Friday, February 15, 2013

Idiotic reports that the Pope would have been arrested!

Idiotic reports that the Pope would have been arrested!

Anyone broadcasting that the Pope resigned because he was to be arrested is out of their mind. The Vatican is an independent and self-governing country. It has a private army known as the Knights of Malta running every major corporation in the world, the Swiss Guard personally protects the Pope, dozens of other chivalrous orders and hundreds of thousands of priests, cardinals, bishops, monks and nuns in its ecclesiastical ranks keep a careful eye on everything else.

The wealth and power of the Vatican is beyond comprehension. But there is one power they hold above all else. They guard millennia of occult secrets and esoteric knowledge. The Vatican archives store the consciousness of Mankind – whether it be good or evil. In addition, the Vatican is a key player in most science, technology and intelligence organizations. They are the caretakers of sacred technology and yes they operate the largest observatory on the planet – it is named Lucifer.

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Joseph Pede

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