Saturday, March 31, 2012

Save the Penny

Save the Penny

The only Canadian currency, whose intrinsic value is twice that of its face value.

The only Canadian currency that is symbolic of the National Flag of Canada or the Maple Leaf.

The elimination of the Penny will create a minor conundrum:

a) It will create minor inflation as cash transactions will be rounded up and not down.
b) Customer Retail Management systems will have to be re-programmed to round-up to the nearest nickel. We have shelved the penny – we will soon have to shave the beaver.
c) This will play minor havoc on accounting systems as well. Unsophisticated retailers will simply be out of balance with their daily cash reconciliations.
d) When you round up, the likelihood is that more HST will have to be collected as well.

Obviously, the elimination of the penny will encourage individuals to use debit/credit cards or cheques - the progression of the cashless society. Pennies will linger in obscurity.

We will no longer be able to say “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

The queen’s effigy will only appear on silver hued surfaces and paper currency. Afro-Canadians should be pissed off!

Tim Horton's will no longer be able to collect pennies for charitable causes. Probably hundreds of thousands of dollars per year lost because Mr. Flaherty has no “cents”.

We can no longer measure the caustic properties of Coca Cola. That’s how I kept my pennies clean.

Copper prices and miners’ wages – where will they end up?

You’ll never find a lost penny on the ground anymore. Canadian “good luck” has just been exorcised by Mr. Harper. We should know refer to Mr. Harper as Mr. Copperhead. Are there not snakes called copperheads?

The Catholic Church will no longer collect pennies from children attending Sunday mass. Shame on you Mr. Flaherty!

The Canadian Mint will have to shut down the “penny press” - much like the gradual demise of the “printing press”. The penny replaced by non-cents and print replaced by the "www".

The new “Cross-border” duty-free spending limits should compel all Canadians to bring home more American pennies. Abraham Lincoln will always be a more favourable currency image than a globalist queen. Bring back as many pennies as possible.

Penny jars will have to be retired. I hope you saved as many pennies as possible.

Be on guard for penny-pinchers. They may start pinching other people’s asses.

Save the Penny - get rid of the queen!
Joseph Pede

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Capitalism: The Tragic Victim of Corporatism

Capitalism: The Tragic Victim of Corporatism
Democracies are hidden Monarchist Structures with Fascist Ideals

We are witnessing the rise of Fascio-Monarchies through the deployment of two very basic principles: security and globalism. They will ultimately insure the delivery of misery to the masses. War, bank/ capital market fraud, religious hatred and a technological pandemic are the driving forces behind this Elitist agenda.


1. Nationalize all Central Banks
2. Eradicate all monarchies. They still control the world behind the scenes. Put them all on the Titanic. That old British royal is more dangerous than the black plague.
3. Return to a gold standard or similar commodity-based currency structure.
4. Abolish the UN, the IMF, World Bank and the BIS. They are parasites.
5. Tax Freemasons 50% of their total wealth. To reimburse the public for all the money they have stolen through nepotism and illicit collaboration.
6. Tax all corporations to a point where the public pays no tax. Put the “spending power” in the hands of the masses, not in the hands of the asses.
7. Stop the gasoline fraud. Gas companies are thieves and governments have allowed them to steal untold trillions of dollars from the public. Nationalize all gasoline companies as well

Don’t get rid of the “penny” Mr. Flaherty. It is the only currency worth 100% more than its face value.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Beauty of Sound

The Beauty of Sound

A child crossing the threshold of life
Violins rejoicing in mystical strife
Birds arranging a melodic minuet
Waves crashing and casting their watery net

Winds embrace the spirits in waiting
Piano keys waltzing and musically mating
The kiss of lovers dampens the night
Raindrops greet the glimmering light

Feet caressing the moistened grass
Squeaky gates heed to all whom pass
Dreamers conducting the Sunday choir
Hollow Crosses burn in a rapturous fire

Sound has shed its idyllic silence
Serenity now bedfellow to angry violence
Angels bear witness with Heavenly sadness
The beauty of sound has inspired only madness.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The American Dollar - 100 Year Gestation Period

The American Dollar - 100 Year Gestation Period

Fiat dollar
Gold-less dollar
Petro dollar
Terrorist dollar
Bailout dollar
Atomic dollar

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Footnote 1: Mitt Romney could select Susana Martinez, first female Governor of New Mexico as his running mate. She would help capture the huge Latino vote. Should Jeb Bush be thrown into the Republican Predidential arena without having been nominated - chaos will ensue.

Footnote 2: The American Congress has begun impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama - war crimes and illegal wars. This in addition to Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio providing evidence that Barack Obama's birth certificate has been falsified. Smith & Wesson sales are "way-up". Americans are buying guns at an unprecedented rate.

It's The

It’s The

It is possibly impossible ….
It is impossibly possible ….

It is probably improbable …
It is improbably probable …

It is conceivably inconceivable …
It is inconceivably conceivable …

The thought is unthinkable to think …
The unthinkable thought to think …

The idea is ideally idealistic …
The in-idealistic idea is idolatry.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Instinct and Intellect

Instinct and Intellect

Over time Mankind gradually substituted instinct for intellect. Neither instinct nor intellect is greater than the other.

Over time a select few humans learned to combine intellect and instinct to suppress both intellect and instinct among the masses.

These few have come to justify Darwin and marginalize God.

You can awake from this institutionalized intellect by looking deep within. In there lies a dormant instinct.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Jesus Never Wrote a Book

Jesus Never Wrote a Book

Jesus never wrote a book
Rather He met up with every villain and banking crook
Street people gathered round to hear him rap
Magdalene ended each sermon with a rhythmic clap
Money lenders made Him out to be a holy heretic
Pilate rather wished that he was Arabic

On the Mount of Olives Jesus spoke of end-time prophecy
In Paul the Persecutor, Jesus' words reveal their secrecy
Apostolic toil has sewn an unholy apostasy
Gospel wisdom carefully rewritten by a devilish adultery
Peter’s keys used to unleash Pandora’s Box
Thomas the doubter reborn as the silent fox.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Those who plot against God's creation will in time become the uncreated. Their treasonous reward will be in their soul’s apocalypse. The disciple that satisfies the assassins’ plan will likewise be baptized into eternal condemnation. The meek indeed!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ron Paul Takes On Ben Bernanke and Wins!

It Really is About Gold and Silver

Ben Bernanke's Federal Reserve speech of February 29, 2012 intimated that the U.S. economy was improving. He stated that unemployment statistics are decreasing and that the Federal Reserve would continue to do whatever necessary to support a fragile economy. All fiction of course. Gold and silver plummeted in value moments after Bernanke's speech. This is exactly what his announcement was intended to do.

Ron Paul, the Republican Presidential candidate, later questioned Bernanke. Ron Paul victoriuosly provided what should be reality for Bernanke. The two part video can be viewed here:

Today, Ben Bernanke was quoted as saying:

There’s “a massive fiscal cliff” in our future, Ben Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday.

Full story:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede