Monday, September 27, 2010

The Re-Incarnation of Rome

The Re-incarnation of Rome
Revisiting Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”

The greatest Earthly empire did not begin with Caesar Julius
Rather it was founded in about 760 BC by Remus and Romulus
The sons of Mars and Hercules given birth by the vestal virgin Ilia
Raised by a she wolf whose kingdom was known as the Animalia

Remus had succumb to the same tragedy as the once upon time Abel
Of the seven hills, the centered Palatine was chosen to begin this real life fable
Romulus had built Rome, the Senate and the powerful Roman Legions
The wombs of conquered Sabine women did inseminate this new found region

Its power and glory through the ages grew like hellfire
Gaius Julius Caeser then transformed Rome from a Republic to an Empire
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus became its first Emperor
Rome feared and respected in the known world as the mighty conqueror

Amidst the folly of treachery and doom
Rome one by one sacrificed its great leaders to the Marsian tomb
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus as Caligula loved his murder
Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus as Nero violin`ed, as Rome burned girder by girder

With Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus did Rome`s power begin its wane
In 455 AD Flavius Placidius Valentinianus reflected on the Empire`s delusion and pain
The remnants of this once upon time army ruled as Byzantine Emperors until 1453 AD
The saga of Rome had truly left the world a wondrous legacy

Two millennia was the length of this great story
More tragic was the fact that Rome did not learn well from its greatness and glory
There were five simple reasons why Rome did fall from grace
According to Gibbon, the reasons are very simple to historically trace

First, there was great divorce and less favour in the sanctity of the home
Second, taxation with no end brought ruin to the almighty Rome
Third, there was an increased craze for pleasure and sport
Fourth, the size of their armaments and mercenary armies they were no longer able to support

Finally, there was the decay of religion with faith fading into mere form
If history teaches us anything, it will foretell of an impending storm
Examine closely the five deadly sins
The world around you may be none more than Rome`s re-incarnated twin.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Ode to the Old

An Ode to the Old

Little does a child understand of its conception
The miracle of birth not denied by the barrier of modern-day contraception
A few kilos of flesh and bone may one day rule the earth
For others their existence may be of mediocre net worth

Six billion personalities and not one alike
An Aryan race once contemplated by the infamous Third Reich
What compels a body to grow to a certain height
For others weight may be measure that sustains a worrisome plight

What genetic magic keeps track of each human organ
In third world countries a kidney or liver may be purchased for a bargain
Why does skin transform from gentleness to a grand wrinkle
At the two extremes of life, all that really matters is the daily tinkle

For the old we must acknowledge their life-long battle
They will leave our dominion void of all cherished chattel
Their hands and face express a lifetime of being
They will gladly agree that life was so quick that it appeared like vacation sightseeing

When you pass the remains of a once young friend
Be as the Good Samaritan, say hello and try to comprehend
They seek no survival medal for their legacy
Just a simple acknowledgment to honour their memory

You never know when that knock will resonate upon their door
The Almighty in earthly time keeps no finite score
The old and dying often prepare in haste for their eternity
Remember, birth and death are as one in God’s maternity.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Amended Our Father

The Amended Our Father

Our Father, born of divine essence
Majestic is thy throne
You are the source of all things divine
Thy kingdom is infinite and pure

Your being is incomprehensible
We stand humbled by your magnificence
Let our earthly flesh pay homage to your craft
Let our spirit one day shine in your great light

Lord let our journey be guarded by your love
Lead all to discover the power of your glory
Forgive us our human failings, and
Temper our compassion with a gentle patience

Lord we are tempted creatures
Freed by your gracious gift of will
Awaken us, to our spiritual journey, and
Bestow pity on our wreck-less souls.

Joseph Pede

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star

Acta Durnia were carved in metal and stone to advise the public of the Caesar’s humour and pity
Alas, in 16th century Venice they produced the first Gazetta named Notizie Scritti
The world wide press then came to life to record the daily events
More notable was the fact that you could buy reality for a couple of cents

The spirits of Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane have long since disappeared
Clark Kent a victim of kryptonite, made his celebrity unable to persevere
Perry White was lucky because Superman always brought victory to the end of the story
Newspapers sold because they went well with morning coffee and orgasmic glory

The rags were all safe pre the twentieth century
Their influence even helped put away many a criminal inside the penitentiary
Their success meant wealth and power for the paper magnates
For William Randolph Hearst, the SLA made Patty a media paper weight

In Canada, the Telegram was not a very lucky printed gazette
The Globe and Mail, thanks to Ken Thomson, finds favour as a financial vignette
The Toronto Sun savours in its presentation of their daily Sunshine Girls
The Toronto Star lost in limbo prefers to launch degrading political hurls

Papers have fallen prey to the ubiquitous world wide web
Brainless Publishers daunted by the readership ebb
It took two thousand years to nail a newspaper to the cross
The prophets foretell of The Toronto Star and their massive readership loss

People are wise and smarter than ever before
Is it not time the remnants of editorial degradation were cast offshore
Print your words and blasphemous stories
It won’t be long until the shining Star becomes Chicken Cacciatore.

In defence of just elections,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It’s Going to be a Fracking Frigid Winter

It’s Going to be a Fracking Frigid Winter

Exploration companies eagerly “FRACKING” and polluting our waters
Whistleblowers take pictures but the evidence falls prey to the media’s “FARKING” slaughter
The Gulf of Mexico is dead and so too is the non-functioning Atlantic escalator
Thanks to crude oil, all the warm water idles at the Earth’s equator

I have not worn Long Johns since I was a young man
When you wear those loose fitting cotton bloomers, you don’t have to worry about your white assed tan
The male apparatus gets shrivelled within the two layers of comforting cotton
Pull up those socks and let not escape that renegade flagellant that was nearly forgotten

It’s going to be a cold winter rejoice the Luciferians of banking
The Rockefellers and Rothschilds applaud the return to Medieval “BRANKING”
A little austerity will have to do in order to pay the charges for oil and gas
Would it not be farcical if the price of oil, the $20 barrel price, it did not surpass

The idling public will reminisce with strangers as they lay in bed “PLURKING”
Old Man winter will be watching through the window as you lay jerking
Turn on the television to amuse yourself with the pandemic of news hysteria
A little earthquake may even shake loose a little known form of deadly Listeria

W.H.O. will be calling on the globe to be cautiously vaccinated
Its secret ingredients of nanotechnology and poison, will at some time render you terminated
Across a continent foolish soldiers will become victims of another battle insurgency
In the background “BLACKWATER” and sub-contractors play into the hands of the centralized “AGENCY”

Let’s commend Tony Hayworth for the upcoming white and wonderful Christmas
For his grand accomplishment he too is celebrating in some cold Siberian isthmus
It will be fun after decades to construct a snowman in the front yard
Perhaps we should fashion them to look like the faceless conspirators of the old guard

When packaging presents this season make sure you use good old newspaper
This will confuse the Grinch and the potential success of any larcenist caper
Avoid putting money in that best wishes envelope
The sum of the global FIAT currency, may no longer even satisfy the almighty Pope

How much can they throw at us before we start asking the question
Store a bounty of silver and gold, to secure oneself from any planned government oppression
Purchase a few extra staples to guard against rising food prices
Perhaps a little rice, meat and water or even conventional warming devices.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, September 19, 2010

When The Elephant Farts

When the Elephant Farts

A nation of pygmies should be concerned when they neighbour a political giant
Everything looks fine when you are oblivious to the rules of back-door compliance
The Elephants and Donkeys have transformed America into a third world country
Senate Bill 510 now means ordinary citizens cannot harvest the crops of their very own bounty

Six million home foreclosures and another four million pending
One in seven people have reached the poverty line and thus no more spending
Ten million unemployed graduates have accumulated a trillion dollars in debt
Tempering the nerves is very difficult when you can no longer afford a simple cigarette

Real unemployment numbers, plus or minus, hovering around seventeen percent
Another four hundred banks in bankruptcy and more forecasted consumer discontent
The national debt is rising and now approximates fourteen trillion
Add State and Local and the total amount owed, sums to a quarter quadrillion

The primary mission in Iraq was to steal the ancient Sumatran tablets
The secondary mission was for oil and to make sure the army dispensed more bravery epaulettes
The primary mission in Afghanistan was the control of opium for the “cee eye a”
The other to keep Russia and China from accessing all that oil for a rainy day

Two wars not enough for this military industrial complex of Satanic proportion
Drone attacks in Pakistan meant to instigate war and political distortion
Never count out American attempts to anger a very well connected Persian Priest
Iran appears now to be in control of the entire Middle East

Let’s start in Yemen and then with good fortune we will be in North Korea by half past eleven
The Yankees are very upset that China has ascended to the stock market heaven
Russia watches calmly with vodka in hand
The American scarecrow hangs shredded by its own incestuous stand

Canadians be weary of our southern belle now transformed to infamous tart
The winds of prosperity may change to storm when the elephant farts
America is the stage for a play that was written so long ago
Should the act end with a standing ovation the whole world may go.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pawns in the Game – A tribute to William Guy Carr

Pawns in the Game – A tribute to William Guy Carr

Oil Oligarchs
Exxon, BP and all the rest control all the of Arab Patriarchs

Corporate Cartels
Food Inc and Wal-Mart have provided small independents the grand farewell

Media Monopoly
Controlled by business and government, and so a duopoly

Organized Labour Unions
Just another cog in the wheel asking for more of the corporate communion

Bank Centralization
Designed to create debt, fees and market manipulation and ultimately depositor castration

Lobby Organizations
Ingenious groups who extract public funds and then feed their private plantations

Multinational Corporations
Designed to create insider synergy and public starvation

Political Bureaus
Re-building the walkways to Fascist, Marxist, Communist and Monarchist plateaus

Religious Rhetoric
A bold new “speak” to make hatred euphoric

Charitable Societies
The leeches of society manifesting on your goodwill and pieties

Subliminal Governments
A hidden facade promoting ignorance and the public’s abstinence

Stock Market
The only place the “Creatures from Jekyll Island” are licensed to tell-a-market

Military Industrial Complex
Designing war, fear and chaos, and sadly, not promoting safe sex

Did I miss an eligible name
By now you should have figured out that we are all just, “Pawns in the Game”.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, September 17, 2010

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

Precious metals look as if they are making a dramatic comeback
It may be time to melt down and pocket that sentimental memorial plaque
Olympic coins may finally be a winner for that sports fanatic
A little extra net worth may even make you feel a little aristocratic

China implores its citizens to buy, buy, buy bullion silver
The massive size of the order is making it very difficult to deliver
In gold, the pin-striped investors have now made the transition
They appear nervous of another stock market meltdown and the awaiting mortician

FIAT currencies around the world may have run the gambit
Central Bankers appear to be divesting themselves of their paper habit
A strange vibration is now transforming these characters from Jekyll to Hide
Atop the Transylvanian mountain, patiently awaiting, are Dracula’s brides

It does not take much to change the course of history
Thirty pieces of silver and so to a God can become a mystery
In Mayan gold, warrior conquerors did bring glory to the Spanish crown
After their departure all that remained was a 2012 prophecy and a ghostly town

For a Nazi even a gold filling did present an opportunity
BREX swindlers found greed impassioned an entire stock market community
It may be wise to cast your ounce of silver in the shape of a protective bullet
The Werewolves of London and the Rothschild’s may one day ask to play with it

Amusingly, television jewellers have now become part of the fever-pitched action
They say that trading-in gold jewellery for a face job, may even increase your laws of attraction
For the bullion dealer the future is looking very, very brisk
Forget share certificates, the real thing you know will eliminate all market risk.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Delayed Illuminati Plan

The Delayed Illuminati Plan

Without a doubt these bad boys are well behind in their NWO plan
The first set-back occurred when China overtook a trusted Japan
What wisdom prevented Israel from not blowing the hell out of Iran
What were the Jews thinking by stalling the attack on the Qur’an

This evil has the future all worked out, sentence by sentence
Knowing that China has supplied Iran with nuclear weapons they seek no repentance
How did China and the Persian Priest become so effective
It just goes to show you that the Illuminati’s plans can be defective

Never count out these mystic monsters and their devious means
A horrible flu will be targeted towards China and its peoples’ genes
Biological terrorism will vie to bring down the Manchurian beast
The Anglo-American Union in their treachery still awaiting their end days’ feast

The targeted flu will mutate into human pandemic
Marshall Law they will wish to invoke and to become systemic
In this panic do not let your fear imprison your reason
There is no real enemy, just a kindly act of government treason

Your nerves will determine the fate of our planet
Let your fear be crushed by the Almighty’s granite
War and hunger will rage in their battle cry
Barren fields will be accompanied by river beds that will have run dry

500,000,000 targeted to remain in the roost
War is the plan in how the rest of the population will be reduced
Their motives remember are controlled by the powers of another dimension
Overcoming the unnatural requires that you seek a higher comprehension.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Georgia Guide Stones

Georgia Guide Stones

Elbert County is home to the Georgia Guide Stones
In 1979, Rosicrucians foretold of a planet inhabited by many carcass-less bones
An American made Stonehenge inscribed with ten new commandments
Stone granite to honour those who will survive the cataclysm of New World Order events

Rule number one calls to maintain the human population below 500 million
This explains the Illuminati’s modern day mission in trying to eradicate the other six billion
Rule number two seeks to invoke a certain reproductive wisdom
Future off-spring will not be the sole domain of the feminine kingdom

Rule number three calls to unite humanity with one mother tongue
Could you imagine the great songs and operas that would no longer be sung
Rule number four calls on leaders to rule with passion, faith and tradition
How could we ever trust the few whose rise to power was realized through planned sedition

Rule number five calls for fair laws and just courts
After a global holocaust what logical outcome could there be for any other tort
Rule number six calls for internalized resolutions and one world high court
The laws of human history, will the new understanding, readily abort

Rule number seven calls on the removal of trivial laws and redundant officials
Why wait for the NWO, today’s politicians are without a doubt incredibly superficial
Rule number eight states that we must balance personal rights and social duty
History proves that humans will eventually move towards the doctrine of Philauty

Rule number nine will prize truth, beauty, love and harmony with the infinite
The new religion will once again embrace Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyph
Rule number ten demands respect for all nature
The fertile grounds of the rotting six billion lie lonely in the absence of the preacher’s nomenclature

Those men clad in aprons have conspired for centuries to fulfill prophecy outside the Devil’s womb
At the cataclysm’s end Lucifer will no doubt rise from his shadowy tomb
Human consciousness will awake with untold potential
500,000,000 will ponder why six billion failed to be existential

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, September 12, 2010



One is the first number
Two is the second number after the first number
Three is the sum of one and the second number
The next number is the addition of the first number and the last number

We can then conclude that numbers go on infinitely
Infinity would then be represented by the last number in the sequence
If you could imagine that number you will have experienced infinity
Now imagine absolutely nothing

Which is more rational in its possibility of existence
What if nothing and infinity were the same thing
Something as large as infinity would mean nothing to the average person
Nothing is easy to contemplate but how do you measure it

How large could nothing be
Could nothing be infinite
If you add infinity to nothing do you get infinity or twice infinity
Now we have a series of nothings and infinities

What happens if you take minus infinity and add it to nothing
Well you might really get nothing
If you add infinity to minus infinity you would also get nothing
if you add nothing and nothing you might then get infinity

How far can we go with nothing
Well it sounds like we can go infinitely
Since we have tried to prove infinity with everything
Perhaps we should explore infinity with nothing.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Going to the Gulag and We’re Gonna’ be Happy

Going to the Gulag and We’re Gonna’ be Happy

Time to pay a visit to the Animal Farm
Political corruption addressed via this very simple and novel alarm
Stalinism’s utopian ideals were ingredients for this allegorical story
The pigs and boars of the animal kingdom were chosen for political glory

Perhaps we should reflect a little Of Mice and Men
The tale more tragic than that of Jean Valjean and the anonymous Madelaine
Human vagrancy cast in all direction
The pitiful protagonists found themselves void of all human affection

Yes, someone has summoned the order To Kill a Mockingbird
Humans, rather than colour, now being separated by religious herd
The innocence of idealism plucked from society’s foundation
The crows and buzzards stand guard to crush its resurrection for the corporation

Perhaps a glass of vino from the Grapes of Wrath will ease the mind’s commotion
Everything today moves fast but your reaction is stuck in slow motion
Every day appears to have become a Long Day’s Journey Into Night
Sit back and perhaps a little intellectual morphine will soothe your personal plight

Plan a vacation stint with The Old Man and the Sea
Resurrect your dignity in the company of tranquil waters and the Almighty
Don’t wait too long as Billy’s journey in Slaughterhouse Five may come to pass
Before war and aliens we should experience the feel of the ticklish grass

There are forces in life whose evil crushes even the most courageous Exorcist
Close your eyes wide open and be ready to subdue that which you cannot resist
Dust the record player and listen to Def Leppard sing Rock of Ages
Going to the Gulag and We’re Gonna’ be Happy, will not be all the rages.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Book Burning

A Book Burning

Islam set to build a Mosque near the site of the once Twin Towers
Crowley and Mazzini long ago forecast the battle of two religious powers
Absurdity will go to great lengths to wage war among nations
Pastor Jones the current disciple of a book burning reincarnation

Diocletian long ago burned the Egyptian Alchemy texts
Jovian’s destruction of the Library of Antioch left many of the ancients extremely perplexed
The Spanish Bishop of the Yucatan did send the Mayan Sacred Books up in smoke
Let us forget not May 10, 1933 when Jewish novels did the Nazis’ fire eagerly stoke

What in the pages of scared text do others find desire in it to desecrate
Why do religious denominations feel compelled to impose their moral weight
The words of God were spoken for men to hold dear in their heart
The lesson He taught was that everyone could interpret his love like an abstract piece of art

Lucifer is at work to create conflict between Qur’an and Torah
Muhammed notably absent from the lighting of the Hanukkah Menorah
Put your hands together and tune your five senses
Evil lurks in the background trying subdue your defences

Lost Christians as lambs stop following the political propaganda
Remember the blood-soaked table of Idi Amin and the once upon-a-time Uganda
Think upon the absurdity of this preacher’s perception
The words of a Prophet from the ashes will always come to life via immaculate conception.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, September 6, 2010

Abortion Poem

Abortion Poem

The abortion issue again on the federal agenda
Will Canadians be summoned to a public referenda
Pro-Choice doctors make ready the fetal bin
Pro-Life advocates professing the great sin

Liberals and Conservatives ready to do battle
Is life precious or a perishable chattel
The times may be ripe to decide such a question
This may be humanity’s last confession

Sex as liberal as the changing fashion
Life created through an act of passion
A tiny embryo now born in a mother’s womb
Will this child face happiness or imminent doom

For some women and mothers to be
Their choice unlocks a moral key
Sperm and egg have created a disaster
Gynaecologist to call or is it the Pastor

A young teenager her life in peril
Precarious for the older woman who thought she was sterile
For some economics makes the situation hope less
For others disease and genetics are decisions of great distress

Dad idled behind the scene
Should he be courageous or choose not to intervene
Easy for mother to take full charge
The law says papa can remain at large

Womb encrusted no more visible than a ghost
For the poor embryo the mother is the host
Not capable of making its own decision
The young fetus cries for an ethical provision

Stuck in limbo without a voice
All deciding on my choice
Why has life become a political convention
I would not be here if it was not God’s intention.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

When, Why, Who, What and Where

When, Why, Who, What and Where

When does insanity wed the unconscious reality
When is normal normal but not the norm
When does a cause becomes greater than self
When is truthfulness truth to myth and legend

Why do you think it so, has someone told you
Why have you taken the next step, and not guarded your direction
Why have you spoken, when nothing needs to be said
Why do you watch, the mirror holds no secrets

Who came before there was a before
Who did you meet only to forget that you had met
Who made everything possible when its possibility seemed impossible
Who do you think you are, has your being been before

What makes a planet orbit the sun and a human soul, God
What makes evil evil, if evil is that which provokes us
What do you tell a child about life when the once child forgot what life was
What in love is empty and what is empty without love

Where do we go from here, we have already been there
Where in time, did we loose the time, to time our time
Where does opportunity knock when the door is hollow
Where will war war for the sake of war.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Stock Market

The Stock Market

Animated egos attired in pin-striped suits
The ensemble accompanied by patent leather boots
Strutting their indifference up and down the side walk
Pondering ways of owning the whole block

Into a private bath for a quick pee and glance
Then to the office in a stoic trance
Pull back the chair and the ticker gets going
The seeds of greed the mind is sewing

The key board sings with each buy and sell
A commission plus or minus but who gives a hell
Customers like shekels ready to churn
Brokers predictions of no real concern

The bell rings loud at the end of day
Billions changed hands without a single hair turning gray
Banks and insiders always the winner
For the poor sucker the wallet grew thinner

Why sink your money in the financial abyss
They stopped caring with the first morning piss
Put your money in brick and mortar
This way you become your own best supporter

The public got screwed when politicians loosened the rules
They pretend to care while we remain fools
Promises to fix the stock market blunder
Our ignorance and patience they continue to plunder

Every nation plagued by growing debt
Their survival the outcome of a financial bet
The G8, G20 and G infinity come to the rescue
How did our money turn to rotten sinew

For all this nonsense there is an answer
To cut from society all this cancer
Start with the stock market and then the bank
Let the New World Order walk the plank.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Oil Spill

The Oil Spill

The British Empire had left but the Americans did not mark their return
Tony Hayworth for Queens, Dukes and Earls a nice profit he was sent to earn
Bore deep and deeper they proclaimed as more dividends we desire
A cheery oh and a shag-you to the little oyster and the Black Gospel Choir

Fishermen cast ashore by a slimy residue
Such a delicacy found not, even in Emeril`s delicious chocolate fondue
A lingering smell and no it is not cow dung
It transforms to taste as it corrodes the tongue

A mixture of Corexit 9500, methane and benzene, the lungs they will burn
Not to mention an atomic explosion, which will create a much bigger concern
70,000 pounds of pressure at the well’s head
Man’s ignorance will leave, many upon many, wondering why they are dead

Mississippi Burning and the Pelican Brief
Civil rights, Birmingham ‘63 and four dead girls, pale by the forecasted grief
New Orleans is sinking foretold by the Tragically Hip
Florida Keys drowning in oil, drip by drip

The spirit of Sweet Emma playin’ the blues at Preservation Hall
Dixieland in the background, as a gravedigger marches side Peter and Paul
Obama and the government silent in breaking the news
Catastrophe in waiting, the public they will not be amused

Americans stand ready with fife and drum
Yours is the land where freedom has become numb
Ready the pistols and hatchets too
A new revolution is coming to a theatre near you

To the fuckin’ politicians who let BP concoct an arsenic brew
And to the corporate elitists, Satan’s fire, compliments of a crucified Jew
Native people gather your horses, tomahawk and quiver
The Great Spirit beckons your return as nature’s caregiver.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The NWO versus the “UE”

The NWO versus the “UE”

Could the UE be the mirrored reflection of the E you
This may be how the Illuminati secretly announced their debut
Eliminate a few borders and publish a new currency
A new Roman Empire they built by the guarded secrets of necromancy

Weishaupt founded the order in May of one77six
A praying Jesuit brought to the life this darkness by the River Styx
Foresaken his duty had become to Papacy and Jew
The absolution of Lucifer he proclaimed was now long overdue

Independence Day, coincidently on July four of the same year
New death and life started the race simultaneously in history’s frontier
Their battle for centuries fought unknowingly by a victimized foe
Their plan in propaganda, FIAT and chaos, by now you must already know

Could a United Earth be such a bad idea
Well why not, but please explain all the hyperbole and panacea
By what strange logic have they attempted to unite mankind
Their rules and motivation to this day remain undefined

A peaceful planet would appear to be a logical goal
Humanity and nature as one and so to God in control
But it is in the latter that I believe we have the quandary
For you and I it is God, but for them it is the contrary

With all these acronyms you would thing life would be simple
They are about to squeeze your brain as you would a pimple
They believe in Satan, but are very afraid of dying
Their courage unfortunately strengthens when they hear humanity crying

Come out of the closet ewe disciples of the New World Order
Come out one and all, ewe patients of attention deficit disorder
Playing games with the news is no way to make friends
People as I cast out the bullshit and imagine the trends.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Magna Carta

Magna Carta

King John of England, to the Articles of the Barons he agreed in 1215
John not very nice to his subjects, to Canterbury and St. Augustine
Clause 61 unfortunately neutered the distraught Monarch’s royal power
Papal pity and battle led to his demise and eventual dying hour

Civil war brought France’s King Louis V111 and happily a young Henry to throne
Renamed Magna Carta, justice modified and then recast in stone
The final statute “Confirmatio Cartarum” added by Edward 1 in 1297
It was a true blessing, like falling manna from heaven

Born was the right of Habeus Corpus
A feat no greater than the Greeks summoning the gods to Mount Olympus
Men no longer the victim of unlawful detention
The Crown and jury required just cause for apprehension

For more than 300 years its legality thwarted
Oliver Cromwell his disdain labelled it the Magna Farta
Archbishop Laud put Church and state to the test
For the outcome thankfully he was blessed

Not so for African slave and colonized victim
In their cause the Magna Carta had an exception to the dictum
Centuries later child labour became very enticing
Industrialized Revolution made their services free from pricing

Here we are in 2010, the Queen inaugurates the Magna Carta in Manitoba
Let us not forget the silence of Habeus Corpus for the Huron and Dakota
Likewise Prime Minister Harper proclaiming Canada a human rights haven for all
McGuinty and Blair’s actions of unlawful detention, no mention, protected by the Masonic Hall.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Hungry Haitian Knocks

The Hungry Haitian Knocks

They had mud huts but now they are gone
After a week of terror they sought to find a new dawn
The world went running to lend a hand
Bodies and carcasses on mass they buried in unconsecrated land

Armies in the thousands came to rebuild the roads
Generous volunteers arrived by the bus load
The old, forsaken and the sick were found huddled in the street
Children lives were now rendered incomplete

Voodoo shaman lost of spirits and singing rattle
The homeless treated less than slaughterhouse cattle
Patient was their hope for divine intervention
But global aid became afflicted by political circumvention

The U.N. had gathered billions of dollars to rebuild their land
Now more concerned about BRIC and mortar than a dying hand
Pledges by global governments they did applaud
Look more closely to discover another Wall Street fraud

The Salvation Army ringing the bell for Santa Claus
Oxfam for its part requesting global applause
Save the Children, will they indeed
UNICEF across the media donations they did plead

All this generosity and no fix in place
Why has humanity accepted this disgrace
Generous was our gift to help each victim
Black still the colour of slavery is the judge’s dictum

Hunger and disease became epidemic
Evil leaders were more eager to witness human pandemic
The media departed and the misery was for gotten
The hungry Haitian knocks and asks, Master can I still pick cotton.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Five Senses

The Five Senses

Believe not what in what you see
Close your eyes wide open and see the reality of that which cannot be seen

The voice of sound is deceitful and its message transformed by interference
A just ear will decipher the logic of each word and the resonance of its sound

Taste stimulates the tongue but not what it orchestrates
It lays attached within a hollow chasm transforming food into thought

What you can touch with your flesh proves that you are here
What you feel around you but cannot grasp proves that you are

The oxygen of life attaches itself to all things natural and unnatural
What one exhales forever changes the fragrance of that next breathe.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Big Flush

The Big Flush

Has no one caught on, our economy is a game of good old Strip Poker
Especially when the card dealer is none more than a Wall Street Broker
Derivatives and SDWs, now valueless in the quadrillions
Yes, we have gone passed the trillions my dear teary-eyed civilian

The bell tower dings and dongs at the time of the Crazy Eight
The masked Cabal in devil horned attire keep secret their powerful hate
Jester and magician round the pentagram they frolic to amuse
Charlatans and rabble-rousers will soon find chains a better fit than their soft leather shoes

In the den, the grey-haired bankers prepare for a friendly game of Euchre
The opposition consists of the Central Bankers and the members of “Le Punch de Sucre”
Printing more money and bailouts, they agree is becoming exhaustive
Nothing like flood, drought and catastrophe, they concur is much more flaky and frosted

The mortgage brokers stand ready as home loans go bye-bye again
Already, six million foreclosures in America for fiscal year two thousand and ten
Unemployment not lonely when accompanied by a rising national debt
The ominous future for the world, not foretold in the controlled media gazette

Let’s get back to the party and enjoy a great game of Bridge
For the ordinary citizen there is much food at the grocer but not in their fridge
The plan is to keep all the shelves full and the freezers cooling
It will be too late when we discover, land of the plenty, they were only fooling

And so we end the amusement with a card game of War
First, let the impending economic upheaval fester like a puss-filled sore
Then like Fascism, government and business will experiment with a little mind control
God they will blame for its effects, masqueraded by the changing Earthly magnetic pole

At what point did you discover that you had no more poker-chips
Don’t be alarmed, everyone is falling prey to those controlling micro-chips
Twenty amino acids and the potential for sixty and four
It’s too late, we’re the unknowing victims of the Cabal’s newest and personal Cold War

Money and retail stand ready to be blessed by the grave
Commercial real estate investors already asking what happened to the rave
Oil as always will be on the rise
Just in time to test the worthiness of our new Middle-East allies.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has just announced that God is not the Universal Creator
He hints that we were concocted by aliens in a beaker-filled amphi theatre
As people age they find comfort in believing in the after-life and heaven
This physicist now thinks we are alien dessert, just like that dispensed by Seven-Eleven

While not a believer in this relatively new theory
The alien factor of aggression does make me very weary
Area 51 and weather balloons appears a little too simplistic
A universe filled with alien life seems much more realistic

We must in the end decide if God was a one hit wonder
Did He create mankind and then stopped when He recognized His blunder
Did He take a day or did He take a week
I suggest He took whatever time He needed to hone His technique

His real feat was in creating those womanly creatures and the big breast
When He looked at those two big jugs He then decided to take a rest
For planet Earth He then left to nature and genetic mutation
Proclaiming, do as you will, in the end I will decide on your spiritual salvation

Now what about those pesky alien creatures
If real, should they be welcomed as benevolent preachers
My hunch is that their technology and savagery would be slightly more advanced
Those big black eyes, for prey, they probably are meant to en trance

Others speak of hidden Earthly Giants and Amphibian delight
Hidden for centuries, satiating their human appetite
Did God throw them into the mix to eradicate His human mistake
How do you feel about dinner and you the object coated with shake ‘n bake

Well then get ready and don’t be so stupid
If God isn’t, then all we have is each other my dear cupid
If He is, then don’t worry about alien visitors
We already have enough Earthly demons acting as our great inquisitors.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



Did someone conclude that the Cold War was dead
Very unlikely, politics a demon with many a Machiavellian head
Diplomacy the sport of nerves among suspicious nations
Black hooded characters continue to appear as shadowy aberrations

Spies, the masters plan a new complexion
Anna Chapman with great legs, breasts and smile, will give you an erection
Dormant but never dead, Jack the Ripper plans his return
No matter her beauty he says, the Palace for an Annie, always readies the urn

Really, what is all the commotion
The Yanks as many spies in Red Square moving in slow motion
Israel has mastered espionage and trained many an assassin
Canada obliges them all with fake passports and a maddened reaction

You would think that with Globalism secrets would be on the wane
Government rhetoric to make us believe with the enemy we sip champagne
Past are the days of cloak and dagger
Keith B Alexander is now in charge of cyber war and electronic swagger

Nothing like a good spy thriller
Intelligence among old foes there is no more killer
More on the line is national supremacy
Not to mention restraining the global contumacy

For every game there is an exception
Rogue sleeper cells given birth by an even greater deception
Their revenge perpetrated by explosive bomb
Bankrolled by the same people who started Vietnam

While CIA and KGB continue to be active
China in the spy game appears to be most attractive
Canada given duty to farm foreign spies
Fadden of CSIS, so he implies.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede ( aka - pissmeoff)

Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs

The meadow picturesque in colours of lavender and green
A weeping willow reflecting in the river, conjoins the landscape with hues of aqua marine
In the distance the remnants of a collapsed cottage finds comfort amongst the ancient rocks
Now filled with weed and the occasional visit by a cunning old fox

Cries as if children heard echoing throughout the fields
The long haired muttons their worries kept silently concealed
Instinctively guarding “ewe” with baby lamb clinging to the breast
Their journey to end with a Papal blessing and a Pallium for his chest

At day’s end the congregation lays huddled by the night fire
The weary shepherd measures his distance by means of the far-off church spire
His sceptre planted firmly, as if a lighthouse in the night
Two old rams appointed its protector flank its magical might

The dawn breaks accompanied by a strange wind and rain
Nature’s elements foretell of an imminent bane
Listen oh sheep to the warnings of lightning and thunder
The wolves stand ready to tear you asunder

Awake my friends, let our journey begin anew
My duty and your sacrifice will bring reverence to a crucified Jew
Guide my passage as I guide yours
Let us keep distant from Satan’s door

Guard your sleep as if it were your eternity
The Devil’s sons your demise they plan in their fraternity
Be as the sceptre of the pious Shepherd
The silence of the lambs will break no matter how quiet the leopard.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Shakin all Over

Shakin all Over

From petrolia to ocotillo we’re gonna be twisting
Chubby Checker is really insisting
Loose in the pants it’s time to rock
A little bit of chile and whoops the stomach starts to knock

A feel a tremor when elvis sings the blues
He’s bigger in japan than blue suede shoes
Time for tranquility and so sings bocelli
All sit calmly but not in new delhi

