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Anna Maria Corradi & Margaret Helen Meadows - In memorium

Seldom does one lose two neighbours within weeks of each other. Helen and Anna Maria were our neighbours for 37 years. One to the left of our home and the other to the right. Unimaginably they both passed away in the month of February, 2018.

Helen (as she liked to be called) died on February 1, 2018 at the age of 96. I referred to her as a feisty old English broad who spoke her mind, yet was gentle as a lamb. Anna Maria died at the age of 78 on February 24, 2018 after two decades of battling cancer. Both women leave a legacy of hard work and dedication to their family.

My wife and I moved into this neighbourhood long ago and now virtually everyone we knew has died, or moved away (most in an old age home). Life is so quick.

I ask that the Lord Jesus reunites these two women with their late husbands, Ernie and Giorgio, and may they rest in peace.

Farewell ladies - until we meet again,
Joseph & Maria Pede

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Amazon Numbers

Amazon - Who holds what? The share price just hit $1,500.00

Jeff Bezos is now worth close to $120 Billion

Major Holders
Currency in USD

% of Shares Held by All Insider

% of Shares Held by Institutions

% of Float Held by Institutions

Number of Institutions Holding Shares


Nov 14, 2017


Nov 14, 2017


Nov 14, 2017


Nov 14, 2017


Nov 26, 2017


May 14, 2017


Nov 14, 2017


Nov 14, 2017


Nov 14, 2017

Top Institutional Holders

Date Reported
% Out

Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)

Dec 30, 2017

Blackrock Inc.

Dec 30, 2017


Dec 30, 2017

Price (T.Rowe) Associates Inc

Dec 30, 2017

State Street Corporation

Dec 30, 2017

Capital World Investors

Dec 30, 2017

Capital Research Global Investors

Dec 30, 2017

Baillie Gifford and Company

Dec 30, 2017

Invesco Ltd.

Dec 30, 2017

Northern Trust Corporation

Dec 30, 2017

Top Mutual Fund Holders

Date Reported
% Out

Growth Fund Of America Inc

Dec 30, 2017

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund

Jun 29, 2017

Vanguard 500 Index Fund

Jun 29, 2017

Fidelity Contrafund Inc

Oct 30, 2017

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust

Nov 29, 2017

Vanguard Institutional Index
Fund-Institutional Index Fund

Jun 29, 2017

Powershares Exhg Traded Fd
Tr-Powershares QQQ Tr, Series 1

Oct 30, 2017

Price (T.Rowe) Blue Chip Growth
Fund Inc.

Dec 30, 2017

Fundamental Investors Inc

Dec 30, 2017

Price (T.Rowe) Growth Stock
Fund Inc.

Dec 30, 2017

CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Bob Marley’

CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: 
‘I Killed Bob Marley’

November 30, 2017 Baxter Dmitry

A 79-year-old retired officer of the CIA, Bill Oxley, has made a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on Monday and told he has weeks to live. He claims he committed 17 assassinations for the American government between 1974 and 1985, including the music icon Bob Marley.

Mr. Oxley, who worked for the CIA for 29 years as an operative with top-level security clearances, claims he was often used as a hitman by the organization, to assassinate individuals who could represent a threat to the goals of the agency.

Trained as a sniper and marksman, Mr. Oxley also has significant experience with more unconventional methods of inflicting harm upon others, like poisons, explosives, induced heart attacks and cancer.

The 79-year-old operative claims he committed the assassinations between March 1974 and August 1985, at a time when he says the CIA “was a law unto itself.” He says he was part of an operative cell of three members which carried out political assassinations across the country and occasionally in foreign countries.

Most of their victims were political activists, journalists, and union leaders, but he also confesses to assassinating a few scientists, medical researchers, artists and musicians whose ideas and influence “represented a threat to the interests of the United States.”

He claims he had no problem with going through with the assassination of Bob Marley, because “I was a patriot, I believed in the CIA, and I didn’t question the motivation of the agency. I’ve always understood that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.”

But Mr. Oxley confesses that Bob Marley remains unique among his victims, as he was the only victim he “felt anything for.”

“The others were assholes. Bob Marley was Bob Marley. I was no closer to being a long-haired hippy back then than I am now, but I must admit Bob’s music did move me. It held some power over me.”

He claims to have “mixed feelings” about Bob Marley’s death. On the one hand, Marley was “a good man, a beautiful soul” with “profound artistic gifts” who did not deserve to have his life cut short. But according to Mr. Oxley, Bob Marley was also placing the goals of the CIA in jeopardy and threatening the existence of the United States:

“He was succeeding in creating a revolution that used music as a more powerful tool than bullets and bombs. Bob Marley in 1976 was a very serious threat to the global status quo and to the hidden power brokers implementing their plan for a new world order. As far as the agency was concerned, Bob Marley was too successful, too famous, too influential… A Jamaican Rastaman who started using his funds and fame to support causes around the world that were in direct conflict with the CIA… To be honest, he signed his own death warrant.”

“It’s not like we didn’t warn him. We sent a few guys to shoot up his house in Kingston,” Mr Oxley says, referring to a shooting in the Marley residence that left the singer with an injured arm and chest. “We had a message for him. We impressed upon him the gravity of the situation he found himself in. He didn’t listen.”

“Two days later, in the mountains, I stuck him with the pin.“

How Bob Marley was murdered by the CIA

Two days after Bob Marley was shot in the left arm by one of three gunmen who ambushed the singer and some of his crew in his house in Kingston, and after a brief stint in hospital, Bob Marley travelled to the protective hills of the Blue Mountains and spent time at the highest point in Jamaica, rehearsing for an upcoming concert.

According to Mr. Oxley, he used press credentials to gain access to Bob Marley during his Blue Mountains retreat. He introduced himself as a famous photographer working for the New York Times, and gave Bob Marley a gift.

“I gave him a pair of Converse All Stars. Size 10. When he tried on the right shoe, he screamed out ‘OUUUCH.‘

“That was it. His life was over right there and then. The nail in the shoe was tainted with cancer viruses and bacteria. If it pierced his skin, which it did, it was goodnight nurse.”

“There had been a series of high-profile assassinations of counter-culture figures in the United States in the late sixties, early seventies. By the time Bob Marley’s time came around, we thought subtlety was the order of the day. No more bullets and splattered brains.”

Mr. Oxley says he kept close contact with Marley during the final years of his life, ensuring the medical advice he received in Paris, London and the United States “would hasten his demise rather than cure him.” He died from cancer in May 1981. He was just 36 years old.The final photo of Bob Marley, days before his death.

“The last time I saw Bob before he died he had removed the dreadlocks, and his weight was dropping like a stone,” he says.

“He was very withdrawn, unbelievably small. He was shrinking in front of us. The cancer had done it’s job.”

“The day he died in Miami was definitely one of the most difficult moments in my career. I felt real bad. For a long time I wasn’t comfortable with my part in his death. But eventually I came to realize it had to be done, for America.”


“The Slave-Dealers in Europe Were Almost All Jews”

Christian Slaves, Moslem Masters, Jewish Slave-Runners: “The Slave-Dealers in Europe Were Almost All Jews”

Diversity Macht Frei
February 24, 2018
In Islamic slave markets, all races were not considered as equal. Negresses were held in particularly low regard.
“At the markets negresses were much in evidence ;
the darker the uglier and the more pointed their teeth,.
They are not up to much. They are fickle and careless. 
Dancing and beating time are engrained in their nature.
They say : were the negro to fall from heaven to the earth
lie would beat time in falling. They have the whitest
teeth and this because they have much saliva. Un-
pleasant is the smell emitted from their armpits and
coarse is their skin.”
White slaves were the most highly prized of all.
As regards prices, the white slaves—aristocracy of the slaves—stood on quite a different footing. A good-looking, but untrained, white slave-girl fetched 1,000 dinars or more.
Jews were principally responsible for trafficking white Christian slaves to Muslims.
In the rest of the empire the supply of white slaves was confined to Turks and members of that inexhaustible race which has given the caste its European name, “the slav(e)s.” The latter was rated higher than the former as merchandise. Says Khwarezmi: We take to Turks when no other slaves are available. The chief article of export from Bulgar—capital of the Volga Bulgarians—was slaves who were thence taken to the Oxus’. Samarkand was the greatest slave-market noted for the supply of the best white slaves, and depending like Geneva or Lausanne of our time on its educational industry. The second channel of import for slaves of Slavic nationalities lay through Germany to Spain and the Mediterranean harbours of Provence and Italy’. The slave-dealers in Europe were almost all Jews. The slaves came almost exclusively from Eastern Europe as is the case today with the “white slave traffic.”
Finally the third route for the slave trade likewise led from the western slave countries, then at war with Germany and consequently productive of human merchandise, to the East over Prague, Poland and Russia—a route followed by Rabbi Petachja in the 6th/12th century. In the 4th/14th century Prague was the starting-point, being a centre of the then slave-trade. Saint Adalbert gave up his bishopric in 989 A. D. because he could not redeem all the Christians whom a Jewish dealer had purchased.
Source: The Renaissance of Islam by Adam Mez (link)

The role of Jews in the traffic of Christian slaves to Muslim lands is confirmed by a letter Bishop Agobard of Lyon wrote to his king, Louis the Pious, in 826. Titled (“On the Insolence of the Jews“), it was a complaint to the king about Jewish slave-running and general arrogance.
This was during the period of Muslim domination of large parts of Spain. Agobard himself had been born in Spain. He notes that Christian slaves were being sold to the Muslims there by Jews. Although these slaves were probably trafficked from elsewhere, Agobard also records example of local Christian children being kidnapped by Jews and sold to the Muslims.

The Jews began to rage with a certain odious insolence, threatening that we would be afflicted with every sort of injury by the agents whom they had obtained to take vengeance upon Christians. After them, Evrard arrived and repeated the same thing and said that your majesty was truly angry with me because of the Jews.
We suffered these things from the Jews’ supporters and for no other reason but that we preached to Christians that they should not sell Christian slaves to themthat they should not allow these Jews to sell Christians to Spain nor to possess them as paid domestics lest Christian women celebrate the Sabbath with them, work on Sundays, eat with them during Lent, and their paid servants eat meat on these days; and that no Christian should buy meats sacrificed and butchered by Jews and sell them to other Christians; and that they should not drink their wine or other things like this.
After the preceding note had been dictated, a certain man from Cordoba arrived, fleeing from Spain. He said that he had been stolen as a little boy by a certain Jew of Lyon 24 years before and sold, and that he had fled this year with another boy from Arles who had been likewise stolen by a Jew six years earlier. When we sought out those known to the man who was from Lyon and found them, some said that others had been stolen by this same Jew, others bought and sold, and that this year another boy was stolen and sold by a Jew. At that moment it was discovered that many Christians are sold by Christians and bought by Jews and that many unspeakable things are perpetrated by them which are too foul to write.
Source: On the Insolence of the Jews by Agobard of Lyon (link)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chabad-Lebovich & Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh (permissible to kill non-jews)

New Jewish Monarchy in Israel
Natan Odenheimer

October 14, 2016 TEL AVIV

The crowd was eclectic, from stern, black-garbed ultra-Orthodox men to youths of both sexes bedecked in colorful, hippie-like clothes. They hailed from homes as far as Safed, the kabbalist center in Israel’s North, and as remote as isolated hilltop settlements in the occupied West Bank. Even a few New Age types from secular Tel Aviv were in evidence.

The 3,000 men, women and children at Tel Aviv’s newly renovated Habima Square last December were waiting anxiously to hear Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, the St. Louis-born mystic and scholar whose quiet demeanor belies incendiary scholarly writings that are inspiring a generation of Jewish supremacists.

The venue marked something of a mainstream coming-out milestone for Ginsburgh. Every year since 2011, in cooperation with the Chabad Hasidic sect, Ginsburgh has held an epic event on “Redemption Holiday,” a Chabad-Lubavitch festivity set for the 19th of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar — the day in 1798 that czarist authorities in Russia released Chabad’s founder, Rabbi Schneur Zalman, from jail. After years of staging the event in heavily Orthodox Jerusalem, this was the first time that Ginsburgh, a longtime Chabad adherent, held the event in Tel Aviv, in one of the city’s most prominent secular venues.

