Thursday, February 6, 2014

Incoming Planet Sized Object - University of Austin, Texas

Incoming Planet Sized Object/University of Austin

Please view the following video before it disappears - just released.


Please go back and read the last paragraph on the article I wrote on February 1, 2014: "The Failure of Fatima - 1960". 


Path of incoming object:

Right Ascension: 04hrs 08min 08 sec
         60 Degrees, 56 Arc min, 43 Arc sec

Path is located in the Belly of the Camel/Leopard Constellation, to the left of Perseus. Expect approach date is August, 2014. Currently near Pluto traveling at approximately 11,000,000 miles per day.

I have saved the following image from Google Sky

The location is noted in the bottom right hand corner, The planet is the center blue object


Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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