Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mr. Baird, the Baird Man – I Hear Al Pacino! - This Commentary ends with John F. Kennedy

Mr. Baird, the Baird Man – I Hear Al Pacino!
This Commentary ends with John F. Kennedy

My God, Gaddafi was rebuilding most of Africa yet Mr. Baird is saying that Libyan money was being squandered. The last time Africa saw so much economic activity was when the British, Jews, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Spanish prospered from the slave trade. During several centuries they annihilated 100,000,000 Africans and Aboriginal peoples. Baird called Gaddafi’s Libya a country that oppressed women, violated human rights, suppressed democracy and so on.

Mr. Baird, please invade China right now! RIGHT NOW! We know China has at least $3 Trillion dollars in excess cash and their human rights record stinks according to western governments. Come on, be a hero! It would amazing to see your rear-end hanging from your fireplace.

Mr. Baird stated that “there has to be justice for those who commit war crimes”. How does a revolution initiated by the CIA and supported by NATO make anyone in Libya guilty of a war crime? Do you remember Iraq? Bush Jr. is responsible for the murder of over 1,000,000 Iraqis and 3,000 of his own people – 911. The human toll in Afghanistan has yet to be calculated. The Bushes are great at murder.

Bush Sr. was a key John F. Kennedy conspirator, initiated the Gulf War and Bush Jr. was responsible for a global economic Armageddon and Middle-East war. Not to mention that George Jr. gave birth to global terrorism. Let’s not forget Grandpa Prescott Bush. He bankrolled good old Adolf Hitler. Approximately 80,000,000 people lost their lives in WWII.

You know, I hear many people say that it is better that our governments do to “them (Muslims)”, before they do the exact same, to us. What does that really say about us? Sadly, our governments are doing to us economically and financially what they are doing militarily to countries in the Middle-East. Do you not think that one day they will not employ the same military strategy against us? This is what people fail to grasp. Ultimately we are allowing our democratic governments to seed enemies, and in the end, make us the enemy.

The greatest crime is to protect real criminals! I can’t believe the bull-sh@@ that is flying through the air-waves. I don’t know how it stays suspended in mid-air. If you research the crime, murder and poverty statistics in the United States, you will conclude that democracy is dying a horrible death. That is one country begging for revolution. A John F. Kennedy moment will be appropriate here. Then you can understand what you are dealing with.

“The Clint Murchison Meeting”, An Interview with Madeleine Duncan Brown, LBJ’s Mistress

Below is an excerpt from the following website:

The group met for a party in Dallas hosted by Clint Murchison, another business tycoon with close links to the Genovese mafia, on November 21st 1963, the night before the assassination. Those present at the event included L.B. Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Clyde Tolson, John J. McCloy, Jack Ruby, H.L. Hunt, George Brown (of Brown and Root), numerous mafia kingpins, several newspaper and TV reporters and others…………The party began to wind down at around 11 o' clock when the attendees were shocked to witness the arrival of Lyndon Johnson who had traveled from Houston. Clint Murchison immediately called a meeting…………………"They all went in to this conference room.....Lyndon didn't stay that much in the meeting and when he came out....he grabbed me by the arm and he had this deep voice and he said, 'after tomorrow those S.O.B.'s will never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise."

Much of Duncan Brown’s testimony was corroborated by E. Howard Hunt and Chauncey Holt. We also know of James File’s role in the assassination. The evidence in the above video is mind-blowing. Brown was an eyewitness to the conspiracy. The human carnage which covered-up the assassination is amazing. The web grows bigger when you watch the following video.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Centrifugal Force – One Last Thought About Jack

Centrifugal Force – One Last Thought About Jack

The centrist party is driving haphazardly down the halls of the parliament buildings trying to collide with the leftist congregation.

I love conspiracy theories, especially when the evidence makes the outcome incongruous with the norm. Jack Layton’s prostate cancer appeared to have been won, yet another form of non-descript cancer took his life. Unlike many political leaders Jack’s body was cremated and the ultimate cause of his death was withheld from the public.

Layton was the first party leader to shake the foundations of the two-party system. This system has imbedded its political membership in our parliament, senate, global ambassadorships and the senior public service. In other words, Jack’s victory was a threat to the mainstream establishment.

What we are witnessing now is an attempt by the centrists to overthrow the left. This is a relatively safe mission when you consider that many of the new NDP MP’s are novice politicians. They can be manipulated and controlled by institutionalized politicians. The instability we now see in the NDP party is coming from an external force and not from within.

Could you imagine if Bob Rae ultimately took charge of both parties? This individual is a power hungry, egotistical political wanderer, with only his personal interests at heart. He really loves to hear himself speak. He now echoes Jack’s mandate. Rae will be receiving a lot of air time, and the media establishment will be pressing for the restoration of two-party system. Those who push for a merger are the NDP moles and the establishment whores.

What we should be asking is, “what really happened to Jack?” Why are we pushing for the re-birth of the Liberal party through the merger of the left and center? I am not a leftist, but I am convinced that if this new opposition party is managed properly, it will cleanse some of the establishment corruption. Give it a chance!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, August 29, 2011



Governments cannot manage our money. Politicians first find a way of enriching themselves, as a primary protocol, and then never stop taxing us. Taxation is directly proportional to the salaries and pensions of government employees.

Banks know not the value of money. Bankers find solace only in debt and bonuses. They manage debt by issuing more debt and then reward themselves for having escaped prosecution from their illicit Ponzi schemes.

Economic pun dents have wonderful graduate degrees. But current economic activities follow no historical trends. Economic activity now centers itself around the continuum of a debt crisis. Its primary goal is to meet the needs of those who profit the most from the crisis (Monarchs, Bankers, CEO’s and in a nutshell, high-ranking Freemasonry) and leave the fall-out to the masses.

Stock markets no longer sell share value. Brokers now peddle stocks that have every ounce of future profit built in. If you miss the appreciation in stock value at the onset, you will certainly enjoy the ride down. If you are lucky you may have bought a financial instrument whose market value is not known to anyone, especially you.

Our financial markets no longer sell real commodities. Commodity trading has become fractionalized and FIAT based. A pound of gold is sold as an ounce of paper, and 33 pieces of silver are now available in bound certificates.

Central banks were established to regulate monetary policy and set fair interest rates so that it could compliment a fair taxation system. We now earn no interest and pay all the taxes imaginable.

Central Bank Governors get well paid to move an interest rate a quarter of a percentage point. My bowel movement requires more thought and preparation eH!

Silver and Gold Please,
Joseph Pede



Genius is as holographic as the universe. Those who starve Mankind of the Creator’s wisdom will find their ultimate reward in the darkest recesses of the cosmos. The multitudinous and varying chemical compositions of the human brain are each endowed with an extraordinary gift – a genius that can only be manifested inside a particular soul. The summation of each of these individual geniuses, form the holographic whole.

The knowledge that Freemasons seek to protect is an inherent attribute of every human being. However, genius in our modern world has been distorted by sociological, biological and chemical manipulation. A process that has been formulated by the Frankenstein’s of our most evil genius. We have evolved from the dissection of the human torso to creating bacterial, viral and genetic monsters that will soon ravage humanity.

Freemasons are the guardians of emptiness, despair, indifference, hate, exclusion, intolerance, creators of human indignity and the barons of our ultimate extinction. Hell is and will be the sanctuary for this genus of fools. No one can extinguish a mortal’s yearning for a spiritual oneness with an omnipresent God because His genius is a product of patience. Evil is cunning but never patient.

In the same vein, the only way to conquer evil is to undo its dirty work by using a little bit of our own genius. The Federal Reserve, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and The Bank of America must be made to collapse. These Masonic institutions along with the IMF, World Bank, BIS and the City of London banking centre are the Frankenstein’s of our age. Money is no longer the conduit for global financial exchange but rather the means by which a few evil minds have used it to induce totalitarianism. You remove their might by denying them access to money and transforming our monetary systems back to gold and silver. It is no different than denying a vampire blood and exposing it to light.

Banks no longer earn money, they print it!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Symphony of War

The Symphony of War

Drums rouse the inner sanctum
Violins pray the arrival of the judging angels
Trumpets herald the demons of hell
Bagpipes squeeze the last ounce of human misery

Symbols clash as the first warrior falls
Harps strum a mighty applause
The flute makes merry the next advance
An angry Bass plays the closing chord

Ritual blood blissfully addicted to the hardened soil
Crimson blades of grass wither with the dying sun
Earth’s underground quarry drowns in perpetual sorrow
Stench nourishes the appetite of the omnipresent evil

A jubilant crowd rings applause to the abhorrent spectacle
Pale-faced Generals salute the faceless assembly
Presidents and Prime Ministers chuckle within their ghostly galleries
Time now brings us to the first inter-mission.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Hague

If it were not for the sanctity of treason, justice would have prevailed long ago.


The only World Court of Justice that has failed to convict the real criminals amongst us. In fact, they hide within its very walls.


Because The Hague has failed in its true mission, the distinction between right and wrong has become vague.


Plague can be defined as the corollary of a vague and a corrupt Hague.


The goose that laid the golden egg was executed at The Hague. Within the walls of justice Queen Beatrix gave birth to the progeny of Nazism.


To get a leg up on the courts, we need to defrock the appointed Masonic devils that profess to dispense justice.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, August 26, 2011

Israel Wielding the “Code of Hammurabi”

Israel Wielding the “Code of Hammurabi”
Is It preparing for WAR?

The Middle-East is quietly reaching a boiling point. A bilateral dispute between Israel & Cypress and Turkey over gas exploration in northern Cypress may appear to be a non-issue but when you add the Palestinians’ attempt at statehood next month, who knows what may happen.

The United States will stop all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority if they proceed with plans to ask the United Nations for recognition of an independent state in September, a U.S. official warned Friday. U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem, Daniel Rubinstein, told chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, that the U.S. would veto a UN Security Council resolution calling for recognition of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip within the June 4, 1967 borders and for UN membership.

And in case the Palestinian Authority seeks to upgrade its position at the UN through the General Assembly, the U.S. Congress will take punitive measures against it, including a cut in U.S. aid," he said. Rubinstein said his country sees the Palestinians' UN bid as "useless," and that it would be better to conclude a peace agreement with Israel through direct negotiations, according to Erekat.

As recently as today, Iranians were calling on renewed efforts for the world to assist Palestinians.

Millions of people across the world held demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people on International Qods Day on August 26. In Iran, millions of people from all walks of life turned out in great numbers across the country to show their solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian nation, whose homeland is being occupied by the Zionist regime. Almost all senior and mid-ranking officials, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani, and Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, took part in the rallies and praised the people for their massive and glorious participation in the demonstrations.

There is no better way to inflame and put in the shadows a global economic Armageddon unless you marry it with war. The Globalists continue to play havoc with our lives and we let them. A $200 billion dollar Libyan fortune with complete control of their oil fields will be the only capital required for this new crusade.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Political Freemasonry Fears Jack Layton Even in Death

Political Freemasonry Fears Jack Layton Even in Death

Most politicians self-aggrandize their achievements and welcome the fanfare of colleagues when they leave public office or retire. One must remember that these individuals make “no sacrifice” when they enter the political arena. They are appointed by the party hierarchy to run in specific ridings and if they fail they are rewarded with lucrative public servant jobs. Even in lost elections or embarrassing situations our political refuse finds a new home in the upper echelons of our public service or corporate boardrooms.

Jack was different. This member of a political family dynasty could have opted for a much easier political path. Instead he chose to rebuild an unpopular political party. This is statesmanship. His transformation of the NDP party helped convert the social mind-set of many Canadians, and ultimately altered the “Separatist Attitude” in Quebec. This in and of itself is a great political achievement. Jack, at some point, could be credited with the re-unification of Canada. No small feat when you consider that this country once invoked the war measures act to contain extremist separatist actions.

But Jack did more. He engaged a once dormant youth and challenged his opponents with relevant mainstream issues - issues that typically never made it to the stage at national debates.

I, like many Canadians, probably never considered Jack a viable political leader, until the last election. There comes a moment in a person’s life when their character illuminates something more than themselves. Perhaps for Jack, that glow came from the ever present fear of death, or perhaps it was in his realization that Canada could be something more. He was truly instrumental in re-shaping the Canadian political system. The two-party system took a significant blow. This covert system of government had its foundations shaken when Jack became the official opposition leader.

The establishment is still shaking in its boots. Corporate influence in government, unrestrained lobbying activities, graft, secret deals, globalist agendas and all the evils that matured over a century are still keeping a careful eye on the impact of Jack’s accomplishment and his death.

Jack, in a very short period of time, did more than any Canadian Prime Minister. This is why he deserves a state funeral. This message is intended for the Masonic media misfits who seem to find honour in trash-cans rather than heroes.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jack, They Got You!

Your tenure as opposition leader was much too short. The legacy of your good work will make your absence much more palitable. Good luck on your new journey. Encourage Olivia to take on the reigns of the New Democratic Party. You obviously shared the same ideology.

Please refer to my July, 2011 commentary entitled "Murder on Parliament Hill"

Joseph Pede

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Doctrine of Obsolescence and Productivity

The Doctrine of Obsolescence and Productivity

Amidst the global financial predicament economists and politicians, now more than ever, talk about productivity. They all seem to come to the same conclusion. Reducing the input costs of production would make a country much more competitive. Those inputs are typically plant & equipment and labour. What they will not tell you is that while productivity may increase with improved mechanization and reduced labour inputs, unemployment will grow. What they will also not tell you is that the “Doctrine of Obsolescence” is the main driver of the global economy. We continue to thrive on changing fashion, the continuum of shifting technology and wasteful spending. Most of our products are designed to have a limited life cycle – either built-in or made to be obsolete for various reasons. The ideology of obsolescence is a key contributor to global pollution and global economic chaos.

Being competitive would also mean that we should be a resourceful nation. Our ability to invest in research and development and create new industry would then off-set the growth in unemployment. When was the last time Canada became an innovator? Our governments, banks and corporations are much more content in investing off-shore and growing resource based industries. This will not sustain Canada or any nation. Sacred Technology, if one has not heard the term, would be a much more credible solution. To some degree productivity and innovation died centuries ago or at least within the last century. Tesla, Marconi and Fermi brought to science innovations which could have made this planet a paradise, yet we have allowed greed to foster the necessity for power, money, poverty, war and human degradation. Einstein and Hawking are pimples compared to these great minds.

Mr. Hawking, your hypothesis of creation is completely incorrect. You stated that the universe started as a “Singularity or Black Hole”. You should know that a Black Hole is formed by the death of a star. Who made the star Mr. Hawking? For this you provided no answer. Please take your Masonic hypothesis and shove it where the sun does not shine.

Productivity from a globalist sense means that we have allowed for the centralization of power, continued influence of multi-national corporations, growth of failed government unions and/or treaties, the centralization of global wealth/capital and the death of the small business entrepreneur. Access to capital and the growing desire for the “Too Big to Fail and Governments” to control patents has also made the average investor much more prone to failure.

Productivity is a steroid that will have adverse effects on nations. We have chosen the wrong path again. As a result, structural unemployment will continue to be a growing trend, as will be poverty and hunger. The only way to undo this calamity is to fully integrate sacred technology on this planet, and stop war. Finally, the age-old economic pillars known as demand and supply, should be renamed need and benefit.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Words for the World

New Words for the World

Decomism – A democracy with very strict rules and guidelines.

Charlie Freemanson is Free – Code words for the new members of the Polit Bureau.

Dick Head – The name of the new global leader.

Chinada – Place in which the New World Order will be stationed.

Pocker Chip – Name of the new global currency.

Phallic 911 – New name for the World Wide Web

Munkey – Disciples of the New World Religion

Shimples – Human sheep cloned from pimples.

Wham – The drug that will cure everything.

Sweet Daddy Seeker – The god of the Globalists

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Words of Wisdom:
A man tried to kill George Bush with a shoe, but that devil has no soul.

Mr. Flaherty and the National Debt

Mr. Flaherty and the National Debt

Government finance critics, economists and big business want to convince us, and you, that infrastructure projects will help sustain our economy during times of recession – let me be polite, an economic slowdown.

We have to stop giving billions of dollars of taxpayer money to large firms who employ relatively few people!!!!!!! Infrastructure projects employ professional firms and machinery, not people.

An apartment building which was built 40 years ago may have employed hundreds of people at the construction site. Today you would be lucky to see 20-30 employees at one time. Roads and bridges are no different. Give any intended billion dollar bonanza directly to the taxpayer, or even better, increase the corporate tax rate for banks and multi-nationals to 50% for the next two years.

As I have said earlier, a fair tax system requires an equitable interest rate based model. Our central banking system was formed under this premise. The financial wolves have lured investors from what use to be a relatively safe interest based system, into a risk-based scheme where many of financial products are foreign to the average investor. Consumers are drawn into these markets with the aspiration of augmenting their overall investment and retirement income, yet the exact opposite occurs.

