, they kill “to be” or to “be part of” their representative speck of creation. So did God engineer Mankind with or without hate?

Mother Nature provides the resource for all life to interact with one another – either in harmonious symbiosis or in a non-synergistic relationship with one another. It is in the “independence factor” that a dilemma is created for humans. What is external to our comfort level antagonizes our “hate gene”. We enact hate rather than ignite instinct.

When one tries to define evil or hate, their respective descriptions become the mutating eccentricities of popular thought and culture. As thought evolves, so too does our understanding of hate and evil. Thought is the inquisitive invention of evolving curiosity, and its ultimate prize is knowledge.

My personal belief is that “hate” was implanted in humans by God. He did so to provide us a visible consequence to our gift of “free will”. Hate in humans is God’s pressure valve. No matter how we view hate, it only matters when the pressure valve is about to burst. That is the point in which hate subverts God.

The D-evil is the colloquial wrench that attempts to open the valve, ad infinitum, by priming and influencing our free will.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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