Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ukraine - In Simple Terms

Ukraine - In Simple Terms

Since 911, we have witnessed the increasingly subliminal and sinister work of madmen. First Iraq, then Afghanistan followed by Egypt and Libya, and finally Syria. The Western Globalist Cartel’s attempt to destabilize the Middle-East and Northern Africa was no accident. In between we saw conflict in both the Sudan and Mali, and increasing tension in Yemen. Rhetoric finally saw Iran become a victim of sanctions and isolation.

If you have not heard the expression “Economic Hit Man”, I suggest you do some research and discover how the CIA, Multi-National corporations and the Western Cabal have used Economic Hit Men to carry out subversive activity, political insurrection, assassination and war, to depose governments who stand in the way of their pre-set agenda.

Greece and Cyprus were no different – rather than bullets, derivatives and credit default swaps were employed.

The Middle-East conflicts were intended to preserve the legitimacy of the petro-dollar and literally steal the wealth of oil rich nations. Afghanistan provided drug revenue for CIA black operations, access to abundant mineral, gas and oil resources, and a geographically defensive barrier against Russia.

Keeping Northern Africa and the Middle-East in constant turmoil helped perpetuate the war on terror as well as strengthen the hatred amongst Christians, Jews and Muslims - this while the Luciferian Satanists continued to strengthen their position of global dominance. Always with the help of the Western Media.

These events managed to evict both China and Russia from key Mediterranean and African strategic alliances and investments.

The chaos was complimented by the continuing drone attacks in Pakistan, and an attempt to draw a secular Turkey into a precariously Islamic quandary. Turkey is pursuing membership in the European Union.

But while the EU is content to have countries like Croatia join the union, it has its eye on Eastern Europe. When the Ukraine, the bread basket of Eastern Europe, ultimately decided to join the Russian Federation, the “Economic Hit Men” were quickly deployed.

The Western media will have you believe that Vladimir Putin is a sinister, power hungry and controlling Communist. This could not be the further from the truth. His conservative values and a realistic plan to rebuild Russia are infuriating the Western Cabal. Please remember that it was the Windsor royals and European Central Bankers that assassinated the Romanov family. That sinister plot saw a Communist blanket shroud Russia for almost a century. Communism eventually saw the rise of Stalin and the extermination of 40-80,000,000 Russian citizens. The British queen and her family have so much on blood on their hands.

The Ukraine is now the battleground for the New World Order. Putin is the only man that stands in its way. The ignorance of the Ukrainian people in not realizing this significant event is beyond me. Can they not see the trail of murder and theft.

In Canada, Stephen Harper has made it a crime for protestors to wear face masks, and if caught individuals darning such gear would face criminal charges - masked men in the Ukraine are called “Freedom Fighters”. I will repeat Stephen Harper is a traitor and should be executed for his treason.

If you read the article on Jonbenet Ramsey (referenced in my BLOG), and take into consideration the close future tie between Col. Russell Williams and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, you can only surmise that Canada and Harper are complicit in murder, assassination and grand theft.

The Ukraine must not and cannot fall into the hands of the EU or Western Cabal. It will precipitate a very dangerous cold war, and an eventual Armageddon. Vladimir may be patient but he is no fool. Russia and China against the West, will mean that the West will fall.

Vladimir Putin must prevail. Democracy in its present form is lined by an unholy totalitarian agenda.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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