Friday, May 20, 2011

The Queen’s Trip to Ireland

The Queen’s Trip to Ireland

The Queen’s trip to Ireland has proven to be a big success. She was last seen boarding a private plane with three drunken leprechauns. To make matters interesting, she was heard telling an aide that the pot of gold in her derriere was simply not big enough. Philip was just enchanted with the notion of having three new drinking buddies. He was heard to say, “Ha Ha Ha their ears are bigger than that coloured man’s ears – yes Obama”. In fact, he remarked that the little people looked a lot like Camilla, with better teeth.

Rumours have it that the Queen announced that Kate Middleton may be infertile. This could be the reason why the Queen abducted the three little munch-kins. After all, if true, William could use the “three lucky charms” to work their magic.

Abracadabra and one, two, three
A pint of Guinness will set you free
William prop up your pecker for Queen and glory
Imagine Kate as your crusader’s quarry
Do your dirty deed and stick to your gun
Onward with royal protocol and let’s have a son
In and out until the count of ten
Yes let us do this commoner again and again.

Philip told Harry to screw the Leprechauns and do what he did. Screw everything in sight and pick the best one from the litter.

Yes my dear grand-son we are royals you know
The semen we leave the stars will sew
For the peasants our only duty is to smile and wave
Little do the sheep know they will be ours to enslave
Fuck the four leaf clover and pot of gold
We must get back to the days when slaves were sold.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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