Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Terror, Terror

Terror, Terror

Terror, terror, on the wall
Who is the fairest target of them all
Let the shadows draw his picture
Time will find his name in scripture

One, two, three and bomb’s way
Today could be Al Qaida’s day
Four, five, six and seven, did the Taliban nuke a 711
Yah whee! the vestal virgins await in Heaven

One, two, three and there is another terrorist at play
The paedophile was seen vacationing with a child valet
He visage displays a long bent nose
Henry you know is from the tribe the Devil chose

Terror, terror, on the wall
Did you see the Bushes in the Masonic hall
The assassins have murdered for power and glory
It’s time to turn the tables and make them quarry

One, two, three and the money is all gone
All these games and we the pawns
Screw the bankers and their terrorist teller
The real war is the unwritten psych-op best seller.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, May 28, 2011

June 3, 2011 Pole Shift

A Pole Shift may occur. Be cautious my friends. This alert has not been broadcast. The information is contained only on this BLOG.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Please read my post of June 5, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

The New Rat Pack

The New Rat Pack

The people of North America and Europe have unknowingly formed the capitalist alliance that will do battle for the planet. It is BRIC against BOCHS. No it’s not an Italian contractor speaking (i.e. brick and blocks).

Harper began his foreign policy mandate by announcing his condemnation for Syria. The stage for Canada being a participant in global chaos has been set. Strauss-Kahn has lost his leadership at the IMF. This singular act has minimized the threat of the U.S. dollar losing its reserve currency status for the time being. His arrest however has endangered the health of the EURO. He was to be a pivotal figure in the refinancing schemes for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland. The BOCHS were very successful in black-balling poor Dominique - no pun intended. This incident has also provided greater certainty for Sarkozy’s re-election bid. Obama “has been” seen following in the footsteps of Windsor. After all he did kill Osama – you know the guy who impersonated George Bush during 911. His journey to Ireland will end in Switzerland (i.e. the Bilderberg summit). There they will decide what chaos will be unleashed upon Mankind in the upcoming months. Did you see Obama’s earth-shattering meeting with Netanyahu? These guys are trying to convince everyone that the Palestinians will have a new homeland. They’ve just set in motion the next great battle of Islam against Judaism. There will be no Palestinian state, it’s all gibberish! They have set the stage for Iran and Turkey to emerge from the shadows. Cameron of course has positioned himself to be the court jester. He will amuse and bemuse until the Queen blows a fuse. His role will be to make folly of this grand jolly. Finally we have our dear friend Silvio Berlusconi. A man embroiled in so many legal affairs that he has no more time for romantic affairs. A journalist quipped that Silvio asked for NATO’s help in bombing the judges during the current G8 summit. Both Cameron and Berlusconi see the New World Order as a Night at the Roxbury.

Canadians remember one thing, no matter what happens we are safe. We’ve just played the wrong hand and selected the wrong dealer. We have sacrificed our honour and tabled our stupidity. We did the same thing in our failed attempt to acquire a United Nations Security Council seat.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Offering of a Final Prayer

The Offering of a Final Prayer

Lord, may our inconsequential existence not offend Thee
Lighten our hearts to the majestic splendour of Creation
Channel our tormented souls into the path of spiritual awakening
Forgive all that may be unforgiveable in the hope that forgiveness provides us with everlasting life

Lord, Master and Creator of the finite and infinite, splendour and chaos
He who cast light into darkness, amputate the darkness which now crams the mind of Man
Lift our spirits from the desolation and despair
Reset the harmonious peace which sprung forth at the time of our Creation

Lord, forsake not one of us to the unrighteous hands of Evil
Let your fury be calmed by your pious humour
Know that we are a failed wonderment of your design
Cast us not into oblivion but rather into the realm of perpetual tranquility.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life's Mystery

Life’s Mystery

When one begins the journey of unravelling the layers of life’s mysteries, one inevitably arrives at a point where the sinew binding those layers, becomes indistinguishable from that which it was designed to separate. The ultimate layer may be the layer which resembles that which, in the end, may be the most invisible. What torments mankind is not the mystery of life but rather our ineptness in accepting the fact that we are greater than what we appear to be. We have chosen protocol over principle, obsolescence over sacred science and embraced evil for goodness’ sake. In the abode of man-made stupidity you will find that ignorance is its most earnest disciple.

Power is an instrument whose diabolical symphony has mesmerized our senses and projected a fear upon our human consciousness. We have embraced misinformation as reality, accepted an expedient justice as a means of mitigating that which is indefensible and ultimately we have allowed power to corrupt our sacred divinity. We have in fact, permitted power to render civilization dispensable in order to satisfy its insatiable urge for power. In an ever-expanding universe and consciousness, humanity has chartered a course for spiritual minimalization and self-destruction.

I marvel at ignorance in the same fashion that one may be awestruck by genius. That which separates the two extremes is the verdict of the jury - a jury whose decision-making ability has been contaminated by a covert radicalism which manifests itself as a force of righteousness. Read below as to what it means to be enlightened and those who are chosen to be enlightened. Know that war, famine, poverty and hate are the necessity of power.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

In Statu Nascendi - In the State of Being Born
Taken from a Secret Illuminati Portal
The Third Tier in the Eight Tier Pyramid

Once, as the primordial gleam exalted in purest dignity, willing to kindle our perpetual glow of eternity; once, as inexplicable nonentity turned into one inarticulate infinity; as the entire perfectibility came out of simply singularity; yore, as a unique creation brought forth this inexhaustible continuation; dominant disorder and a compulsory confusion came forth to apply for their legitimate manifestation too.

You and those who are as petite as you are, use to imagine that the minute what you call life, is serving a significant, crucial expression which you try to identify as a higher purpose, and you believe to sense that your self-projected reality could tag along this self-created imagination of your evaporate illusions and fugitive visions; your escaping dreams and your dreamy desires; your absconding admirations and your vanishing wishes. - But there were times before your times; in eras before every era; in an age before all the ages, when your complete sense; yes your absolute nous, awoke out of the one single drop of an endless emptiness and divine beauty of an indecipherable cosmic chaos. For apparently infinite epochs and multitudinous shining periods there was no perceptible sagacity in the cosmic disorder of the order till the day as a cosmic anarchy begun to orchestrate with the supreme command, and inflamed the Big Bang of Spirit. - The true spirit of men comes out of the unknown space of their heart. The true heart of men is the nameless gizmo which crafts you wisdom and unlocks your inner and outer truths of essence; your entrance key for stepping light-hearted and happy-go-lucky through the worldly world. - The true wisdom of your heart is the magic key to salvation and blessedness. The tender brightness of your pure soul is the bright smile of the whole world. All creations in heaven and on earth are a reversible reflect of your own being. This being is on earth as in heaven.

Feeling the infinite adore of its own generator, floating, circulating and rotating through every sole fibre, every single breath and every inconspicuous, unobtrusive cell of your insignificant, inconsequential essence, is the utmost gift a human heart could ever endure. Serving the kind will of this only initiator of all the existences, all beings and all the essences, is the supreme gift a human soul may ever experience. Seeking the whole world as a combination back to this contriver; exploring and stepping through the unknown, tight and noisy jungle of the invincible, visible phantom called certainty, while setting imagined orientation points and self-created imaginations like close or far, white or black, parable or difference; the soul is often anxious, fractious, manoeuvred and insecure, Insecure of the possibilities which the never-ending creation offers, presents and represents, which shine to be interesting and admirable, inviting and tempting, pleasant and confident first, but at the end to be only insensitive or excruciating, malicious or apathetic, malevolent or indifferent.

The world which is around you, my friend, and whose part you are, is wonderful and has what your soul admires the most; its daily allurements and every bit of the nightly temptations, real seductions and some unreal introductions but also what represents the paramount in one sophisticated world; its responsibility, obligations and consideration. - Your soul is searching back for the light which is the seat of your soul.
- Enlightenment, my human child, is the most colossal gift that a human spirit could ever receive, and it starts in the true heart; the pure soul which found its true being through the incessant fervour in its heart. But how an essence could ever be truly exempted and purely sun-like shining without the spiritual orgasm inside its core; without understanding the grace, the beauty and divine of its originator through its vivid empathy?

Enlightened men have existed since mankind exists.
Enlightened forces had existed before mankind exists.
Enlightened hearts shall be one that in all mankind exists.

Noli turbare circulos meos! - Do Not Disturb My Circles!

This is just our very own way to glide through the spiritual worlds. You are not one of us nor are you desired to ever become one of us. - There is no moment signed in time in which somebody could join the light of the primal ember; but time decides if there will be a need for a new lightning of the luminosity; this incident which happens only once in your lifetime is the rebirth of your spirit and it starts with self recognition. The rebirth into the circle of light is irreversible.

It is obvious and beyond a shadow of a doubt an obligation for my brother to possess an academic degree; but if you think you should accomplish your academic degree only to be proficient to cross the threshold, you’re not one of us. To be a freemason is not a necessity for my brother but almost all honourable members of our venerable Order are also honourable members of their local venerated Masonic lodge. The majority of my honourable Masonic brethren don’t even know that we exist and they don’t hold any kind of connection to any of our honoured fraternities at all. Those are two ways which have been opened to the elements by the One. There are myriads of masons worldwide but only a very few are of our kind. - Our souls are a myriad of wars, battles and fights but also the place where the creator meets his creation.

As an honourable Knight of Kadosh, a mason of 32nd degree in Scottish Rites or honourable Knights Templar of the Commandery Order of York Rites, my brother is competent to enter the pyramid at the 3rd echelon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Military – Haven for Tormented Minds

The Military – Haven for Tormented Minds

I have been fortunate enough to meet a few military men and women over the years. The experience has been quite scary. One private was the father of two young girls and his wife trembled in his shadow. He remarked that he loved holding a rifle in his hand and could not wait to go on his next tour of duty. Another young private joined so she could have a chance at becoming a Toronto police officer. Aggressive and ill-tempered would describe her demeanour. Her military buddies were no different. A young male reservist recently told me he couldn’t wait to go to Afghanistan. He wants to get it on. He is fully cognizant of the personal danger and welcomes it.Could this explain Colonel Russell Williams’ actions?

Let’s listen to what Kay Griggs, wife of U.S. Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs, wife-beater extraordinaire - [Chief of Staff, Marine Atlantic / Head of Psychological Operations, NATO] has to say:

General Al Grey – A Commandant of the Marine Corp is referred to a “Cherry Marine”. Homosexual perversion is the indoctrination process for military advancement in the U.S. Military. Kay Griggs refers to Generals Jim Joy and General Carl Steiner as evil men. She claims that Waco and Beirut were intentional U.S. military psychological-operations. Listen to her interview about 911 and the other tragedies afflicting humanity. Orgies, murder, alcoholism, drugs, mind control operations, paedophilia and assassination are the daily duties of top ranking U.S. Military Officers. Look to the Middle-east and discover the true cause of the current chaos. Sample documentation is shown below:

Kay Pollard Griggs
Tue Mar 15, 2005 16:42

In 1987 Herndon was Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps under General Al Gray. One of Gray’s immediate subordinates was Colonel George Griggs. As Grigg’s wife, Kay Pollard Griggs, told the author, “Army General Carl Stiner, Marine General Jim Joy, General Charles Wilhelm, head of Marine Southern Command - part of Joint Special Operations Command, and my husband who worked under him at the State Department - they’re all Al Gray’s boys. They do the assassinations. Say if they’ve got someone who’s talking too much. Gray will say, ‘We’ve got a problem....’[*]

According to Griggs, Gray is heavily involved in drug-smuggling. Herndon was stationed in Panama - a key drug transshipment point - and had a key position with Special Operations (CIA), training death squads in Central America.