Shivering and shaking in cold alaska
The polar bears are leaving and heading for nebraska
Afghani soldiers goin round and round
Can’t do the funky chicken with corpses on the ground

Foreigners doing the disco in old sumatra
But I still prefer the rat pack and frankie sinatra
The waters are percolating from here to dover
I feel the earth moving as the kidd sings shakin all over

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Rob Ford

Rob Ford

Ladies, City Hall still has not been able to find the belly button between those droopy breasts
Bra-less is the way to go if you want to fend off these nasty tax-gathering pests
Men of Toronto, in the same vain, don’t worry about those sagging testicles
It’s great to keep your excess money inside those weary barnacles

Councillor Rae be happy, taxpayers were generous with retirement party and European vacation
The idle fools don’t seem to care that you are funding your favourite private foundation
Mayor Miller off he goes with a year’s severance to boot
Elected officials rewarding incompetence with more of the unaccounted public loot

The St Clair rail improvement project, from ten to a hundred million dollars it did bloom
A whole bunch of money swept under the sofa with a real corny broom
Ask a City employee, how did we spend the money, a stupid look is accompanied by reddened complexion
They respond, “Don’t ask me”, I had to vote for them in the last election

The roads have more cracks and craters than ever before
Someone decided that car tires should be a weekly purchase at the local grocery store
What about winter and the diminishing snow
Global warming is making a mess of shady contracts and the hidden dough

Real estate taxes, wow what a chasm
Most of the money giving the Freemasons a hernia and pecker-filled spasm
Charitable organizations receiving millions for good old public aid
Little for the afflicted, but boy have they have lined their pockets for their personal crusade

Great to see so many people running for Mayor
All new candidates, each peddling a new song and prayer
To date, lies and deception have allowed them to make off with our change
So much so they have created a seditious “City Hall Money Exchange”

In any case we must make a decision
Rob Ford, big bellied and outspoken, appears exempt from political circumcision
His track record and sincerity makes him a strong candidate in curbing corruption in Old City Hall
Let’s get behind him so he manages to keep that sacred second ball.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Reality, Truth and Honesty

Reality, Truth and Honesty

Words and languages cannot begin to define reality
Words lack philosophical substance and language is tempted by ambiguous translation
Reality struggles to be as the actor struggles to portray something he can never be
Words are the stuttering impulses of a grotesquely primitive intelligence caught up in the desire to be something more than it can be

The truth is shrouded by words of equal indifference
To find the truth one must subject one-self to that which challenges the thine
Truth is the omega of eternity, not of its existence
Truth manifests itself in the imagination of the abstract thinking mind

As Diogenes waited a lifetime to find an honest man, so to, does God await honesty’s invocation
Honesty sits singularly tormented by an unforgiving patience
Its true grace lies not in its sincerity but in its willingness to become sincere
The purification process of the truth is the baptismal journey for honesty

The realism of truth and honesty are as distant as the tongue and mouth
The truth that honesty can become a reality is challenged by thee
If there is honesty in the truth it is not of this reality
The existence of reality can be imagined whilst honesty saturates the truth with lies and endures.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



When was it that I learned to pray,
Mother kneeled with me at the end of each day,
Was it when I was three,
A bed-wetter who had just learned to properly pee

Dad prayed with me every Sunday night,
Had to brush my teeth to make sure they were real bright,
I laid in bed with my hands together,
Dad told me to pray for everything including great weather

Grandma was getting old and her memory was going,
At six she visited without her knowing,
She liked to teach me the Hail Mary,
When we prayed the words started to vary

Grandpa chuckled as he stood in the doorway,
His kind smile to be missed some day,
I was ten when he was alone,
We prayed for Grandma to find her way home

I thirteen I forgot to pray,
My life was too busy what can I say,
Friends and games filled me with joy,
God had taken the backseat to a sixteen year old boy

Many years had passed but I married at twenty seven,
Happy but never thankful to my Father in heaven,
At thirty we had our first pride and joy,
God had blessed me with a cute baby boy

It was then that I remembered to pray,
Thanking God with all the kind words that came my way,
A little late but I knew He was listening,
I asked that He attend my baby’s christening

At fifty we became empty nesters,
My hubby plump and looking like the court jester,
Early to bed with a bowl of corn flakes,
I prayed that God would ban chocolate shakes

At eighty I became a widow,
Each night my eyes cried upon the pillow,
Never alone as He stood by my side,
One night I upped and died

Life quicker than death,
It shorter than my last breath,
God greeted me with a great smile,
His out-stretched arm glowing in the aisle

My prayers answered and not in vane,
I suffered no great pain,
Between peeing and dying,
God helped with me with all the trying.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Oh (is it) Canada?

Oh (is it) Canada?

Our Parliament buildings look wondrous fashioned in stone
Unlike Westminster no crypts, no bodies or a single bone
Filled with portraits of many a great men
A time when nation building and discourse ended with amen

A country given birth in the Plains of Abraham
French and Indian the English they did damn
Long in its journey to go it alone,
Constitution and Charter, Trudeau took from the throne

Gone is the glory of men and fury
Now left with puppetry and a hollow jury
Politicians embattled in no true cause
Seeking justice via empty laws

Ignatieff sits perched on a cliff lost by direction
His true Brutus lays dormant in a Rae-ddish complexion
Scholar and Freemason but empty of passion
Of credibility and grit he is lacking the ration

Layton the great socialist empties his arms
Torture and justice must bring alarm
While a great singer with guitar in hand
The public will not make him leader of this great land

And what about the separatist named Duceppe
Cunning and careful a new Canada ready to prep
Wolfe draws fury in the back of his mind
A cause far much greater he still remains blind

Harper relishes in this tragic comedy
Waiting for the final sermon and eventual homily
Stern and confident in his battle plan
Unlike Louis Riel this strategist readies his clan.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Nothing More Than A Lark

Nothing more than a lark!

Let’s ALL stay home for a week and bask in the outdoors
Friend and neighbour could only be identified by their friendly snores
Put your feet up and let the grass grow
All mechanical or electrical equipment would be a no no

Make sure you buy enough ruffage to last the week
Stove, oven and toaster you will not be able to tweak
Store enough water to scrub each private part
Hot water and shower will be off limits, but we will allow the passing of a hardy fart

Park the car and hide the keys
A daily walk with family will quickly tire those wobbly knees
Let the oil barons play with the prices
Even if demand is zero those bastards will find a way of satisfying their vices

Of course television, PC and radio will be taboo
No porn sites, email and internet news brought to you by Yahoo
All the reality shows will be put on hold
Soon you’ll discover your family is the real pot of gold

Could we make the world stand still in each boot
Imagine a world where nothing could be made to pollute
The sky is clear of smog and nasty smell
With no BBM’s, perhaps we could even learn to respell

Now imagine if this was true for the rest of your life
An electromagnetic blanket or solar storm really could bring everlasting strife
We depend too much on industry and the multinational
It may be time to start believing again in the supernatural

Would it be wise to take your money out of a mutual fund
Return all the clothing you bought and ask for a refund
Perhaps you even have one too many car in the drive way
Your weekend lifestyle supported by Tylenol and the mortgaged chalet

This may be nothing more than a lark
Perhaps with no electricity you will have to decide in the dark
The only blessing would be that the news could no longer report
The newscasters, like Nuremberg, will stand trembling at the doors of the Higher Court.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



To understand God you must understand nothing
Nothing is that form which manifests in the absence of everything
All of nothing is everything of something that is not
The sum of all things not, forms all the possibilities of that which could be

To understand evil you must understand everything
Everything is that form which manifests in the absence of nothing
All of everything is nothing of something that is
The sum of everything, forms all the possibilities of that which can no longer be

Between God and evil exists something
Something is something that exists between nothing and everything
All of something is the something of something that may have been
The sum of something forms that which could be nothing or everything.

Joseph Pede

Mosquitoes at Ground Zero

Mosquitoes at Ground Zero

Manhattan is abuzz with all the political views
Ground Zero reset as the stage to redefine religious taboos
The events of 911 mysterious as a black hole
Novice conspirators still lay dormant pending orders from the doomsday patrol

Ground Zero deemed as sacred as Calvary’s Cross
Veiled shadows proclaim a new radicalism is taking root aside our unforgettable loss
Christians and Jews unite to bring fear and propaganda
The disciples of Black Oil invite all to subscribe to the same memoranda

Compare a mosque to an imposing army barracks’ tent
For the invaded, incursion imposes a reality of dire malcontent
Lives interrupted and children crying
Armies grow bigger but only the natives appear to be dying

The words I forgive provide the next human dimension
Americans forget not the lost lives of your political intervention
The Pentagon predisposed in designing each friend and foe
Victims selected by the vampire-like rite of the unorthodox mosquito

Treachery weighs heavy to the marketed brain
Your reason is stalled by a big ball and chain
Improvise on what Julius Caesar said so long ago
Look deep for justice in the eyes of someone you may already know

The mosquitoes at Ground zero have drowned in dust
All the evidence destroyed through a seditious breach of trust
The mosque conceals as many criminals as synagogue and church
In blame, we simply fail to do the proper research.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



Has Cheney gone cottaging in Haliburton
Perhaps he went deep sea diving in some gulf coast ocean
When he left office he told non-Republicans to go to hell
Could he now have something to do with an exploding oil well.

The Bushes are gone but never really
The first time you missed them they were in Dealey
They went on to invest in big oil rigs
Between murder, drugs and corruption they have covered all the gigs.

From Oswald to Obama they started the great deception
To protect democracy and capitalism is the perception
From 911, Afghanistan, Iraq and all the aggression
We have never blamed them for the latest global depression.

And what about Bernanke and the Federal Reserve
The Rothschild family connection they carefully preserve
Funding FIAT, war and terror
He proudly acts as the Masonic bearer.

For the rhetorical Obama everyone has their reservation
Unlike Jean he is Hawaiian and not Haitian
Like a Kennedy with a bold vision
Will he too meet his Lorraine with the wrong decision.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Long Time

Long Time

Long time since we broke some bread
Looks like a lot of gray hair has grown on the top of that head
The years have moved oh too quickly
Come to think of it, you always did look kind of sickly
Remember holding hands
Going out on Saturday nights and listening to live bands
A walk downtown to cool off the lust
Then a cold beer to wash away the dust
Home and then there was another tomorrow
I called and called but all I remember a whole lot of sorrow
Off you went into another guy’s car
You ran from love but not so far
Give me a kiss and hold me tight
Perhaps you and I are ready for this night
Time has passed but we must do our part
Give me the decades of lost love and stop breaking my heart
A hug for old glory
Then our dreams will recount the story

Joseph Pede

Israel: The Land of Paradigm

Israel: The Land of Paradigm

Abraham, father to both Arab and Jew
Sarah bore him a son called Isaac, and so was born the first point of view
Hagar then gave birth to Brother Ishmael
His legacy would lead to the modern day struggle for what we now know as Israel

David, Prophet and King for Arab and Jew
Jerusalem in the formation of his kingdom, was long overdue
Goliath and Bathsheba notable in David’s historic drama
Islam’s infallibility, rejected Judaism’s human failings and man-made trauma

Solomon, seven hundred wives and many a more concubine
Viagra still in the planning, but out came the wine
Solomon’s great sin was the lust for the Pharaoh’s daughter
This forsaken wisdom ultimately led Israel to a grand slaughter

Rome now the master of the new Palestine
Warrior gods and legions occupied the fallen Temple shrine
Jesus a millennia later arrived to measure the Judean loss
For Jew and now Christian His message ended on the cross

By British mandate, Israel centuries later was reborn anew
From 1948 and onward their demise Islam would continually pursue
Friend to democracy and a select few in the middle east
It has waited three score and some years for the coming of the Beast

In 2010 it sits alone and lost in Hell’s central park
Isolated and forgotten by a political lark
Netanyahu and Israel`s future
Now lays with Ishmael, Ahmadinejad and a surgeon`s suture

The Persian Priest has won the war of tactics and fear
Even for a secular Turkey this man could be Islam`s new brigadier
Israel depend not on your capitalist friend
For a long lost brother a hand may be easier to extend

In the Middle east the power structure will be a changing
Oil and power, the Capitalist Kabal is now re-arranging
Guard yourself not from the power of the atom
Be as Solomon and use your wisdom to find Islam`s peaceful stratum

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Islam: The Power of Patience

Islam: The Power of Patience

Ali Muhammad became Imam through divine birth right
Islam split by the selection of this new Grand Knight
Shia followers to this day in his selection remain true
All be it in Iran, Yemen and Syria the numbers are few

Abu Bakr selected to a similar high order
In the House of Islam his appointment created division and disorder
Sunni Elders chose him to be Caliph and the newest Kaiser
To the Prophet Muhammad he was His greatest advisor

While this event did create one of Islam’s great schisms
So too did the ancient pyramids, formed in illusive stone prisms
Each tribe of man struggling to be God’s chosen
His decision in Mount Ararat, aboard Noah’s Ark, the answer lays frozen

Islam very seldom, given credit for their part in the human something
The three empty spaces of the Babylonians gave birth to nothing
Later Fibonacci in mathematics saw fit to call it zero
So unleashed a learning in which science became its hero

When you strike at history, be careful not to awake its passion and logic
Those we cast as barbarians may in the end be more idealogic
What western democracies describe as a dysfunctional Middle East
May be the trappings of an intelligent and patient Persian priest

Muslims have a birth rate five times higher than that of the Caucasian’s choosing
For Europe and the Americas, the battle of population the White Man is losing
Muslims dying in war at hundred times the rate of their infidel foe
Between life and death, they find comfort in both as you well know

Oil and hate continue to fuel Black Op’s aggression
Our Leaders not initiates of sorrow and past life regression
The warriors, saints and prophets had a simple message for all
Before you choose battle, wrap your hate inside the mighty prayer shawl.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

I Offer You Jesus

I Offer You Jesus

Did the Son of Man really walk the Earth
Was immaculate conception the true nature of His birth
Were Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar the names of the illuminated Wise Men
Why the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh when all that was needed was a simple Amen

How did Jesus acquire such wisdom
Did he travel east to follow the teachings of Gautama Buddha, and then translate them for all
of Christendom
Is this all a hoax and the reinvention of a Sumatran story
Perhaps one might say, His life was none more than an religious allegory

What possessed such a Spirit to favour the meek
How did He explain the Sabbath as the holiest day of the week
What good did it do in raising Lazarus from the dead
His own resurrection may be a falsehood they say it is said

Of divinity, if not divine, He did cross His life for all of man
Accompanied by two thieves, Mother Mary and a tiny loyal clan
His body pierced in anguish upon the tortured lumber
Nails of iron tore at His flesh as He hung in agonizing slumber

There was no scripted INRE hanging above His head
There were no crown of thorns, as the Bible, embellishingly said
His cross was made in the form of a simple Tau
The event and sacrifice Barabbas then offered up to the sacred cow

His hair was loosely curled and of a reddish hue
His short beard in the same fashion makes all other legends untrue
His agonizing brown eyes, while in dying, shed one tear
This is the manner in which the Son of Man did to me appear

He looked half way up, but not to the sky
His first thought was in why prophecy had selected such a savage way for Him to die
His loneliness upon the Cross was heart-breaking beyond belief
My body cast inside His anguish, but of Heaven He asked for no relief

Jesus, for some, was the product of flesh and bone
Albeit, through political manoeuvring Constantine with Jesus did unify his throne
The Council of Nicaea in grand style formalized His legacy and story
A bold new Christianity and Rome now rejoiced in Theocratic glory

In defining a Prophet or a God we must ask one simple question
That pronouncement asked just after your last confession
Why does Jesus still exist in the mind of man
The answer is because He existed with us before time began

Consciousness is the DNA of the immortal soul
Faith is the belief that Lucifer from us once stole
Prayer provides the answer to each question
Life the journey that may end with heavenly succession

Good and evil do exist
This is why the tribes of man find it difficult to co-exist
You have been empowered to choose your angel or demon
If you choose eternity I offer you Jesus’ semen.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



Awoken from a sleepy fog
Dreams portend the mysteries of the untold journey
A cold shower to invigorate the senses
Cleansing the body of the fortnight’s passage

Clothed in uncertainty we journey anew
Strutting and pausing on broken cobble
Sitting staring, dreaming daring, challenging and then receding
Reflection a gift if only heeded

Desperation cries for day’s end
Humanity retreating to an empty shelter
Four walls mire the potential
Thoughts wallow in execution’s absence

Friend cuddled and memory wandering
Gaping beyond the matter
Joyous remembrance nudges the spirit
Imagination paints that untold potential

Lain to a uneasy rest
To conceive sin and ridicule
Forgiveness bartered for worthlessness
Finding comfort in thought and not exploit

Fear is but a comforting ally
It grows in numbers and shrinks in sanity
Standing lonely upon the unpaved road
The vestiges of humanity covers its dusty plight

