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The Failure of Fatima – 1960

The Failure of Fatima – 1960

In 1917, our Lady of Fatima appeared before three Portuguese children and left instructions on what was to be revealed to the world.

Lucia, the last surviving child, was to disclose the third secret in 1960, but then Pope John XXIII intervened to keep the third message a secret. 

As a result, the final message of Fatima has never been made public. The failure of the Vatican to reveal the third secret in all likelihood precipitated the return of Mother Mary in 1961 (i.e. Garabandal, Spain).

The Vatican’s failure to make public the third secret of Fatima has impacted Mankind greatly since that time. I firmly believe that had the third secret been revealed, the assassination of John F Kennedy would have been averted. His death marked a turning point in the history of humanity. Many would argue that this statement is an exaggeration, but I am of the opinion that he was a God sent disciple. To understand Kennedy you must understand what he was trying to accomplish. It included exposing the treachery of secret societies, the eradication of FIAT currencies, exposing the Alien agenda, formulating a peace treaty with Russia, the establishment of a civil rights movement, and exposing the crime and corruption within government.

Since his assassination the world has entered an age of darkness. His assassins included three future U.S. presidents - Lyndon B Johnson, George H W Bush, Richard Nixon and the then head of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover. Other conspirators included leaders of major corporations, the media and organized crime.

When you assess the world today, we have unabated political treachery, a rogue media complicit in the dissemination of illicit propaganda, thievery in banking, corruption and manipulation in our financial markets, CEO compensation that is criminal, environmental destruction, faithlessness, demise of the family, the continuum of war, increased crime and poverty as well as a general global malaise.

Many ask who the Illuminati are and why they have created this destructive path for Mankind. The Illuminati are disciples of the Fallen Angels, members of Freemasonry and Chivalrous Orders, Occulted and Satanic sects and those who refer to themselves as royals. The royals are the “cock-roaches” of humanity. Atop the pyramid sit the Vatican Jesuits and other high ranking Church princes. This last group is accompanied by a small and sadistic Kabbalistic sect.  

In this “Age of Three Popes” both the Black and White Popes are Jesuits. The battle between good and evil is raging, and the times call for your spiritual participation.

The third secret of Fatima I believe was a warning and not a predicted event. Time is however running out. You must believe that virtually every elected political leader, CEO, central banker, or head of an “organization, charity, commission, council, foundation etc.” are minions of a greater evil.  

Enoch prophesized these events and Our Lady of Fatima came to warn us of the evil that would and has infested the fabric of God’s creation. Our political leaders can opt to live in eternal Hell, or change their ways by heeding the word of God.

The following code was revealed to Cristoforo Barbato when he met with a “Secretum Omega” Jesuit member of the “Servizio Informazione de Vaticano”. He has yet to reveal the meaning of SVS. It may be the anagram for the organization that controls the world.


SVS = ?

1995, the year “earth shattering” astronomical data was received by a radio telescope in Alaska. A site owned and operated by the Jesuits.

Our destruction will mean the Devil has won.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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