Friday, February 28, 2014

GCR – The Acronym for a Global Currency Reset

GCR – The Acronym for a Global Currency Reset

The timing is ripe for a GCR.  Western Capitalist Systems are falling apart and the severity of Fukushima has now become uncontainable and unmeasurable. The nuclear attack on Fukushima, Japan by the Americans and Israelis on March 11, 2011 was an act of desperation; no different than the crusades in Libya, Egypt and Syria.

BITCOIN was a test to see how a digital currency would integrate into the existing currency and consumer markets. It should be noted that the FBI, China and other powerful entities control BITCOIN. Its creation and meteoric rise in value were most likely fashioned by the same forces which manipulate our financial markets today.

The only lesson BITCOIN leaves us is that a digital currency will become a reality under three conditions; i) international agreement on a GCR, ii) unlike the current FIAT system, the new digital currency will be backed by hard assets (i.e. it will truly be mined by gold, silver, oil etc.), and iii) digital currency will not be a publicly run monetary system, but rather one that will be overseen by a newly formed Global Central Bank.

This leaves us with the issue of “gold”. The USA and Great Britain have no gold. The short list of countries with the most gold include the Vatican, Germany, Italy, France, China, Indonesia, Russia, India and the IMF. So when a GCR occurs, we can expect that the petrol based U.S. dollar reserve currency will become comatose, and its value shattered on the global markets. This may explain why China and Japan are “dumping” U.S. treasuries, and many other countries are slowly embracing the Yuan.

This is the situation the world finds itself in today - a rabid western based Cabal uttering its last breath, trying to save a system that is near death. The Ukraine is just another attempt to foment war and save a financial system which continues to manipulate, enslave, steal and foster economic chaos and war on a grand scale.

If Russia is forced to play its hand, the USA will perish and much of the West as we know it today will as well. We must not be fooled into thinking that a USA led NATO military force will win the day, because they will not. Prophecy has revealed to us that Russia is on God’s team.

If you are reading this article I hope you take a moment to read a poem I wrote some time ago. It is entitled "Dragon and Bear". The link is shown here

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