I a reason for its failure
You the cause for my affliction
We not considered in the outcome
Humanity never stood a chance.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Harper Looks To Be Very Happy

Harper Looks to be Very Happy

First the G8 were welcomed in Muskoka
The leaders sent to bed with a scrumptious latte de coca
Sadly the fake lake did not attract any wild life
It to a picture perfect representation of controlled global strife

Lucky Toronto selected to welcome the G20 hoard
Residents as proletariats their movement restricted by metal cord
Black caped dissidents on whose flank we do not know
Staged a production in the fashion of a 1920’s silent picture show

Prime Minister Singh of India arrived by the G20`s end
Decades after Air India his people still not part of the fabric’s blend
Asia, for Harper, becoming a big foreign trade collaborator
Hu nonetheless very silent, perhaps on ice in a backroom refrigerator

Finally we end with Phillip and his Queen
Her hat filled with wasps was abashedly obscene
Monarchists so happy to see the vestiges of colonization and slavery still walk the beat
Ordinary Canadians would rather present her with shoes made of concrete

Harper looks to be very happy in his title role
For ordinary Canadians the outcome more taxes and not enough dole
And so until the next year in some faraway place
The G20 will no doubt continue their political disgrace.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



Phythagoras a god in ancient Greece
Humanity’s understanding of mathematics he did increase
Socrates’ contribution was to the field of logic
His wisdom no doubt labelled him demagogic.

Aristotle fathered poetry and physics
It was also a time they played with eugenics
Plato philosophized of a true democracy
The times were tired of a brute aristocracy.

But what of all this history and magic
The Iliad and M MX appear more tragic
Has the glory of Hellenism come to expire
Ignorance in finance may have created the mire.

Greeks labelled lazy and idle
In anger some have turned homicidal
Branded tax evaders and not very realistic
Inevitably they have become a global statistic.

Investment bankers smug in the turmoil
Government officials a bankruptcy they could not foil
The IMF and Germany pledge ready a new tomorrow
A whole bunch of money ready to borrow.

Amidst the chaos, the sum of two ones no longer equals two
Logic sterilized by a much stranger brew
Words of poets ravage the mind
The new Democracy not very kind.

To a great people I say I am sorry
Your legacy sits lifeless on a rusted lorry
Shamed by the greed of an invisible hand
Revenge and death we await by Zeus’ command.

To Jason we beseech the golden fleece
To Alexander the Macedonian to bring a new peace
To Homer we seek the story of a new journey
To the men of evil the invocation of a flaming gurney.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Great Spirit

The Great Spirit

Land lain on the pallet by the Hand of creation
Crystal pure water rapt by stone formation
The creatures of Mother Nature divine in their inspiration
The air as pine cones to provide everlasting salvation.

There were a people who thanked the Great Spirit for such wonder
To them He spoke with lightning and spiritual thunder
Each tribe nomadic by the trumpet of a new season
Their gift of life not subjected to scientific reason.

Humble caretakers of a gift divine
Through the ages all life adored as a sacred shrine
To White Buffalo Calf Woman who graced a simple Sioux
The gifted Peace Pipe travelled to each tribe by river canoe.

Passed from Elder to Elder and then to Black Elk the simple prophet
His visions made clear by fine tobacco and not the evils of ancient Tophet
While he did proclaim a Hell on Earth
The Great Spirit presented to him the vision of human re-birth.

His Native brother White Feather haunted by the same eerie revelation
Mankind choked by the greed of many a Corporation
Governments turned a blind eye to the evil and deception
Black oil the instrument of chaos and a misguided perception.

Haunted by the days when Tatonka roared through the grass lands
Today, beauty and majesty held hostage by Multi-national bands
If so we must surrender this great creation
To WakanTanka let Him know that we have not abandoned our true vocation.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

God Beckons

God Beckons

The weather changes from season to season,
The moon, the earth and universe provide the reason,
Nature responds in joyful appreciation,
God’s creatures marvel at the wonder of creation.

The heavens greeted by the out-stretched limbs of a sequoia tree,
A flower graced by the visit of a bumble bee,
An eagle stands guard upon a mountain top,
A beetle nourished by a tiny rain drop.

The waters dance in all directions,
Land masses obedient to their affection,
Tortoises swim in the ocean abyss,
Two penguins embraced in joyful bliss.

Predators stand guard to even the odds,
The cries of the creatures Mother Nature does laud,
The spoils of victory invisible to all,
New life awakened by a wilderness call.

Humans awed by this majestic wonder,
Humbled by the roar and clap of thunder,
God beckons to all a new day,
He praying we have not lost our way.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers

Isis Unveiled, the Gatekeepers turn silent the alarm
The Lesser Keys of Solomon evoked to work their magical charm
Thirty Three degrees, then Osiris from slumber awakes at the mid-night
A Forty Fourth disciple secretly inaugurated by the same Satanic rite

Ars Goetia, free from the brass vessel blows the Shophar
Prophetic wonder brings credence to the mystical Zohar
The Marquis Shax, the Shakespearian stage he does grace in Storkish fashion
Secretly politicizing his contempt for Christian compassion

In grand entrance Count Andromalius appears atop the seventy second wrung
I am the last, in heinous laughter, he stands bellowing with serpent’s tongue
To you, I present him, who bears the number six hundred three score and six
The Gospels and Sethur are folly compared to his bag of tricks

The Fallen Angel proclaims that the Obelisk in Rome falls short in his desire
Within the House of the Temple and Horace he so chooses to retire
Their the seventh Seale hones his craft
Sacrifice and Black Mass re-enacted according to ancient hieroglyphic draft

The Beast, his public role he eagerly awaits
Of Jesus and His story his armies stand ready to desecrate
In his honour a new Temple to be formed with ashen earth
Its corner stone lays dormant in the land Magna Carta has been given rebirth

The immortals to a place of honour they now return
Cagliastro, St. Germaine, Fulcanelli, in laughter share a pint from an alchemic urn
The Bennu joyously frolic in the Bohemian Gardens
The Corporation and Earthly Evil holding hands with Satanic pardons

For the two men who mock the ``little people``
We beseech Oh Lord, drape their blackened souls from the highest Church steeple
For those who protect their criminal acts
We beseech Oh Lord, their severed heads let redden the Angels of Heaven`s axe.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain

Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain

Earth, a remnant of all life now obscure in its identity
Earth, that which welcomes the root of all existence
Earth, the plane on which gravity welcomes animation
Earth, a material matter, once formed, manifests mankind’s lust for everything

Wind, an invisible force of mixed gases
Wind, the esoteric exhalation of all the natural and unnatural worlds
Wind, a power source of divine proportion
Wind, that which forms and unwhinds the earth

Fire, a source of heat and light
Fire, creation’s aid in galactic transformation
Fire, that which transforms life to earth and dehydrates life from within the earth
Fire, the Great Spirit’s ultimate weapon of retribution

Rain, one drop brings life to millions of organisms
Rain, its abundance creates lakes and oceans
Rain, it marries wind in the rage of a thunderstorm
Rain, in its fury forms the earth, and in its grace, calms the wrath of fire

The fifth element transcends the gravity of the earthly plateau
The fifth element is impervious to the cyclones of nature’s wrath
The fifth element is a spiritual flame
The fifth element bathes in sacred bliss

Oil, the concoction of earth, wind, fire and rain
Oil, the fuel of fools
Oil, the Skrying medium for the nefarious Alchemist
Oil, the precursor to the fifth element

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Doom and Gloom

Doom and Gloom

Someone said to me that I always speak of doom and gloom
In fact, I speak of opening skeleton filled closets and unlocking history’s tomb
Places where answers to questions tear at human emotion
Where the truth is brought to life by an intellectual potion

How quickly we have forgotten the chattering teeth of the hungry Haitian
An abandoned people quietly cast into Hell’s damnation
Billions of dollars promised to diminish the daily torment
We have closed our eyed and not questioned where the money went

War in Iraq brought to you by war mongering neo-conservatives
The millions of dead rotted quickly in the absence of formaldehyde preservatives
Children’s lives amputated physically and mentally
The leaders of democracy and capitalism so too a murderous beast fundamentally

The boney children of Africa lay fly infested with the onset of Aids
The only useful harvest tools remain the gravedigger’s spades
Political leaders predisposed to create genocide and hunger
Multinational training says throw away the spade and use the plunger

We need not look very far to measure the North American apathy
The disease of hate and indifference are immune to religious homeopathy
Youth crime and gangs brought to by Mara Salvatrucha
Their numbers in murder and violence even in Toronto is becoming “too mucka”

Innuit, Eskimo and Native their majesty we choose not to grace
Our political leaders day in day out, choose to cast them as history’s disgrace
The Arctic ready to be plundered is now a matter of national security
For millennia, Native guardianship had kept the waters in absolute purity

Did I mention the homeless who have lost everything because of a financial bet
Rather a senior who sits lonely and bewildered, now perceived as a family threat
Could it be the unemployed whose place in society is no more than a shadow
The children’s clothes and toys they must now tearfully forgo

Is it wrong to remember the real victims of everyday strife
What evil is dictating our voice and quality of life
We have cast war on family, friend and neighbour
I only speak of doom, because your blindness it does favour.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

DNA of Capitalism

The DNA of Capitalism

The Creatures of Jekyll Island transformed gold to a wrinkly FIAT
Printed money they found, was a better way of controlling the POULTRY-T-RIAT
The Knights Templar cheering the monetary progress from their graves
These European Bankers dictated long ago that you and I should remain slaves

Monarchies and Principalities intrigued by Solon’s desire
The Kings, Dukes and Earls have invoked Democracy, proclaimed the town- crier
The new edict prescribed that everyone would now be of equal caste
The Machiavellian trap was to ensure that the First Order of business would also be their last

From Industrial Revolution to a new electronic age
Marconi’s stealth science transformed the 20th century stage
Waves of science filled the cornucopia
Refer to Huxley and he will explain how treacherous is the Utopia

Biology and chemistry decipher the Ge-nome
Physics and mathematics tangle to find us a celestial home
Psychology and medicine make us believers in the forever
Finance and business will use that same “everlasting” as the societal control lever

Poor Democracy, does it still exist
The economy is controlled by the members of the 5% list
By its remnants, they sit in concert with bow and HAARP
The lost sheep as lemmings following Manchurian Candidates to the precipitous scarp

The NWO through treachery can also become charitable
When done, to the meek, this money will become un-inheritable
The news presents CNN and all the Black media
Poor suckers know nothing of history and the secret encyclopaedia

It took a grand struggle to find our “Capitalism”
Its ending predestined to become like that of a “Tribal Cannibalism”
Our DNA embattled by the corporate molestor
The fate of humanity brokered by the greedy hands of a derivative investor

1984, Orwell will concede, took a little longer than expected
DARPA, the synthetic human, it will unleash a little faster than projected
The NWO ubiquitously transparent in the far off left wing
The trumpeters sit patiently for the entrance of the 666th king.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



Momentary chaos given origin at the time of creation
Spawned by a singular thought in the mind of the great Anonymous
The abyss of nothingness shaped into form by divine mathematics
A blinding light regurgitated from the bowels of a deep darkness

Galaxies and planets formed as if by spontaneous generation
Gravity’s magical hand positioned their motion
Radical comets thrown into the mix as celestial surgeons
Invisible space set in place as the arterial moderator

Its entire mass floating atop the hands of the Creator
Its scale only visible by the tuned holographic eye
Cosmic energy communicating as silent telepathy amongst the vast dimensions
The measure of time lost in the steps of each finite eternity

His origin confounds both theory and the physics
His form incomprehensible to human mind
His objective unknowing to the mortal psyche
His reality challenged by the unreasonableness of scepticism

And so we come to the infinitesimal reality we now know as Earth
Cast adrift with galactic precision
Guarded by an army of celestial wonders
Dignified by humanity, nature, water and the breathe of life

Are we the lucky few who have been graced by the words of a visiting Prophet
The Apocalypse He foretold was borne via the Gatekeepers madness
His warning was of human treachery
The mind of Man gravitates toward evil and chaos when freed by the will of God.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Brave Souls

Brave Souls

Youth’s bravado inspired by the glamour of army fatigues
Crew cut, commando knife and machine gun, add to the intrigue
The enemy a monster who disrupts law and order
Uncle Sam beckons you to the defend the invisible border

White trash this opportunity it does embrace
The Negro has now found a means of discarding his disgrace
Women, the military ceiling promising to move
Legacy for the young lieutenant, family calls to improve

Bankers salivating at the prospect of war
Economists spread fear like an infected whore
Admirals requisition the bombs and chemical fire
Presidents ready their speeches to recant by the funeral pyre

Untested courage lost by the first command
Marching boots remain quiet in the blood soaked sand
The firmness of young flesh does anger the foe
By the end of battle, deadened souls climb to a higher plateau

To those who wake to witness the horror
Unimaginable their duty as the silent juror
Authority orders them to surrender their thoughts
Reason not a prerequisite in the journey they sought

Body bags queued as carcasses in a processing plant
Civilian dead marked by tears and an eerie cant
Rotting body parts lain among the weed
Their loneliness in decades will bring life to a dormant seed

The ugliness of military refuse graces the meadow
Behind each tree the wreckage is guarded by a frightened shadow
A lonely boot stands guard by a burned out bunker
Laces charred, unable to start the Jeepish junker

Brave souls this youth professed to be
Where there were thousands remain only three
Fight the good fight for country and honour
Little does mama know, her baby-faced boy is now a goner.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Bewteen the Foot and Mouth

Between the Foot and Mouth

Between the foot and mouth there is a belly
Hot Dogs, Burgers and French Fries makes it dance like frozen jelly
Between the foot and mouth there is a ticker
It was manufactured with no known expiry sticker
Between the foot and mouth there exists a pecker
For the female vagina it is a natural trekker
Between the foot and mouth there exists a bum
An orifice graced daily by a political thumb

Above the mouth there exist two eyes
Optic spies for those who enter Masonic Halls in disguise
Above the mouth there exists two ears
Instruments to filter the bullshit voiced by the media racketeers
Above the mouth there exists a brain
To be used to distinguish the lies from the promises of a political campaign
Above the mouth we may also find some hair
Of a natural blonde we must be guardedly aware

Below the foot exists the soul
An invisible buddy that allows you to be in control
Below the foot does also Hell exist
A second prayer will add to the political waiting list.

Apart from the foot and mouth there exists a friend
To be called upon when one and one becomes difficult to comprehend.
Apart from the foot and mouth there exist two hands
Together they may invoke a prayer’s command.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Asking God Forgive Me Please

Asking God Forgive Me Please

A young boy sits in the park dreaming of great things
Plucking at dandelions as the sparrow sings
Lazing in the grass never thinking beyond tomorrow
Incapable of measuring man's divine sorrow

Night has fallen and he is dreaming of his girl
Her reality like an illusive pearl
As he awakes mother yells ready to arms
Country is calling meaning no harm

A boat ride across an ocean with tears in their eyes
Looking at each other remembering the good-byes
A proud father watches with fear in his smile
Wondering if his young lad will be safe all the while

Huddled in prayer before they dashed to shore
Splashing their boots on the ocean floor
Finding safety behind the body of another young lad
The youngster whimpers crying for dad

Gasping and aching a young soldier dies
Yet waiting to hear his mother's cries
Alone and lost in Hell's central park
The young soldier awaits for the comfort of the dark

A dash to safety and asleep at last
No longer capable of measuring the past
Clutching his hands to hide his fear
A sparrow now he could no longer hear

Morning has broken as he turns to the ocean
Humanity's blood and guts lay in motion
Falling back upon his knees
Asking God forgive me please.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Andy William

Andy William

Did you think we were returning to Mayberry
No way, Opie’s long gone and his bank account is very merry
Poor Aunt Bea was molested by some rogue hill billy
And no, it was not Don Knotts, that silly willy.

Andy William were seen at the soccer game today
They sung the British national anthem and then yelled hurrah
Andy’s red hair did not look to be thinning
William of Windsor, in the hair loss competition seemed to be winning.

Nice to see the boys in Africa together
Gone are the days the monarchy kept Negroes in tether
The Queen must be upset to watch so many Blacks in cheer
Not having them in shackles seems kind of queer.

FIFA made it to South Africa for what reason I don’t know
Blacks in poverty pay a year’s wages to watch the show
The HIV afflicted never invited to Buckingham Palace
Andy William either way telling the Captain to check ship’s ballast.

Charlie occupied by Camilla’s visit to the vet
Her teeth to the Bonny Prince were becoming a threat
Either way, Charlie’s readies his kilt should England make it to the big game
Camilla in boxers will no doubt suit her adorable frame.

Diana’s absence to Phillip we must extend our gratitude
She had found love on the wrong latitude
Here is to England, the Royal Family and Andy William
Perhaps the fate of all will be like that of Priam.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede