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Your information for sale: the illicit online marketplace

Your information for sale: the illicit online marketplace

There’s a lot of information for sale on the Web's black market – and some of it might belong to you.
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Adding to an endless series of reports on Internet security breaches, cybersecurity firm Hold Security LLC revealed this week that it discovered stolen credentials from some 360 million accounts available for sale on the underground Internet. Although it’s unclear now where the attacks were focused, the information unearthed includes user names and largely unencrypted passwords that could lead to anything from online bank accounts to huge corporate networks. Hold Security last year uncovered a massive hack at Adobe Systems that surfaced tens of millions of email addresses and encrypted passwords; this latest breach reportedly includes one attack that alone yielded more than 100 million records.

And it's all available for a price. See graphic below.

Welcome to the shadowy “deep Web,” where, along with drugs, weapons and hit men, one can purchase access to credit cards, online bank accounts, personal and corporate email accounts, health insurance information and much more. A “shopper” with $200 can buy a premium credit card number, secure a Gmail account or even rent a botnet that can infect networks of computers and be used to spread spam, launch denial of service attacks to major websites, attack bank computers and more. Those looking to purchase these items use tools such as Tor, which includes an identity-masking browser.

Yahoo Finance took a virtual shopping trip to browse what was available for purchase at this vast illicit Internet mall (naturally, we were just looking — not buying). The sales here can come and go very quickly, and items are often priced by the level of difficulty attached to obtaining them (for example, stolen health insurance information can go for as much as $1,300 a pop). Therefore you should view the information below as a simple snapshot of an ever-changing marketplace. 

And, after noting how disturbingly simple it is for your information to go on sale, consumers may also want to heed these 10 tips to protect yourself online.

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GCR – The Acronym for a Global Currency Reset

GCR – The Acronym for a Global Currency Reset

The timing is ripe for a GCR.  Western Capitalist Systems are falling apart and the severity of Fukushima has now become uncontainable and unmeasurable. The nuclear attack on Fukushima, Japan by the Americans and Israelis on March 11, 2011 was an act of desperation; no different than the crusades in Libya, Egypt and Syria.

BITCOIN was a test to see how a digital currency would integrate into the existing currency and consumer markets. It should be noted that the FBI, China and other powerful entities control BITCOIN. Its creation and meteoric rise in value were most likely fashioned by the same forces which manipulate our financial markets today.

The only lesson BITCOIN leaves us is that a digital currency will become a reality under three conditions; i) international agreement on a GCR, ii) unlike the current FIAT system, the new digital currency will be backed by hard assets (i.e. it will truly be mined by gold, silver, oil etc.), and iii) digital currency will not be a publicly run monetary system, but rather one that will be overseen by a newly formed Global Central Bank.

This leaves us with the issue of “gold”. The USA and Great Britain have no gold. The short list of countries with the most gold include the Vatican, Germany, Italy, France, China, Indonesia, Russia, India and the IMF. So when a GCR occurs, we can expect that the petrol based U.S. dollar reserve currency will become comatose, and its value shattered on the global markets. This may explain why China and Japan are “dumping” U.S. treasuries, and many other countries are slowly embracing the Yuan.

This is the situation the world finds itself in today - a rabid western based Cabal uttering its last breath, trying to save a system that is near death. The Ukraine is just another attempt to foment war and save a financial system which continues to manipulate, enslave, steal and foster economic chaos and war on a grand scale.

If Russia is forced to play its hand, the USA will perish and much of the West as we know it today will as well. We must not be fooled into thinking that a USA led NATO military force will win the day, because they will not. Prophecy has revealed to us that Russia is on God’s team.

If you are reading this article I hope you take a moment to read a poem I wrote some time ago. It is entitled "Dragon and Bear". The link is shown here

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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Scientists Accidentally Discover How to Stop or Start Pain Using Light

Scientists Accidentally Discover How to Stop or Start Pain Using Light

Because you’re reading this right now and not staring into my shining eyes, you won’t understand how excited I am for a major development in optogenetics, the manipulation of nerves using light. Let me be clear: I’m stoked to the max. Researchers have discovered that light can be used to create or end pain, and that’s exciting and terrifying news.

A study published this week in Nature Biotechnology explains how scientists at Stanford’s Bio-X lab accidentally stumbled on their ability to end pain as we know it while researching light’s impact on muscle movement in mice.

The team had inserted proteins called opsins into the nerves of the mice and then waited several weeks until the mice’s nerves were light-sensitive to begin their tests. During the course of their research, they realized that different shades of light also seemed to impact the mice’s pain neurons; some shades stopped pain altogether, while others increased it. Says Scott Delp, co-author of the study and owner of the lab,  “We thought, ‘Wow, we’re getting pain neurons, that could be really important.’”

Adam Clark Estes nicely summarizes the study’s significance for Gizmodo: “This bears huge implications in a number of fields, from neuroscience to psychology, and could help millions of people who suffer from chronic pain.”

It’s hard to imagine the effect that this incredible new development may have for modern medicine–or modern weaponry and warfare. However, it’s not the first mind-blowing discovery to be reported by Bio-X in the developing study of optogenetics.

In the past, pioneer Karl Deisseroth and his peers have written about the field’s potential for curbing hunger and curing brain disease and alcoholism. So there may be a brighter future ahead of us–just don’t try these cures at home yet.

(via Gizmodo, image via Douglas Muth)

China Introduces Two Anti-Japanese Holidays

China Introduces Two Anti-Japanese Holidays

Chinese President Xi Jinping (center left) is accompanied by Beijing's Party Secretary Guo Jinlong (right) during an unannounced visit to a residential alley in Beijing on Feb. 25
Photograph by AP Photo

Chinese President Xi Jinping (center left) is accompanied by Beijing's Party Secretary Guo Jinlong (right) during an unannounced visit to a residential alley in Beijing on Feb. 25

With the annual meeting of China’s parliament about to begin in smoggy Beijing, the Chinese government is in desperate need of a distraction. The pollution in the capital has been especially thick over the past week, obscuring the city’s skycrapers just as delegates from all over the country arrive for the opening of the National People’s Congress. The country’s pollution has become “unbearable,” Li Junfeng, director general of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, said at a conference in Beijing on Sunday.

So what better time for the Chinese government to ramp up its campaign against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, an enemy even more despised than smog? China has been feuding with Abe since he took office in late 2012, with the rhetoric between the two sides becoming increasingly vitriolic. Now China is taking its anti-Japanese campaign to a new level. One item on the agenda this week for lawmakers at the National People’s Congress will be a proposal to commemorate the country’s long and ultimately victorious fight against the Japanese Empire in World War II.

If the proposal passe—and there’s little doubt about that for what amounts to a rubber-stamp legislature–China will have not one but two national holidays that can easily turn into Hate-on-Japan days: One, on Sept. 3, to be called Victory Day of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, will mark the end of the “World Anti-Fascist War.” Then, on Dec. 13, there will be a national memorial day for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, the 1937 atrocity by Japanese soldiers in the former Chinese capital. China puts the death toll at more than 300,000 over some six weeks.
Changing the calendar is particularly significant in China, whose government is notoriously stingy about giving days off to its people. This year, for instance, the Lunar New Year’s Eve was a regular work day, even though it had been an official day off since 2007. That was too much even for the People’s Daily, with the newspaper reporting a poll on Chinese portal (SINA) showing that over 88 percent of respondents opposed the switch.

Many workers get no paid annual leave, so the only time they have to travel is over long “Golden Week” holidays–one around Lunar New Year, another to mark the Oct. 1 anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic. What the government gives, the government takes back, with the state requiring China’s workers to make up some of what it calls “borrowed” work days by surrendering some of their weekends before the long holidays start or after they’re over.

The timing of the proposal might seem odd, coming so many decades after the end of the war. It’s as if Israel got around only now, rather than in 1951, to instituting Yom HaShoah, the memorial day for victims of the Holocaust. The Chinese government, however, is furious with Japan’s refusal to negotiate over the disputed rocks in the East China Sea, called the Diaoyu Islands by the Chinese and the Senkaku Islands by the Japanese, and the new holidays will be convenient ways to turn up the heat.

By proposing the new holidays commemorating Japan’s aggression in World War Two, the Chinese government will have regular, formal occasions to keep the focus not only on what the Japanese did in the 1930s and ’40s but on the threat posed today by Abe and his resurgent nationalist allies. Or, as a Chinese official explained in the China Daily, the holidays will help express “China’s stance of safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial solidarity and world peace.”



New pain pill Zohydro is a very dangerous drug

By Karen Graham
Feb 26, 2014

When Zohydro is released for sale in March, it will be one of the most powerful prescription painkillers on the market today. In its highest dosage, it will contain 5 to 10 times as much hydrocodone as Vicodin, a widely prescribed pain medication. 
More than 42 health groups, including physicians, university researchers and drug rehabilitation specialists, are putting pressure on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to revoke approval of the prescription pain medication, Zohydro, given last year. 
The drug is similar to Oxycontin, only more powerful, and was approved by the FDA last year, despite its own advisory council voting against approval in December 2012. At that time, the advisory panel cited the increased possibility of the drug being abused. 
In a letter to FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg. the coalition of groups wrote, "In the midst of a severe drug epidemic fueled by over prescribing of opioids, the very last thing the country needs is a new, dangerous, high-dose opioid." The group cited the number of people in the U.S. who have become addicted to opioids, as well as the number of deaths.

This is not the first letter against the FDA's allowing Zohydro to be released next month. In December, 29 state attorney's general sent a similar letter to the FDA. And in October of 2013, members of Congress were urged to ask the FDA to review its decision on Zohydro. All the groups opposing the release of the painkiller share the same fears.

Concerns voiced by many include the potency of the pain medication, its abuse potential, especially in higher doses, and the danger it poses to the uninformed.

According to officials at Zogenix, two of the higher strength pills could kill an adult, and one pill would kill a child who mistakenly ate one. In 2012, prescription hydrocodone products generated $3.5 billion in sales on almost 131 million prescriptions and are the most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical products in the United States (Source® PHAST Prescription January 2012 - December 2012).

According to the CDC, deaths from overdose by prescription opioids have more than quadrupled since 1999, from 4,030 deaths involving the drugs in 1999, to16,651 in 2010. Overdose is a sign of the misuse of opioids, but the FDA and Zogenix both asserts the drug's benefits far outweigh the risks.

The company responsible for the manufacture of Zohydro, Zogenix, had been under scrutiny for a year, ignoring FDA recommendations about injecting a gel-like substance into the pills, making it more difficult for them to be crushed and snorted, upping the potential for abuse. While this requirement was only a suggestion, Zogenix chose to ignore it.

Another problem that bothered the advisory panel was the lack of scientific studies done on the particular patients the drug was intended for. Zogenix officials had told the FDA the painkiller was formulated for use in cancer patients in severe pain, yet it was never tested on this focus group.

Gun Rights - Visual Logic

Is it not odd that Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln were all killed by an assassin's bullet.



One prophet who was often overlooked in the 20th Century was one Alois Irlmaier. His visions of a third World War in Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific concur with many of my own projections as well as those of the French oracle Nostradamus. His description of a third World War, BEGUN BY A MAJOR CONFLICT IN THE BALKANS LEADING TO AN INVASION OF EUROPE BY RUSSIA, in particular is among the most detailed and horrifying prophetic accounts ever recorded on the subject.

I must warn that what follows is quite shocking and may disturb some of you. I have myself only recently received the complete Irlmaier prophesies. In preface, allow me to say that Irlmaier's vision confirms my own suspicions that the worst and most horrid elements of the First World War, including the use of chemical weapons and a resulting worldwide plague, will be realised in the Third. No one will escape this conflict or its consequences.

Here is what the German seer revealed when interviewed in the 1950s: Irlmaier

Everything calls peace. Schalom! Then it will occur -- a new Middle East war suddenly flares up, big naval forces are facing hostility in the Mediterranean -- the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkans: I see a 'large one' falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him -- then impact is on impact.