An American transplant to Israel, Ginsburgh is best known for his teachings that seem to give license to Jewish vengeance attacks against Palestinians. His critics claim that Ginsburgh’s influence lies behind the worst Jewish terror attacks of the past 20 years, from the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, to the massacre in Hebron of 29 Palestinians by Baruch Goldstein, who he hailed and endorsed in a book soon after the murders.

But Ginsburgh’s followers view him as no less than a prophet.

“Secular Zionism is stagnant and has nothing left to offer. Even Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] does not know how to cope with terror,” said Tzviki Basok, a 29-year-old resident of the tiny West Bank settlement of Ahaia who identified himself as a devoted Ginsburgh follower. A father of six, Basok wore a dark-brown flat cap on his head, slim glasses on his nose, and a perpetually friendly smile that his shaggy beard could not quite hide. “Ginsburgh,” he said, is the “only one who is willing to take responsibility over the entirety of the Jewish nation, according to Torah.”

But Ginsburgh is not just about violence against Palestinians. His wide network of schools and communities has, until recently, been financially supported by the Israeli government and continues to receive funding from private donors in the United States and Israel. And he has a vision for the state’s future: He wants to dismantle it. In its place, he seeks to establish a Jewish monarchy. Indeed, some of his followers hope to crown Ginsburgh himself as their king. And though the number of Israelis openly advocating this right now is relatively small, they have a penchant for action that has given them a disproportionate impact on events.

Ginsburgh’s students include the so-called Hilltop Youth — gaggles of Jewish teens who roam the West Bank hilltops and intimidate Palestinians through acts of vandalism, arson and even murder.

Just a few weeks prior to Ginsburgh’s Tel Aviv event, two of these youths, now under indictment, allegedly firebombed the home of a family in the West Bank Palestinian village of Duma. Two young parents and their 18-month infant burned to death. On the walls of the Dawabsheh family’s home, the arsonists daubed the graffiti messages “Revenge” and “Long Live King Messiah.”

Ginsburgh has a proposal for addressing such outbreaks. In a 2014 public letter to 100 rabbis, he declared that the only way to stop Jewish terror actions, which he referred to as “uncontrolled reactions of youngsters who care about Israel,” is for the government and army to internalize that “the entirety of the State of Israel (including what is called ‘occupied territories’) belongs solely to the Nation of Israel, that it’s every Jew’s right to settle anywhere he pleases, and that the role of the army is only to protect Jews.”

At 71 years old, Ginsburgh still stands tall and confident in a Hasidic black coat and hat. But the rabbi’s most defining physical feature is his snow-white beard, which reaches midway down his chest. In a myth often repeated by his students, Ginsburgh’s beard is said to have turned white the night that he was attacked by Arab stone throwers on a hike in 1998 that left him otherwise unharmed. Since then, he has been known as “The Angel.” It’s been a long journey for him, from a secular upbringing in St. Louis to his role today as a Kabbalistic guru to a generation of highly radicalized, violence-prone West Bank young people. Today, his reach into Israeli society runs deep.

Ginsburgh is the spiritual leader of the Od Yosef Chai (“Joseph Still Lives”) yeshiva — a West Bank seminary that has produced successive cohorts of radical students implicated in violence against Palestinians—and the clerical eminence behind a wide network of villages, neighborhoods, elementary schools, yeshivas, publishing houses. He directs a youth movement, a news website, a center for Jewish psychology and even a political movement, called Derech Chaim, of about 4,500 activists who support the idea that “the essence of the Jewish State is to become the Kingdom of Israel,” according to the movement’s official website. One of Derech Chaim’s major projects is the Hebrew Labor campaign, a title that whitewashes the real purpose of the project: to convince Jewish business owners not to hire Arab workers.

For more than 20 years, many of Ginsburgh’s institutions were supported by the State of Israel through the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Welfare, receiving millions of shekels. Od Yosef Chai’s published financial records, for instance, record budgetary allocations from the Ministry of Education totaling over $221,000 in 2007, a little more than $265,000 in 2008 and almost $293,000 in 2010.

In 2011 the flow of cash from the state to most of his organizations was stopped after the Ministry of Education accepted a Shin Bet assessment that “leading teachers” at Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva foster violence by their students against the Israel Defense Forces and the Palestinians. Published records show that the Ministry of Education still funds two of Ginsburg’s elementary schools in Jerusalem, Torat HaYim and Ye’elat Chen, and that the Ministry of Welfare supports a side project of Od Yosef Chai yeshiva in the Galilee.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Religion and the Chief Rabbinate told the Forward that the ministry does not allocate funds to Ginsburg’s yeshivas but it does consider graduates of those yeshivas as eligible candidates to become state-approved rabbis.

Private donors also handsomely support Ginsburgh’s organizations through tax-exempt American and Israeli not-for-profits. As reported by Haaretz journalist Uri Blau, the Central Fund of Israel, headed by the New York-based Marcus family, has given Ginsburgh $100,000–$160,000 annually for several years now; the yeshiva’s official’s website still suggests that donations in the United States should be made to the Central Fund of Israel, c/o Marcus Brothers Textile, 980 6th Ave. NYC. Od Yosef Chai’s financial reports show that Keren Hayesod, an Israeli arm of the Jewish Agency, made a one-time contribution of $117,000 to the yeshiva in 2013.

Ginsburgh also runs his own separate not-for-profit educational outlet, the Gal Einai institute — which works closely with his publishing house of the same name — to fundraise in the United States, although most of his donations, public records show, come from private Israeli donors and small businesses such as the Israeli real-estate company ICOM.

Gal Einai’s younger, more dynamic journalistic sister is the Jewish Voice, a media outlet that gives Ginsburgh-inspired instant explanations for current events as they unfold. In late summer 2015 the firebombing of the Dawabsheh family’s home in Duma moved Israeli security forces to conduct a sweep of suspected Jewish terrorists. Quickly, the Jewish Voice promoted a widely circulated petition calling for their release. Ginsburg’s name was the first in the long list of established rabbis on the public petition.

Ginsburgh has also penned more than 80 books in Hebrew and English. And while the Israeli public is most familiar with popular booklets that address controversial political topics — such as the occasions on which it is permissible to kill non-Jews — the lion’s share of his work is broader and deeper; he has written books on Jewish law, religion and science, Kabbalah, psychology, love, marriage and education. He even wrote a children’s book. Over his five-decade career Ginsburg has forged a comprehensive religious doctrine that touches each and every aspect of human life. His ideas strike even some of those who despisehis political views as beautiful and profound.

“Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg is a paradox,” Ohad Ezrahi, a former student, wrote in a 2013 Haaretz article. “On the one hand he is a brilliant thinker, an innovator, has a great sense of humor, wide knowledge of Kabbalah as well as the sciences. On the other hand, this person disseminates racist and violent preaching.”


Adulation: Audience members listen to Ginsburgh’s speech during a Chabad-Lubavitch celebration in Tel Aviv co-sponsored by Ginsburgh, who remains close to the Hasidic sect.

The Forward sought to obtain an interview with Ginsburgh multiple times over a six-month period during the reporting of this story, through the political movement he heads, a public relations official organizing his Tel Aviv event and several of his closest students. Ginsburgh, who is known to avoid contact with the press, did not respond.

Basok, the Ginsburgh acolyte following his every word at the Tel Aviv rally, typified the path taken by many of his supporters. Brought up in a lower-middle-class Orthodox family in the alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City, he didn’t like to study Torah that much early on, he said; it bored him. But when he was 19 someone invited him to hear Ginsburgh give a shiur, or rabbinic lecture, in the Old City.

Fascinated, he barely noticed that several hours had passed by the time it ended. Soon after, he visited Ginsburgh at his synagogue in Yitzhar, a hard-line West Bank settlement, and then became a student there in Ginsburgh’s Od Yosef Chai yeshiva.

Ginsburgh’s own path from a traditional Jewish community in St. Louis to the forefront of Israel’s radical religious fringe is partly unknown, partly clouded by myths. The way Ginsburgh’s followers tell it, the future kabbalist became a ba’al teshuvah, or returnee to traditional Judaism, at the age of 14 after a striking encounter with a Hasidic Jew. Others, who knew him later in life, say that it was a rabbi in Philadelphia who paved Ginsburg’s path to Torah when he was 18 or 19.

In every account, Ginsburg’s brilliance was, from early on, beyond dispute. At 19 he graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in mathematics and philosophy, and at 20 he was working toward a master’s degree in mathematics at Yeshiva University in New York. Yet despite taking 30 credits and completing the M.A. in a single year, Ginsburgh focused most of his energy on Torah.

Rabbi Dov, who insisted on a pseudonym, was Ginsburg’s study partner and only friend that year in New York. Like many interviewees for this article, he didn’t want to be publicly associated with Ginsburgh because of the latter’s radical ideas. At the time, Dov, who grew up Orthodox, was studying for his ordination, yet spent part of his time on most days learning Torah with his quiet math student partner. Ginsburgh also found the time to audit classes of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Y.U.’s renowned Torah scholar and philosopher, he related.

In 1965, Ginsburgh immigrated to Israel, where he lived in Jerusalem and continued to immerse himself in his studies. Then, after the 1967 Six-Day War he was part of a small group that pioneered the revival of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.

It was also around this time that Ginsburgh discovered Chabad. The encounter inspired him to journey to the heart of the movement, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. He stayed in New York for a few months and studied with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the sect’s influential grand rabbi.

The experience transformed him; to this day he considers himself part of Chabad even though, to a significant extent, he has diverged from the Chabad doctrine and created one of his own.

Today, Ginsburgh and Schneerson resemble each other. Ginsburgh’s long white beard, pale skin, black Chabad attire and even his gestures — like raising a hand to emphasize a crucial point, or his concentrated nod when music is playing — are reminiscent of Schneerson. His ties with the sect remain close.

There is another similarity: Schneerson was routinely hailed by his acolytes as the Jewish messiah whose coming was predicted by bibilical prophets, but never publicly accepted or disavowed these beliefs. Similarly, Ginsburgh’s followers do not just support his calls for an Israeli monarchy; they believe he should hold the crown. But Ginsburgh has carefully avoided either confirming or disavowing his interest in the position.

In the late 1960s, Ginsburgh returned to teach in Jerusalem, where he got married and eventually moved to Kfar Chabad, the Chabad-only village near Lod in central Israel, where he eventually raised six children. And by the early 1970s, he was amassing a following. “He was kind of their guru,” said Dov, who moved to Israel himself around that time and reconnected with his former study partner. These early disciples seemed to gravitate toward Ginsburgh, who exuded a spiritual self-confidence, Dov said.

By the early 1980s, Ginsburgh was quickly becoming a leader among the West Bank radical youth. In 1983 he helped found the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva in the Palestinian city of Nablus. And in 1989, 30 of Ginsburgh’s students went on a rampage in the village of Kifl Hares near Nablus shooting and killing a 13-year-old Palestinian girl. Ginsburgh testified on their behalf in an Israeli court, saying, “It should be recognized that Jewish blood and a goy’s [non Jew’s] blood are not the same.” It is a phrase that he would repeat, in one iteration or another, time and again.

In 1994, the American-born settler, Goldstein, murdered 29 Palestinian Muslims in Hebron as they knelt in prayer at the Cave of the Patriarchs, where, according to tradition, the biblical figures Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their wives — all of them revered also in Islam — are buried. Soon after, Ginsburgh wrote his most infamous work: a pamphlet titled “Baruch Ha Gever,” or “Blessed Is the Heroic Man,” that investigates the spiritual and moral virtues of Goldstein’s massacre. The title, perhaps not incidentally, also invoked Goldstein’s own first name, suggesting he was the heroic man. “The life of Israel is more important than the life of goyim,” Ginsburgh wrote there. “If there is a chance (even a slight one) that the goy will work (even indiscreetly) to harm the life of Israel, then you don’t care for the life of the goy — moreover the best goy is a dead one.”

Ginsburgh’s pamphlet inspired the publication of a collection of articles in a book, also entitled “Baruch Ha Gever,” that explored the permissibility of killing Arabs according to Jewish law. The editors of the books were convicted of incitement for racism in 1996. In April of that same year, Ginsburgh gained notice in American Jewish circles when he told the New York Jewish Week that Halacha, or traditional Jewish law, would “probably permit” seizing an unwilling non-Jew for a liver transplant to save the life of a Jew.

“Jewish life has infinite value,” he told the newspaper. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”

In March 1996, Ginsburg was detained without charge or trial — a practice usually reserved exclusively for Arabs — for 60 days on the direct order of Prime Minister Shimon Peres. The state cited him as an immediate threat when, after a spate of terrorist attacks, he allegedly told his students that it was “imperative under Jewish law to revenge the Arabs.” In his appeal, Ginsburgh didn’t deny these words; he instead argued that his praising of revenge against Arabs, “… isn’t enough to assume — at least not to the needed degree of probability — that because of these words his students will harm Arabs.”

Debriefing the Knesset three days after the detention order, Minister of Internal Security Moshe Shahal said: “Yitzchak Ginsburgh is one of the most extreme of the so-called rabbis. He consistently preaches for revenge, he justified the massacre at the Tomb of the Patriarchs…. He has influence over his followers, who see his interpretation of Jewish law as a permission, and even an instruction, for action.”

But less than three weeks later, Supreme Court Judge Dalia Dorner ordered Ginsburgh’s release. She criticized Peres’s administrative detention order, saying that “it was never proved that his statements… may bring his students to attack Arabs.”

Since then, some of Ginsburgh’s students have been accused and jailed countless times for attacking Arabs, in some cases, shooting and seriously wounding them. But authorities have been frustrated in proving a link between something Ginsburgh said and a specific violent action.

“In my personal opinion, [Ginsburgh’s] words count as incitement and he should have faced charges a long time ago,” Carmi Gillon, a former head of the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security and intelligence service, told the Forward in a phone interview. “The argument against charging him is that it is impossible to draw a direct line between something he said and a specific terror attack. But this is the crux of the issue: Oftentimes in the case of incitement, there is no smoking barrel and we need to trust other evidence.”

The rabbi first moved to Yitzhar in 2001, when the Israeli army, as part of the Oslo peace agreement, withdrew from Nablus, where his Od Yosef Chai yeshiva had previously been located, at a site reputed by legend to be the burial place of the biblical patriarch Joseph. Yitzhar is known as one of the most extreme West Bank Jewish settlements, and as if in line with his new location, Ginsburgh publicly called at the time for a “revolution” and a “new Jewish country” where Jewish law would replace secular government. Israel’s security services raided the school in 2010, after publication of “The King’s Torah,” a book by two of Ginsburgh’s top disciples there that justifies the killing of non-Jews, including infants, if there is reason to believe they will grow up to harm Jews.

For Ginsburgh, “The secular Zionist enterprise is the shell before the fruit,” meaning the redemption, said Shlomo Fischer, an Israeli sociologist who has studied his work. “The Israeli government is basically evil. It is preventing the redemption. So what he is saying is that we need something totally different.” To Ginsburgh’s followers, the rabbi himself is the only one who can bring that about.

HaKol HaYehudi

Activist Meir Ettinger (left), grandson of the late right-wing extremist Meir Kahane, is a prize student of Ginsburgh. Here, they appear together in HaKol HaYehudi, a news outlet that promotes Ginsburgh’s views.

The extent of his followers’ devotion is displayed at his events. This past March, during Purim festivities on the third floor of a synagogue in the Nachlaot neighborhood in Jerusalem, some of his students were singing and dancing. “You know who this is?” one of them asked another. Before his friend could reply, he answered: “The rabbi is the Messiah King! He is our king and our Messiah.” Eliyahu Pelee, the 22 year-old son of one of Ginsburgh’s closest students, who was raised in Yitzhar, told the Forward that for his followers, Ginsburgh is unquestionably the person for the job of monarch.

In the past 10 years, Ginsburgh has somewhat toned down his violent rhetoric, even decrying the use of violence to achieve the truly Jewish state of which he dreams. But his influence continues through his students. In June 2014, security officials were cited in an article in the Israeli daily Haaretz blaming a spate of vengeance attacks on a group of about 100 radical activists in Yitzhar who based their actions on Ginsburgh’s teachings.

Duma, site of the arson attack that killed the three Dawabsheh family members, lies between Yitzhar and Kfar Tapuach, a stronghold of followers of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the late right-wing Brooklyn-born religious nationalist. Kahane advocated mass expulsion of all Arabs from Israel and the West Bank and, in a kind of fateful convergence, one of the prize students to emerge from Ginsburgh’s yeshiva is Meir Ettinger, a Kfar Tapuach native and Kahane’s own grandson. Today, Ettinger has come to prominence as a radical anti-state ideologue in his own right while remaining a close associate of Ginsburgh. In a blog post last year, Ettinger advocated strategically driving the Israeli Palestinian conflict toward “expulsion” of non-Jews. Israeli authorities believe he is the leader of a group called The Revolt — a West Bank cell that aims to overthrow the state—and jailed him without charge or trial in July 2015. He was released only this past February.

In a recent rare interview, Ettinger’s wife said, “All of [Ettinger’s] ideas are advised by the Torah’s opinion, especially by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh; he gets all of his ideas from him [Ginsburgh] and tries to be his shofar.”

Naomi Zeveloff contributed reporting to this article.

Contact Natan Odenheimer at

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Churchill Incinerated 100,000 Defenseless Civilians in Dresden - Happy Valentine's Day

78 Years Ago Today Churchill Incinerated 100,000 Defenseless Civilians in Dresden

"In the sky Allied fighter planes caught sight of the civilian train and opened fire on the children inside, whose blood was soon pouring out of the wreckage."
BY Michael Hoffman 

The original headline of this article was: 'The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday'

It was Shrove Tuesday, 1945 in the magnificent German art city of Dresden, which was packed with helpless Christian refugees fleeing the Red Army of the Stalinist USSR. Dresden’s native Lutheran and Catholic children, dressed in their festive Saxon folk costumes, were aboard a train taking them home after Mardi Gras parties at different points in the far-flung city.
Still merry from the night’s festivities, they cavorted on the train prior to Ash Wednesday, February 14, and the solemnities that would be observed even in wartime, in memory of the passion and death of Jesus. In the sky Allied fighter planes caught sight of the civilian train and opened fire on the children inside, whose blood was soon pouring out of the wreckage.

