Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stephen Harper's Continued Ignorance - Sochi Games

The Olympic Games call for nations to unite in a spirit of understanding and solidarity – void of all political rhetoric. Unlike many political leaders, Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper has opted not to attend the Sochi Olympic Games in Russia.

I would think national pride would have been heightened if our political leader was in attendance and cheering for our nation's athletes. Instead Mr. Harper will be coming to the aid of his fellow rock band member - he has been charged with sexual assault. What does this tell you about Harper? Let us see what lies come from this situation.

Once again Stephen Harper is demonstrating his bias towards, and membership in, a corrupt, criminal and callous Cabal known as the Anglo-American Union. – a Union that has employed treachery, assassination, has sponsored terrorists throughout the Middle East, and a cabal that continues to protect an abomination known as the British monarchy. 

Instead of strengthening our social and cultural ties with Russia and her allies (i.e. all of Asia. Eastern Europe and a portion of the Middle East - LOL) we have opted to distance ourselves by remaining in the company of fools.

We have now identified humanity’s biggest traitors – Obama, Cameron and Harper.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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