Two men kill a third high-ranked. They were paid by other people. One of the murderers is a small black man, the other a little bit taller, with bright-coloured hair. I think it will be at the Balkans, but I cannot say it exactly.

After the murder of the third it starts overnight. I see quite clearly three numbers, two eights and a nine. But I cannot say what it means and cannot state a time. The war begins at sunrise. He comes along very rapidly. The farmers sit in the pub playing cards, when the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors. Quite black an army comes from the east, but however everything occurs very rapidly. I see a three, but I do not know if it means three days or three weeks.

Massed units march from the East into Belgrade and move forward into Italy. Thereafter three armoured wedges immediately advance with lightning speed in the north of the Danube over West Germany towards the Rhine - without preliminary warning. This will occur so unexpectedly that the population flees full of panic to the west. Many cars clog the roads - if they had stayed at home or would have not used the main streets. Everything, which will be an obstacle for the rapidly advancing tanks on high-speed motorways and other fast motorways, will be down-rolled. I cannot see the Danube bridges above Regensburg anymore. Hardly anything remains of the big city Frankfurt. The Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air.

I see three spearheads coming. The Russian does not stop anywhere, while running in his three wedges. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhr-district, where the many furnaces and fireplaces are. Day and night the Russians run, inexorably their target is the Ruhr-district.

Immediately the revenge comes from across the large water. However the yellow dragon invades in Alaska and Canada at the same time. But he comes not far.

And then it rains a yellow dust in a line. When the golden city is destroyed, it begins. Like a yellow line it goes up to the city in the bay. It will be a clear night, when they begin to throw it. The tanks are still driving, but those who sit in these tanks become quite black. Where it falls down, everything will become quite dead, no tree, no bush, no cattle, no grass, this becomes withered and black. The houses still exist. I don't know what it is and so I cannot tell it. It is a long line. Who goes over this line, dies. Then everything in the spearheads breaks down. Nobody will come back anymore.

The airplanes drop a yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea. Thus a death strip is created, straight from the Black Sea to the North Sea, as wide as half of Bavaria. In this zone no grass can grow let alone humans live. The Russian supply is interrupted.

From the east there are many caterpillars. But in the caterpillars everybody is already dead, although the vehicles keep rolling on, in order to gradually stop automatic. At the Rhine the attack is finally repelled. From the three spearheads no soldier will come home anymore.
The pilots throw off their small black boxes. They do explode, before they touch the soil, and spread a yellow or green smoke or dust. What comes into contact with this becomes dead, whether it is human, animal or plant. For one year no organism is allowed to enter this area, otherwise it will expose itself to the largest mortal danger...

These boxes are satanic. When they explode, a yellow or green dust or smoke arises, everything that comes in contact to it, is dead. The humans become quite black and the meat falls off their bones, so sharply is the poison. Nobody from these three armies will come home anymore.

Then I see someone flying, coming from the east, who drops something into the large water, so that something strange will happen. The water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down, then everything is inundated. The whole action will not last long, I see three lines - three days, three weeks, three months, I don't know exactly but it won't last long.

There is an earthquake. The southern part of England slips into the water. One part disappears, when the thing falls into the sea...The countries at the sea are endangered of the water heavily, the waves go high as a house; it foams, as if it would boil. Islands disappear. A part of the proud island sinks, if the thing falls into the sea, which the pilot drops. Then the water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down. What this thing is, I do not know. When it comes, I do not know.

During the war the big darkness comes, which last 72 hours. It will become dark at a day during the war. Then a hail impact, consisting of lightening and thunder, breaks out and an earthquake vibrates the earth. Please do not go out of the house at this time. The lights do not burn, except candle light, the current stops. Who inhales the dust, gets a cramp and dies. Do not open the windows, cover it completely with black paper...Outside the death by dust goes around, many humans die. After 72 hours everything is over. But again: Do not go out of the house, do not look out of the windows, and keep the candle light burning. And pray. Overnight there will die more humans than in the two world wars before.

Do not open the windows during the 72 hours. The cattle falls, the grass becomes yellow and dry, the humans will become quite yellow and black. The wind drives the clouds of death off to the east.

The city with the iron tower (Eiffel Tower) becomes the victim of its own people. They ignite everything. Revolution is, and everything is going wildly.

The large city with the iron tower is on fire. But this has been done by its own people, not by those who came from the east. And in Italy it is going wildly too. They kill many people there and the Pope flees, but many clergymen will be killed, many churches collapse.

In Russia a revolution breaks out and a civil war. The corpses are so much that you cannot remove them off the roads anymore. The large ones among the party leaders commit suicide and in the blood the great guilty is washed off...I see a red mass mixed with yellow faces, it is a general riot and horrible killing.

The cross comes to honours anew. The Russian people believe in God anew. They sing the Easter song and burn candles in front of sacred pictures. By the prayers of Christianity the monster from hell dies; also the young people believe anew in the intercession of the God's mother.

If everything is over, a part of the inhabitants have died, and the people are frightened of God anew.

The laws, which bring death to the children, become invalid. Then peace will be. A good time. The Pope, who had not to flee across the water for a long time, returns. When the flowers bloom in the meadows, he will return and mourn for his murdered brothers. After these events a long, lucky time comes. But the people have to begin there, where their grandfathers began. 

I Ching



JFK Understood China Long Ago

The Chinese use two brushstrokes to write the word "crisis". One brush stroke stands for danger: the other stands for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger, but recognize the opportunity. JFK

Queen Elizabeth and Cameron issued warrants for a paedophile ring?

Queen Elizabeth and Cameron issued warrants for a paedophile ring?

Today Queen Elizabeth and UK Prime Minister David Cameron were issued arrest warrants. The two were charged with sexual crimes against children as part of an international pedophile ring.

“We have enough evidence to prosecute and hold both the Prime Minister and Queen of England" said ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor.

Last Thursday Activist David Compan was released from the London Park Royal Mental Health Centre. The psychiatric facility had been swamped with calls about his forced detainment there. David, plus his wife, were arrested on three occasions this month - without being charged. His apparent "crime" was daring to post Brussels common law court arrest warrants on the Queen, Cameron, former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 27 other global elites.
The present Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio was alleged to be part of child trafficking in an international pedophile ring. Victims who were prostituted as children at the Vatican have come forward, along with survivors who alleged they were abused in international pedophile rings. Victims have also alleged sex abuse and murder of children by former Pope Ratzinger, Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, a second Catholic Cardinal, a French judge, Belgian priests, other members of the British Royal family and Prince Bernhard of Holland.

A former Argentine government official recently agreed to testify about Bergoglio's role in a pedophile ring during Argentine's Junta "Dirty War." A Brussels international Common Law court was slated on the matter to begin March 15 2014.

On Feb. 25 2013 six judges of a Brussels common law court found the Queen, Cameron, Ratzinger and 37 other global elites guilty in the disappearance of 50,000 Canadian indigent children. Cases were prosecuted by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, ITCCS.

Evidence presented could be reviewed in ITCCS's Kevin Annett's "Hidden No Longer" at and

Why common law courts?

Common Law court actions were proven effective. In Feb. 2013 Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger resigned within days of being issued his arrest warrant.

Should parents consider common law courts to protect their children?

Yes, evidently. On Oct. 10 1964 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were seen taking ten native children from the Canadian Kamloops Residential School. The age-ten children haven't been heard of since. Canadian courts refused to hear the case that also involved the 50,000 Canadian missing indigent children.

Are we in danger if global elites were not held responsible for their crimes?

Evidently so. Two witnesses died of mysterious causes prior to the Feb. 2013 Brussels court that convicted the Queen, Cameron, former Pope Ratzinger and 37 other elites of Crimes Against Humanity.

Would our present court system prosecute international pedophile rings?

Evidently not. ITCCS efforts for excavation of 31 child mass grave sites of the 50,000 missing children have been thwarted since the first was discovered in 2008. The child mass grave sites were on grounds of 80 Canadian government-owned residential schools run by the Catholic and Anglican churches and the United Church of Canada. Victims of the Catholic priest abuse scandal have seen very few perpetrators find the inside of a jail cell.

“It’s time to display documentation so that common law verdicts can be understood and enforced by the community” stated Kevin Annett of the ITCCS. Annett will explain common law court action today on the Radio Warrior We the Jury show at 4 pm EDT

Along with the March 15 common law court on Popes Bergoglio and Ratzinger, several common law court actions were being organized for 2014. Survivors came forward from Ireland Templemore Forgotten Victims, Canadian Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared, Italian Rete L’Abuso and in the US, United Against Church Terror, plus government mind-control and Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors from SMART and Child Abuse Recovery

With help of legal experts and judges, the ITCCS has united survivors of genocide and child torture worldwide. ITCCS is active in 26 countries with over 50 affiliated groups.

To volunteer for the citizen juries of these court actions, contact A Common Law Training Manual can be found at

The ITCCS operates from an undisclosed central headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and regional offices in Vancouver, New York, Dublin, London and Paris. ITCCS officers and their legal and political advisers generally retain their anonymity for reasons of security.


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Edgar Cayce: The Future of Humanity will rest with Russia

Over the past number of years I have pontificated that Vladimir Putin and Russia will play a key role in Mankind's survival - both spiritually and physically. Coming across the below noted readings by Edgar Cayce only crystallizes what I had already come to believe.

It further re-affirms the fact that the Western Cabal is a criminal organization intent on destroying this planet and Mankind. What is happening in the Ukraine is no accident. What is happening in the Middle-East is no accident, and what is happening in Argentina and Venezuela is no accident.

The event which reached its apex during the Sochi Olympics was obviously planned and carried out by this depraved group of people. The media and internal Western operatives played a key role in exaggerating an already tense situation - a situation which eventually became deadly. The blood that runs in the Ukraine was marked by a bullet from the West

Seeing a smug Stephen Harper saying that he supports the democratic struggle of the Ukrainian people just infuriates me. He, Cameron, Obama, the Windsor queen and all the Satanists who continue to ripen chaos across this planet must be stopped. Theirs is an agenda of evil, genocide and treachery. It is no wonder that Colonel Russel Williams and Stephen Harper were politically and militarily connected.

Canadian Foreign Minister Baird, the trained and obedient foreign policy pit-bull of the Harper government, is now on his way to the Ukraine. Apparently to report on the status of their of their treacherous plan. 

This situation will leave the parasitic IMF an opportunity to lend the Ukraine the $30 billion it so desperately needs (i.e to stave off bankruptcy) as well as provide the Western Cabal an entry point to monitor and "control" the scheduled May 25th national election. Canada may lead the election observation mission. To my knowledge the Ukraine had already rejected an IMF bailout.

What the "idiots" from the West do not realize is that Ukraine is dependent on Russian gas and there exists a legitimate sector of the Ukrainian population that backs the Russian Federation. 

Now, let us see what Edgar Cayce had to say:

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the so-called “sleeping prophet”, made a number of remarkably accurate predictions of the future. In 1934, Cayce predicted the beginning and end of World War II many years before it happened. He predicted the end of Communism, and that Russia would be born again. He also saw a strong religious movement coming out of Russia.

Throughout the readings of the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ Edgar Cayce we again encounter amazing references to Russia’s special place in the cosmic plan. Cayce said:

“In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”
(Edgar Cayce, 1944, No. 3976-29)

… for changes are coming, this may be sure — an evolution, or revolution in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia; not communism, no! But rather that which is the basis of the same, as the Christ taught — His kind of communism! (Edgar Cayce, c. 1930, No. 452-6)

On Russia’s religious development will come the greater hope of the world. Then that one or group that is the closer in its relationship [with Russia] may fare the better in gradual changes and final settlement of conditions as to the rule of the world. (Edgar Cayce, c.1932)

[In Russia] a new understanding has come and will come to a troubled people… (Edgar Cayce, c.1938)

In an earlier commentary I had stated that Russia was the Third Secret of Fatima. Mr Harper and Col. Williams may escape true justice on this planet, but a greater judge lies in waiting. Those who follow Mr. Harper follow a road of death.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Canada would fail the "Ukraine Test"

Would Stephen Harper step down as Prime Minister if one million people appeared on Parliament Hill or signed a petition demanding his resignation? 

Answer: No

Would Stephen Harper step down as Prime Minister if several thousand people marched on Parliament Hill with guns, followed by one million protesters?

Answer: No

Would police organizations arrest protesters demanding Stephen Harper resign if they wore face-masks? In the Ukraine such individuals were called "freedom fighters", in Canada they would be called criminals and promptly arrested.

Stephen Harper manipulated the voting system to obtain a majority government and become Prime Minister. He is a fraud and traitor, just like Obama and Cameron. They are all puppets of the Windsor queen.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

House homeless twice over: Outrage in Europe over 11,000,000 empty homes

House homeless twice over: Outrage in Europe over 11mn empty homes

Published time: February 24, 2014 14:27

A man walks past boarded up houses in Liverpool, northern England (Reuters / Phil Noble)
A man walks past boarded up houses in Liverpool, northern England (Reuters / Phil Noble)
Around 11 million homes across Europe are empty or not in use – a number that could house all the EU homeless twice over, British media report. Housing campaigners who lobby for the rights of the poor have called the finding a “shocking waste.”

Among the frontrunners with vacant houses are the UK with 700,000 homes; Germany with 1.8 million; France with 2.4 million; and finally, Spain with some 3.4 million homes which are languishing without tenants. These figures are a result of data collated by The Guardian.

What’s more, the high figures are growing at an alarming rate. In France the number of empty houses has gone up by nearly half a million since 2009.

The above aren’t the only countries with a bad record. Greece and Portugal, whose economic situations are arguably far worse than the aforementioned countries, are not far behind in numbers.
Before the financial crisis of 2007-08 came the housing boom. People were buying up properties, a large number of which were in the luxury sector.

Moreover, a substantial number of the homes were never even meant for occupation; they were simply investments. Furthermore, some half-built homes were bulldozed in an effort to drive up the price for the remainder.

Housing campaigners called the large numbers a “shocking waste,” especially at a time when there are more homeless on the streets than ever before. One lobbyist with the Empty Homes charity told The Guardian that “it’s a massive number” that “will be shocking to ordinary people.”

“Homes are built for people to live in, if they’re not being lived in then something has gone seriously wrong with the housing market,” David Ireland continued, also saying that policy-makers needed to take urgent action against wealthy buyers who use homes solely as “investment vehicles.” As the newspaper also pointed out, citing estate agent Savills, the trend is very strong in London, while prices since the 2007 crisis have gone up by a staggering 27 percent. And the practice and price hikes are becoming a Europe-wide habit.

A street of boarded up terraced houses is seen in the Kensington area of Liverpool, northern England (Reuters / Phil Noble)
A street of boarded up terraced houses is seen in the Kensington area of Liverpool, northern England (Reuters / Phil Noble)

Ireland went on to explain that with Europe’s 4.1 million homeless – according to EU statistics – the problem could be solved twice over. But instead, as Maria Jose Aldanas of the Spanish housing association pointed out, Spain is undergoing more evictions and repossessions and the situation is actually heading in the opposite direction.

FEANTSA, a European body that unites all other organizations dealing with homelessness on the continent, joined the chorus. Its director, Freek Spinnewijn, recommended that “governments should do as much as possible to put empty homes on the market. The problem of homelessness is getting worse across the whole of the European Union. The best way to resolve it is to put empty homes on the market.”

Attempts to realize that idea have been made. Just last month, Euro-MPs demanded that the European Commission come up with a strategy dealing with homelessness, and do so quickly. The motion received an overwhelming majority of 349 to 45 votes.

While according to director of policy at the UK Chartered Institute of Housing, Gavin Smart, much of the housing stock has fallen into disrepair (or are simply in areas without a thriving economy), but a large number of properties could be used to rectify the housing situation right now.

Sometimes, it is not the countries with large numbers of empty homes who are entirely at fault. This is illustrated in the example of Spain. Most of its luxury, seaside homes were bought up by the British and the Germans. The wave of buying at the peak of the property boom has helped raise the number of empty houses by 10 percent, compared to the last decade. But that was to be expected, since, with prices going up by 44 percent, builders saw great opportunities to make a quick buck and knocked out around 800,000 homes annually.

There is no one single cause for why this happens, but specialists in housing and homelessness have told the Guardian that a bolder approach is needed to developing affordable solutions, because across Europe the numbers of empty homes have increased by as much as 35 percent in under 10 years, as in Portugal.


Would you say that Ukrainians are fools? .......YES

Western meddling opens Pandora’s Box in Ukraine

Kiev is caught in a EU-Russian tug-of-war primarily because of western meddling
By Linda S.Heard | Special to Gulf News
February 24, 2014
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While EU envoys to Kiev were patting themselves on the back for twisting the arm of Ukraine’s beleaguered leader, President Viktor Yanukovych had made a hasty exit. ‘Peaceful’ demonstrators in Independence Square were still baying for his blood even after he signed an agreement to early elections, a reversion to the 2004 constitution clawing back presidential powers – as well as the formation of a unity government!

The deal is now off. Parliament has voted to impeach the President, a move that has been welcomed by the White House, notwithstanding that its constitutionality is questionable. Yanukovych, who was democratically-elected, says he’s the victim of a parliamentary ‘coup’. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has blasted opposition leaders for reneging on their agreed obligations, accusing them of “following the lead of armed extremists and pogromists, whose actions pose direct threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty and constitutional order”.

Former prime minister and icon of the 2004 Orange Revolution Yulia Tymoshenko was hastily released from prison, cutting short her seven-year sentence for abuse of powers. Hours later, she made an emotional speech to the crowds in the Maidan that pressed all the right buttons but was met with a lukewarm reaction. Some analysts believe the country is ripe for splitting into two with western Ukraine falling into the EU’s geopolitical orbit and the Russian-speaking east/southeast becoming closer to Moscow. Any move in that direction has its dangers. Russia isn’t going to fade away quietly. On Saturday, thousands of Yanukovych loyalists gathered in the southeastern city of Kharkov where local deputies vowed to reject the authority of Kiev in favour of their own alternative government. The Moscow Times quotes a Russian foreign policy official as saying, “We will not allow Europe and the US to take Ukraine from us…” The Financial Times spoke to a “senior government official’ who warned that Crimea that hosts Russia’s Black Sea fleet is a red line. “If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war,” he said. For the sake of argument, let’s imagine that an interim government delivers hope, the anger on the street dissipates and all sides kiss and make up.
Then what? There remains a small problem that is largely skirted over by media, whose cameras have focused on starry-eyed idealists huddled in the Maidan braving icy temperatures for ‘freedom’, largely overlooking the masked neo-Nazis, ultra-nationalists and rent-a-mobs turning paving stones into missiles. France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius spelled it out, admitting the Ukrainian economy is ‘appalling’. If it’s bad now it’s likely to get worse, unless Brussels puts its money where its mouth is. The EU in partnership with the US, broke it, and should, therefore, be up to fixing it. That, of course is a tall order at a time when EU countries have been forced to tighten their belts.

Major gateway to Russia

It’s doubtful that further disbursements of Russia’s $15 billion(Dh55 billion) largesse will remain on the table under current circumstances and, indeed, Kiev owes Russian companies $2.7 billion in unpaid gas bills. Russia could pull the plug on Ukrainian exports, currently worth over $18 billion annually and rescind its offer of cheap gas.

Without hefty financial assistance from abroad, Ukraine will default on its debts and will struggle to borrow now that Standard and Poor’s has downgraded its credit rating. Severance from Moscow could also adversely impact Ukrainian industries bound up with Russian investment in the east and southeast, such as coalfields and steel plants.

Last week, President Barack Obama said US disagreement with Russia on Ukraine (and Syria) does not signal a new “Cold War chessboard” but that’s exactly what it looks like. The EU does not stand to benefit greatly from a closer relationship with Kiev, whereas Ukraine is not only historically, culturally, militarily and economically tied to its giant neighbour, as a major gateway to Russia it is set to be an integral player in the Russian Customs Union.

Ukraine is caught in a tug of war primarily because western capitals have been unable to shirk-off their Cold War mentality and are holding out false hope to 46 million Ukrainians. If Ukrainians believe they will now bask in the warmth of an EU embrace, they may be in for a disappointment. Full EU membership could take years, if not decades and Brussels won’t be in a hurry to permit Ukrainians visa-free travel around Europe. Furthermore if there is an EU aid package in the offing that would likely be contingent on an IMF loan attached to unpalatable strings.

Who can doubt that the US has been the puppet-master all along. The foul-mouthed US Assistant Secretary-of-State, Victoria Nuland was heard drawing up Ukraine’s future during a tapped phone call to the US Ambassador to Kiev. And during a speech at the US National Press Club she proudly revealed that Washington had forked-out $5 billion over the years to encourage pro-western sentiment in Ukraine, which translates to fomenting revolution. Bravo! Her job in Ukraine almost done, she’ll leave the Ukrainian people to pick up the pieces. Never mind there’s plenty of scope for provocateurs in Venezuela!


In Memory of Dr. Richard Teo (1972 - 2012)

In Memory of Dr. Richard Teo (1972 - 2012)

Below is the transcript of the talk of Dr. Richard Teo, who is a 40-year-old millionaire and cosmetic surgeon with a... stage-4 lung cancer but selflessly came to share with the D1 class his life experience on 19-Jan-2012. He has just passed away few days ago on 18 October 2012.

Hi good morning to all of you. My voice is a bit hoarse, so please bear with me. I thought I'll just introduce myself. My name is Richard, I'm a medical doctor. And I thought I'll just share some thoughts of my life. It's my pleasure to be invited by prof. Hopefully, it can get you thinking about how... as you pursue this.. embarking on your training to become dental surgeons, to think about other things as well.

Since young, I am a typical product of today's society. Relatively successful product that society requires.. From young, I came from a below average family. I was told by the media... and people around me that happiness is about success. And that success is about being wealthy. With this mind-set, I've always be extremely competitive, since I was young.

Not only do I need to go to the top school, I need to have success in all fields. Uniform groups, track, everything. I needed to get trophies, needed to be successful, I needed to have colours award, national colours award, everything. So I was highly competitive since young. I went on to medical school, graduated as a doctor. Some of you may know that within the medical faculty, ophthalmology is one of the most highly sought after specialities. So I went after that as well. I was given a traineeship in ophthalmology, I was also given a research scholarship by NUS to develop lasers to treat the eye.

So in the process, I was given 2 patents, one for the medical devices, and another for the lasers. And you know what, all this academic achievements did not bring me any wealth. So once I completed my bond with MOH, I decided that this is taking too long, the training in eye surgery is just taking too long. And there's lots of money to be made in the private sector. If you're aware, in the last few years, there is this rise in aesthetic medicine. Tons of money to be made there. So I decided, well, enough of staying in institution, it's time to leave. So I quit my training halfway and I went on to set up my aesthetic clinic... in town, together with a day surgery centre.

You know the irony is that people do not make heroes out average GP (general practitioner), family physicians. They don't. They make heroes out of people who are rich and famous. People who are not happy to pay $20 to see a GP, the same person have no qualms paying ten thousand dollars for a liposuction, 15 thousand dollars for a breast augmentation, and so on and so forth. So it's a no brainer isn't? Why do you want to be a gp? Become an aesthetic physician. So instead of healing the sick and ill, I decided that I'll become a glorified beautician. So, business was good, very good. It started off with waiting of one week, then became 3weeks, then one month, then 2 months, then 3 months. I was overwhelmed; there were just too many patients. Vanities are fantastic business. I employed one doctor, the second doctor, the 3rd doctor, the 4th doctor. And within the 1st year, we're already raking in millions. Just the 1st year. But never is enough because I was so obsessed with it. I started to expand into Indonesia to get all the rich Indonesian tai-tais who wouldn't blink an eye to have a procedure done. So life was really good.

So what do I do with the spare cash. How do I spend my weekends? Typically, I'll have car club gatherings. I take out my track car, with spare cash I got myself a track car. We have car club gatherings. We'll go up to Sepang in Malaysia. We'll go for car racing. And it was my life. With other spare cash, what do i do? I get myself a Ferrari. At that time, the 458 wasn't out, it's just a spider convertible, 430. This is a friend of mine, a schoolmate who is a forex trader, a banker. So he got a red one, he was wanting all along a red one, I was getting the silver one.

So what do I do after getting a car? It's time to buy a house, to build our own bungalows. So we go around looking for a land to build our own bungalows, we went around hunting. So how do i live my life? Well, we all think we have to mix around with the rich and famous. This is one of the Miss Universe. So we hang around with the beautiful, rich and famous. This by the way is an internet founder. So this is how we spend our lives, with dining and all the restaurants and Michelin Chefs you know.

So I reach a point in life that I got everything for my life. I was at the pinnacle of my career and all. That's me one year ago in the gym and I thought I was like, having everything under control and reaching the pinnacle.

Well, I was wrong. I didn't have everything under control. About last year March, I started to develop backache in the middle of nowhere. I thought maybe it was all the heavy squats I was doing. So I went to SGH, saw my classmate to do an MRI, to make sure it's not a slipped disc or anything. And that evening, he called me up and said that we found bone marrow replacement in your spine. I said, sorry what does that mean? I mean I know what it means, but I couldn't accept that. I was like “Are you serious?” I was still running around going to the gym you know. But we had more scans the next day, PET scans - positrons emission scans, they found that actually I have stage 4 terminal lung cancer. I was like "Whoa where did that come from?” It has already spread to the brain, the spine, the liver and the adrenals. And you know one moment I was there, totally thinking that I have everything under control, thinking that I've reached the pinnacle of my life. But the next moment, I have just lost it.

This is a CT scan of the lungs itself. If you look at it, every single dot there is a tumour. We call this miliaries tumour. And in fact, I have tens of thousands of them in the lungs. So, I was told that even with chemotherapy, that I'll have about 3-4months at most. Did my life come crushing on, of course it did, who wouldn't? I went into depression, of course, severe depression and I thought I had everything.

See the irony is that all these things that I have, the success, the trophies, my cars, my house and all. I thought that brought me happiness. But i was feeling really down, having severe depression. Having all these thoughts of my possessions, they brought me no joy. The thought of... You know, I can hug my Ferrari to sleep, no... No, it is not going to happen. It brought not a single comfort during my last ten months. And I thought they were, but they were not true happiness. But it wasn't. What really brought me joy in the last ten months was interaction with people, my loved ones, friends, people who genuinely care about me, they laugh and cry with me, and they are able to identify the pain and suffering I was going through. That brought joy to me, happiness. None of the things I have, all the possessions, and I thought those were supposed to bring me happiness. But it didn't, because if it did, I would have felt happy think about it, when I was feeling most down..

You know the classical Chinese New Year that is coming up. In the past, what do I do? Well, I will usually drive my flashy car to do my rounds, visit my relatives, to show it off to my friends. And I thought that was joy, you know. I thought that was really joy. But do you really think that my relatives and friends, whom some of them have difficulty trying to make ends meet, that will truly share the joy with me? Seeing me driving my flashy car and showing off to them? No, no way. They won’t be sharing joy with me. They were having problems trying to make ends meet, taking public transport. In fact i think, what I have done is more like you know, making them envious, jealous of all I have. In fact, sometimes even hatred.

Those are what we call objects of envy. I have them, I show them off to them and I feel it can fill my own pride and ego. That didn't bring any joy to these people, to my friends and relatives, and I thought they were real joy.

Well, let me just share another story with you. You know when I was about your age, I stayed in king Edward VII hall. I had this friend whom I thought was strange. Her name is Jennifer, we're still good friends. And as I walk along the path, she would, if she sees a snail, she would actually pick up the snail and put it along the grass patch. I was like why do you need to do that? Why dirty your hands? It’s just a snail. The truth is she could feel for the snail. The thought of being crushed to death is real to her, but to me it's just a snail. If you can't get out of the pathway of humans then you deserve to be crushed, it’s part of evolution isn't it? What an irony isn't it?

There I was being trained as a doctor, to be compassionate, to be able to empathise; but I couldn't. As a house officer, I graduated from medical school, posted to the oncology department at NUH. And, every day, every other day I witness death in the cancer department. When I see how they suffered, I see all the pain they went through. I see all the morphine they have to press every few minutes just to relieve their pain. I see them struggling with their oxygen breathing their last breath and all. But it was just a job. When I went to clinic every day, to the wards every day, take blood, give the medication but was the patient real to me? They weren't real to me. It was just a job, I do it, I get out of the ward, I can't wait to get home, I do my own stuff.

Was the pain, was the suffering the patients went through real? No. Of course I know all the medical terms to describe how they feel, all the suffering they went through. But in truth, I did not know how they feel, not until I became a patient. It is until now; I truly understand how they feel. And, if you ask me, would I have been a very different doctor if I were to re-live my life now, I can tell you yes I will. Because I truly understand how the patients feel now. And sometimes, you have to learn it the hard way.

Even as you start just your first year, and you embark this journey to become dental surgeons, let me just challenge you on two fronts.

Inevitably, all of you here will start to go into private practice. You will start to accumulate wealth. I can guarantee you. Just doing an implant can bring you thousands of dollars, it's fantastic money. And actually there is nothing wrong with being successful, with being rich or wealthy, absolutely nothing wrong. The only trouble is that a lot of us like myself couldn't handle it.

Why do I say that? Because when I start to accumulate, the more I have, the more I want. The more I wanted, the more obsessed I became. Like what I showed you earlier on, all I can was basically to get more possessions, to reach the pinnacle of what society did to us, of what society wants us to be. I became so obsessed that nothing else really mattered to me. Patients were just a source of income, and I tried to squeeze every single cent out of these patients.