Banks have managed to make billions of dollars by borrowing at near zero percent interest rates – their risk is low and the spread in most cases has increased. They have also managed to create a “fee based system” that has enriched bankers and robbed the average deposit/investor. Politicians have given bankers a key to our wallet – where is consumer protection? In my opinion, all fees should be illegal and banks should be made to lend money on their overall cost of funds. We should also put an end to proprietary trading and have banks get back to the business of lending money and not controlling how it will be invested. Banks have hijacked the entrepreneurial spirit and have come to control corporations through the various forms of funds. Recently these funds have invested in emerging and off-shore economies rather than investing in our own economy. This was not done for benevolent reasons but rather for GREED.

I restate what I have said many times before. Government employees should not be in a position of having 5-10% guaranteed pension returns when the average taxpayer earns between 1-2% from their RRSP GIC accounts.


Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Masonic Rituals Never End

The Masonic Rituals Never End

Goldman Sachs announced today that it would open a new stock exchange in Canada – named “SIGMA X”.

The SIGMA system is known as a "dark pool" market — one that would allow investors to anonymously buy and sell stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The stock market will be financed by numerous investors in addition to Goldman, including brokers, hedge funds and institutions....August 18, 2011 The Canadian Press

There are three very important facts to consider:

1. Why would the Canadian Securities Agency allow this proposed stock market to operate in secrecy? Why would one of the most financially obnoxious banks in the world be permitted to corrupt the Canadian financial landscape?
2. This arrangement will make rampant insider-trading, and heighten white-colour crime activity. We can arrest protestors but not the individuals who have created global economic chaos, caused the death of millions, created global hunger, and paralyzed the citizenry of the world. Prime Minister Cameron of England is a walking example of a corrupt political hypocrite, much like his peers.
3. The ambiguity of the word “institutions” means that the Federal Reserve or London Stock Exchange could secretly invade our capital markets.

Finally, the name assigned to this exchange has been carefully chosen. This is a “Masonic Ritual”. The Greek letter SIGMA has a value of 18 – typically the addition of the numbers 666. “Chi” which is denoted by the letter X, is symbolic of the Christ. You will also note that the creation of this new stock exchange was made public in the eight month (4+4) of the eighteenth day (6+6+6) of the year 2011 (4). In the date we see the summation of numbers 444 and 666. I have written about the significance of these numbers in my earlier BLOG commentaries. The SIGMA X denotes the launch of the anti-Christ monetary system.

666 = Devil, X = Christ or Messiah. Therefore, this is the birth of the Devil’s Messiah (i.e. I used this terminology in one of my earlier commentaries as well). Let us see what happens on October 18!

Keep the Devil and Goldman Sachs out of Canada. Send them packing to the Windsor Queen and P.M. Cameron, with best wishes for the Satan worshipping Rothschilds.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buying Silver May be the Wisest Move!

Gold production in 2011 will approximate 85,000,000 ounces. This approximates the reserves currently held by each of Germany, Italy and France. Germany has been increasing its gold position throughout 2011. The USA states that it has 287,000,000 million ounces of gold but I am inclined to believe their numbers are exaggerated - the bars may be all tungsten filled. Please read about "Project Hammer". Information is provided below.

The annual silver production appromiates 750,000,000 million ounces and current reserves are 17,500,000,000 ounces. From 2001 to 2010 the supply of silver equalled demand. Ranging from 877 million ounces in 2001 to one billion ounces in 2010. We cant seem to mine enough silver and global reserves are diminshing. Partial data available from

In 1989 President George H. W. Bush began the multi-billion dollar Project Hammer program using an investment strategy to bring about the economic destruction of the Soviet Union including the theft of the Soviet treasury, the destabilization of the ruble, funding a KGB coup against Gorbachev in August 1991 and the seizure of major energy and munitions industries in the Soviet Union. Those resources would subsequently be turned over to international bankers and corporations. On November 1, 2001, the second operative in the Bush regime, President George W. Bush, issued Executive Order 13233 on the basis of “national security” and concealed the records of past presidents, especially his father’s spurious activities during 1990 and 1991. Consequently, those records are no longer accessible to the public. The Russian coup plot was discussed in June 1991 when Yeltsin visited with Bush in conjunction with his visit to the United States. On that same visit, Yeltsin met discreetly with Gerald Corrigan, the chairman of the New York Federal Reserve.

Project Hammer was staffed with CIA operatives and others associated with the National Security apparatus. Covert channels were already in place as a result of other illegal Bush activities. Thus, it was a given (1) that the project would use secret, illegal funds for unapproved covert operations, and (2) that the American public and Congress would not be informed about the illegal actions perpetrated in foreign countries. The first objective was allegedly to crush Communism, a growing political philosophy and social movement that was initially funded by the usual group of international bankers who now supported their demise. To this end, the “Vulcans,” under George H. W. Bush, waged war against the Soviet Union.

The tungsten slugs came from Eastern Europe – most likely a former strategic stockpile, a remnant of the failed Soviet Empire – which was “acquired” as spoils of Cold War victory during the reign of Bush I circa 1991-92. Between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten blanks were actually produced in an Eastern European country [not the U.S. as I originally reported]. These tungsten blanks were shipped to Latin America [Panama] and then air-lifted on to Mena, Arkansas. From Mena, Arkansas, the tungsten blanks were shipped via truck [Brinks and Purolator] – 2 trucks at a time to a refinery in Southern California where they received their gold plating and stamping.

You can read the full article on the Hammer Project on the following site:

Mena, Arkansas was home to Governor Bill Clinton. It would be wise for all readers to do some research on the murder of several teenagers in Mena, Arkansas and who was implicated in the murders, but never charged. The Bush-Clinton Crime Regime has lasted for decades. Please read the following article which details the "Silver Position". The article was written by Theodore Butler and is available on the following website:

The Coming Silver Accident by Theodore Butler

Perhaps "accident" may not be the precise word to describe what I see coming in silver. After all, Webster’s defines accident as "an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance." While that definition certainly encompasses what I see ahead in the silver market, I need to add a qualifying adjective to complete my vision. That word is unavoidable. The silver market is headed towards an unavoidable accident.

This will not be like any accident you have ever witnessed or experienced. This is an accident you can fully prepare for, and greatly profit from. This coming silver accident could favorable and permanently alter your family’s standard of living and financial security. The great news is that preparations for this accident are simple and merely depend upon you applying common sense.

At the core of what makes the coming silver accident unavoidable is the immutable law of supply and demand. Supply and demand ultimately governs how all markets function. While some markets, including silver, can be artificially controlled or manipulated in price for long periods of time, eventually such manipulations must end if they are at odds with supply and demand.

Nothing has been more at odds with the basic law of supply and demand than the silver market. For many decades, the world has consumed more silver than it has produced. That has necessitated a draw down of previously produced silver - the existing inventories. There has never been a situation in any commodity where such conditions have failed to cause a dramatic price increase. While supply and demand mandate a sharp price increase, it has not yet come. That’s the groundwork for the coming silver accident. When it comes, the price will explode upward and reach levels that are talked about for decades to come.

The primary factors mandating a silver accident are excessive naked short selling and leasing. Silver has the largest short position that’s ever existed in anything. This is the key component to the coming silver accident. The total naked short position in silver measures into the billions of ounces and towers over real world supplies. This combined short position includes the COMEX, all other exchanges, forward selling and leasing, the cumulative issuance of unbacked silver bank certificates, unallocated storage programs and pool accounts. No other commodity has such a huge naked short position.

It is, basically, this bloated short position that’s at the heart of the coming silver accident. It is this same excessive short position that guarantees a financial windfall for your family. A naked short sale is the sale of something you don’t own. While common in financial markets, more than 99% of the world’s population will never sell short anything in their lifetimes. That’s because it’s an unusual and unnatural financial transaction.

Unbridled short selling can artificially depress the price. That is why we have restrictions on short selling that date back to the great stock market crash of 1929. In commodities, there must be a short for every long on every futures contract. Regulations are supposed to preclude excessive long and short speculation via speculative position limits, but these regulations have been abandoned in COMEX silver, despite the efforts of many of us to correct that.

There is one other aspect about short selling that is important to grasp. Whereas the word "sale" means closure or finality in all the billions of daily world business and financial transactions, a short sale is always an open or incomplete transaction. A normal sale marks the end of a transaction. A short sale marks the beginning of a transaction. A short sale must be completed at some point, in some way. There is no exception to this rule. Either the short sale is repurchased and closed out, or that which has been sold short is actually delivered and the open short sale is closed.

Precisely because all short sales must be closed out guarantees a silver accident. When I say that silver has the largest short position in history, I am also saying that silver has the largest number of incomplete transactions in history. Forget, for the moment, the manipulative and depressing effect this monumental short position has had on the price.

All short sales must be closed out in someway. With silver, could it be by delivering silver? Against the billions of ounces of silver sold short, how much do we have to deliver to close out these incomplete transactions? In the COMEX warehouses there’s 100 million ounces. That represents most of the known silver bullion in the world, but it’s mostly owned by investors other than the short sellers. Maybe there are a billion ounces of silver in the world, in coins, small bars and silverware, but that’s not eligible for delivery against the silver short position of billions of ounces. Not only is all the world silver in existence woefully insufficient to cover the monstrous short position, but most of this insufficient quantity isn’t even owned by the short sellers.

That’s why I’ve made such a big deal about the uniqueness of a silver short position that’s larger than existing world inventories. It eliminates one of the only two legitimate ways in which a short sale can be closed out. That’s why we’ve never seen any other commodity with a short position greater than what actually exists. How can you have a short position in anything greater than what actually exists?

The only remaining legitimate way a silver short position can be closed out is if it were bought back by the short sellers. From whom are these short sellers going to buy hundreds of millions and billions of silver ounces from? Or more correctly, at what price? Since actual delivery is out of the question, the only way the short sellers can buy back their bloated silver short position is to get every owner of real silver and every owner of paper silver to sell out. The price that would be necessary to accomplish that feat would qualify in any reasonable definition as an accident.

While there is no way to determine when the silver shorts will spook and rush to cover, time is not on the shorts’ side. They must try, at some point, to buy back and cover the silver they can’t possibly deliver. It is not important to know in advance what the actual trigger for the silver accident will be. All you need know is that with the critical and long-term physical deficit in silver, the short selling charade must end. Since we can’t determine when, don’t focus on the timing, focus on the inevitability of a delivery crunch.

Long-time readers know that Investment Rarities has been underwriting my articles for the past four years. For most of that time, the silver price averaged between four and five dollars. For the past year, the silver price has been six, seven or eight dollars. Does this increase mean that the price has finally responded to the law of supply and demand, and therefore eliminated the chance of a silver accident?

Normally, a price increase of 50% or 100% in a commodity should be sufficient to balance any consumption deficit. That’s a big move in any commodity. But not for silver. That’s because the consumption deficit in silver is unlike any other commodity deficit. Silver has been in a structural deficit stretching back for more than a half-century. You don’t undo the damage of 60 years with a 50% or 100% gain.