“They train assassins,” says Griggs. “It’s called the Phoenix Program, but it involves mind-control.... It’s an old boy network, it’s an institution, and it’s run through the State Department....[*]

As Griggs says, “Herndon is one of Al Gray’s boys.”

The Center for Security Policy
... former US Marine Corps Commandant General Al Gray and the former Commanding
General US Army, Europe, General David Maddox -- have joined fourteen other, ...

... Other sources backing up the pedophile allegations are Kay Pollard Griggs,
wife of high-ranking “insider” Marine Colonel George Griggs—tied to Oliver ...

Watch a live interview with Kay Griggs:


I’d suggest we did a mental evaluation of all out military officers. How many Colonel Williams could there be out there? The real question is: What are we defending and for whom? Soldiers have become mercenaries and not defenders of justice.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Queen’s Trip to Ireland

The Queen’s Trip to Ireland

The Queen’s trip to Ireland has proven to be a big success. She was last seen boarding a private plane with three drunken leprechauns. To make matters interesting, she was heard telling an aide that the pot of gold in her derriere was simply not big enough. Philip was just enchanted with the notion of having three new drinking buddies. He was heard to say, “Ha Ha Ha their ears are bigger than that coloured man’s ears – yes Obama”. In fact, he remarked that the little people looked a lot like Camilla, with better teeth.

Rumours have it that the Queen announced that Kate Middleton may be infertile. This could be the reason why the Queen abducted the three little munch-kins. After all, if true, William could use the “three lucky charms” to work their magic.

Abracadabra and one, two, three
A pint of Guinness will set you free
William prop up your pecker for Queen and glory
Imagine Kate as your crusader’s quarry
Do your dirty deed and stick to your gun
Onward with royal protocol and let’s have a son
In and out until the count of ten
Yes let us do this commoner again and again.

Philip told Harry to screw the Leprechauns and do what he did. Screw everything in sight and pick the best one from the litter.

Yes my dear grand-son we are royals you know
The semen we leave the stars will sew
For the peasants our only duty is to smile and wave
Little do the sheep know they will be ours to enslave
Fuck the four leaf clover and pot of gold
We must get back to the days when slaves were sold.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Conundrum of What to do With Democracy

The Conundrum of What to do With Democracy

How do you tell someone they are losing a friend
When “Lost in Space” people typically ignore the changing trends
Coke is still sweet but now available with no more calories
Employment statistics tell of jobs with disappearing salaries

Everything feels the same but the touch now differs
Dogs are more lethargic rather than aggressive sniffers
Politicians look more and more like Mr. Noreigas
Shaking hands resembling the pull of a slot machine in Las Vegas

Democracy once stood for something sincerely special
Its true force appears to have become incredibly superficial
While some play by the rules the others do not
CEO’s make light of the calamity in their 500 foot yachts

And so it may be time for a general revolt
Perhaps it is time to give our bankers a murderous jolt
They've mastered the great art of Machiavellian treachery
Our souls they have targeted with their perverted lechery

Starting anew amid the chaos would be frightening
Who would take charge of the nation when the thunder hit the lightening
The conundrum is far much greater than we know
To find a peace much of humanity may have to go

Think prudently upon the freedom you have today
Measure it in light of the mounting global decay
Listen to a bewildered nature as it creeks and bellows
Humanity and democracy in the end may be none more than strange bedfellows.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jump-starting the Canadian Economy

Jump-starting the Canadian Economy

The Canadian population is dwarfed by its geographic vastness. When one considers major global economies like Brazil, Japan, South Korea or perhaps Singapore, and their relatively small land masses, you quickly realize that people and a strong national vision are what create economic success.

Canada is blessed with natural resources, geography, democracy (for the time being), stable financial markets and an educated mass. The two things holding Canada back appear to be national unity and Masonic corruption.

So how could we jumpstart the Canadian economy and position ourselves to become a major contender on the global stage? The reality is that wealthy Americans are exiting their collapsing economy, Asian wealth is looking for new economic opportunity, Middle-East capital may be looking for a new home and our Europeans ancestors may be tiring of the political unrest.

The answer is a one-time citizenship lottery - target 2012 to see an influx of one million new Canadian citizens. The timing could not be better. The criteria should include a) a minimum net worth of $1,000,000, b) 20% of the candidates must be professionals (i.e. doctors, scientists, engineers etc.) and c) candidates must be willing to forgo any social assistance for the first two years (exclusive of healthcare).

The second idea would be to provide foreign or domestic capital investment a corporate tax exemption for the first five years. This would apply to an individual or corporation who would provide new industry to Canada or revive industry that has perished through globalization (i.e. electronics, appliance, apparel, furniture industries to name a few). New and innovative ideas, services and/or processes would be subject to the same exemption. It is time to move silicon valley northward.

It could be that easy. 1,000,000 people multiplied by a minimum of $1,000,000 of net worth equates to $1,000,000,000,000 - TRILLION DOLLARS. For example, a family of three would require a net worth of $3,000,000.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dimensional Thinking

Dimensional Thinking

When charting a destination the best position to be in is the driver’s seat. So why have so many of us become passengers on a bus? No, I am not referring to public transportation but rather the fact that we have been taken for a ride. Sadly, the destination appears to be of no consequence to the passengers. Let me tell you a little story.

When my father came to this country he began working for the railway. He could not speak the language nor did he know what his eventual employment role would be. The rate of pay was yelled out in the stockyards by a crew manager, yet it really did not matter. He was fortunate enough to have been selected amongst the thousands of immigrants looking for a job. By morning’s end the men boarded the railway cars – they were cargo cars without seats. Their journey lasted for nights as they travelled to the ends of Northern Ontario. Unwashed, smelling of urine and malnourished they slept as cattle ready for the slaughter. When they arrived they were told to start working. No special skill was required, just the appointed hard work. In two months my father had lost 30 pounds and became extremely ill, just as so many other immigrants had. He crossed an ocean, travelled through the desolation and tundra of Northern Ontario only to be victimized by what could be described as racism and indifference. That was the immigrant experience and it proves that rational thinking ends when desperation sets in. More importantly this is what corporations were allowed to do and it appears the past is repeating itself.

The big question always seems to be, “well what can I do?” This is where multi-dimensional thinking comes into play. I previously wrote about Colonel Phillip Corso in the hope that you would discover that he was the father and inventor of remote viewing. For those of you too lazy to research the topic I will provide you a brief outline. Remote viewing occurs when you sit on your television converter and change the TV station by accident – NOT! This serves as a reminder that you should sterilize your TV converter every so often. At least as often as you pick your nose.

If you can conceive the concept of multi-dimensions and different layers of time, then perhaps you can grasp the following. The human soul is an energy that exists in every moment of time and every dimension. Therefore, we not only impact the past and present, but more importantly, we have already impacted the future. Ideas and thoughts impact the spiritual or dimensional world as physical feats affect the natural world. We accept corruption, war, assassination, economic chaos and religious degradation because we allow it to happen. Our consciousness has been violated. Your awareness of this and your acceptance of this will impact our future negatively. If all you do is to speak about the chaos that surrounds us, then you will have accomplished much. Prayer allows human consciousness to suspend evil more effectively. Once evil is created it can never be extinguished. It lingers in the remains of human consciousness. The universe is filled with a perfect balance of good and evil.

My interpretation of string theory is rather unique. If we exist in all dimensions and layers of time then our souls are an infinite series of spiritual manifestations - much like a strand of DNA. The eventual evolution of that strand is a function of dimensional thinking.

The people that drive our planet care not for you and me. Their ultimate aim is to place us in railway cars headed for oblivion. I will say it again. Our planet was taken hostage the day JFK was shot. We have allowed the remaining few, those responsible for his assassination, to assassinate humanity from that point on. They control the secrets that JFK would have graced humanity with. Why do we allow ourselves to protect political, religious and economic assassins? The truth is hidden from us and it need not be. It is time to get off the bus and bury the drivers. Start impacting our future positively. It will make a dramatic difference. Some people call it the power of positive thinking.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lt. Colonel James Corso - The Most Important Military Man of the 20th Century

The Most Important Military Man of the 20th Century
Lt. Colonel James Corso

We are designing an existence whose future is predicated on the morbid doctrine of obsolescence. Societal acceptance of industry’s misplaced ideology of greed will see it destroy the physical and ethereal realms, and ultimately the soul’s dimensional possibilities. Obsolescence is not the necessary outcome of scientific enhancement but rather the instrument of regressive mind control. The continued introduction of faster and better has made us inept and dispensable. Obsolescence is a process which uses the human population to develop the technology that will ultimately make us obsolete. It is the spiritual and behavioural transmigration of human evolution.

In earlier essays I discussed the journey of Robert Morning Sky and a book by Zecharia Sitchin, specifically The Lost Book of Enki. Both individuals table the incredible journey of mankind from an alien perspective - Morning Sky from his grandfather’s encounter with alien beings and Sitchin via his fascinating translation of the Sumerian tablets.

Let me say this, before I write about Lt. Colonel Philip Corso, his influence and his eventual encounter with alien beings.

“The Soul is energy and energy adapts to technology. Technology is God’s instrument of power. The greater our knowledge of technology, the greater will be our kinship and understanding of God. Obsolescence is the timid process of denying God to mankind.”

Colonel Corso may be our most important 20th century military man yet very few people have ever heard of his name. When we say “top secret” we seldom know what those words mean. There are anywhere from 15 to 38 levels above top secret - the highest level is known as “cosmic or fifteen”. Less than 300 people on this planet hold these types of security clearances and they are not talking. It is said that these people are members of the very secretive “Alien Contact Intelligence Organization and its scientific division known as the Labyrinth Group”. Corso held nine security clearances above top secret. His military involvement helped him covertly seed many of the scientific enhancements of the 20th century yet his influence is relatively unknown. While Morning Sky and Sitchin present second hand and archaeological evidence of alien life form, Corso presents first hand evidence of extraterrestrials. Below is a brief summary on Colonel Corso:

Corso was a key Major in the Roswell Incidence of July 4, 1947 – Fort Riley. He witnessed the deceased alien bodies.

Corso and 30 Generals had taken a “Battlefield Oath” not to talk about Roswell until the last General died. The last one to die was General Trudeau in 1992. Corso then began writing his memoirs.

Corso was a key “Senate Internal Investigator” in the JFK assassination. His book “The Day after Dallas” has never been published. This is to protect the 50 or so conspirators who are still alive today. George Bush Sr. no doubt is one of them.

Corso’s family have multiple and complete files on Roswell, the JFK assassination and other untold secrets. Corso indicated that only Eisenhower and Regan had security clearances for Roswell. He worked for them both. No other Presidents had this privilege.

Corso was a key player in the “Philadelphia Experiment”. Not only did the experiment work but it was also a major success. The experiment centered on “Time Travel”. Corso indicated that Einstein was a member of the team.

Corso was in complete charge of “Operation Paperclip” and notables like Wernher Von Braun and Arthur Rudolph worked directly for him. Corso was appointed head of this operation by President Eisenhower.

Corso stated that Roswell had accomplished one thing; it had “Altered Mankind’s Timeline”. The exposure to alien life and the boundless knowledge that existed within their technology exponentially increased our capabilities. He saw this as a gift.

In the early 60’s, General Trudeau and Colonel Corso made alien recovered products available to outsiders for the purpose of reverse engineering. Our great corporations and scientists believed they were the basis for all these new and startling discoveries. The birth of integrated circuits, lasers, fibre optics and a host of advanced technologies are in fact attributable to extraterrestrial finds.

Corso stated that Human Beings could not travel outside friendly space (i.e. Earth and Moon). Aliens could do so because they have two brains. One brain is humanoid and the other is built with technology. The latter allows them to travel in space.

Corso stated that the most important thing that Roswell gave us was “Time Travel”. This is the secret that the Elite are protecting. Knowing the future is wondrous and a dangerous thing. Mankind in all likelihood is incapable of managing such a power. A UFO is “Time Travel” and it moves within multiple dimensions and layers of time within a singular moment. Alien craft are living organic vessels coated with a rare earth chemical element known as “Yttrium”.

I hope you will do your own research on Lt. Colonel James Corso. He truly was a gift to Mankind. He helped open the door labelled “Top Secret”. Take a peak. In a way he was acting on orders. Eisenhower coined and warned about a rogue Military Industrial Complex and its abuse of power. Perhaps Corso felt compelled in giving humanity a chance at knowing the truth. The Army is in control of “Time Travel” - let’s see where they take us.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, May 13, 2011

Letter to President Jimmy Carter

May 12, 2011

Dear President Jimmy Carter

RE: His own words – Why did George H.W. Bush think we would lynch him?

Kind Sir:

The Presidency one might say is a virtual ghost which heeds to the directives of an infinitesimally small and unelected malevolent power. The politics are simply the by-product of a sinister agenda. Eisenhower and Kennedy represented the last great hope for identifying and trying to eliminate that evil. Not because they symbolized the greatness that America once was, but rather because of the great message they seeded for all of humanity. Their words spoke of a reality that appeared light years away, yet that hideous truth has manifested itself in every thread of our human consciousness today.

Both were military men who witnessed the horrors of war. More agonizingly they knew of a future cataclysm or conundrum that would present itself to the planet’s future generations. Knowing of his inability to correct the situation back then, the first President may have died of a broken heart. JFK’s heart was made to stop beating through assassination when he attempted to address the same issue shortly thereafter. Below is a remark made by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon many years ago:

"Yeah, Sarah, if people find out what we've done, they'll chase us down the street and lynch us"

I refuse to call the assassin mentioned by Ms. McLendon President. I believe you understand fully my remark. “Habitat for Humanity” is a wonderful and noble cause, but what would happen when there remains no habitat for humanity, or more precisely, what would happen when there is no more humanity?

Your ears have heard things that only you and a select few people were privy too. Now the vast galaxies absorb those sounds as alien frequencies. Foreboding waves that if captured would create revolution on planet Earth. Those secrets tell of a history that in all likelihood will never be told. Age and long life are a wonderful gift. They are like the two hands of a finely crafted watch. The hands orbit the flat plane as the precious seconds tick away. I suggest you have a watch which tells of a time when acting on bravado was not a wise thing to do. JFK learned that lesson far too well. But what do the hands of time say now? Below is a letter I wrote to General Romeo Dallaire a short time ago.

Military men follow orders knowing full well that war is an exercise in power - a power that is practised behind closed doors and protected by a fraternity of unsuspecting neophytes. Soldiers make ready their sacrifice on the pretence that elected officials, and not a veiled power, make decisions that will ultimately better the entire human condition.

Unfortunately, we know that military conflict is being deployed to bring about human suffering, estrange nations, punish political systems and diminish the opportunity for planetary peace.

Human beings, in a very short period of time, have acquired the “intelligence” to understand what is right and what is wrong. Why then have we failed so miserably in trying to curb our appetite for hate? I believe this hate has become institutionalized. The greatest disciple of this hate-filled theology is the media.

My suspicion is that you are a man with a deep moral conviction. A man at odds with the uniform he wears and the truth. Rogue military men are attempting to undo the truth by destroying our planet. A rogue Military Industrial Complex following the edicts of a malevolent Illuminist core of individuals who have brought about economic chaos, geological mayhem (HAARP), poverty, hunger and a continuum of war.

So why am I telling you this? Because I believe you have the ability and the military networking might to destabilize this cancerous clique of evil. I do believe there are military men who seek peace because they know first-hand the pain and suffering of war. It is men as you who can undo the corruption in our political, financial and military organizations. The world is on the edge of a great precipice and we need not be there. I know you know that. I urge you to start the next chapter of your career. You must help expose and eradicate the monarchies, aristocracies, institutions and fraternities that have waged war on mankind.

Your reply will be graciously accepted. However, an unselfish act on behalf of all humanity would be more appreciated. I presume you know what I mean by act. You were a President whose trust was suspect by the powerful Elite. That makes you incredibly important today. The bad things that are attributable to you, which we will attribute to fear, should now be done to bring fear to the very same group of people that ritualized chaos for humanity. The truth would build more homes, more than you could ever imagine. Perhaps you could retire your sorrows for good.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Deadly Mistake of Thinking Local in a Global World

The Deadly Mistake of Thinking Local in a Global World

Today we live in a world where global geo-political and socio-economic events matter to everyone. We seem to have been drawn into a financial hypnosis where political and economic models focus on momentary events and not the longer-term consequences. A simple example would be the cost of gasoline and why an inconceivable monopolistic regional pricing policy would be acceptable to society. We have been made to believe that we have achieved peak oil; that instability in the Middle-East will restrict the supply of crude oil and that weather anomalies are restricting refining plants’ ability to produce and distribute gasoline. Global fuel consumption has remained relatively unchanged for over a decade yet pricing has sky-rocketed. Major contributors to the rising price of oil are threefold. First, the barrel price of oil is tied to the U.S. Dollar (i.e. the global reserve currency). More specifically it is a function of the U.S. dollar index and that indicator is falling. Secondly, it is a function of greed. Oil has been and will continue to be the indirect currency of the oil cartels. Increments in the price of oil act as a global tax and ultimately diminish disposable income. Rising fuel costs will mean that the price of all goods and services will rise in proportion to the price increase in oil – this creates inflation and increased unemployment. Finally, countries like China and Russia no longer trade oil on the U.S. dollar.

I believe its time Canadians stopped absorbing scripted propaganda and start indulging in reality. Our relatively safe borders have invisible fences.

You should investigate why NASA is employing a huge cloud making device in the Mississippi area. The deadly noise emanating from this machine is only a by-product of its main focus - creating more water downfall along the Madrid Fault Line. This can only be considered sheer lunacy.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, May 10, 2011



When one considers the art of strategy, one immediately contemplates war. When you consider history, only three great strategists come to mind. These men include Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great. In the fold, there was one other man. War and subjugation were not His means of ultimate victory. His strategy was redemption. His triumph came through his own personal demise. He lost the battle and won the greatest war of all time. That Man was Jesus.

The lust for power and the desire to love God have always been odd bedfellows. God in most cases is the manifestation for war. This decade of prophetic wonder began with a Haitian earthquake and the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. The tragedy lingers in a collapsing Japan. The Pyramids of Egypt have given way to a sinister master. Slowly but surely, Libya saw the hand of murder cross the Mediterranean. The walking dead now stand guard in Yemen, Syria and Saudi Arabia. All the while the land of Enki is pooled in blood and the arid hills of the enlightened mystics rot in death’s decay. Flooding, earthquakes and disease have filled the cavities of human emptiness. We should also thank NASA for creating huge rain clouds in the Mississippi area. NASA has sequestered 150,000 acres and appears to be assisting the rain and weather catastrophes along the Madrid Fault line. Bubonic plague, asteroids and illicit weather will see the masses migrate as cattle roam the pastures.

For most of this destruction we must give praise to the great twenty-first century strategist and his Globalist Masters. This political prosthetic seeks fame through deception, sedition, murder and chaos. His fraudulent birth is followed by a biography of lies. In this grand treachery he now commands the wooden armies of a weary-winged Daedalus. The greatest terrorists of the past five decades have lived in a house that is painted white. Simply ironic!

When this eagle has lost all its feathers the bear and dragon will enter the world stage. America and its allies are spending vast resources to undo China’s global economic expansion – specifically in Africa, the Middle-East and the Mediterranean corridor. Russia’s strength is in its patience and uncanny influence. Obama’s European Controllers are doing their utmost to draw China and Russia into war. This will prove to be the strategy of fools. I hope the sword of justice finds the mutinous necks of the monarchist, aristocratic and political demons which plague human misery in the same manner as maggots infest a petrified carcass.

When all the destruction and chaos has been fulfilled according to evangelical prophecy, and Satan’s will, China and Russia will enter the stage as the benevolent saviours. They will seek no aggression, but rather they will rebuild everything the Black Prince has destroyed. China and Russia will heroically march westward as the forsaken eagle drops to the ground. The destruction of the planet will be proven to be an exercise in futility. The threepercenters and the ethical military leaders of the world will hopefully subdue the rabid military industrial complex before nuclear weapons are released.

The New World Order will emerge with Confucius on the left, and Rasputin and the right. Jintao and Putin will be confirmed as the greatest military strategists in history. This is what happens when Obama is the personification of Osama – not a wise strategy. Hold onto to your hats kids.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, May 7, 2011



Economic concerns are pushing many moderate religious Jews into Haredi arms, just as economic, social, cultural and national concerns are pushing the moderate Arab community into the Islamic Movement's arms. And the writing on the wall points a finger not at the "Arabs" or the "Haredim," but at the government, which has abandoned its citizens to extremists. HAARETZ.com - May 8, 2011

The divisions in Israel continue to grow as extremist Ultra-Orthodox Jews take on mainstream Judaism. While Islamic radicalism was born through the ugly manipulation of American foreign policy, Haredi has become Israel’s home-grown version of fanaticism. This you will not find in mainstream news.

For those of you who believe that Osama Bin Laden was vainly amusing himself by watching some old video-taped terrorist manoeuvre that he took part in years ago, I offer you the following question. How is that a man, with no visible means of self-defence (other than a TV converter), who appeared alone, was “VIDEO-TAPED” prior to the raid, was then shot and killed? I have yet to see a small black and white TV equipped with a remote control.

The biggest crime syndicate on this planet is comprised of bankers, monarchs, aristocrats and politically appointed leaders. They have created a virtual world that has morally, ethically, politically and financially bankrupted humanity. They have sought secularism through hate, globalization by the demoralizing hand of joblessness and poverty and they have helped construct a media empire whose primary goal, is to lie.

Extremism at all levels, whether born by manipulation or religious beliefs, will ultimately justify the actions of the criminals who have revelled in its making. The people of every nation must unite to cut out this cancer. God will not do it, Moses will not do it, Jesus will not do it, Mohammed will not do it, Buddha will not do it and the ghosts of the brave soldiers who have perished defending “nothing” will not do it. Truth must ultimately be defended by something that is even more difficult to find – it is called justice. There is no skin colour, gender, religion or someone’s station in life that offends God. God is best found in your ignorance and fears. He awaits you there. To be undone by fools will cost creation much.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama to Rest Been Lay-den

Osama to Rest Been Lay-den

Obama has bin really bad-en
He made sure Osama has been put to rest and Lay-den
Big ado about a man that was already dead
No evidence showing a bullet went through his frozen head

Hilary’s picture looks like she went into shock
It’s not fun seeing Obama’s weiner stuck in Bush’s crock
She put her hands over her mouth because she was very shy
Someone stated they wanted Trump’s nuts in the deep fry

Big raid by the Navy Seals looked extremely frightening
Jesse Ventura said “hold back the book” I have more writing
The capture after all was a big success
Acting extras only cost the CIA a small heroin chest

A no name bounty hunter so too was involved in Osama’s search
Accompanied by a canine commando seen chewing on beef jerk
Bernanke was so delighted that he started the idled money press
His job is to continue as best possible the current financial mess

The news media in their treachery remained truly grand
They helped validate that Osama is buried six foot in the can
But in all this we should be weary of Mr. Obamanation
His lying deeds are intended for WWIII causation

Al Qaida’s retaliation they say is now at work
Terrorists will bomb rail stations for an angelic perk
Gates and Buffet’s trains have been put on high alert
For sensationalism passengers will be made to pop and squirt

We are now witnessing the final rise of the American Nazi
Mengele’s mind control has made the Presidency a paper patsy
Spread a little Heinz ketchup atop your big fat whopper
You will be the final condiment they grind in the heavenly hopper.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

(Comedy + Tragedy)/Reality = (Propaganda + Treason)/Virtual

There are those who describe a two-party political system as two heads with one body. The aggregate of these elected monsters form an army of democratic deception. These parallels are often drawn when two political rivals are at play in one election race. Let me describe a more menacing possibility - one head with many bodies. The following scenario is intended to shake lose all those nuts dangling from the walls of that swelled cranium.

On September 11, 2001 Dick Cheney and the Bush administration conducted an attack on its own soil and killed many of their own civilian population. This attack was intended to mask the impending collapse of Wall Street, hide the financial corruption that was ultimately exposed in late 2008, settle irresolvable Israeli - Arab geo-political stalemates and to give birth to Pike & Mazzini’s manifesto of doom, in which the stage for WWIII would be set. In this scripted heresy the personification of evil was created. That evil was baptized “El Qaida” and its high priest, through the sacrament of blasphemy, was ordained. Osama Bin Laden arose through the ashes, fury and madness to become the enemy of civilized man. For a decade Globalists have been entertaining the masses with an apparition whose primary responsibility in 911 was like that of Judas. History haunts Judas as the man who sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver. Judas betrayed the Son of Man, Bin Laden betrayed mankind. If we argue that Judas was a pawn of divine intervention then we may conclude that Bin Laden was the lackey of Satanism.

Prominent political leaders, Madeleine Albright and now deceased Benazir Bhutto, attested to the fact that Bin Laden had died of kidney disease in 2002, and was put on ice for a future political event. In fact, this was made public in much of the mainstream media. In May, 2011 this resurrected ghost of sedition was killed in a military raid. I will now explain what I mean by one head and many bodies. Bush and Obama are positioned to be political polar opposites. Yet looking at each of their records you would not be able to distinguish who was who in the political arena. This is where it gets interesting. The Bush administration put Osama Bin Laden on ice for Barack Obama’s New World Agenda and re-election bid. George Bush put on ice a “trump card” which could have been used for McCain’s platform, but did not. Obama's victory was not left to chance. What you must understand is that Bush and Obama are bodies of one extremely sadistic evil head. Obama has been trained, manipulated and positioned to achieve the ends of the Global Cabal.

The greater tragedy is that we sit back and watch mainstream media report all these contrived military heroics, and then transform it into patriotic sensationalism. The degree to which this monster has grown is unsettling. On May 2, 2011 Stephen Harper won a majority parliament – Heaven help us! The victory speech presented a Stephen Harper whom I had not seen for almost two years. It was at this point that something horrible came to mind. Our leader and many global decision-makers are victims of mind control. As impossible as that may be to digest, you must consider the possibility. How is that senior political, military, business and media executives fail to divulge what is the obvious to a confused public? How is it that military personnel, even ones that have left the service, fail to report government crime? The silence is ominous. 911 and the great Ponzi schemes of the last decade crystallize this point. These revelations came through the cracks in the foundation and not through the cracked minds.

What I find unnerving is that Prince Charles paid a visit to the White House today - with very little news coverage. The House of Windsor is on the move. These are definitely trying times.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

“Osama Been Laiden” - Breaking News!

“Osama Been Laiden” - Breaking News!

News updates on Osama’s whereabouts during the time of his demise are being updated by the minute. Summarizing what has been presented so far; he was in a secluded palace, in the company of his wife and was unarmed
during this incredibly heroic American raid. Here is what is known,

1. Osama was watching “The Apprentice” in a lavender coloured thong.
2. His facial hair had been trimmed with only bushy side-burns remaining - the 60’s look. He looked fabulous in pink finger nails.
3. His wife was dressed as a belly dancer. She had a cap on her head with an image of George Bush prominently displayed. Replica bronze pins of the twin towers were dangling from her nipples. She was facing the TV when she yelled, “Your fired Donald Trump” and then said to Osama “be laiden”?
4. When American soldiers knocked on the palace door they remarked, “Pizza Delivery, it’s time to party”. Mickey and Minnie were not amused by the late night guests.
5. Needless to say Osama was delighted with the company. A harem of vestal virgins was brought in from the Israeli embassy. Netanyahu’s briefcase held a concealed atom bomb. It was named “Child of Roth”.
6. Kissinger later dropped in with his 12 year boy toy and a rope. The rope to keep up his doo-hickey. He loves using it as bait.
7. Steven Spielberg was flown in from Hollywood to direct the bombing, capture and Osama kill scene. Stanley Kubrick was unavailable.
8. With all the booze the troops began calling Bin Laden, President Osama. This infuriated Michelle. She attended the party at the last minute.
9. The Army Captain chuckled when he asked Osama if he wanted to be thrown head first into the water. He felt the “mooning” effect would have been far too dramatic. They did not want Osama looking like a big ass-hole.

These events have been confirmed by high ranking intelligence dummies. The film footage remains unavailable. George Bush Sr. was heard remarking that he would release the double-feature film presentation, entitled “JFK & OBL – The Perfect Murders” when the Queen farts.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden’s Death is Pure Fiction – This is about the Birth of a New Security

Bin Laden’s Death is Pure Fiction – This is about the Birth of a New Security

There are reports that Bin Laden died of kidney disease in 2002. Speculation is that his body was preserved since that time and that his cadaver would be used for a critical moment in history. Now Osama re-appears as the mortally wounded victim of a bomb attack. Let us put this event in to perspective. Since 2008 the global community has been hit with an economic depression, Middle-East war & uprisings, bank fraud & Ponzi schemes, natural & unnatural catastrophes, joblessness, nuclear fallout and disease pandemic. The American economy is collapsing; China and Russia are securing greater global dominance; the U.S. dollar’s dominance as the global reserve currency will soon end and HAARP has failed in its attempts to mimic Mother Nature. Yet the consequences have been substantive.

Bin Laden was Saudi business royalty. His personal net worth was in the billions of dollars. How could a man with this wealth and power be drawn to the CIA or require dialysis for that matter? People buy organs throughout Eastern Europe and Asia like you and I buy candy. The Jews are the biggest peddlers of human body parts. Bin Laden was a close friend of the Bush family, a trained CIA operative and by the end of it, a patsy. His involvement in 911 was in name only. The real traitors are Dick Cheney and George Bush - the individual terrorist selection and training was left to the Mossad. Remember that Cheney gave the order for security forces to stand down during the 911 attack.

Ultimately, this is all about SECURITY – security disguised as Marxism. The global community has fared well despite the fact that we have been taken to the cleaners. A growing socially conscious voice of reason has taken on a masked criminal oligarchy and rogue military industrial complex. This voice has helped stay a much more aggressive attack by these Marxist Elitists. My hunch is that these assassins have their backs against the wall and they are now eager to escalate global chaos. In order to achieve this end an event of unprecedented proportion must take place. This would be the only way a New World Order could achieve such an end – through the pretext of security. I don’t believe that the collapse of the American economy or the collapse of the U.S. dollar will achieve this end. Global economic forces, who are adverse to a market melt-down, will manage its positive re-transformation, despite the Globalist agenda. Gold and silver will achieve this end. I am not convinced that China and Russia will be drawn into world war.

When you play cards with Devils the possibilities are endless. Here are but a few:

1. Presidential assassination,
2. Assassination of a prominent monarch or the Pope,
3. Detonation of an atomic device,
4. Catastrophic geographic event (i.e. madrd Fault),
5. Deadly virus with no available vaccine,
6. Critical food and water shortages,
7. Major weather anomalies,
8. Osama Bin Laden to re-appear as the arisen Anti-Christ,
9. Aliens.

Remember the New World Order thinks while it sleeps. Guard your slumber. My hunch is that Osama has had a great decade long vacation.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Queen and the Drones – Special Security Brief

The Queen and the Drones – Special Security Brief

Andrew, Duke of York: Mommy, mommy they have killed my best friend’s brother!

Queen Elizabeth: Andrew, how many times have I told you, no Arab friends!

Queen’s Secretary: Mamm, Prime Minister Cameron is on the phone.

Prime Minister Cameron: Good morning your highness. Very good news, we have killed one of Moammar’s sons and his children. This should infuriate Putin, that Napoleonic Russian pip-squeet. You must be very happy?

Queen Elizabeth: Yes, David, well done. Hopefully, this event will stimulate more friction so we can address the growing number of useless drones. Was the wedding not grand David? The bombing was a perfect sacrifice for young Wilhem’s wedding. You know David, Phillip’s suspenders blew when he heard the good news.

Prime Minister Cameron: I have dialled Obama, Mamm. I wanted to acknowledge his good work. You know he is under great stress. The drones are becoming wise as to his identity. Sarkozy was in the middle of a “ménage a trois” when I called so I left a message for him on your behalf, “keep a stiff upper lip Nicolas”. Berlusconi as usual could not be found, but I did express our sincerest gratitude by sending him a Vestal Virgin from the Masonic pool inventory.

Queen Elizabeth: Well done David. David, please don’t spend too much time with that coloured man. Please call George Bush directly. How is Stephen doing in Canada? You know I had prepared a garter and knighthood for him. He would make a fine executioner. David, make sure we assist him as much as we can. Could you imagine if that limp-dick Layton was charged with guarding my interests in Canada? Don’t we have any dirt on that man?

Prime Minister Cameron: Our intelligence sources have been contacted. The voting stations with close NDP and Conservative support have had the voting machines reprogrammed. We are doing our best Mamm. Stephen has promised us a huge military presence in the Middle-East if he wins a majority.

Queen Elizabeth: David please call Harper and tell him he has the Queen’s greatest affection. Whatever steps he deems necessary to take, tell him he has my blessings and protection.

Prime Minister Cameron: By the way Mamm, our intelligence chief has asked that I give you the following message. Prince Christoff has demanded a meeting between himself, your Highness and Queen Beatrix. He is extremely upset with the pace of the global culling.

Queen Elizabeth: Very well David, tell Obama to escalate the Madrid Fault line catastrophe. You know, there is no appeasing that man.

Duke of York: But mommy, what about my friend. We were going to meet in Cyprus this weekend.

Queen Elizabeth: Andrew! I will not say it again. No Arab friends. Look at the problems Diana created. Stupid girl! Andrew, is there anything we can do to resolve the Sarah situation? I mean other than the usual.

Duke of York: No mommy. You know we leave those matters with father.

Queen Elizabeth: Inbreeding - Damn’it, it secures loyalty but I can’t believe the stupidity! Where is Phillip?

Prince Phillip: Yes Elizabeth, is it time for a stiff drink?

Queen Elizabeth: Listen Phillip, I have two morons wanting to follow in my footsteps. Tell Charles and William I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. I need those two idiots to act like royalty. Is it not enough that I agreed to that woman Camilla?

Prince Phillip: Oh Elizabeth, your knickers are in a knot! You know I have no plans on dying either. I’ll take care of what has to be done. Darling, how about a stiff drink followed by a stiffy?

Queen Elizabeth: Phillip, oh Phillip, you are the ultimate villain. Yes, let’s!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede