Friday, February 7, 2014

Princess Kate Flees The Occult Satanic Windsor Cult


Kate and George
Kate and George flee the UK

While maintaining the public facade that everything is OK and the trip is to celebrate Carole Middleton‘s birthday, Kate has taken the sensible decision to flee the UK with her baby, for the Caribbean island of Mustique and back into the bosom of the Middleton family, where she feels most safe.

As the ideal location for a royal getaway, due to the island’s privacy and luxury villas, Kate is able to weather out the storm as the Windsor royal family continues to crumble and disintegrate, in the face of sustained accusations of murder, paedophilia and satanic worship.

Prince William stays away.

As with any new bride, who discovers she’s married into the UK’s horror version of the Addam’s Family, speculation is rife that Kate has banned William from joining her and their son on the Caribbean island.

Under the public facade of studying agricultural management at the University of Cambridge, Prince William is in the metaphorical firing line as much as his grand-mother, grand-father, father and uncle.

William won’t spend Valentine’s Day with Kate.

Even on the most romantic day of the year, February 14th, Prince William is using the excuse of being too busy with his studies, to spend the day with his wife and child.

A Midnight Phone-Call.

Following initial news reports of the Queen being guilty of high treason, published on the alternative news source, Guerrilla Democracy News, the editor received a midnight phone call from a with-held number by a young lady asking whether the allegations concerning the Queen and the Windsor family were true?

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While denying to be Kate Middleton, the unknown voice did confess to be connected with the royal family but wouldn’t elaborate more, except to say,

“We are all not that bad.”

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Prince Harry
Prince Harry torn between his family and his lover.

With every royal family member feeling the heat, Prince Harry 29, has found solace on Kate’s shoulder, after being ordered by his father, to end a relationship with a mystery girl called Cressida Bonas 24.

An entertainment gossip website recently reported that Prince Charles wants Harry to end his relationship with Cressida as the Prince of Wales thinks Cressida’s family problems can cost the royal family their credibility, restored through the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
“Harry had a meltdown after his father told him to ‘back off’ from Cress because of her family problems,” a source told ShowbizSpy.

Cressida’s stepfather, Christopher Shaw 76, was found dead of a suspected drug overdose at his home recently. Following a recent trend of investment bankers committing suicide, the former investment banker, who reportedly had financial and long term health problems, was Cressida’s mother’s, Lady Mary Gaye, fourth husband.

It actually isn’t Cressida whom Charles has a problem with; rather, he’s not a fan of her family.
Kate and Harry
Kate helps mend Harry’s broken heart

Could it be that they have connections with the Royal family which the Palace could least afford being made public at this time?

According to a Daily Mail article last year, Lady Mary Gaye was one of the most glamorous debutantes of her day and so bedazzled London in the 1970′s that a blue-coloured cocktail — to match her blue-blooded credentials — called The Curzon was invented at Claridge’s in her honour.

Kate helps Harry get over heart-ache.

“Harry told his dad he loves Cressida, but Charles isn’t sure she’s royal material,” the source added.

While Prince Harry is under huge pressure to dump her, friends say he’s ‘broken in two’ at being torn between his family and his lover.

While the cat’s away, the mice will play. While Kate’s away, the Windsor’s crumble.


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