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Clinton & Bush Attacked, Invaded and Occupied Haiti

By – The Unhived Mind – 11th January 2014
The Earthquake in Haiti was pre-planned as evidenced by the work of the US Southern Command down in Miami only the day before the event was executed. You might find another earthquake interesting which hit Eureka in California two days prior to the Haiti event! Southcom used an exercise based on a hurricane as the cover for the earthquake or what was thought of as an earthquake. We should also look at any connections geologist Patrick Charles may have with the U.S. seeing as he sowed media seeds for the upcoming cover-story a good fourteen months or more before the event. Raymond Edwin Mabus was in command of the U.S. Navy who executed the earthquake with precision even whilst rushing the job. Have you seen the devastation that is caused by an earthquake of this magnitude? Why would a lot of roadways and runways be free from devastation whilst everywhere else was destroyed? Makes you wonder if resonant frequency weapons were used based on Nikola Tesla’s work at vibrating individual buildings based on eachs individual resonance. Did a form of resonance get used to destroy areas or something similar? Could frequencies have bee used to buffer or counter the earthquake and thus protect areas of interest to the US Southern Command?

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What we need to do is first go back to 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the U.S. such as New Orleans. After this event what did we witness? Both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton came forth wanting people to donate currency to disaster relief operations. George W. Bush even stipulated that they wanted currency only and not to send clothing and other needed items. Why did he emphasis currency? Simply because the Bush and Clinton families were going to embezzle the funds from donations to the Clinton Bush Katrina Fund based in Houston, Texas. These funds were stolen by both of these families and transferred into the Central Bank of Iraq which they had stolen from Saddam Hussein back in the invasion of 2003. The Central Bank of Iraq started to not play ball with these characters and Hillary Clinton personally visited Baghdad in order to transfer her booty back into Canada through the TD Bank Group. Hillary Clinton has a long history with Canada (The Hudson’s Bay Company and Rupert Land). It was from Canada that she patented the QRS-11 GyroChip for BEI and which was used to help precision guide aircraft into the Twin Towers on 9/11, air attacks executed by Bombardier Master Trust. So now we can all understand what the Clinton’s and Bush’s were getting up to with the illusion of charity, donation and aid.

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If anyone argues and claims that Haiti was a natural event then question them to why both the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Erard Corbin de Mangoux overtly and covertly exposed this event as a staged man-made event. President Hugo Chavez highlighted the U.S. Navy connection which was pushed by a mainstream news outlet connected with Russia. Erard Mangoux’s was far more covert, what would you expect from the head of the Directorate-General for External Security (French intelligence). Mangoux used his asset known as Agence-France Press to claim that this was a ‘murderous’ event, and by this definition, he informed those in the know that the event was a man-made event rather than a disaster by the hands of God and nature. Why would Mangoux do such a thing? I suggest you study the history of France colonies to connect some dots.
In Port-Au-Prince there were communications hubs and these had to be taken out aided by the Defense Information Systems Agency in order to desperately delay actions taken by lien holders the night before the Haiti event. These lien holders executed foreclosure on a lien worth $47 trillian against the United States Treasury Department headed by Timothy Geithner. This triggered panic and a rush job to take over the nation of Haiti and to get control of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti. This would be the latest bag house for a lot of the future currency laundering, fraud and derivatives to try to counter stopping of funding to this vermin. The last bag house of these criminals was based in Baghdad, called the Central Bank of Iraq which they had grabbed after invading Iraq with Operation Iraqi Freedom. You should be seeing by now the usual modus operandi of these criminals. After they had delayed secret economic actions after foreclosure of the lien against the U.S. Treasury they would proceed in starting the monopoly game currency creation through the Bank of the Republic of Haiti using stolen funds from people around the world who donated to what they thought was a good cause to help the people of Haiti. Immediately after I originally reported the foreclosure on the lien, US Intelligence powers attempted to hack my personal computer. I traced the attacks back to Carpathia Hostings Inc based in Virginia who host for numerous agencies.
How could the United States invade Haiti if they did not have runways and roads to transport the military arm in and around the area? Was this one-hundred and sixty eight year old dormant fault line (last active in 1842) so intelligent that it only hit areas of interest to the U.S? I hope you can now start to connect some dots? We had something similar with the story of the Fukushima earthquake, we’re told it was a massive earthquake but what happened to the invisible damage afterwards? The land area had no damage and everything looked normal until the Tsunami destroyed everything in sight. Have you not asked yourself why so many Japanese ended up caught unaware by the Tsunami considering they are well trained for these type of events? Some will tell you well this occurred because the epicenter of the quake was located out in the ocean. What they do not explain is the radius that radiates out from the epicenter. The quake reported would have had a radius which should have entered the land area. Therefore I argue that the magnitude of the quake was not as claimed.
Now they have plans to use the Bank of the Republic of Haiti with the Federal Reserve Inter Bank Settlement Fund and the U.S. Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund. This would aid these criminals in creating astronomical figures in derivatives trading to be used to eventually destroy the current global economic system and replace it with the next slave New World Order system. The Bush’s are a banking family tied to Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. through both Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker. George Herbert Walker was trained the Jesuit Order at Stonyhurst college in England. If we look at the 9/11 air attacks these were executed by Russell Williams who was a Major of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Major Russell Williams was married into the Harriman family and a pilot for Prince Philip and the Queen of Great Britain.

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Bill Clinton became the U.N. Special Envoy to Haiti back in 2009 and if anyone thinks this was just a coincidence then think again. Lets not forget another Democrat, the former-Vice President of the U.S. Al-Gore Jr, Al-Gore Jr served under the Clinton Administration. Al-Gore Jr has played a large roll in the dope inc drugs trade via Haiti. Al-Gore Jr profited from the 9/11 air attacks via his Generation Investment Management LLP company headquartered in London, England. What happen right after the Haiti earthquake? Exactly the same actions by the same criminals as what happened after the Katrina event. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush stood up on television and asked for people to donate to the relief of the people of Haiti. This fund was this time named the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund made up of the William J Clinton Foundation and the Communities Foundation of Texas. If you wanted to clearly know what the hidden agenda of this organization was going to be, all you had to do was notice how they applied to be tax exempt. Why would a humanitarian purposed fund need to be tax exempt? Did this sound like an agenda to become a proper charity using the funds coming in to aid the people of Haiti?

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After the event you had U.S Military, British Intelligence, New Zealand and Mercenary operatives causing chaos in an attempt to overthrow the Government of Haiti with a coup d’etat. The people of Haiti were attacked, killed, robbed and ignored by those who were claiming to help them. You could witness the hatred towards the Haitians when a reluctant George W. Bush shook hands with one and he immediately and disgustingly wipes his hand on Bill Clinton’s shirt much to the surprise of Bill Clinton. Did Clinton utter a word in anger towards Bush? Clinton did not respond to Bush since the Clinton’s serve the Bush family and its Odessa ‘Operation Paperclip’ underpinnings.
Chelsea Clinton is also involved with Haiti but what do you expect when the Clinton’s occupy the region after a vicious murderous invasion. Alarm bells should be ringing when Deutsche Bank start hosting Chelsea Clinton in Wall Street talking about Cholera problems in Haiti. Germany’s Deutsche Bank is the bag house for the Bavarian, Dachau based Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst which George H.W Bush heads with the aid of Heinz Kissinger for the Americas region. Both of these men are Maltese Knights, they both serve the Venetian Empire and the Jesuits through the Illuminati, Scottish Rite along with the Vatican.

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