Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Pfaall of the Pharaohs

The Pfaall of the Pharaohs

The journey from rabbit to dragon has begun
Black widow spiders spin the webs that words had spun
Tyranny awaits the outcome of a war thought won
Almighty sheep mustering courage against the gun

Tired are the people whom had placed trust in an elected few
Their dignity sacrificed between politics and the moneylenders’ brew
A weary Greece once again need only Leonidas and three hundred brave
Renewed battle will send Rothschild and Rockefeller to their grave

Ireland sorrowfully cast away the clover, leprechaun and Saint Patrick
Rid the Luciferian snakes and after Iceland be awarded the hat-trick
In the city of London is stored much of the venom
There robbery and murder is sanctioned by an unelected plenum

Carthaginian warriors in the present have undone a throne
Zine el Abidine should be treated as quarry and subjected to stone
A Globalist disciple trained by the claws of the United Nations
It in the turn the disciple of multinational corporations

The pyramids affirm the Pharaohs are dead
Let the River Nile run red with the blood of the Machiavellian bred
Twist the spider’s yarn from hoax to a universal reality
The Illuminists fear most their guise will shed its grotesque abnormality.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of the truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant.....Edgar Allan Poe

Sunday, January 23, 2011



Pork bellies ripen for the takin’
Pigs turn hollow for their bacon
Boars of old have long since departed
Scum has transformed warrior into the now faint hearted

Extra lard makes the saucepan sizzle
A fattened surface cleaned only by an iron chisel
Sausage links connected by salted intestinal fibre
The Oracle foretold of humanity turned to cyber

The journey as always debuted at the livestock auction
Sold are slaves, equine and all prized concoction
Silver and gold is the bounty that holds dominion over all flesh
Steel chains relinquished for carbon fibre mesh

Spartan nerve bred to overcome death
Roman warrior whose courage knew no breadth
Macedonian valour few did vanquish
Mongolian herds the enemy failed to banish

The mystics will return to convert dragon to dust
Pigs will wallow in the remains of Draconian lust
The blood of soldiers and the innocent will not be in vane
Each slaughter will be held to account in the God’s domain

A new age of reason will soon approach
Those who bore tunnels will be buried as the cock roach
Bacon will no longer be unorthodox
Mud encased chivalry will become the new paradox.

Sit Deus malum carnem pulveris remedium,
Joseph Pede

The New Madrid fault line, HAARP and the BP Oil spill are all in play. Please make refernce to Edward Cayce and the prognosticated map of the USA after a major earthquake.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo Dolls

The tormented souls of Black slaves walk in the mist
Chains heard clanging to the beat of a white man’s fist
Across the globe their bones still toil the worm filled earth
These the walking dead baptized with sorrow from the day of their birth

Sugar plantations echo the sounds of machetes slashing
Cotton fields where hands and thorns did their daily clashing
Whips whistled upon blackened flesh when output failed the ration
100,000,000 perished in what could have been Christ’s Passion

Around campfires voices resonated songs of human misery
By accident the pain and suffering fashioned a new religious wizardry
Prayers whose words foretold of an Amazing Grace
Revenge to be perpetrated through the creation of a new godly race

Santeria and Candomble arose as new spiritual isms
Voodoo shaman forged an ominous black and white theological schism
Bondye and Lukumi the new 007 and Lucky Luciano
Ifa the new system of divination practised mano-a mano

Animal sacrifice that rivals the rituals of the Bohemian Gardens
Evil eyes that even a Mason knows there are no pardons
Needles that pierce life-like voodoo dolls
Magic that frightens even the most elusive Satanic Cabals

Zombie warriors called from their deadened rest
Haitian suffering for the world will one day be its test
Shake the rattle to free the affliction
This the year that moneylenders surrender to crucifixion.

Carus Deus permissum finis venio,
Joseph Pede



Offspring of a select empowered few
Social engineering making all others strictly taboo
Fraternity spun from a black widow spider
Eugenics guards against the tempted outsider

Generation to generation the genes flow through
Blue blooded legacy protected by secretive peer review
Jobs and pensions easier for the fairer complexion
Human resources aid in the manipulation of candidate selection

Inbred narcissism at its nepotistic best
Secrets kept hidden in the bias filled chest
The brood educated to the least degree
So begins the branding trademark of the next future franchisee

Kings and Queens hold the highest security
“O” negative the calling card with the highest purity
Politicians and bankers the cockroaches of human travesty
For their crimes Kings and Queens bestow the gift of gracious amnesty

These are the Paedophiles spawned in the Garden of Eden
Lore has it that blue bloods hailed from the scum of a Scandinavian Sweden
Letches who continue to saturate truth with lies
Within anonymous agendas they continue their disguise

Political Paedophilia is a crime of high treason
Their progeny raped at birth to defy all logic and reason
Severe this monster from the future feast
Their dessert lies in the coming of doomsday beast.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa Fortells of the Prophetic Year 2012

Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa Fortells of the
Prophetic Year 2012

Enclosed is an alternate meaning to the hidden letters contained within the eyes of the Mona Lisa. I am not comfortable with Professor Ross Kilpatrick’s findings. In fact, his number and letters “do not” match the letters disclosed. Leonardo should be considered as a man of science and intrigue, and so he may have been sending a coded message.

An Italian researcher named Vinceti stated that several letters and one number were found coded in Mona Lisa’s eyes. One eye contains the letters L, V. The other eye contains the letters B,S or C,E and the number 72. I will use the letters C and S and the number 72.

The puzzle should be solved by starting with the number 72. It is the proof number. The number 72 has several important meanings but two of them are more meaningful. First, the axis of the planet Earth moves one degree every 72 years. A full 360 degrees (a full orbit) would take 25,920 years to complete. This is referred to as the precession of the Equinox. Today, we have rounded that number to be 26,000 years for simplicity. The second meaning refers to the Lesser Keys of Solomon. The Lesser Keys contain 72 Demons referred to in Ars Goetia. These may be the demons unleashed at the time of the precession. This also ties into Revelation and Daniel.

The letter “S” may refer to the Saros Cycle. In ancient Sumaria this cycle had a value of 3,600. Amazingly, the orbit of the Planet Nibiru is 3,600 years.

I do not believe the letters L and V denote Leonardo daVinci’s name. My suspicion is that the letters denote a Latin acronym for the name of Lucifer and his arrival – “Lucifer Venit”.

Therefore, the translation of the coded message reads:

Lucifer arrives when the Precession of the Equinox (reference to Ars Goetia) and the 3,600 year orbit of the planet Nibiru occur. That year is 2012. Leonardo was sending a message to his enlightened friends through one of his greatest paintings. The letter "C" denotes the number three or the trinity. The arrival of Lucifer, Niburu and the Precession are the three events.

Add-on comment:

The eyes of the Mona Lisa are relevant because they represent the two orbs of the planet Earth and Nibiru.

My hats off to a fellow Paisan,
Joseph Pede

Toronto, Canada
All Rights Reserved. Document cannot be copied without writer's consent.

Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens

Lord open the Heavens and look down upon the Earth
Ingest the sinew of all wretchedness and evil
Chain the deviant doers to Hell’s fiery doors
Cast their souls adrift into the corridors of darkness

Elizabeth secretly veiled within the House of Hitler
Beatrix whose progeny bare the tattoos of a Nazi delusion
Margrethe clouded in aristocratic smoke
All queen regnant of a fictitiously hollow detente

Abdullah’s oil fuels war and terror
Albert hosts the “ponzi” known as the European Union
Akihito masquerading as a god on Earth
Lunatics whose deceit would bring folly to a warrior Caesar

Royal bloodlines one and all
War, treason and murder once opened their door
Bow and curtsey to behold their shoes
Forebodingly the black lustre paints the picture of a sinister curse

Machiavellian trainees in the language of lies
Merovingian disciples of a God they once trafficked
Mephistophelian disciples of the undying arts
Money iconography to the millers of money

Lord we pray you consume this fakery
Military mannequins whose garb is sanctified by the blood of deadened soldiers
Fortified castles watch over their hollow dominions
Lord we pray you sterilize this treachery.

Haec petimus in nomine Dei pii,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Prayer of Vengeance

A Prayer of Vengeance

We call upon God to hear our prayer
To the malevolence which manifests in a benevolent robe
To those who have employed secrecy to bring harm to the masses
To those who manipulate mind and matter

Lord let their hearts be filled with everlasting sorrow
Let their cadavers poach in the pits of Hell
Let their hate be blanketed with perpetual pain
Let their souls be erased from the book of eternal life

For the meek who are blind to the tragedy
For the ignorant who have fallen prey to the treason
For the old who deserve much better
For the young who are lost in regrettable merry

Lord let those who preach calm be greeted with your wrath
Let all their senses be subjected to nature’s furious superlatives
Let their semen transform to pus
Let them feast upon vermin and pestilence

For the great creatures that inhabit the Earth
For the great sculptures chiselled in granite
For the flora and fauna which grace our existence
For the aggregate wonder that rests in passive resistance

Lord undo the evil deeds of a Satanic few
Lord redirect this evil to its unholy offspring
Lord invoke pandemic and disease upon these Devilish creatures
Deus exaudi orationem. Deus exaudi orationem. Deus exaudi orationem.

Deus noster orationem fieri,
Joseph Pede

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Ritual

The Ritual

“Abracadabra” and so evaporate thousands of fish
“Hocus-pocus” the words for millions of disappearing birds
“Georgia Guidestones” the “Open Sesame” for vanishing people
One two three and we now have a ritual

The alchemists have created a new “Golden Dawn”
Voodoo doctors spewing fowl blood across the floor
Pentagrams and Black Magic honour Masonic halls
Causa latet vis est nottisma

“Seale” keeps secret the degrees in the “House of the Temple”
The Pope with an amen channels an act of contrition
“Festing’s” army setting policy for serfdom to disappear
Cessante ratione legis cessat ipsa lex

Rothschild has turned FIAT into gold
Rockefeller has bowed the middle-class to pauper of old
Monarchs wave the sceptre and brick turns to mold
Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

Africa from tribal primitives to ritual murderers
China from darkness to a contagious light
Russian Tsars to bold new Oligarchs
Sequere pecuniam

Secret mandates erase geographic boundaries
Presidential edicts re-incarnate age-old conspiracies
Conventional to biological and chemical, and the magic is grander
Luris ignorantia est cum ius nostrum ignoramus

Infinitus est numerus stultorum
Homines ad servitutem paratos
Actus me invito factus non est meus actus
Post coitum omne animal triste est sive gallus et mulier

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birds and the Bees - Memorial to John P. Wheeler III

Birds and the Bees

Let me tell you about the birds and the bees
Fish and the trees
Wildlife and water
One by one, victims of a New World Order slaughter

Corexit a scrumptious chemical cock tail
Phosgene the elixir causes us to imperceptibly in hail
Chemtrails shower with atmospheric precision
The blind leading the blind the mandate of the Globalist vision

Genetically modified foods tickle the tummy
Bovine growth hormones pickle you like a mummy
Poisons keep fresh the Agra harvest
Bacteria and virus will be when the day becomes darkest

The Georgia Guide Stones a mason did carve
Surreptitiously humanity was to thirst and starve
Platitudes of deceit mock the on-looking crowd
The last victim of deceit remains pictured in a tattered shroud

Daniel and Revelation make for good reading
Stupidity will not be excused by way of praying and pleading
Your objective is to undo the work of killers
They include the media, politicians, military and monetary distillers

Let me tell you about skull and bones
Killers who occupy majestic thrones
Let me tell you about pin-striped suits and oil oligarchs
All will be laughing when the elephant farts.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

P.S. Watch out for those nano-filled vaccines!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

A baby cast adrift amongst the bulrushes of the River Nile
Ancient pyramids greeted his passing with a cautious smile
The Pharaoh’s daughter by the water’s edge discovered this curios lad
Prophetic irony would now find this child majestically clad

Short are the fortunes of a fortunate life
Heaven delivered reality with a spiritual knife
Self-exile found Moses forsaken in a desert wasteland
His eventual arrival to be greeted by a shepherdess’ hand

For two-score he guarded a brew of meandering sheep
Moses’ name no one came to utter or even peep
Silent was this Prophet awaiting his time
The order came to address the matter of a little war crime

Battle victory pronounced him hero to all of Israel
Christianity marked his triumphs in the art of Raphael
Atop Mount Sinai again ended his journey
Mystery transformed into legible script without an attorney

A burning bush provided the shape of the energized Master
A fiery rod carved the rock like softened plaster
The rules appeared simple for everyone to understand
Millennia later we find ourselves unhappy with His written command

Ignorance sadly is no fault of a misguided people
Media conditioning has transformed souls into real-life sheeple
Walk the wasteland to expand your learning
The bush filled with skull and bone you should look to be burning.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Prostitutes - Revelation 17:1 - 4

Prostitutes - Revelation 17:1 - 4

Long legs and silky lace stockings
Spandex skirt hugging all the curves
Sultry lipstick glosses the moistened lips
High heels click and clack atop the cold concrete

The glimmering night lights mesmerize the senses
The wolves inebriated with passionate vice
Pheromones sprinkled as holy water throughout the night air
Belt buckles loosened while the hands play in the dampened pockets

An exchange of smiles creates the first desire
A close body rub tests the passion
A warm embrace and wandering hand seal the deal
The price superficial in the absence of all moral clarity

“Erotic ads” provide picture, price and selection is made easy
Sexual pleasure compliments of home delivery
Full service starts with a knock on the door
Passion for hire now available in “bundled services”

Virtual gratification so too compliments of TV, video and Meucci’s mania
Dollar desires paid for by the minute
The variety a feast for any king or queen
The menu starts with young, old, fat, exotic, blond and bondage

The pimps hiding in the shadows
Hollywood reaping rewards while masquerading in the so-called avant-garde art
Multi-nationals the new goodfellas of packaged vice
The line lost for Politicians with sand in their face

The conspirators come in all shapes and sizes
Selling wares, ecstasy, dreams and desires
A “skirt or a suit” clad with an enticing smile
Prostitutes, bankers, politicians, industrialists – you pick your poison.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede