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The Military – Haven for Tormented Minds

The Military – Haven for Tormented Minds

I have been fortunate enough to meet a few military men and women over the years. The experience has been quite scary. One private was the father of two young girls and his wife trembled in his shadow. He remarked that he loved holding a rifle in his hand and could not wait to go on his next tour of duty. Another young private joined so she could have a chance at becoming a Toronto police officer. Aggressive and ill-tempered would describe her demeanour. Her military buddies were no different. A young male reservist recently told me he couldn’t wait to go to Afghanistan. He wants to get it on. He is fully cognizant of the personal danger and welcomes it.Could this explain Colonel Russell Williams’ actions?

Let’s listen to what Kay Griggs, wife of U.S. Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs, wife-beater extraordinaire - [Chief of Staff, Marine Atlantic / Head of Psychological Operations, NATO] has to say:

General Al Grey – A Commandant of the Marine Corp is referred to a “Cherry Marine”. Homosexual perversion is the indoctrination process for military advancement in the U.S. Military. Kay Griggs refers to Generals Jim Joy and General Carl Steiner as evil men. She claims that Waco and Beirut were intentional U.S. military psychological-operations. Listen to her interview about 911 and the other tragedies afflicting humanity. Orgies, murder, alcoholism, drugs, mind control operations, paedophilia and assassination are the daily duties of top ranking U.S. Military Officers. Look to the Middle-east and discover the true cause of the current chaos. Sample documentation is shown below:

Kay Pollard Griggs
Tue Mar 15, 2005 16:42

In 1987 Herndon was Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps under General Al Gray. One of Gray’s immediate subordinates was Colonel George Griggs. As Grigg’s wife, Kay Pollard Griggs, told the author, “Army General Carl Stiner, Marine General Jim Joy, General Charles Wilhelm, head of Marine Southern Command - part of Joint Special Operations Command, and my husband who worked under him at the State Department - they’re all Al Gray’s boys. They do the assassinations. Say if they’ve got someone who’s talking too much. Gray will say, ‘We’ve got a problem....’[*]

According to Griggs, Gray is heavily involved in drug-smuggling. Herndon was stationed in Panama - a key drug transshipment point - and had a key position with Special Operations (CIA), training death squads in Central America.

“They train assassins,” says Griggs. “It’s called the Phoenix Program, but it involves mind-control.... It’s an old boy network, it’s an institution, and it’s run through the State Department....[*]

As Griggs says, “Herndon is one of Al Gray’s boys.”

The Center for Security Policy
... former US Marine Corps Commandant General Al Gray and the former Commanding
General US Army, Europe, General David Maddox -- have joined fourteen other, ...

... Other sources backing up the pedophile allegations are Kay Pollard Griggs,
wife of high-ranking “insider” Marine Colonel George Griggs—tied to Oliver ...

Watch a live interview with Kay Griggs:


I’d suggest we did a mental evaluation of all out military officers. How many Colonel Williams could there be out there? The real question is: What are we defending and for whom? Soldiers have become mercenaries and not defenders of justice.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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