Monday, February 3, 2014

Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

I want you to consider this. Many actors/singers refer to their celebrity doubles as him/her or that person. Some celebrities like Beyonce even give their stage avatars a nick-name. It leads me to believe that they may be possessed or controlled by an exterior force or internalized demon. Selling one's soul to the Devil for fame and fortune is not an imaginary event. It is real and it happens.

Those who DO NOT indoctrinate themselves into the Satanic Hollywood culture find themselves dying or being ostracized from the greater whole. Too many notable actors who appear severed from the Hollywood status-quo are dying, dying young or dying under mysterious circumstances.

It is no accident that popular fringe celebrities are being exterminated. That same unseen malevolence is being projected onto a dumb-downed audience with the use of Satanic imagery - it is prevalent in every major celebrity award program, music video or in musical lyrics.

The real oddity is that several celebrity deaths have been forecast just days before their actual death. Are these warnings intending the victim to comply or spiritually surrender? Are death spells being cast on non-conformists? Are they being murdered in sacrificial rituals? These are all real possibilities. This would lend credence to the fact that evil has permeated every fabric of celebrity, and that celebrities are mind-controlled zombies of the greatest evil - Satan.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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