There is zero evidence that production or consumption has been impacted by the price, or that the silver deficit has been cured. There has been no worldwide rush to find new silver mines in response to higher prices. Silver may have increased in price, but there has been zero effect on near-term production increases or substitutions in demand. No one has switched to gold or platinum jewelry because silver is up in price. The law of supply and demand hasn’t been affected one bit as a result of the recent price increases. The first prerequisite for the coming silver accident is very much intact. However, it takes more than a bullish supply and demand equation to cause a violent price event. Bullish fundamentals point to higher prices but not necessarily a price accident. In the silver short position, we have the needed reason, in spades, for an accident.

As a result of the 60-year structural deficit, we have exhausted just about all the world’s previously existing silver inventory. That includes just about all world governments’ silver inventory. When the unavoidable silver accident occurs, there will be no one to douse the price fire. This can’t be said about any other commodity.

This fact distinguishes between a gold and a silver accident. In gold, in a financial meltdown or currency crash (popular reasons given for a gold price accident), world governments own enough gold to extinguish a price explosion. In silver, they don’t own enough silver to put out a fire.

It’s rare to be presented with an unavoidable financial accident that you can personally benefit from. If you find my argument has merit, then position yourself in silver before the coming accident. If you wait until the accident happens, it will be too late.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence

“Consumer Confidence”- this the current economic indicator to prognosticate the state of the global financial condition. This index is like the weather forecast. A by-product of corrupt banking & politics, or weather manipulation (i.e. HAARP). Let us look at some current economic data.


U.K........ -30.00%.... 4.40%....7.70%....0.50%
Germany.. -9.00%.... 2.40%....7.00%....1.50%
Japan..... 37.70%.... 0.20%....4.60%....0.00%
USA....... 59.50%.... 3.60%....9.10%....0.25%
Spain..... 74.90%.... 3.10%....20.89%...1.50%
Canada.... 81.30%.... 3.10%....7.20%....1.00%
France.... 86.00%.... 1.90%....9.70%....1.50%
Italy....... 103.70%.... 2.70%....8.10%....1.50%
China..... 108.10%.... 6.50%....4.10%....6.56%

By examining the data above we can reach certain conclusions. The U.K. has a serious economic credibility problem, the highest inflation rate and an unemployment issue. Germans appear to be panicking, yet their other financial indicators appear strong. Apart from the fact that Japan was attacked by HAARP and the Federal Reserve the economy appears stable. We can certainly understand the apathy experienced by the death and destruction. The U.S.A. is 50/50, just like its leaders - 50% corrupt and 50% Freemasons. Most of their data was manufactured by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs so it would be rendered meaningless. Especially when we know their unemployment rate is close to 18%, and there are more people on food stamps than the entire population of Canada. But look at Spain, France and Italy. These countries are being attacked by hedge funds, snake pits, cockroaches, the IMF and Central Banks, yet the people appear to have a positive outlook. Inflation is relatively low even though unemployment is on the high side. I guess the French, Italian and Spanish can feel good about any situation. A glass of wine and cheese for everyone Umberto!

The Royal House of Windsor and its colony the U.S.A have severe economic problems but no one seems to be addressing them. What is completely unexplainable is why investors are flocking to U.S. treasuries. Is it smart financial decision-making or is the Military pointing a bomb at these investors? Ask Egypt, Libya and Syria and see what they have to say.

Canada has decided to support the U.K. in its economic demise. Prime Minister Harper announced that we will again add the word “Royal” in naming our Military. This word was removed decades ago. I guess when the U.K. experiences a “Royal Flush” our Prime Minister will be there to lend Elizabeth a hanky. The English Monarchy is one of the reasons we have a global confidence problem, yet Canada does its best to support it. Harper has just re-confirmed his globalist agenda. When he spoke of “Moral Equivalence” at the Conservative Party convention I guess he was playing “Truth or Consequences”.

If you have not noticed, the most successful economy in the world has a high central bank rate and high inflation. If we had a 6% interest rate in Canada most retirees would be able to retire with confidence. The western political systems have sold us out live, stock and barrel to the banks. They want to control the global capital by offering a risk-based return that in the end will bankrupt most individuals and nations. Yes Canada we have high real estate values, but most people have large mortgages to support that purchase decision. A tax system must be supported by an equitable interest rate system or it becomes unsustainable.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, August 15, 2011


Austerity for the Middle and Lower Classes

Reduced wages
Increased hours of work
Diminishing benefits
Loss of pensions
Increased taxation
Restricted access to loans/capital
Increased household expenses
Diet and quality of food diminishes
Vacation in your backyard
Wine is replaced by grape-juice
Lost membership at Health Club

Austerity for the Rich

Contemplation of increased taxes
How much can fraternity get away with
All the money you can borrow at 0%
Buy the most expense toys at fire sale prices
Trip around the world
Caviar and Pate from China
Post-1945 wine vintages only
Decrease in Masonic Lodge dues

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Colours of Man

The Colours of Man

An elastic membrane sheaths the human corpse
The skull encases the device of perceptibility
A caged tongue languishes in the fleshy abyss
Eyes absorb creation with each flickering breach

The four corners of man are as the formidable as the great pyramids. Atop these grand structures once shone a great light. That light was the symbolic pathway to the Creator. All that segregates Man on Earth is the distance between those four corners of the pyramid – a distance which diminishes as we climb the steps of enlightenment together.

The possibility of enlightenment is a function of skin. Our reaction to one another is tempered by what see and how we perceive an individual’s colour. Our spoken words are chosen more carefully when the recipient of our thoughts, vary in hue.

The four corners of the pyramid are painted red, yellow, black and white and they are symbolic of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The harmony of colour and the forces of Nature will protect Man from any form of annihilation. The pyramid will stand when all other structures collapse. This is the simplicity of our existence.

In the veins of creation flows the colour red
Existence nurtured by a searing yellow sun
Blackened nights remind us of the once void
Light as white makes unambiguous our true essence

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Please go to my September, 2010 Blog and read the poems entitled, The Great Spirit and Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Act of Giving

The Act of Giving

We must not be enticed by the “compassionate act of giving” but rather to understand why the giving continues to be a failed solution to the on-going global problems. There are those who find solace in building homes for the homeless, providing food for the hungry and offering money to alleviate the pain and suffering of so many. Giving is an act of distancing oneself from the real problem. In most cases we build layers of bureaucracy so that those in need fail to benefit from the benevolence that was intended for them. This layer is made of Charities, NGO’s and government organizations that use the pain and suffering of others as a means of extorting money from the masses. They have amassed vast influence, capital and an army of well paid blood-suckers.

The world seems to be on a democracy kick. People are creating revolution to embrace the ideals of democracy. In the process of trying to create a better world for themselves, they ultimately fall prey to an even more sinister force. The last century saw many dictators abuse their authority and the scope of their military power. They had amassed vast fortunes while their people hungered for food and opportunity. Newly created puppet regimes serve the will of a much bigger master and not the masses. By controlling the malevolent intentions of the Military Industrial Complex and Intelligence Organizations we will be in a better position to assist all mankind. While the latter two bodies perpetrate covert insurrection and chaos, our “body politic” is the legitimized puppet of the age old aristocracies and secret societies. This is where our benevolence is ultimately deposited. The masters want warring slaves not a happy, well-fed and educated mass. This would be considered a threat. Mother Nature thrives on symbiosis, mankind thrives on destruction.

In light of what is happening in our world today. A pro-democracy movement is acceptable revolution in a non-democratic setting. A civil rights protest in a democratic setting is considered insurgency. Democracy by its very nature is the power and will of the people demanding change regardless of the existing governmental structure. Government, no matter what kind, is self-serving. Government must be made to become subservient to the will of the people. Charity must be transformed into opportunity. Whether militarily, politically or economically motivated, China is accomplishing this very truth in its own country and abroad - specifically in Africa and many other challenged nations. They are giving and expecting something in return.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Truth is a Bitch

The "Truth is a Bitch". That is why Prostitution remains illegal. It also explains the necessity for Pimps. You can expand on the meaning of Pimp.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

London is Burning!

London is Burning!

ALERT - Mr. Obama and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex

The “Great Wen” is burning and there is revolution in the streets. Mr. Obama, please deploy your armies and start bombing key strategic points in London. Let us put an end to this anarchy and depose a sick Queen and her incompetent government. Yes, in fact, put the monarchy and the British aristocracy on trial for centuries-old crimes of genocide and slavery. Why let the grand sport end in Egypt or Libya? Onward with your conquering armies! There you will not find oil but rather the oil barons. Dial 911 to deploy the NATO forces. In fact, contact our Defence Minister Peter McKay. He has trained to put his life on the line rather than his words.

But why stop in London Mr. Obama? Let us get those troops packed and ready to invade Chile. There, the disaffected youth have been rioting in the streets for months. Perhaps then, Mr. Obama, you can move into Israel and over-throw Mr. Netanyahu. Yes, his people are in revolt. The Wailing Wall is crying for economic help!

Mr. Obama the “Policeman of the World” is in great demand. What will you do with the political and banking criminals? They can no longer hide the corruption and dishonesty. Run Mr. Obama, run to Kenya and make a quick stop in Somalia. There the economic forecast is bleak. All you will find is hunger and death.

Mr. Obama, the mirror portends of an apathy growing in your own backyard. It is silently stirring as the homeless, jobless, sick and weary grow tired of Wall Street and a corrupt government. Your next television broadcast should feature your two financial vultures. Have Greenspan and Bernanke flank your side when you next speak to the American people. The eagle has long fallen from the skies.

Hurry Mr. Obama, hurry! The people of London are waiting.
Joseph Pede

Monday, August 8, 2011



European governments are issuing bonds to pay for government debt. The ECB (European Central Bank) has become a willing purchaser. The ECB is 2/3 owned by the German, French, Italian and English Central Banks. The economies of France and England require close attention. The external debt to GDP ratio is 208.2% and 387.93% respectively. Portugal and Ireland are the worst at 240.67% and 1109.92% respectively. Ireland’s last leprechaun was sacrificed at Bohemian Grove. The pot of gold is now a box of chocolates. England’s economy should be a major concern for the global economic gurus.

When governments issue debt the ultimate responsibility for repayment of the obligation rests with each country’s citizenry. Of course the USA can keep printing money to satisfy any potential default, but how will the debt be repaid and why do ordinary citizens accept the fact that they are being put deeper and deeper in debt.

Bailout recipients have traditionally been the banks and multi-national corporations. They had been given these TARP funds to stimulate the economy and create jobs. They did exactly that - only they did it abroad. While the U.S. debt keeps growing, corporate profits go to pay executive bonuses and dividends. Does this make sense? The banks and multi-nationals borrowed these funds at zero cost, with no specific repayment terms. Why does the Federal Reserve simply not call these loans? Would that not be a very simple solution to the U.S. debt crisis?

On July 22, 2011, I wrote that on August 4, 2011 we would see the start of a “global transition”. This transition is about what I forecast on January 2, 2011 - a “One World Currency”. The Globalists are so far behind their in “New World Order” plan that they continue to contrive chaos, and out of chaos they hope to build a new global order. Soon they will be describing God as a non-interventionist villain. They have employed Stephen Hawking to tell us there is no God or more specifically a Creator. This the foundation of Masonic belief.

I wish to give my sympathies to the families of the Navy Seals who were most likely executed by their own government. Heroes in a war where there are no enemies. At this point in history we are all Navy Seals.

Perhaps you can read the poem I wrote on August 2, 2010 entitled “Chaos”. It can be found in my September 2010 Blog listings.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome to Stagflation and the Giffen Good

Welcome to Stagflation and the Giffen Good

Quote by Alan Greenspan, a pathetic imbecile and traitor to the citizens of the USA – “We can always print more money”.

The almost five trillion dollars issued by the Federal Reserve, since 2008, has been stolen by corporate and aristocratic gypsies. Bernanke and Greenspan should be put in jail with Madoff. These idiots gave birth to a global financial holocaust. It has unleashed personal bankruptcy, poverty, crime, homelessness, revolution, debt calamities for sovereign nations and unprecedented global unemployment. The country that still believes in capital punishment fails to recognize a capital crime.

Why do the opinions of an illogical appointed duplicitous leach matter? If you can print money Mr. Greenspan, print one hundred thousand dollars for each of the 82 million families in the USA. That would approximate $8 trillion dollars and the market impact would be significantly better than giving it to your friends at no cost - to invest overseas.

The “Tea Party” good or bad was trying to promote fiscal responsibility. The House of Rothschild and company wanted global chaos. This is all man-made trauma and you are one of the villains.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, August 5, 2011

News Update

News Update - I guess I was right. A global transition did start with Obama’s birthday. Please read my July, 2011 post entitled "Critical Dates – Ending with the Quatuor Coronati". Please read what i forecasted for August 4, 2011.

The fictitious U.S. jobs data report never ceases to amaze me. They announced a minimal reduction in the unemployment rate today. Meant to ease tension in the financial markets. Please visit to view real government statistics. Actual Americans unemployed equates to 24,754,887. Total employment base is 139,279,349. Therefore, the unemployment rate is 17.8%. It has worsened from the previously reported rate of 17.7%. To quote Benedict Arnold Obama, “we will get through this, we will get there together”. Someone should tell corporate CEO’s that they each earn enough for two or three hundred potential employees. Bonuses paid annually to Goldman Sachs executives would employ 50-60,000 people per year. The irony is that these bank executives have created the global financial chaos. They have done this with “Free Money’. When you exterminate cockroaches that itchy feeling goes away! Why would HSBC be laying-off 10-25,000 employees world wide?

Dagong, China’s international credit rating agency has downgraded the U.S. credit standing a second time. Dagong has warned Chinese officials that it must look elsewhere when investing – U.S. treasuries pose a major concern. Putin has called for a new or additional Reserve Currency. The world truly underestimates the military might of Russia and China – that would be a big mistake. The Anglo-American Union knows full well the implications of global war.

Strauss-Kahn vindicated? Christine Lagarde, the new IMF Chief, will be criminally charged for obstruction of justice. She authorized an approximate $300,000,000.00 payout to Bernard Tapie, a close Sarkozy supporter when she was French Finance Minister. The bankers and politicians continue to show their true colours. This is the biggest organized crime syndicate in the world. The people of the world should realize one thing – bankers are thieves and governments legislate their criminal conduct. Do you now understand why Lagarde was selected IMF Chief and Strauss-Khan was set-up?

What’s the problem with Italy you say? It has a debt crisis! Italy holds 86,512,893 ounces of gold - the third largest supply of gold held by a sovereign nation. At an average price of $1,650 per ounce, Italy’s gold would be valued at $143 Billion. Their current national debt sits at 1.84 Trillion Euros. When gold hits $10,000 an ounce Italy won’t have a debt problem. Who do all countries of the world owe money too - privately owned Central Banks of course? Banks whose business it is to print money for global governments and set monetary policy. Well that’s a great job. If I printed counterfeit money I would go to jail. These institutions have been doing this for centuries and have made a shitload of money in the process. As an added courtesy they have started wars, assassinated global leaders, created hunger and genocide and economic chaos. Fire them or eradicate them – their crimes justify either!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Re-incarnation of Benedict Arnold - Barack Hussein Obama

The Re-incarnation of Benedict Arnold
Barack Hussein Obama

On August 3, 1780 Benedict Arnold took command of West Point – a strategically important military post during the Revolutionary War. Arnold did his utmost to weaken and diminish the military strength of this post to help the British. He negotiated his treason with General Sir Henry Clinton, British Commander-in-Chief of the North American Military.

Barack “Benedict” Obama has accomplished the same feat in the signing of the current “Debt Bill”. The contents of this Bill are impossible to find online. This Bill will stay any tax increases for America’s wealthy, is aimed at abolishing the 2nd amendment (i.e. American’s right to bear arms), will in all likelihood reduce key social programs (i.e. Food stamps, Medicare, Social Security), will not tax American corporations who export capital to emerging economies, continues to allow huge tax subsidies to Oil companies (predominantly controlled by the British and Dutch monarchies) and fails to address CEO compensation. Gun control may be the biggest priority of this Bill – the U.S. cannot enact Marshall Law when its citizens are well armed and capable of resistance.

This Bill requires that a 13 member committee will oversee budget reform - six members from the House, six members from the Senate and the President himself. This committee can over-ride any decision of the House and Senate. It will have supreme power. The American political system has appointed Barack “Benedict” Obama Fuhrer of the USA.

America, you never won your independence! The British Monarchy continues to control your Presidential Traitors, and the City of London continues to set your monetary policy. Your military is attacking the wrong enemy. Your ships should be sailing across the “Pond” and your targets should be Buckingham Palace and the City of London banking center. I suggest you follow in the footsteps of Oliver Cromwell and not Benedict Arnold. Does the name Clinton ring a bell? The family continues to work for the British. Do Canada a favour and remove the parasitic Windsors from the throne. Put them where they belong, in The Tower of London.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede