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Fatima - What Does it Mean?

Fr Malachi Martin's reference to Fatima deserves some further explanation. I have attached an article for your reading pleasure. The article makes reference to Padre Pio, a famous Catholic friar, saint, mystic and stigmatist. He died in 1968.

Part of the Third Secret of Fatima required that "Russia be Re-consecrated". But most have revealed that it never has been. What history fails to divulge is that Russia was overtaken by a demonic sect of Bolshevik jews. These same jews slaughtered 66 million Russian Christians, and starved to death up to 15 million Ukranian Christians. jews destroyed as many as 40,000 Christian churches and cleansed Russia of its Christian faith. It unleashed history''s greatest mass murderers - Kaganovich and Yagoda, who were both jews.

When Pope John Paul II had the opportunity reconsecrate Russia in 1984, he did not. For it required exposing the demonic and murderous history of the jew. Rather than John Paul II reconsecrating Russia by following the orders of Fatima, he chose to protect the murderous history of the jew. Pope John Paul XXIII made the same mistake in 1960 - the year the Fatima Secrets should have been revealed to the world.

This is why the re-consecration of Russia is of major importance, and a requirement of the Third Secret of Fatima. The re-consecration is the only manner in which to exorcise the evil work of the Satan and his children (the jews).

The article also makes a reference to how the Vatican was compromised by Bolshevik jews, and explains why Satan now occupies the Vatican.

I will close with the following. Hate is all that occupies the dominion of Satan, and truth serves to be part of God's dominion. Contrary to what the heretics and politics of the day have managed to impose on humanity, truth is not hate.

I can only shake my head at the absurdity of today's news, especially as it relates to the SELF-INFLICTED events perpetrated by jews. A man named Grafton Thomas, a supposed crypto-Muslim, attacked a rabbi and his family, and is now defended by a lawyer named Michael Sussman, also a jew. One need only understand an important Mossad motto,

"By way of deception thou shalt do war"

that one comes to understand how hate and subversion are used to imprison the weary crowd - especially Christians. Grafton Thomas is a Mossad Manchurian. This is how jews begin and control the narrative, from all perspectives.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Chief Exorcist Father Amorth: Padre Pio Knew The Third Secret

