Monday, February 11, 2013

Richard Fadden “Head of CSIS = Head SIC”

Richard Fadden “Head of CSIS = Head SIC”

|Richard Fadden| told the standing committee on national security and defence that “dispersed” al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists have set up shop in many grimmer countries, where they call for recruits from the West.

“In every single case there are Canadians who have joined them,” said Mr. Fadden. He added that CSIS, which does the vast majority of its spying within Canada, is “following a number of cases where we think people might be inclined to acts of terrorism.”

Canadian citizens have recently been implicated in deadly terrorist attacks against civilians overseas, spawning global concerns about whether federal security agencies know enough about extremists from this country.

Mr. Fadden said that the threat posed by Canadian terrorists “has morphed into something that is harder to get your hands on.”

This man is simply out of touch with world events. Mr. Fadden, as head of Canadian Intelligence you must know that Al Qaida is funded by and overseen by the CIA. Therefore, any Canadian who has joined forces with Al Qaida has done exactly what the queen, Prime Minister, Governor General, Minister of Defense and any knowledgeable minister has done in creating terrorism and genocide in the Middle East. Why is war and murder as practiced by our federal government acceptable, but not so when exercised by the citizens of Canada? Mr. Fadden, you should view terrorism just as the elite of our society view globalism – an opportunity.
In this particular case, our federal government has already set the precedent to be complicit in terrorism. The irony is that the Canadian military are fighting Canadian citizens on foreign soil, in a war waged by the Anglo-American union and their partner, Al Qaida. Was Fadden not to be given the "boot"?

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Joseph Pede

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