Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Richard Branson - The Giving Pledge

Richard Branson - The Giving Pledge

It was reported on MSN news today that Sir Richard Branson has decided to “pledge” half, or all his wealth, to philanthropy. The current “Giving Pledge” member list can be viewed at the following website:

You will notice that the member list of individuals head major national and multi-national corporations. With record levels being set on global stock exchanges, with vast of amount of cash sitting idle in corporate bank accounts and with the world in so much financial chaos, what exactly are these “hypocrites” waiting for?

We have mass unemployment throughout the world, increasing poverty and homelessness and perpetual war. Perhaps if people had jobs our governments would not have to engage in endless wars and deception. Perhaps if the “Pledgers” paid their fair share of taxes, less would have to be collected from the lower and middle-classes.

Don’t be fooled by this benevolence. These donations attract incredible tax refunds or deferrals. Behind this grand gesture of kindness looms great deceit.

I suggest you give people jobs. Otherwise, take your pledge and wax it!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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