Saturday, November 30, 2013



We walk with angels, whilst

Demons accompany our shadows

We slumber with angels, whilst

Dreams invoke the quiescent nightmares

We pray with angels, whilst

Our thoughts are disturbed by evil

We grow to dismiss God, while

Angelic tears saturate the clouds

We grow to question God, while

Angelic wisdom provokes our psyche

We grow to walk a solitary path, while

Angelic armies stand ready to guide us.


Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Starving Mind

Starving Mind

Truth hungers for the starving mind

The passage of time has rendered history incredibly blind

Little about the past do we care to remember

It is as though the calendar went only from January to September

The ground swells with the remains of all those who have died in battle

Castles built by men when they were no more than cattle

Cathedrals marked the beginning of each new schism

Fashionable architecture eerily baptized the latest designer ism

Kings and queens stood atop their mighty thrones

In the right hand a sword, and the other a mercenary’s bones

Aristocrats were allowed to make work life-long servitude

In the days of yore it was inappropriate to have opinions and attitude

The hangman’s noose was always ready to contain a rebel cause

Guillotines made the tongue permanently pause

Dungeons housed petty thieves seeking an ounce of bread

Prayer the only solution when one was eternally dead.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, November 25, 2013

Chernobyl Miracle Update

Major biological discovery…inside the Chernobyl reactor??

The abandoned town of Pripyat, the Chernobyl reactor in the background.
There has been an exciting new biological discovery inside the tomb of the Chernobyl reactor. Like out of some B-grade sci fi movie, a robot sent into the reactor discovered a thick coat of black slime growing on the walls. Since it is highly radioactive in there, scientists didn’t expect to find anything living, let alone thriving. The robot was instructed to obtain samples of the slime, which it did, and upon examination…the slime was even more amazing than was thought at first glance.
This slime, a collection of several fungi actually, was more than just surviving in a radioactive environment, it was actually using gamma radiation as a food source. Samples of these fungi grew significantly faster when exposed to gamma radiation at 500 times the normal background radiation level. The fungi appear to use melanin, a chemical found in human skin as well, in the same fashion as plants use chlorophyll. That is to say, the melanin molecule gets struck by a gamma ray and its chemistry is altered. This is an amazing discovery, no one had even suspected that something like this was possible.
Aside from its novelty value, this discovery leads to some interesting speculation and potential research. Humans have melanin molecules in their skin cells, does this mean that humans are getting some of their energy from radiation? This also implies there could be organisms living in space where ionizing radiation is plentiful. I’ve always been a big panspermia proponent, the idea that life did not originate on Earth but is actually common in the cosmos. Organisms that can live in space certainly gives more credence to this idea.
Possibly this could also be used to create plants or mushrooms that could grow in space, serving as a food source for space travellers. Maybe these fungi could be modified and used somehow to clean up radiation contaminated environments. There’s quite a few of those, in fact the disposal of radioactive waste is still a huge and unsolved problem. Now the fungi couldn’t actually eat the radioactive isotopes, I’m not saying that, but if they can live in radioactive environments they might be used to somehow scour out or concentrate the radioactive isotopes in such a way as to facilitate their clean up.
Imagine, there’s fallout from a nuclear accident and what do the guys in suits do? They show up, spray mushroom spores over everything, and a few weeks later the mushrooms are harvested and disposed of while the contaminated area is now radiation free. It would certainly be useful, the picture at the top shows the still abandoned town of Priyat, Ukraine. It was built to house the workers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and was evacuated within hours of the accident.
An excellent story about the Chernobyl disaster and Pripyat is at the Ghost Town link. Just be aware that, no, Elana didn’t actually ride her motorcycle through the radiation contaminated zone, that was poetic license on her part. (Motorcycle enthusiasts have motorcycled across Europe hoping to duplicate her tour, only to be told by the guards that that motorcycles are not allowed in the contaminated zone.) The pictures and descriptions are accurate though, some of the images are incredibly poignant. Just think, a whole town where the inhabitants fled without warning, leaving all of their possessions behind.
Fortunately the Chernobyl reactor was an old and unsafe design, only one other reactor in the world was built the same way. It was right here in Berkeley, a research reactor built on campus in the fifties. It was sagely decided to quietly shut it down after Chernobyl; while it couldn’t have had an accident on the scale of Chernobyl, the locals were a little concerned anyhow. In fact it was a block away from my favourite burrito place, yikes.
(The above image was released into the public domain by its author. Credit: Jason Minshull.)