In a recent article on the Secret of Fatima, Steve Skojec, the founder and editor of OnePeterFive, published, to my knowledge, for the first time in the English language words from Rome’s chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth (d. 2016), about Padre Pio and his knowledge of the Third Secret of Fatima. They come from a newly published book written by José María Zavala, entitled The Best Kept Secret of Fatima (El Sécreto Mejor Guardado de Fátima). OnePeterFive‘s contributor, Mr. Andrew Guernsey, was very helpful in finding these quotes. Since Mr. Skojec’s own article is somewhat lengthy, many readers may not have realized the importance of this interview with Father Amorth, which was only to be published after the priest’s death. In the following, I shall quote extensively from Steve’s own post which first speaks about Father Amorth’s own conviction that the specific Consecration of Russia has not yet taken place, and then enters into the larger discussion about Fatima:
It [a piece of the Fatima puzzle] came in the form of an interview with the very famous (and now deceased) Roman exorcist, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, also conducted by José María Zavala. Fr. Amorth personally knew Saint (Padre) Pio for 26 years, and it is from this towering figure of 20th century Catholic sanctity that he claims to have learned the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima.
Fr. Amorth was interviewed by Zavala in 2011, who kept the interview secret until after the exorcist’s death, publishing it for the first time in his book about Fatima. In the interview, Fr. Amorth relates — as he has done elsewhere — that he does not believe the consecration of the world by Pope John Paul II in 1984 was sufficient to satisfy the requirements set forth by Our Lady.
“There was no such consecration then,” he [Father Amorth] says. “I witnessed the act. I was in St. Peter’s Square that Sunday afternoon, very close to the Pope; so close, I could almost touch him.”
Pressed by Zavala as to why he so forcefully believes that the consecration was not done, Fr. Amorth replied: “Very simple: John Paul II wanted to mention Russia expressly, but in the end he did not.” 
[It is my belief the John Paul II was more preoccupied about protecting the criminal history of the jew, rather than obeying the orders from heaven - Joseph Pede]
Zavala pressed the issue with Fr. Amorth, saying that Sister Lucia herself (as mentioned above) had said that Heaven had accepted the consecration. He describes an incredulous reaction from Fr. Amorth. “Lucia said that…?” He asked. Zavala continues:
“Well, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said it, in the year 2000, hiding behind a letter [escudándose en una carta] from Lucia dated November 1989, in which she stated that Heaven had admitted consecration in spite of one of the most important conditions.
“Have you seen that letter?” He asks, as if conducting a police interrogation in search of evidence.
“Never,” I say flatly.
“I do not think you’ll ever see it, because I’m convinced that Lucia did not write it.”
“How are you so sure of that?”
“Why didn’t Bertone show it when he should have, when he announced the Third Secret of Fatima? A simple photocopy of the manuscript, included in the official dossier of the Vatican, would have been sufficient to dispel any doubt. If the Vatican has always been scrupulous in providing the documentary proof that authenticated the information by Lucia on minor matters, what reason would they have to skimp on the only documentary evidence that, according to Bertone, validated a fact that without doubt was of as much importance as the consecration performed by John Paul II?
“Yes, it’s weird,” I admit.
“You really think Lucia took five years to write that the consecration had been truly accepted? And that Bertone waited no less than sixteen years to announce the validity of something so crucial as the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?” Father Amorth’s voice sounds like dry leaves.
“It’s all very strange, in truth.” I [Zavala] nod again.
“Moreover,” he adds, “if the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary made by Pius XII in 1942 was only partially accepted [because he did not specifically mention Russia – ed], for Jesus said that in view of it the war would only be shortened rather than finished immediately, why would He now change his mind with John Paul II, if Russia was not mentioned on this occasion?”
“It would be an incongruity, yes.”
“I have no doubt that the consecration did not occur on the terms required by the Virgin. But we must not lose sight of what she herself wanted to tell us through Lucia: ‘In the end My Heart Immaculate will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and it will become [come to be], [thereby] granting itself to the world a time of peace’…”
The interview digresses here from the topic of Fatima, but Zavala returns to it again later:
Forgive me for insisting on the Third Secret of Fatima: Did Padre Pio relate it, then, to the loss of faith within the Church?”
Fr. Gabriele furrows his brow and sticks out his chin. He seems very affected.
“Indeed,” he states, “One day Padre Pio said to me very sorrowfully: ‘You know, Gabriele? It is Satan who has been introduced into the bosom of the Church and within a very short time will come to rule a false Church.’”
“Oh my God! Some kind of Antichrist! When did he prophesy this to you?” I [Zavala] ask.
“It must have been about 1960, since I was already a priest then.”
[The failure of the Vatican to reveal the third secret in all likelihood precipitated the return of Mother Mary in 1961 (i.e. Garabandal, Spain).

The Vatican’s failure to make public the third secret of Fatima has impacted Mankind greatly since that time. I firmly believe that had the third secret been revealed, the assassination of John F Kennedy would have been averted. His death marked a turning point in the history of humanity. Many would argue that this statement is an exaggeration, but I am of the opinion that he was a God sent disciple. To understand Kennedy you must understand what he was trying to accomplish. It included exposing the treachery of secret societies, the eradication of FIAT currencies, exposing the Alien agenda, formulating a peace treaty with Russia, the establishment of a civil rights movement, and exposing the crime and corruption within government. Insertion by Joseph Pede ]
[Decoding the Secrets of “Executive Order 11110” - Insertion by Joseph Pede


This was the Presidential Order that launched the Globalist attack on humanity. It also resulted in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was an absolute genius. He was waging war on Satanic Freemasonry in a language they understood, in a time when no one knew this cold war existed. I will not go into the details of Order 11110 – I will leave you to do the research.

Let me explain to you the meaning of the number 11110. It is a binary number which sums to 30. Thirty is the sum of the first four squares (4 power 2 + 3 power 2 + 2 power 2 + 1 power 2). It constructs the most basic square pyramidal form. JFK was waging war on secret societies and their control of the monetary system. The pyramid is the symbol on the back of the U.S. dollar, and he was bent on replacing it.
Unfortunately, he was assassinated in a coup which included Lyndon B. Johnston, Richard M. Nixon and George Bush Sr., J. Edgar Hoover, as well as organized crime villains, media barons and central bankers. 

