Friday, May 27, 2011

The New Rat Pack

The New Rat Pack

The people of North America and Europe have unknowingly formed the capitalist alliance that will do battle for the planet. It is BRIC against BOCHS. No it’s not an Italian contractor speaking (i.e. brick and blocks).

Harper began his foreign policy mandate by announcing his condemnation for Syria. The stage for Canada being a participant in global chaos has been set. Strauss-Kahn has lost his leadership at the IMF. This singular act has minimized the threat of the U.S. dollar losing its reserve currency status for the time being. His arrest however has endangered the health of the EURO. He was to be a pivotal figure in the refinancing schemes for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland. The BOCHS were very successful in black-balling poor Dominique - no pun intended. This incident has also provided greater certainty for Sarkozy’s re-election bid. Obama “has been” seen following in the footsteps of Windsor. After all he did kill Osama – you know the guy who impersonated George Bush during 911. His journey to Ireland will end in Switzerland (i.e. the Bilderberg summit). There they will decide what chaos will be unleashed upon Mankind in the upcoming months. Did you see Obama’s earth-shattering meeting with Netanyahu? These guys are trying to convince everyone that the Palestinians will have a new homeland. They’ve just set in motion the next great battle of Islam against Judaism. There will be no Palestinian state, it’s all gibberish! They have set the stage for Iran and Turkey to emerge from the shadows. Cameron of course has positioned himself to be the court jester. He will amuse and bemuse until the Queen blows a fuse. His role will be to make folly of this grand jolly. Finally we have our dear friend Silvio Berlusconi. A man embroiled in so many legal affairs that he has no more time for romantic affairs. A journalist quipped that Silvio asked for NATO’s help in bombing the judges during the current G8 summit. Both Cameron and Berlusconi see the New World Order as a Night at the Roxbury.

Canadians remember one thing, no matter what happens we are safe. We’ve just played the wrong hand and selected the wrong dealer. We have sacrificed our honour and tabled our stupidity. We did the same thing in our failed attempt to acquire a United Nations Security Council seat.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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