Tuesday, February 5, 2013



There is absolutely no nation on this planet that would target a nuclear war head at another nation. This extinction protocol has no strategic advantage for anyone. The activation of a small nuclear device or dirty bomb is only possible when detonated in a small obscure region of a non-descript country or geographic location.  

The elitist propaganda in North Korea or Iran is intended to commence a large-scale conventional war with little or no destructive impact on key infrastructure or important facilities. All the misinformation released in the media today is intended to engineer a situation where the real destructive source could be covertly unleashed upon humanity; that would be a biochemically engineered virus that could wipe out 95% of humanity in less than a week. Al-Assad could be the dupe by which chemical or biological weapons are deployed.

One such example is the little known chimera mutation known as “ebolapox”; developed in the 1970’s by the Russian Biopreparat Warfare Agency. The whereabouts of this biological weapon disappeared with the Russian scientists. Ebolapox has no known antigen and survives forever on any animate or inanimate object. Its sister virus known as "veepox" can target livestock, crops, water and food. These twin sisters of science could wipe out the human race in an instance.

The elite are hyper-accelerating the barometer reading on the human fear index.  Their backs are so close to the wall that a single nervous twitch could artificially ignite something that places them in great peril as well. All this chaos is intended to buy them time – time to plan their next and most impactful strategic move. This is "Agenda 21" at work!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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