He is the real war criminal
This carnage registers almost not at all in the American mind. The holocaust in Dresden, lasting two days and killing at least 100,000 people, like the atomic holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, usually merits not much more than a few sentences or a single paragraph in the back pages of metropolitan newspapers, unlike “Yom HaShoah (יום השואה) Holocaust Remembrance Day,” in April, which is observed with countless civic, educational and media events, hosannahs, apologies and genuflections, from the Vatican to the White House. The barely remembered German and Japanese victims of Allied war crimes were of the wrong race and religion.

In the spring of 1945, after prosecuting the bombing holocaust against every major German city, and with the end of the Second World War in sight in Europe, Winston Churchill began to consider his reputation in the post-war period, when the 500,000 German innocents he ordered incinerated could come back to haunt him and stain his prestige. On March 28, 1945 he issued a deceitful, back-stabbing memo blaming the mass incineration on his own Bomber Command and by insinuation, upon its commander Arthur Harris, whose force would be denied a post-war campaign medal, and Harris a peerage.

Harris and Bomber Command had been only following Winston Churchill’s explicit orders, yet Churchill attempted to shift responsibility onto the corps of airmen who had suffered among the highest casualties of any branch of the British military.

Churchill, like many others, endeavored to blame Germany for being the first to saturate civilians with terror-bombs —at Guernica in Spain on behalf of Franco’s forces, and in Rotterdam, during the war with Holland. In both cases Churchill stated that thousands had been killed. Even one death is regrettable of course, but less than 100 people were killed in Guernica according to historian David Irving, and less than a thousand in Rotterdam, when the Luftwafe accidentally struck a margarine factory and the flammable liquid burned houses nearby.
Churchill had said “thousands” died in Guernica, and that 30,000 perished in Rotterdam, which is more than what Deborah Lipstadt says died in the two-day inferno in Dresden (the absurdly low figure of 25,000 is now the officially fixed count to which the “news media” comform without deviation).

The Germans had pledged not to be the first to bomb civilian centers in Britain. Churchill had hoped they would carpet bomb London to give him the excuse to silence the large peace movement in England which was dogging him in 1940, at a time when the Germans had not dropped a single bomb on London, almost a year after Britain had declared war on Germany.

The British Prime Minister obtained his pretext toward the end of August, 1940, when a lone, wayward German bomber “lost its way flying up the Thames” river. It had orders to attack an oil refinery, but instead dropped its bombs on London’s East End. No one was killed thankfully, but Churchill was elated.

He had the excuse he needed to massively retaliate against Berlin, knowing Hitler would respond in kind, and that the British peace movement would vanish in the smoke and flames of the “Battle of Britain” and the “Blitz.” Churchill ordered a hundred bombers to attack Berlin. Royal Air Force (RAF) commanders warned him that the Luftwaffe would do the same to London.

At this juncture we pause to contemplate the bloody treason that was at the heart of Churchill’s soul: he wanted as many of his own English civilians in London to die as possible, so he could point to their deaths as the justification for a total war against Germany, and he succeeded in his objective.
Some of the victims of the Allied holocaust in Dresden
Some of the victims of the Allied holocaust in Dresden
To this day the war crime the leaders of Britain and the United States perpetrated in Dresden is justified on the basis of the tired fable that “Germany did it first to Rotterdam and Guernica,” and “Look at the terror the Germans visited upon London.” Nothing that occurred in Guernica, Rotterdam, or for that matter London, begins to even approach the scale of the holocaust that the firebombs of the air forces of Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt inflicted on Dresden.

On September 4, 1940 Hitler gave a speech in which he stated that if the “mad drunkard” Churchill continued to attack Berlin, the Germans were not going to stand by and take it. It was Neanderthal thinking on the führer’s part: you club me over the head and I will club you. Hitler was almost always outfoxed by the clever machinations of the masonic treachery at the heart of Britain’s ruling class.

No matter what Churchill ordered, Hitler should have limited his air campaign to British military sites and munitions factories (the Luftwaffe never bothered to attack the factories that built Britain’s Lancaster bombers).

On September 6 the English people heard the ominous drone of a fleet of Luftwaffe bombers flying up the Thames. Some 3,000 Londoners subsequently died. Now Churchill had what he wanted. You won’t find these facts in the multi-volume history he wrote, or in the pages of the work of the conformist historians. To learn the truth one must read and study the revisionists, particularly the demonized David Irving, the preeminent military historian of World War II in the Atlantic theatre.

Irving’s nemesis, Deborah Lipstadt meanwhile, has taken it upon herself to deny the holocaust casualty figure of 100,000 for Dresden, but God help any one of us who would have the temerity to doubt the Six Million casualty figure of Holocaustianity, or even to apply the word “holocaust” to what happened in Dresden.

I challenge any reader to collect the legacy media’s descriptions of the bombing of Dresden from the 1990s onward and count how many term it a holocaust.

The extent to which we are imprisoned in an Orwellian dystopia of our own making is revealed when we consider the fact that it is regarded as highly insensitive or indeed “anti-Semitic” to violate the self-appointed Newspeak holocaust trademark appropriated by the Holy People, and apply it to the German cities that were incinerated, or to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even though those war crimes were genuine holocausts by dictionary definition: “Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire. Origin: Greek holokauston, from holos ‘whole’ and kaustos ‘burned.”

Even in the liturgy of Holocaustianity it is not decreed that most Judaic victims of the Nazis perished by fire. A half-million German civilians and three-quarters of a million Japanese civilians (including the victims of the fire-bombing of Toyko), were indeed burned to death, yet it is a thought crime to say so. Tell me we are not all cowards for allowing truth itself to be forbidden. We live in Talmudic times.

This writer is sometimes accused, as a researcher in the field of the Babylonian Talmud, of seeing the Talmud where it is not. It is not so much the Talmudic texts themselves that we observe in our society, but the results of their influence. The single most remarkable dimension of Talmudic halacha is its narcissistic exceptionalism, born of the self-worship it inculcates.

Prof. Lipstadt, who has made an career out of stigmatizing anyone who doubts any aspect of the “Holocaust” narrative, as a diabolic “Holocaust denier,” is free to deny, without negative consequences, the holocaust in Dresden, because of her exceptional status as one of the Holy People. She may do as she likes with history, in ways that the rest of us may not. For that reason alone we cannot respect the religion of Holocaustianity.

It is not history. It is a product of Talmudic megalomania. Few of us tolerate fanatical egoism from Catholics, Protestants or Muslims. The very idea raises our secular indignation and “Separation of Church (or Mosque) and State!” is our cry, in the face of it. But to shout “Separation of Synagogue and State!” in nations where Holocaustianity is the last truly believed state religion in the otherwise agnostic West, would be unthinkable for anyone who valued their reputation, employment, personal safety, or in Europe, freedom from incarceration.

Beyond the “Jew and gentile” entanglement is the fratricide: Churchill and his top military circle were not Judaic, yet they set afire the medieval cities of their German cousins, who only two generations before had comprised the royal blood within the House of the German-speaking Queen Victoria.

A thousand years of national and religious wars in Europe had not managed to wreak the destruction which Mr. Churchill and U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt directed against the cultural treasure houses of western civilization, in cities like Dresden. They tossed a match into Dresden as casually as a drooling meth addict would torch an apartment building for revenge on the landlord who had evicted him.

Yet “conservative Christian” American university professors and administrators in institutions of higher learning such as Michigan’s esteemed Hillsdale College, which is the recipient of millions of dollars in donations from “Conservatives” seeking to preserve western civilization, have hallowed Churchill into a paragon of decency, courage and western leadership. This view of this mass murdering vandal is such a defect of vision as to be fatal spiritually, culturally and politically on a national scale.

If the powers that be decided, for example, that Russia needed to be fire-bombed, given sufficient pretext our “Conservatives” would do it all over again in the name of “civilization.” The blood of the innocent in Moscow and St. Petersburg would signify no more to the Hillsdale College type of crusaders than the charred bodies of the civilians in the apocalyptic wreckage of Dresden.

American civilization in 2018 is not worthy of the name. We have the illusion of a civilization, which we cherish for our own aggrandizement and nostalgia. “Conservative” America has made common cause with the Talmudic mentality, as did Antonin Scalia, another of its plaster saints.

At the start of Lent 2018, seventy-three years after the Allies’ mass murder in Dresden, we inhabit the money changer’s house, where Christ on the Cross is sold not just for a buck, but for a bucket of Talmudic vindication.


Monday, February 12, 2018

An Angel Introduces Enoch to the Son of Man and says:

14. And he (i.e. the angel) came to me and greeted me with His voice, and said unto me:

'This is the Son of Man who is born unto righteousness;
And righteousness abides over him,
And the righteousness of the Head of Days forsakes him not.
15. And he said unto me:
'He proclaims unto thee peace in the name of the world to come;
For from hence has proceeded peace since the creation of the world,
And so shall it be unto thee for ever and for ever and ever.

16. And all shall walk in his ways since righteousness never forsaketh him:
With him will be their dwelling-places, and with him their heritage,
And they shall not be separated from him for ever and ever and ever.

17. And so there shall be length of days with that Son of Man,
And the righteous shall have peace and an upright way
In the name of the Lord of Spirits for ever and ever.'


In this episode, Timothy Alberino analyzes the Book of Enoch, and reviews some of its messianic excerpts. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son

Cuba Claims:
Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son

February 10, 2018 Baxter Dmitry

The suicide note left by Fidel Castro’s eldest son has rocked the Cuban nation this week, with the most astonishing revelation being the claim that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was his half-brother and the son of the late Fidel Castro.

The handwritten note left by Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, 68, the eldest of Fidel Castro’s children, appears to confirm the longstanding rumor in Cuba that Fidel Castro fathered Justin Trudeau after a public tryst with Margaret Trudeau in 1970.

“Castro Diaz-Balart, who had been attended by a group of doctors for several months due to a state of profound depression, committed suicide this morning,” Cubadebate website reported.

The death of the high-profile government nuclear scientist, also known as “Fidelito”, or Little Fidel, because of how much he looked like his father, stunned the nation, however it is his “explosive” suicide note that has set tongues wagging in Havana.

Amid a wide-ranging barrage of complaints, the note suggests Fidelito was angry with his late father, the revolutionary Cuban dictator. Fidelito wrote that his father, Fidel Castro, was “always comparing me unfavorably with Justin” and “dismissing my achievements in comparison to his success in Canada.“

“But what was I to do? I am Cuban. My brother is Canadian. If he was born and raised in Cuba, he would have lived in our father’s shadow forever just like me.”

While Justin Trudeau is famously known as the son of Canada’s liberal former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, comparison images of Pierre, Justin and Fidel suggest there may be something to the Cuban claims.

Pierre Trudeau (left), Justin Trudeau (centre), and Fidel Castro (right).Cubans believe Justin bears a striking resemblance to images of a young Fidel Castro (right).Who does Justin Trudeau resemble more, Pierre (left) or Fidel (right)?

Strong physical resemblance aside, the Cuban rumors are also backed up by historical fact.

While Justin Trudeau’s birthplace of Ottawa, Canada may be a long way from Havana, his mother Margaret Trudeau visited Cuba nine months before Justin was born, and there are photographs of her socializing with Fidel Castro.Margaret Trudeau and Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba, nine months before Justin was born.

According to Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail, Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret travelled to Havana and became close friends with the Cuban president.

“Pierre Trudeau’s and Fidel Castro’s paths crossed for the first time in 1970,” the Globe reports, before explaining the Trudeaus had such a great time on the Caribbean island that “an enduring friendship between the arch-liberal Pierre Trudeau and the Marxist-revolutionary Fidel Castro” was forged.

What happened in Havana in 1970 nine months before Justin Trudeau was born?Margaret Trudeau also returned to Cuba shortly after Justin was born.

Before shocking Canada by marrying the sitting Prime Minister of Canada, Margaret was famous in the 1970s for risqué behavior.

Known as a poster girl for the “flower child” movement in the early 1970s, she embraced the sexual revolution and scorned traditional marriage vows as archaic, destroying an artwork that hung on Pierre’s wall because it celebrated “reason over passion.”

A self-confessed drug addict, Margaret smuggled drugs in her husband’s luggage while traveling, and made scantily-clad appearances at Studio 54. Her nude photographs are still widely published on the internet.

Margaret Trudeau has form when it comes to sex scandals with powerful and high-profile men.

Describing a 1974 affair with Ted Kennedy, Margaret Trudeau wrote in her memoir about the moment she met the US Senator at a state dinner in New York:

“That evening, I felt such a pull toward him that we couldn’t even stand within a couple metres of one another. Pierre was not amused.”

Was Pierre having flashbacks to what happened in Havana four years before?

Margaret then moved onto the Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood and then Mick Jagger, eloping to New York with the Stones frontman in 1977.Margaret Trudeau with the Rolling Stones, and the shocked British tabloids’ reaction to the scandal.

The scandal signaled the end of her tumultuous marriage to Pierre Trudeau. The liberal politician fought her in the courts, won sole custody of the children, and refused to pay any spousal support.

Did Pierre Trudeau raise Fidel Castro’s son?

Justin Trudeau’s parentage has not been seriously questioned in Canada, however the startling new information that has come to light in Cuba may change that.



Peruvian Brew: What You Need To Know About Boner Cocktail

By :  November 21, 2017 
Peruvian Brew: What You Need To Know About Boner Cocktail

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Peruvian brew including its pros and cons, ingredients, supplement dosage and about the free bonuses.
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What is Peruvian Brew?

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Where can you buy it?

What is Peruvian Brew?
Peruvian brew is only available online, exclusively via the official site. 
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What is Erect on Demand System?
Erect on demand
It is a step by step guide to completely reverse your erectile dysfunction naturally.
Erect on demand focuses mostly on boner brew, a type of sexual cocktail which is designed to increase sexual prowess and make your sex life more fulfilling.
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Almost all the herbs and fruits require to prepare the sexual cocktail can be found at any local food store, except for the fact that one herb is only found only in Peru. However, the author claimed that the exact same chemical structure can also be found in Several American Fruits.
What are the 5 free bonuses?
The Instant Orgasms:
The Instant Orgasms
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33 innocent words To Turn Her On
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Peruvian Brew Pros and cons
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What are its ingredients?

The Peruvian brew utilizes a number of natural herbs that are greatly utilized by the Peruvian for over 3000 years for managing sexual impotence. It has guaranteed not to upset your stomach or health.
The formula consists of the following ingredients-
What are its ingredients?
  • Dong Quai (540 mg)
  • Ginkgo Biloba (60mg)
  • Korean Red Ginseng (300mg)
  • Maca Roots (500 mg)
  • Yohimbe (20 mg)
  • Black Pepper ( 50 mg)
  • Pineapple Concentrate ( 500mg)
  • Epimedium ( 500 mg)

Brief Information about the Peruvian brew ingredient
What is Dong Quai?
Dong Quai is also known as Chinese Angelica. It is primarily known for its uses in treating the lack of sex drive (lack of libido) in women. 
For this reason, it is commonly called as female ginseng.
It helps in increasing the effects of hormones and increase the sexual desire in both men and women.
This herb has been used by Chinese for more than two thousand years for various medical benefits such as for strengthening Heart, Lung, spleen, liver and kidney meridians.  
It is traditionally characterized as a warm atmospheric energy that promotes blood circulation.
Some of the important benefits include-
  • Increase energy
  • Relieve muscle discomfort
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  • Relieves anxiety
  • Eases eczema
  • Relieve constipation
What is Ginkgo Biloba?
The medicinal and nutritional uses of Ginkgo Biloba in China have a long history and today it is used in supplement touted for improving sexual function in many modern supplements.
Ginkgo leaf extract is believed to contain a certain chemical that has a thinning effect on the blood which improves the muscle tone in the blood vessels.
It supports the muscles need for oxygen to major organs including the brain and the heart. 
This is how Ginkgo Biloba extract helps ED by calming the nerves and improves blood flow to the penis.
 What is Korean red ginseng?
The word ginseng derives from the Chinese term Renshen, literally means “Root of man”.
Emperor Shen-NungBrief History of ginseng: The Emperor Shen-Nung was the second china’s mythical emperors (3500-2600 BCE).
He is widely considered as the father of Chinese medicine.
He was born with the head of a bull and body of a man. Legend has their saying that the bull represents his power and a symbol of fertility and agriculture, a role he was highly revered for.
It was said that he has a crystal-like belly to watch the reaction on his own stomach of the herbs he collected.  
Ginseng was among of Shen Nung’s collection of herbal medicine. He experienced a warm and sexually pleasurable feeling after chewing the root.
He is the first person to recommend this as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and used it to stimulate sexual appetite

What is Maca root?  
Maca root became one of the most popular herbs today to use for treating erectile dysfunction. It is because its root is used successfully in increasing the testosterone levels.  
According to NCBI, when researchers put Maca root to the test in a controlled research environment, the result of their finding confirmed that maca has an effective aphrodisiac. (1)
It has the effect of improving semen quality and heightening libido.
The logistic regression analysis showed that Maca has an independent effect on sexual desire at 8 and 12 weeks of treatment.  
What is Yohimbe tree bark?
The Yohimbe tree barks were common among the Bantu people of West Africa.
Traditionally people in western Africa have used its bark as an aphrodisiac to treat the impotence and to enhance general health as well as athletic performance.
Its extract bark has the ability to relax the smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum and help dilate blood vessels.
Today, many doctors prescribe this extract to treat impotence.
Your guide to supplement dosage
Your guide to supplement dosageKnowing how much to take and when to take is very important when taking any supplement,
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Whether your goal is to increase the lasting duration, increase strength or improve the overall sex drive, it is recommended to drink the brew one hour before you perform any sexual activity with your partner.
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Optimal dosage:  All you need to do is just add one scoop brew supplement to 8 oz of water and then mix it well.
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Final verdict
If you want to truly satisfy your partner with better sexual performance and become a dynamo in bed then this supplement is highly recommended for you.
This dietary supplement is intended to provide nutrients that are considered to either be lacking or insufficient in the diet for a stronger erection. 
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The company is offering 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. You have 30 days from the date of you received your supplement to try it and decide whether or not it’s for you.