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The Anti-Christ and Pope Francis

The Anti-Christ and Pope Francis

In early January of this year Prince William, Duke of Cambridge enrolled in a 10 week Agricultural Management Program at Cambridge University. The program was designed specifically for him.

The media propaganda would have you believe that this hiatus from family and royal life was intended for him to become well versed in crop rotation, livestock breeding and all facets of farming and agricultural life. After all, when he assumes the title of prince of Wales he will inherit the Dutchy of Cornwall. The Duchy of Cornwall is a private estate which funds the public, charitable and private activities of The Prince of Wales and his family.

We must presume the Windsor queen is quietly abdicating her throne as her son Charles patiently awaits his long-awaited kingship. I, however, believe there is something much more sinister at play. More important than Charles’ ascension to the throne is the Western Cabal’s fervor to install prince William V in his prophetic role of Anti-Christ.

Will is to ascend to the throne as William V = "i am" vi vi vi (the w = two v's). Therefore, "I am 666" is the translation for William V as vi = 6 in Roman numerals. William was also initiated as the 999th member of the Order of the Garter. 999 reversed is 666.

William is attending Cambridge not to learn Agricultural Management but rather how to use “crop rotation” to control and cull humanity. He is being prepared to become the son of Satan.

My only dilemma is timing. The Cabal wants William V installed as soon as “heavenly” possible, yet what will be the fate of King Charles III or IV (a little controversy on this one)?

We are definitely entering a year of wonderment and surprises. While Satan’s son is rising in the West, Pope Francis seeks to unify a millennia old schism between the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Coptic churches.

The Knights of Malta visited Russia on July 4, 2012 to celebrate their 900th anniversary of Papal recognition. This was no ordinary or untimely visit. The Church is preparing for the re-unification of the Holy Roman Empire and a One World Religion – a religion that will not only unify and petrify, but electrify. In the latter days of May, 2014 Pope Francis will meet with Patriarch Bartholomew in Jerusalem and Palestinian Bethlehem. This meeting will have a monumental impact on the Christian faith. The irony is that the leader of Satan’s church, the Windsor queen, will be meeting with Pope Francis in April, 2014. Don’t think that a Satanist sect is not present in the Vatican. Benedict was a sick and depraved pedophile just like the Windsor queen.

I suspect Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Krill of the Russian Orthodox Church are preparing for such a re-unification as well. That is why Russia is so important in these prophetic times. It sides on the side on the one true God, Jesus Christ. This is by no means an attempt to convert anyone.

Hold onto to your pants folks, the fireworks are about to begin; especially if a financial calamity greets us in the upcoming Ides of March.

One final note. Is it not odd:

Prince William has gone hunting deer and wild boar in Spain - just a day before he was due to make a public plea to end the illegal wildlife trade.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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