A lot of times we forget, whom we are supposed to be serving. We become so lost that we serve nobody else but just ourselves. That was what happened to me. Whether it is in the medical, the dental fraternity, I can tell you, right now in the private practice, sometimes we just advise patients on treatment that is not indicated. Grey areas. And even though it is not necessary, we kind of advocate it. Even at this point, I know who are my friends and who genuinely cared for me and who are the ones who try to make money out of me by selling me "hope". We kind of lose our moral compass along the way. Because we just want to make money.

Worse, I can tell you, over the last few years, we bad mouth our fellow colleagues, our fellow competitors in the industry. We have no qualms about it. So if we can put them down to give ourselves an advantage, we do it. And that's what happening right now, medical, dental everywhere. My challenge to you is not to lose that moral compass. I learnt it the hard way, I hope you don't ever have to do it.

Secondly, a lot of us will start to get numb to our patients as we start to practise. Whether is it government hospitals, private practice, I can tell you when I was in the hospital, with stacks of patient folders, I can't wait to get rid of those folders as soon as possible; I can't wait to get patients out of my consultation room as soon as possible because there is just so many, and that's a reality. Because it becomes a job, a very routine job. And this is just part of it. Do I truly know how the patient feels back then? No, I don't. The fears and anxiety and all, do I truly understand what they are going through? I don't, not until when this happens to me and I think that is one of the biggest flaws in our system.

We’re being trained to be healthcare providers, professional, and all and yet we don't know how exactly they feel. I'm not asking you to get involved emotionally, I don't think that is professional but do we actually make a real effort to understand their pain and all? Most of us won’t, alright, I can assure you. So don't lose it, my challenge to you is to always be able to put yourself in your patient's shoes.

Because the pain, the anxiety, the fear are very real even though it's not real to you, it's real to them. So don't lose it and you know, right now I'm in the midst of my 5th cycle of my chemotherapy. I can tell you it’s a terrible feeling. Chemotherapy is one of those things that you don't wish even your enemies to go through because it's just suffering, lousy feeling, throwing out, you don't even know if you can retain your meals or not. Terrible feeling! And even with whatever little energy now I have, I try to reach out to other cancer patients because I truly understand what pain and suffering is like. But it's kind of little too late and too little.

You guys have a bright future ahead of you with all the resource and energy, so I’m going to challenge you to go beyond your immediate patients. To understand that there are people out there who are truly in pain, truly in hardship. Don’t get the idea that only poor people suffer. It is not true. A lot of these poor people do not have much in the first place, they are easily contented. for all you know they are happier than you and me but there are out there, people who are suffering mentally, physically, hardship, emotionally, financially and so on and so forth, and they are real. We choose to ignore them or we just don't want to know that they exist.

So do think about it alright, even as you go on to become professionals and dental surgeons and all. That you can reach out to these people who are in need. Whatever you do can make a large difference to them. I'm now at the receiving end so I know how it feels, someone who genuinely care for you, encourage and all. It makes a lot of difference to me. That’s what happens after treatment. I had a treatment recently, but I’ll leave this for another day. A lot of things happened along the way, that's why I am still able to talk to you today.

I'll just end of with this quote here, it's from this book called Tuesdays with Morris, and some of you may have read it. Everyone knows that they are going to die; every one of us knows that. The truth is, none of us believe it because if we did, we will do things differently. When I faced death, when I had to, I stripped myself off all stuff totally and I focused only on what is essential. The irony is that a lot of times, only when we learn how to die then we learn how to live. I know it sounds very morbid for this morning but it's the truth, this is what I’m going through.

Don’t let society tell you how to live. Don’t let the media tell you what you're supposed to do. Those things happened to me. And I led this life thinking that these are going to bring me happiness. I hope that you will think about it and decide for yourself how you want to live your own life. Not according to what other people tell you to do, and you have to decide whether you want to serve yourself, whether you are going to make a difference in somebody else's life. Because true happiness doesn't come from serving yourself. I thought it was but it didn't turn out that way.

Also most importantly, I think true joy comes from knowing God. Not knowing about God – I mean, you can read the bible and know about God – but knowing God personally; getting a relationship with God. I think that’s the most important. That’s what I’ve learnt.

So if I were to sum it up, I’d say that the earlier we sort out the priorities in our lives, the better it is. Don’t be like me – I had no other way. I had to learn it through the hard way. I had to come back to God to thank Him for this opportunity because I’ve had 3 major accidents in my past – car accidents. You know, these sports car accidents – I was always speeding , but somehow I always came out alive, even with the car almost being overturned. And I wouldn’t have had a chance. Who knows, I don’t know where else I’d be going to! Even though I was baptised it was just a show, but the fact that this has happened, it gave me a chance to come back to God.

Few things I’d learnt though:
1. Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart – this is so important.
2. Is to love and serve others, not just ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with being rich or wealthy. I think it’s absolutely alright, cos God has blessed. So many people are blessed with good wealth, but the trouble is I think a lot of us can’t handle it. The more we have, the more we want. I’ve gone through it, the deeper the hole we dig, the more we get sucked into it, so much so that we worship wealth and lose focus. Instead of worshipping God, we worship wealth. It’s just a human instinct. It’s just so difficult to get out of it.

We are all professionals, and when we go into private practise, we start to build up our wealth – inevitably. So my thought are, when you start to build up wealth and when the opportunity comes, do remember that all these things don’t belong to us. We don’t really own it nor have rights to this wealth. It’s actually God’s gift to us. Remember that it’s more important to further His Kingdom rather than to further ourselves.

Anyway I think that I’ve gone through it, and I know that wealth without God is empty. It is more important that you fill up the wealth, as you build it up subsequently, as professionals and all, you need to fill it up with the wealth of God.

Junrix S. Monter
This is a wonderful read. I found it posted on my timeline. If you are not fighting for yourself, your fellow man and God, then what are you fighting for?