Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Obama: More Dangerous than the Black Plague

Obama: More Dangerous than the Black Plague

This evening’s state of the union address was just another fallacious attempt to deceive the public.

Americans deserve to vote for someone who has not orchestrated gun violence across America, abetted corporations and banks to financially rape Americans, instigated war and terror in the Middle-East and Africa, and someone who continues to regurgitate uninspiring rhetoric that has been recited by all presidents since 1963.

My God, anyone who comes close this President becomes a sacrificial lamb, and the subject matter of his next speech. He is more predictable than Taylor Swift’s trail of collateral damage.

The great mockery is to watch stock market indexes go up and up while individual net worth plummets. All this free money printed by the Federal Reserve has turned into a profit bonanza for CEO’s and multinational corporations. If no jobs can be created with this unprecedented boom in the stock market, then when will it happen? The answer is never.

Obama is the master of ceremonies in the greatest illusion ever told. America do not let your government (for lack of a better term) confiscate your guns. If they do, then only the criminals will be left holding them. They would include gangs, felons, police, the military and your Congress.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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