Robert F. Kennedy became the second Kennedy to be sacrificed to the Masonic god. Robert was assassinated on June 6, 1968 (i.e. the sixth day of the sixth month in a year whose digits sum to the base number 6). He was killed to honour the Beast whose number is 666.
You will also note that the letter in the last name of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King (MLK) form KKK. An organization bent on destroying the rise of the Negro, and a cult who had absolute disdain for Catholicism and the Pope.  Insertion by Joseph Pede]

“Was that why John XXIII had such a panic about publishing the Third Secret of Fatima, so that the people wouldn’t think that he was the anti-pope or whatever it was …?”
A slight but knowing smile curls the lips of Father Amorth.
Did Padre Pio say anything else to you about future catastrophes: earthquakes, floods, wars, epidemics, hunger …? Did he allude to the same plagues prophesied in the Holy Scriptures?” [asks Mr. Zavala]
Nothing of the sort mattered to him, however terrifying they proved to be, except for the great apostasy within the Church. This was the issue that really tormented him and for which he prayed and offered a great part of his suffering, crucified out of love.” [says Fr. Amorth]
The Third Secret of Fatima?”
“Is there any way to avoid something so terrible, Fr. Gabriele?”
There is hope, but it’s useless if it’s not accompanied by works. Let us begin by consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, let us recite the Holy Rosary, let us all do prayer and penance …”  [emphasis added]
Thus ends Steve Skojec’s own presentation of certain passages of the new Zavala book on Fatima.
Father Amorth is a witness here to what Padre Pio – whom he first met when he himself was a seventeen-year-old young man – told him directly and personally. Father Amorth states in that same interview that Padre Pio even let him sometimes read his own spiritual diary.
As we reported earlier, Father Amorth had also already stated during his lifetime that he did not believe that the Consecration of Russia has taken place (a statement which was just confirmed by Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes). In December of 2015, Father Amorth had said:
The Consecration has not yet been made. I was there on March 25 [1984] in St. Peter’s Square, I was in the front row, practically within touching distance of the Holy Father. [Pope] John Paul II wanted to consecrate Russia, but his entourage did not, fearing that the Orthodox would be antagonized, and they almost thwarted him. Therefore, when His Holiness consecrated the world on his knees, he added a sentence not included in the distributed version that instead said to consecrate “especially those nations of which you yourself have asked for their consecration.” So, indirectly, this included Russia. However, a specific consecration has not yet been made. You can always do it. Indeed, it will certainly be done…
As with other spiritual sons of Padre Pio – Dr. Ingo Dollinger and Father Luigi Villa, for example – it seems that Padre Pio is still effectively with us, working through those whom he met and guided while still on earth. It seems to be part of his legacy to help us in these difficult times. Let us then pray to Padre Pio of Pietrelcina and ask for his intercession!
Source: https://onepeterfive.com/chief-exorcist-father-amorth-padre-pio-knew-the-third-secret/

Fr. Malachi Martin on the eve of a new year and decade

I have listened to the attached video many many times, yet I felt it appropriate to listen to the words of Fr. Malachi Martin once again. Especially on the eve of this new year, and this new decade. 

Jesuit Fr. Martin is one of very few individuals, who knew in full, the "Three Secrets of Fatima", acted as a senior advisor to three popes, was a prominent exorcist and a distinguished scholar. While not proven, this humble soul may have been murdered by the Vatican for disseminating secrets of the Holy See to the jews. 

Fr. Martin is emblematic of truth's demise, and those who speak it, in this tragic world. While he never revealed revealed the Third Secret of Fatima, he spoke of its potential consequences.

Fr Malachi Martin was Irish, just as Saint Malachy. A 12th century saint who performed many miracles. He also scribed the "Prophecy of the Popes" and of the end times (i.e. when the 112th pope came to the seat of St Peter). That seat is now occupied by Pope Francis. A fanatic, who in my opinion, is dismantling the Catholic Church.

Fr. Martin, in this interview, speaks of the Mystery of Inequity. In short, it describes the following:

THE "MYSTERY OF INIQUITY" is the power unseen, unknown except by its effects, which is ever working in the world for evil — working against the law and will of God, corrupting what has been well done and well begun by man, causing misery in the natural world in all that man has to do with, through the mischief which it works in the moral and spiritual world, in the heart and soul of men.

That power, in essence, is our willingness to accept evil, and the Devil, without fully understanding the ramifications. Man's greatest sin, in my opinion is stupidity. We defend the mundane, accept the nonsensical, build on the madness of the very few, and seek to fractionalize ourselves with lies, deception and fraternity. We have cast out the "truth" for it flies in the face of modernity, consumerism, and all the new isms and gods we have come to idolize. 

Happy New Year
Joseph Pede

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Why do government officials want to ban ham radio?

Why do government officials want to ban ham radio? It's already begun in California.

By Jaydenwilliam66  12/20/2019

HAM Radio has been around since the very beginning of radio, back in the 1890s. A loose-knit, but globe-spanning group, they are brought together by their common love for what they do. They are not a club, but comprise many clubs together. While mostly ignored and left to their devices, HAM Radio operators provide several essential services, such as providing military personnel in hazardous duty postings overseas a means of talking to their families. When other communications fail, it is the HAM Radio operators who provide emergency communications to the nations.

During a SHTF situation, pain could become an annoyance for some, but unbearable for others.

If doctors are scarce and medicine becomes even scarcer, this one little weed, found all over North America and similar to morphine, could be a saving grace.

Yet HAM Radio may be in trouble. It appears that there are those in government service who don’t like the idea of a group of people who can do things the government can’t do for themselves; and HAM Radio operators have a long history of doing just that. When Admiral Byrd led his expedition to the South Pole, the Navy couldn’t maintain contact with him. But a HAM Radio operator by the name of Collins could, leading that HAM to create the Collins Radio Company to build his equipment and sell it to the Navy.
The First Inklings of Trouble

In 2012 the federal government launched a $47 billion Cell Phone Network, called FirstNet. Intended to be a public safety nationwide broadcast network, FirstNet was already obsolete the day it was turned on.

Conceived in the wake of 9/11, FirstNet is supposed to provide police and firefighters with a means of communication in times of emergency. But like many government projects, it went overtime and over budget. Fifteen years after the event which prompted its inception and four years after the due date, all that FirstNet has accomplished is to create another government bureaucracy that has spent taxpayer money.

So, how did this boondoggle start? After-action review of 9/11 determined that police and fire commanders had problems in communicating with each other. Supposedly because of that, information from police helicopters, which reportedly could see that the buildings were about to fail, never got transmitted to fire commanders, so that they could pull their people from the buildings. That was blamed for the death of 120 firefighters.

But while the media-hyped that conclusion, anyone can see there are a number of large holes in that theory. First and foremost, who designated the police officers flying those helicopters civil engineers, able to make that determination? Even if they did and even if they transmitted that information to the various fire departments involved, why would the firefighters believe them. Firefighters run into damaged, dangerous buildings all the time, why would they suddenly run out, based upon such an unreliable report?

If you’re looking for an example of the government doing something wrong, then this could be it. Two years after congressional approval, the only accomplishment the quasi-independent agency could show for itself was hiring a skeleton staff. Even that was questionable, as many of the key people seemed to have issues with conflicts of interest. Another two years went by before this group of bureaucrats managed to issue requests for proposals (RFP), asking contractors to bid on building and operating the system.

That alone is enough to make one wonder why the agency is even needed. If the actual work of running FirstNet was going to be done by contractors, what were the government workers going to do? Even worse, if the government workers in question were that slow doing their jobs, how would they ever manage to get information to first responders in a timely manner?

Besides, technology has outstripped the FirstNet system in the years it has taken to develop it. Digital cell phone networks can far outperform what the FirstNet system is intended to do, providing interconnected user groups, which have a priority for communications in an emergency.

Many major metropolitan areas have already dealt with the problems that FristNet are supposed to solve; and they’ve done it for much less money. So why bother creating such a solution? Could it just be for smaller communities? The RFP makes this a very real possibility, since coast-to-coast coverage is a requirement. But then, why should those first responders have such coast-to-coast communications, when the people who would be calling them for help won’t have it?

Basically, the system was designed for failure, right from the start. Yet thanks to bureaucratic inertia, development of the system continues, gobbling up dollars which could best be spent elsewhere. But even worse, the push to replace the HAM Radio network with this non-working and probably unworkable network continues.

So California Gets Involved

California has seen the writing on the wall and is already preparing. Convinced that at some undetermined day, still in the future, they won’t have to depend on HAM Radio operators for emergency communications, they’ve decided they don’t need them now. Therefore, they have sent a letter to all HAM Radio operators in the state, informing them that their repeaters will no longer be allowed to be on “public” land or buildings for free, but would instead have to pay hefty fees to locate them there.

The repeaters in question are privately owned and operated radios that boost the signal of communications that will otherwise not reach their intended destination. They are not owned by corporations which have deep pockets to pay government fees, but by individuals who provide emergency communications for free. Yet the government is now expecting them to pay for that privilege.

The repeaters don’t cost the government of California one cent. They are totally funded by the HAM Radio operators; people who provide this as a public service, out of their own pockets, in order to help ensure public safety in a time of emergency.

Perhaps this is just one more way for California’s government to squeeze a few more dollars out of taxpayers’ wallets. If so, it’s the wrong way to do it; the classic case of cutting your nose off to spite your face. The individuals who own those repeaters will either be forced to shut them down or move them to other, privately owned properties, where they probably won’t perform as well.

But one of California’s biggest goals, politically speaking, is to be the most progressive of all progressive states. Therefore, even if it does require cutting their own nose off, they will make things harder for HAM Radio operators. Then, when they need help that the HAM Radio operators can no longer provide, they’ll blame those same operators for “sabotaging” the system.

If California is truly leading the charge against HAM Radio operators with this move, they are making the nation less secure, not more secure. HAM Radio is the single most reliable and effective means of communication in any emergency and has been for over 100 years. Cutting it off at the knees, in the name of progressivism isn’t progress, it’s putting your own people at danger, in the name of ideology. Oops.

Preparedness Hacks: Once a nuke is heading your way, you might think that there isn’t much left to do, but you would be wrong!

Because we will show you America’s natural nuclear bunkers that are also EMP proof. When the sirens start wailing, all you need to do is pick the closest one to your home, where you can take cover before it hits.
Source: https://wzogo.wordpress.com/2019/12/20/why-do-government-officials-want-to-ban-ham-radio-its-already-begun-in-california/

Iranian Genocide Caused by the British in the 1910s

The document in the American Archives, reporting the widespread famine and spread of epidemic disease in Iran, estimates the number of the deceased due to the famine to be about 8-10 million.
Sadegh Abbasi*
One of the little-known chapters of history was the widespread famine in Iran during World War I, caused by the British presence in Iran. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, Britain became the main foreign power in Iran and this famine or--more accurately--‘genocide’ was committed by the British. The document in the American Archives, reporting the widespread famine and spread of epidemic disease in Iran, estimates the number of the deceased due to the famine to be about 8-10 million during 1917-19 (1), making this the greatest genocide of the 20th century and Iran the biggest victim of World War I (2).

It should be noted that Iran had been one of the main suppliers of food grains to the British forces stationed in the empire’s South Asian colonies. Although bad harvest during these two years made the situation worse, it was by no means the main reason why the Great Famine occurred. Prof. Gholi Majd of Princeton University writes in his book, The Great Famine and Genocide in Persia, that  American documents show that the British prevented imports of wheat and other food grains into Iran from Mesopotamia, Asia, and also the USA, and that ships loaded with wheat were not allowed to unload at the port of Bushehr in the Persian Gulf. Professor Majd argues that Great Britain intentionally created genocide conditions to destroy Iran, and to effectively control the country for its own purposes. Major Donohoe describes Iran of that time as a “land of desolation and death” (3). But this event soon became the subject of a British cover up.

Britain has a long record of its several attempts to conceal history and rewrite it in their own favor. The pages are filled with conspiracies that were covered up by the British government to hide its involvement in different episodes that would tarnish the country’s image. One of the clear examples is the “Jameson Raid”; a failed coup against Paul Kruger’s government in South Africa. This raid was planned and executed directly by the British government of Joseph Chamberlain under the orders of Queen Victoria (4) (5). In 2002, Sir Graham Bower's memoirs were published in South Africa, revealing these involvements that had been covered up for more than a century, focusing attention on Bower as a scapegoat for the incident (6).

The records that were destroyed to cover up British crimes around the globe, or were kept in secret Foreign Office archives, so as to, not only protect the United Kingdom's reputation, but also to shield the government from litigation, are indicative of the attempts made by the British to evade the consequences of their crimes. The papers at Hanslope Park also include the reports on the "elimination" of the colonial authority's enemies in 1950s Malaya; records that show ministers in London knew of the torture and murder of Mau Mau insurgents in Kenya and roasting them alive (7). These records may include those related to Iran’s Great Famine. Why were these records that cover the darkest secrets of the British Empire destroyed or kept secret? Simply because they might ‘embarrass’ Her Majesty’s government (8).

A famine occurred in Ireland from 1845 until 1852 which killed one fourth of the Irish population. This famine was caused by British policies and faced a large cover up attempt by the British government and crown to blame it on ‘potatoes’ (9). The famine, even today, is famous in the world as the “potato famine” when, in reality, it was a result of a planned food shortage and thus a deliberate genocide by the British government (10).

The true face of this famine as a genocide has been proven by historian Tim Pat Coogan in his book The Famine Plot: England’s Role in Ireland’s Greatest Tragedy published by Palgrave MacMillan (11). A ceremony was planned to take place in the US to unveil Coogan’s book in America, but he was denied a visa by the American embassy in Dublin (12).

Therefore it becomes obvious that Britain’s role in Iran’s Great famine, which killed nearly half of Iran’s population, was not unprecedented. The documents published by the British government overlook the genocide, and consequently, the tragedy underwent an attempted cover-up by the British government. The Foreign Office “handbook on Iran” of 1919 mentioned nothing related to the Great Famine.

Julian Bharier, a scholar who studied Iran’s population, built his “backward projection” estimation of Iran’s population (13) based on reports from this “handbook” and, as a result, ignored the effect of the Great Famine on Iran’s population in 1917. Bharier’s estimations were used by some authors to deny the occurrence of the Great Famine or to underestimate its impacts.

By ignoring Iran’s Great Famine in his estimations, Bharier’s work faces four scientific deficiencies. Bharier does not consider the loss of population caused by the famine in his calculations; he needs to ‘adjust’ the figure of the official census in 1956 from 18.97 million to 20.37 million, and this is despite the fact that he uses 1956 census as his primary building block for his “backward projection” model. He also ignores the official growth rates and uses his personal assumptions in this regard, which is far lower than other estimates. Finally, although Bharier frequently cites Amani’s estimates (14), in the end Bharier’s findings contradict that of Amani’s; notably Bharier’s population estimate for 1911 is 12.19 million while Amani put this figure at 10.94 million.

Despite deficiencies in the population estimates offered by Bharier for the period of the Famine and its earlier period, his article offers useful data for the post-Famine period; this is because these figures are generated from 1956 backward. That is to say, numbers generated from 1956 to 1919 are thus credible because they do not include the period of famine. Moreover, this portion of Bharier’s data are also true to that of the American Legation. For example, Caldwell and Sykes estimate the 1919 population at 10 million, which is comparitive to Bharier’s figure of 11 million.

Gholi Majd was not the first author to refute Bharier’s figures for this period. Gad G. Gilbar, in his 1976 article on demographic developments during the second half of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century, also considers Bharier’s estimates inaccurate for the period.

In an apparently biased review of Majd’s work, Willem Floor confirms Bharier’s model (15), despite its apparent deficiencies, and takes a mocking tone toward the well- documented work of Gholi Majd to undermine the devastation caused by the British-instigated famine in Iran, to the point of total denial of the existence of such a genocide. Floor also offers inaccurate or untrue information to oppose the fact that the British deprived Iranians from honey and caviar in the north, as he argues caviar was haram (religiously prohibited), while no such fatwa has ever existed in Shia jurisprudence and all available decrees assert that caviar is halal or permissible under the Islamic law. There was a rumor made up by Russians at the time, saying that Caviar was haram and Britain made full use of this rumor.

Another criticism made by Floor was to question why Majd’s work does not use British archival sources. A more important question is why Majd should have used these sources when they totally ignore the occurrence of the famine in Iran. The fact that Majd used mainly US sources seems to be reasonable on the grounds that the US was neutral toward the state of affairs in Iran at the time, and made efforts to help by feeding them (16).

*Sadegh Abbasi is a Junior M.A. student at Tehran University. As a student in history he has also worked as a contributor to different Iranian news agencies.