Mayor Rob Ford Wins in the Battle of Irony and Comedy

Rob Ford tries to stop the "Gravy Train" for a second time. This hike no doubt will benefit the establishment who fought so hard to have Ford removed from office. More wasteful spending and hiring based on nepotism.

Another International Award under Mayor Rob Ford's Watch. This man can do no wrong when it comes to putting Toronto on the world stage.

In an attempt to implicate Rob Ford in an illegal weight loss program the Freemasons have launched a new drug. They will stop at nothing to catch him red-handed.

And yes folks a New York Mayor was subdued last week while drunk and driving. No media on this or on President Barack Obama's past crack-cocaine addiction.

The comedy reaches new heights when one views Kathleen Wynne's new election campaign video. In it she says she enjoys "running", and is seen running throughout the video. "Could she be running from the law?"......We know Dalton McGuinty made a hasty retreat into the good ole USA. I think he flew down on "Vulture Air".

The Senate Scandal has become but a whisper. Harper should be impeached! What about the secretive TPPA agreement? Harper needs no drugs, he is as high as Hitler - pure unadulterated ego.

Still no charges against Police Commissioner Bill Blair. I guess civil and human rights abuses are par for the course. How do we get of these appointed parasites out of responsible municipal positions? Jail appears never to be an option.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


What is "CiCada 3301" - Another Internet Mystery

The internet mystery that has the world baffled

For the past two years, a mysterious online organisation has been setting the world's finest code-breakers a series of seemingly unsolveable problems. But to what end? Welcome to the world of Cicada 3301

cicada 3301

One evening in January last year, Joel Eriksson, a 34-year-old computer analyst from Uppsala in Sweden, was trawling the web, looking for distraction, when he came across a message on an internet forum. The message was in stark white type, against a black background.
“Hello,” it said. “We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through. Good luck.”
The message was signed: "3301”.

A self-confessed IT security "freak” and a skilled cryptographer, Eriksson’s interest was immediately piqued. This was – he knew – an example of digital steganography: the concealment of secret information within a digital file. Most often seen in conjunction with image files, a recipient who can work out the code – for example, to alter the colour of every 100th pixel – can retrieve an entirely different image from the randomised background "noise”.

It’s a technique more commonly associated with nefarious ends, such as concealing child pornography. In 2002 it was suggested that al-Qaeda operatives had planned the September 11 attacks via the auction site eBay, by encrypting messages inside digital photographs

Sleepily – it was late, and he had work in the morning – Eriksson thought he’d try his luck decoding the message from "3301”. After only a few minutes work he’d got somewhere: a reference to "Tiberius Claudius Caesar” and a line of meaningless letters. Joel deduced it might be an embedded "Caesar cipher” – an encryption technique named after Julius Caesar, who used it in private correspondence. It replaces characters by a letter a certain number of positions down the alphabet. As Claudius was the fourth emperor, it suggested "four” might be important – and lo, within minutes, Eriksson found another web address buried in the image’s code.
Feeling satisfied, he clicked the link.

It was a picture of a duck with the message: "Woops! Just decoys this way. Looks like you can’t guess how to get the message out.”

"If something is too easy or too routine, I quickly lose interest,” says Eriksson. "But it seemed like the challenge was a bit harder than a Caesar cipher after all. I was hooked.”

Eriksson didn’t realise it then, but he was embarking on one of the internet’s most enduring puzzles; a scavenger hunt that has led thousands of competitors across the web, down telephone lines, out to several physical locations around the globe, and into unchartered areas of the "darknet”. So far, the hunt has required a knowledge of number theory, philosophy and classical music. An interest in both cyberpunk literature and the Victorian occult has also come in handy as has an understanding of Mayan numerology.

It has also featured a poem, a tuneless guitar ditty, a femme fatale called "Wind” who may, or may not, exist in real life, and a clue on a lamp post in Hawaii. Only one thing is certain: as it stands, no one is entirely sure what the challenge – known as Cicada 3301 – is all about or who is behind it. Depending on who you listen to, it’s either a mysterious secret society, a statement by a new political think tank, or an arcane recruitment drive by some quasi-military body. Which means, of course, everyone thinks it’s the CIA.

For some, it’s just a fun game, like a more complicated Sudoku; for others, it has become an obsession. Almost two years on, Eriksson is still trying to work out what it means for him. "It is, ultimately, a battle of the brains,” he says. "And I have always had a hard time resisting a challenge.”

On the night of January 5 2012, after reading the "decoy” message from the duck, Eriksson began to tinker with other variables.

Taking the duck’s mockery as a literal clue, Eriksson decided to run it through a decryption program called OutGuess. Success: another hidden message, this time linking to another messageboard on the massively popular news forum Reddit. Here, encrypted lines from a book were being posted every few hours. But there were also strange symbols comprising of several lines and dots – Mayan numbers, Eriksson realised. And duly translated, they led to another cipher.

Up until now, Eriksson would admit, none of the puzzles had really required any advanced skills, or suggested anything other than a single anonymous riddle-poser having some fun. "But then it all changed,” says Eriksson. "And things started getting interesting.”

Suddenly, the encryption techniques jumped up a gear. And the puzzles themselves mutated in several different directions: hexadecimal characters, reverse-engineering, prime numbers. Pictures of the cicada insect – reminiscent of the moth imagery in Thomas Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs – became a common motif.

"I knew cicadas only emerge every prime number of years – 13, or 17 – to avoid synchronising with the life cycles of their predators,” says Eriksson. "It was all starting to fit together.” The references became more arcane too.

The book, for example, turned out to be "The Lady of the Fountain”, a poem about King Arthur taken from The Mabinogion, a collection of pre-Christian medieval Welsh manuscripts.

Later, the puzzle would lead him to the cyberpunk writer William Gibson – specifically his 1992 poem "Agrippa” (a book of the dead), infamous for the fact that it was only published on a 3.5in floppy disk, and was programmed to erase itself after being read once. But as word spread across the web, thousands of amateur codebreakers joined the hunt for clues. Armies of users of 4chan, the anarchic internet forum where the first Cicada message is thought to have appeared, pooled their collective intelligence – and endless free time – to crack the puzzles.

Within hours they’d decoded "The Lady of the Fountain”. The new message, however, was another surprise: "Call us,” it read, "at telephone number 214-390-9608”. By this point, only a few days after the original image was posted, Eriksson had taken time off work to join the pursuit full time.

"This was definitely an unexpected turn,” he recalls. "And the first hint that this might not just be the work of a random internet troll.” Although now disconnected, the phone line was based in Texas, and led to an answering machine. There, a robotic voice told them to find the prime numbers in the original image. By multiplying them together, the solvers found a new prime and a new website: A countdown clock and a huge picture of a cicada confirmed they were on the right path.

"It was thrilling, breathtaking by now,” says Eriksson. "This shared feeling of discovery was immense. But the plot was about to thicken even more.” Once the countdown reached zero, at 5pm GMT on January 9, it showed 14 GPS coordinates around the world: locations in Warsaw, Paris, Seattle, Seoul, Arizona, California, New Orleans, Miami, Hawaii and Sydney. Sat in Sweden, Eriksson waited as, around the globe, amateur solvers left their apartments to investigate. And, one by one reported what they’d found: a poster, attached to a lamp post, bearing the cicada image and a QR code (the black-and-white bar code often seen on adverts these days and designed to take you to a website via your smartphone).

"It was exhilarating,” said Eriksson. "I was suddenly aware of how much effort they must have been putting into creating this kind of challenge.” For the growing Cicada community, it was explosive – proof this wasn’t merely some clever neckbeard in a basement winding people up, but actually a global organisation of talented people. But who?

Speculation had been rife since the image first appeared. Some thought Cicada might merely be a PR stunt; a particularly labyrinthine Alternate Reality Game (ARG) built by a corporation to ultimately – and disappointingly – promote a new movie or car.

Microsoft, for example, had enjoyed huge success with their critically acclaimed "I Love Bees” ARG campaign. Designed to promote the Xbox game Halo 2 in 2004, it used random payphones worldwide to broadcast a War of the Worlds-style radio drama that players would have to solve.

But there were complicating factors to Cicada. For one, the organisers were actively working against the participants. One "solver”, a female known only as Wind from Michigan, contributed to the quest on several messageboards before the community spotted she was deliberately disseminating false clues. Other interference was more pointed. One long, cautionary diatribe, left anonymously on the website Pastebin, claimed to be from an ex-Cicada member – a non-English military officer recruited to the organisation "by a superior”. Cicada, he said, "was a Left-Hand Path religion disguised as a progressive scientific organisation” – comprising of "military officers, diplomats, and academics who were dissatisfied with the direction of the world”. Their plan, the writer claimed, was to transform humanity into the Nietzschen √úbermensch.

"This is a dangerous organisation,” he concluded, "their ways are nefarious.” With no other clues, it was also asssumed by many to be a recruitment drive by the CIA, MI6 or America’s National Security Agency (NSA), as part of a search for highly talented cryptologists. It wouldn’t have been the first time such tactics had been used.

Back in 2010, for example, Air Force Cyber Command – the United States’ hacking defence force, based at Fort Meade in Maryland – secretly embedded a complex hexadecimal code in their new logo. Cybercom head Lt Gen Keith Alexander then challenged the world’s amateur analysts to crack it (it took them three hours). And in September this year, GCHQ launched the "Can You Find It?” initiative – a series of cryptic codes designed to root out the best British cryptographers. As GCHQ’s head of resourcing Jane Jones said at the time, "It’s a puzzle but it’s also a serious test – the jobs on offer here are vital to protecting national security.”
GCHQ's 'Can You Find It?' puzzle
Dr Jim Gillogly, former president of the American Cryptogram Association, has been cracking similar codes for years and says it’s a tried and tested recruitment tactic.

"During the Second World War, the top-secret Government Code and Cypher School used crossword puzzles printed in The Daily Telegraph to identify good candidates for Bletchley Park,” he says. "But I’m not sure the CIA or NSA is behind Cicada. Both are careful with security, the recent Snowden case notwithstanding. And starting the puzzle on [the anarchic internet forum] 4chan might attract people with less respect for authority than they would want working inside.”

But that doesn’t rule out other organisations. "Computer and data security is more important than ever today,” says Dr Gillogly. The proliferation of wireless devices, mobile telephones, e-commerce websites like Amazon and chip-and-pin machines, means the demand for cryptologists has never been higher. (Something the UK government acknowledged last year when it announced it was setting up 11 academic "centres of excellence” in cyber security research.)

"One of the more important components of security systems is the efficacy of the cryptography being used,” says Dr Gillogly. "Which means cryptanalysts are in higher demand than ever before - no longer just with the intelligence services. It could just as easily be a bank or software company [behind Cicada].”

Eriksson himself agrees. As a regular speaker at Black Hat Briefings – the secretive computer security conferences where government agencies and corporations get advice from hackers – he knows certain organisations occasionally go "fishing” for new recruits like this. But to him the signs point to a recruitment drive by a hacker group like Anonymous.

"I can’t help but notice,” he says, "that the locations in question are all places with some of the most talented hackers and IT security researchers in the world.” Either way, their identity would prove irrelevant. When the QR codes left on the lamp posts were decoded, a hidden message pointed the solvers towards a TOR address. TOR, short for The Onion Router, is an obscure routing network that allows anonymous access to the "darknet” – the vast, murky portion of the internet that cannot be indexed by standard search engines. Estimated to be 5,000 times larger that the "surface" web, it’s in these recesses where you’ll find human-trafficking rings, black market drug markets and terrorist networks. And it’s here where the Cicada path ended.

After a designated number of solvers visited the address, the website shut down with a terse message: "We want the best, not the followers." The chosen few received personal emails – detailing what, none have said, although one solver heard they were now being asked to solve puzzles in private. Eriksson, however, was not among them. "It was my biggest anticlimax – when I was too late to register my email at the TOR hidden service," he says. "If my sleep-wake cycle had been different, I believe I would have been among the first." Regardless, a few weeks later, a new message from Cicada was posted on Reddit. It read: "Hello. We have now found the individuals we sought. Thus our month-long journey ends. For now." All too abruptly for thousands of intrigued solvers, it had gone quiet.
Except no. On January 4 this year, something new. A fresh image, with a new message in the same white text: "Hello again. Our search for intelligent individuals now continues." Analysis of the image would reveal another poem – this time from the book Liber Al Vel Legis, a religious doctrine by the English occultist and magician Aleister Crowley. From there, the solvers downloaded a 130Mb file containing thousands of prime numbers. And also an MP3 file: a song called The Instar Emergence by the artist 3301, which begins with the sound of – guess what – cicadas.

Analysis of that has since led to a Twitter account pumping out random numbers, which in turn produced a "gematria": an ancient Hebrew code table, but this time based on Anglo-Saxon runes. This pointed the solvers back into the darknet, where they found seven new physical locations, from Dallas to Moscow to Okinawa, and more clues. But that’s where, once again, the trail has gone cold. Another select group of "first solvers" have been accepted into a new "private" puzzle – this time, say reports, a kind of Myers-Briggs multiple-choice personality test.

But still, we are no closer to knowing the source, or fundamental purpose, of Cicada 3301. "That’s the beauty of it though," says Eriksson. "It is impossible to know for sure until you have solved it all." That is why for him, and thousands of other hooked enthusiasts, January 4 2014 is so important: that’s when the next set of riddles is due to begin again. "Maybe all will be revealed then," he grins. "But somehow, I doubt it."


An interesting post-script from RT News dated November 26, 2013 RE: the use of the word "Cicada" - the one organism can save the world from all bacteria?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kabbalah Magic on the MONEY - Part II

Kabbalah Magic on the MONEY (Part II)

Posted by Revelation Now Staff | November 13, 2013  
I think by-lining the this and the related post “Kabbalah Magic on the Money” is an injustice to this piece and quite misleading. The reason being, is the symbols and characters on the new $100 bill, is a tapestry of occult science. By itself, it is most likely neither good nor evil yet juxtaposed against the terror attacks, illustrated on the folded bills – speaks of a sinister intention. Becoming acclimated with the ancient symbols and characters, builds a case of great treachery directed at an unsuspecting target.

The first connection was obviously made with the symbols in the windows however there would be more discovered on the bill. Even a character connected to the Phoenician alphabet! The symbols and characters on the $100 bill were carefully planned and can be used to evoke destruction by fire and war. Understanding this everything else seems to fall into place.

The windows in the building, on the back of the $100 bill, Independence Hall, were used for a specific occult purpose. The occult practice and term used for the windows is “Magic Squares.” In its purest form may be defined as a series of consecutive numbers beginning with one that is arranged in a grid so that each row, column and diagonal of the grid has an equal sum. In the series 1 to n2, n is the base, root, module or order of the square — “order” being the most common term. 
The Hebrew and other ancient languages have a numerical value assigned to each letter. These accumulated numbers have a counter point in the realm of spirit. In other words the ability to activate a force to act in our physical realm. This is why some of the characters were placed in the windows. This was a well known occult practice in China around 2200 BC, which is told in the I-Ching.

“Symbols are connections between realms, as the hyperspace archetypes, one door here and one door there. A lot of symbols in Kabbalah are symbols referencing demon/angelic deities.”

We have lost the knowledge of these things and I can see why the Most High forbids this type of power because in the wrong hands – it is like giving a baby a Glock at a cook out. There are many occult techniques embedded on the $100 bill and it took extensive research to locate the symbols. Most of the time I can write off the top of my head (from over 20 years of research) but this was uncharted and forbidden territory. The irony is I purchased an occult book years ago and never read it or had a need to, until now!

There are astrological symbols on the $100 bill evoking Mars and Scorpio. An Israeli woman emailed me and erroneously state the “W” looking character was “Shin” but it is not. It is actually the symbol for Scorpio and it is one of the constellations of the “Golden Gate!” Which is the entrance into the Heavens according to mystics, philosophers, and holy men from the days of yore. 

There is also a symbol evoking the power of Saturn on the $100 bill. This is another interesting connection because Saturn loomed over the World Trade Center on the now infamous 9/11. Saturn is linked to destruction and has a very dark ancient past — some researchers even claim Saturn was the original Sun for the planet earth! The “three” looking symbol, captured in part one of this research is linked to Jupiter and there is another symbol evoking the Moon. Both Jupiter and the Moon were also looming over the World Trade Center for 9/11!

As you can see there is an astrological connection to the symbols and successful mass murders under the anciently revered star-gates. This spiritual connection to the symbols and the terror attacks on the folded bills should be painfully obvious now. We have unknowingly carried talisman with us and imbued it with our energy just by believing in power of the money!  In turn we have given power to the enchanter to open the door to the other side with specific intentions. 
It is no accident the ancient symbol for the “God of War” is evoked with the triangle representing fire over it. Especially since the successful terror attacks, as illustrated on the folded bills, involved explosives and fire!
Additionally, the 9/11 terror attack started a long-term war and presence in the Middle East sustained by fire visa vie bombs. The Hermetic principles were executed with great accuracy — as it is above so it is below

This is an occult science being used to manipulate and ensure events are carried out successfully. This is why you are seeing these symbols cleverly placed on the $100 bill. This bill is circulated around the world and it is imbued with great power. The value of it might be falling but not the occult power. The banking elite is most likely behind placing these symbols in the money because how could anyone who loves the Most High finance every world war? They are using enchantments and sorcery which is evident on the money. 
Ancient Jewish Mysticism may not be inherently evil but the US currency track record of sharing the same symbols certainly appears murderous and heinous. There is nothing good about these symbols being on the money; there is an astrological connection with Jupiter and Saturn as violent blood thirsty archetypes. I am no expert on the occult nor do I intend to be. I am merely sharing the patterns and facts. Do with it what you will but pray against it moving forward.