Sunday, September 30, 2012

Netanyahu Holds a Picture of a Bomb

Netanyahu Holds a Picture of a Bomb

I can’t stop laughing as I reflect on Netan-yahoo holding a picture of a bomb at the United Nations last week. How closely does the image portray “Wylie Coyote” trying to undo the “Roadrunner”? The more I reflect the more I conclude the U.N. general assembly is a truly comical place. Each assembly chair occupies the ass of a globalist, freemason or criminal. “Foghorn Leghorn”, “Daffy Duck”, “Bugs Bunny” and “Yosemite Sam” would have had a better chance at global peace than a group of highly-paid uninterested and corrupt diplomats.

Someone should have accompanied Netan-yahoo with a ukulele during the presentation – perhaps Tiny Tim. I was truly waiting for the fuse to light as I sat in front of my television – a comic holding a fictional bomb, in a place that could be code-named Disneyland.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

We know the Brides but who may be Frankenstein(s)?

We know the Brides but who may be Frankenstein(s)?

Many times I have charted the power of the global elite. I have made reference to several names, but have mentioned prince Christoph only once. He was born August 22, 1949 and is the head of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and the entire House of Oldenburg. Christoph was born in Schloss Louisenlund, the eldest son of Peter, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein (1922–1980) and his wife Princess Marie Alix of Schaumburg-Lippe (b. 1923).

We have heard of Beatrix and Elizabeth, yet Christoph may be the most powerful monarch in Europe. His House reigns over northern Germany, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Spain, Iceland and even Great Britain (i.e. via prince Charles as his father prince Philip is Greek).

I bring this to your attention so that you may enlighten yourself as to the power, wealth and the complete obscurity certain European monarchs have over the masses.

Then we have prince Andreas. He is the dynastic senior male line descendant of Prince Albert and as such the current head of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Andreas, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duke of Saxony (given names: Andreas Michael Friedrich Hans Armin Siegfried Hubertus was born March 21, 1943 in Kasel-Golzig) has been the head of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and titular Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha since 1998. He is the grandson of Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the last ruling duke, as well as the dynastic senior male line descendant (great-great-grandson) of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. The House of Windsor, whose current monarch is queen Elizabeth, is a member of the ancestral home of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

You may check these links for added information. The web European monarchies have spun makes the head spin.,_Prince_of_Saxe-Coburg_and_Gotha,_Prince_of_Schleswig-Holstein

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The American Dream

The American Dream

Work hard, work harder
But nothing really works anymore
Life was good and it always got better
Do you remember when it started to fall apart
Your comfortable pay-cheque and perhaps bonus
Has turned to minimum wage and fewer hours
There was once opportunity for all
Now there is one job for thousands
Homes were a place of joy and sanctuary
The Federal Reserve has made them cheap commodities
An education bought a ticket to success
Tuition unfortunately has become life-time debt
Your health and well-being were never a concern
Insurance companies felt that was unacceptable
Driving a nice car was a sign of success
Today it sits in the drive-way because you can’t afford gas
Food was abundant and very affordable
Now food stamps provide the best processed dinner products
American ingenuity meant prescriptions were cheap
Big Pharma put an end to that
Old age meant security and travel vacations
No teeth, no mobility and no vision make the old age home a comfortable alternative
The American Dream
Has been reclassified as a recurring nightmare
The dream has become one crisis after another crisis, and
One war after another war.

Time for protest and revolution
Joseph Pede

Friday, September 28, 2012

Domini, Disperdite Serpent

Domini, Disperdite Serpent

Bone Deus, quam abyssum spiritalis hominum vanitatem accessit, benevolentiam tuam invoco torserat creaturae tuae pereant malo. Impium condemnabunt animas hominum daemones, oblitterationem confici. Sit earum pœnitentiam esse perpetua tenebris. Sit earum solum est memoria, esse infinite inconprehensibilia indulgentiae. Domine, exaudi orationem meam. Manu potenti contrivit serpentis irae vestrae avaritiae malis aeterno.

Gratias ago vos
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ahmadinejad Loves Jews...Watch the Video

Ahmadinejad Loves Jews...Watch the Video.

Piers Morgan attempts to portray Ahmadinejad as a Holocaust denier and mad man, but how do American Jews feel about the Iranian leader. Please watch this seven minute video and then make your own conclusion.

We really are pawns in the game, and need not be.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Added footnote from another article:

..................As an exit point, with all of President Obama’s statements on tolerance in his speech, we should remember that tolerance is really not a Christian virtue. As Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia noted, “We need to remember that tolerance is not a Christian virtue. Charity, justice, mercy, prudence, honesty — these are Christian virtues. And obviously, in a diverse community, tolerance is an important working principle. But it’s never an end itself.” The Archbishop also noted that evil preaches tolerance until it is dominate and then it seeks to silence good. That’s not a statement that the President is evil in any way, shape, or form, but we should be mindful when the secular world demands tolerance for all, tolerance for all means we cannot have standards of faith to live by, because those standards obviously require we be intolerant of sins this world has embraced.

Erick Erickson (Diary) | September 25th, 2012 at 11:20 AM

The Bomb

The Bomb

When all else fails, please flush. The West and Israel are pre-occupied that Iran may soon assemble an atomic war-head. Personally, I believe they already have one or many more. India, Pakistan, China, Russia, and I confident, many other former Soviet-bloc countries have them as well. As a footnote, Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

Ahmadinejad seems to be asking, why them and not us. The only relevant question people should be asking is; will a nuclear Iran become a game-changer in the Middle-East? The unequivocal answer is no. We know the Ukraine sold at least twelve KH-55 cruise missiles to Iran – most likely with nuclear capabilities. Israel on the other hand has been allowed to build a nuclear arsenal in complete secrecy, and that weaponry is in the hands of a madman named Netan-yahoo. Estimates show that Israel may possess up to 1,000 nuclear war-heads. The entire world should be concerned that a lunatic like Netan-yahoo could destroy the entire planet in defense of Zionism.

But is it really all about the numbers, or is it about the technology? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Should Israel fire an atomic weapon on an Arab neighbor, Israel would, in all likelihood, be destroyed by the biological, chemical and atomic weaponry held by the other Islamic nations. It is a no win one situation for Israel. A nuclear Iran simply means you fight a war knowing full well the strength of your opponent.

I do not believe a nuclear weapon will ever be fired on any nation. This course of action is forbidden by a higher authority. Only when that higher authority says yes, can weapons of mass destruction be unleashed on this planet (i.e. as it has been done so many times in this planet’s history). This planet has reached a critical mass but it has not yet invoked the extinction protocol. The evil that is spear-heading this agenda knows full well that it “cannot” control the “unknown factor”. That factor includes the power of private militias and rogue countries who have surreptitiously acquired nuclear devices from the former Soviet Union. The unknown factor also includes Vladimir Putin. I am still convinced this man has not given up on humanity – regardless of what the media propagandizes.

Finally, please note that Ahmadinejad is “a” false flag. He is a key player in the New World Order and has stated many times that the world will soon see a new tranquility and direction. When he states these facts he does not speak of the Middle-East but rather of the entire human race. The financial collapse and eventual re-set must come about by a major false-flag event; choosing the appropriate one has become a major dilemma for the globalists. Humanity’s watch over their affairs has made it difficult for them to exercise “the bomb”.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Horse Feathers for Victor!

Horse Feathers for Victor!

As you may know, Victor is my friendly juggernaut Jew
His inspiration is drawn from Bob Marley and the Who
A friendly joint eases his ability to think
Being in the wilderness however allows him to be mentally in sync

This little poem is about Victor’s visit to Lake Abraham
He said I should use the power of the internet to transmit this cablegram
He enjoyed this past weekend in Nature’s wondrous triangle
Among the trees and wildlife he did his best to entangle

Victor has prepared himself well for the apocalyptic end
Crossbows, spears and armament he has carefully penned
All the food sources he has buried like a secret treasure
In the meantime he continues to pick his nose as his favourite pleasure

At the foothills of this wondrous lake Victor met two Native people
One a male, and the other a beautiful unlikely sheeple
Victor was offered a symbol for his shared love of the land
A “white eagle feather” was given to him by the gentle Indian hand

Victor was overjoyed by this amazing gift
The feather he knew would provide a valuable sacred lift
Yes too, this was a great weekend for deer and bear
This timely surprise ensured all wildlife did not have to put up with Victor’s flagellant snare.

There you go young man,
Joseph Pede

A “Common Law” relationship has turned Incestuous

A “Common Law” relationship has turned Incestuous

For Canada and Great Britain to be sharing embassies and missions, sounds like a throw-back to the days of hippies and beatniks. It is no secret that Stephen Harper is a monarchist and Baird is the queen’s court jester, but to re-colonize Canada is unforgiveable. It appears the elitist queen is taking greater control over her resource filled nation.

To be seen in an incestuous relationship with an aggressive, war-mongering and blood thirsty nation such as Great Britain, is the wrong message to send to the international community. British secretary Hague stated (paraphrasing) that the Syrian leadership are blood thirsty rogues. We need not delve into British history to follow their trail of blood - slavery and colonialism across the globe, nor their “parenthood” of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes the latter is the Frankenstein of the CIA and MI6. They have spread political chaos, murder, war and assassination across the Middle-East. Who said the British monarchy gave up their agenda of global colonialism?

We now await the fall of Jordan as the Brotherhood has already demanded that the Jordanian king relinquish his throne. This is probably king Abdullah II's greatest life-time realization – he was just a pawn in the game! Soon the royal house of Saudi Arabia will encounter the same fate.

Now for the most important question, when will the European monarchies be abolished and their assets seized - assets that have been stolen from the sheepish proletariat over centuries of war and deception?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bardo Thodol

Bardo Thodol

Believe not in the higher self of thee
Collapse as the autumn bare-naked tree
Become a bystander to the evil that surrounds your melancholy day
Take careful note of the souls that have also gone astray
Continue to pleasure in life after everlasting life
There the final eternity is hidden in the mundane of everyday strife

Glance upon the wonder that you refer to as “I”
Inside you will experience the Creator’s omnipresent eye
The “now” is a space that suppresses the unwary soul
Enlightenment along your journey is the spirit’s intended goal
Perfection's answer is found among those who are dead and death defying
It will be too late when you resort to the clairvoyant’s unholy skrying.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, September 22, 2012



If war abroad is America’s only course of action
Then death can be its only prize

If Americans elect their leaders because they are entranced by their carefully scripted speeches
Then know that those words will echo your final eulogy

If Americans are not prepared to caste away their ignorance, pride and patriotism
Then all that will remain is the memory of empire

It is time for the soaring eagle to feed upon its politically malignant prey. Americans, your leaders are slowly encircling you with war, debt, unemployment, hunger, poverty and disease. Change is only possible when you raise your right arm and clench your fist - not in allegiance but rather revolution. When the might of 300,00,000 guns stand silent, the single bullet unfired will be for yourself.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Abandoned Factory

The Abandoned Factory

Barbed wired fences distorted by desolation
Security cameras dangling from the rusted eaves
Tall grass occupies the old grey crack-filled tar
The neon signs spurt an ominous glow
Locked doors greet your presence with shattered glass
Empty desks piled as cardboard trash
Keyboards operated by weaving spiders
Chairs stiffened by rusty rigor mortis
Machines idled as fallen soldiers
Dock doors at half-mast salute the ghostly trailer
Briefcases rot aside the blackened urinal
Footsteps in the dust mark the last sign of life
Welcome to the abandoned factory.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Universal Dust

Universal Dust

Angel wings shed their shattered plumage
Rusted halos splinter in the traumatized sunlight
Twisted crosses tangled about the neck
Holy bread converted to vulgar mold
Red wine pours as stench-filled vinegar
Colours hued to black and white

Friends greet each other as bitter enemy
The senses disfigured by brutish alchemy
Smiles hide the perfume of hate
Softened flesh hardened as the iron-gate
Walk alone, if you must
Know full well your last steps will merge with universal dust

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"and the walls came down, all the way to hell".....Tweeter and the Monkey Man

..."and the walls came down, all the way to hell".....

Prophetic words sung by one of the best rock groups of the late '80's and all time.

The Travelling Wilburys - Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Performed by: George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty

Joseph Pede

Approximately 34,000 people have followed this message over a two week period and beyond. Cheers.


400,195 Numbers keep growing. I hope the outlook does as well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Netanyahu responsible for 911 and the next Hitler for the Jews"

Dr. Steve Pieczenik - "Netanyahu responsible for 911 and the next Hitler for the Jews"....Watch and listen to this VIDEO‏

Folks - We have an emergency!

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a Holocaust Jew, has shed a profound light on the destabilizarion of the Middle-East. This man has just confirmed that Benjamin Netanyahu is an assassin and responsible for the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. He also exposes how Jewish U.S. Neo-cons (i.e. Wolfowitz, Pearl etc) are fueling the Middle-East unrest and pressing the USA to invade Iran and start WWIII.

This man should be given a medal. This video is the most important thing you will watch and hear. I stated long ago that Netanyahu is the most evil and most dangerous person of our time. Dr. Piecznik has just confirmed this. Every Jew on this planet should look to incarcerate, try and execute Netanyahu for assassination and crimes against humanity.!

Dr. Pieczenik - "Netanyahu is the next Hitler for the Jews. Netanyahu was responsible for 911."

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon

The moon orbits about the planet Earth, but unlike our planet, it does not rotate on its own axis. The end result is that for centuries, Earthlings have only seen “one side of the moon”. Current lunar photographs however depict some lunar rotation. What may be causing this? Conjecture and conspiracy divulge that the dark side of the moon holds alien and Earth-based colonies. Some scientists have established that the moon’s atmosphere is not unlike that of the planet Earth.

If you believe in Andrew Basiago’s experiences you will accept the fact that the planet Mars also has alien and Earth-based colonies. He speaks from first-hand knowledge..

Perhaps Mankind has been perpetually kept in the dark. So much so that even current political agendas appear strange, incomprehensible and even foreign in nature.

What is truly dark is that in this day and age we have failed to correct some of Mankind’s most sinister rituals. They include cannibalism, human sacrifice, farming of human body parts, slavery/bondage and child butchery. An example of latter includes the abduction of young Filipino children. The abduction ends with barbarians ritually devouring the brains of these young children. Pretty dark stuff hah? This raw side of humanity becomes visible only when you turn on the lights.

In nations where war and economic upheaval eventually ushered in Marxism, Dictatorship and Communism, it too welcomed unspeakable evil. These types of government structures lobotomized the spiritual, moral and ethical fabric of each one of its subjects. Individuals became guinea pigs of a demoralization agenda. The attack focused on the destruction of free will and the augmentation of fear.

My hypothesis has always been that the apex of democracy is communism. The one factor I have excluded is the role of monarchies in that transformation. Monarchies are in the fact the agents that construct the final model of complete doom. Monarchies are the perfect oxymoron. They appear to shed light, but in fact, live lives of complete and utter darkness.

We are in the process of witnessing the dark side of man once again.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why the Globalists chose China and not the Middle-East

Why the Globalists chose China and not the Middle-East

The answer is simple but important. Moving North American and European capital to Asia rather than the Middle-East was intended to do two things:

1.Increase corporate profits and reduce the corresponding taxes
2.Put downward pressure on North American and European wages

These measures required that the Globalists provided a visible solution for the masses:

1.A need to find an alternative wealth formula for North America and Europe citizens
2.The need to fashion an enemy and perpetual war

The alternative wealth formula came via a) an alluring and manipulative stock market and b) a controlled housing collapse.

They chose Asia over the Middle-East because the Arab Nations could be used as guinea pigs in the orchestrated war on terror. The Arabs sit perfectly amidst the oil fields in absolute ignorance of the apocalyptic role they play. China had no natural resources just a poverty stricken nation. This made the Chinese perfect drones. The Middle-East was filled with highly educated, religiously observant and loyal Arabs who could pose a danger if that oil wealth was distributed – that is, if the wealth was intended for the masses and not for queens Elizabeth and Beatrix (i.e. British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell). This part of the Globalist plan was controlled by Buckingham Palace and Huis ten Bosch Palace

The end-game was simple. Keep Israel in the eternal position of fox and prey, and let the Semitic tribes of the Middle-East destroy themselves. Then have China implode with the planned financial collapse of Europe and North America.

The plan was unassuming and effective. Let us see how the unknown factor “Russia” plays in this end-game. We must also pay careful attention to China. They have progressed well beyond what the Globalists had planned for them – militarily, economically and politically.

The game is in full gear. Are you sitting in the theatre seats, allowing these demonic disciples to win by default?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, September 14, 2012

Who cares about Harry’s “willy”?

Who cares about Harry’s “willy”?

Who cares about Harry’s “willy” and Kate’s “pasties”? Stop with the nonsensical royal propaganda. These people should be locked up and made to play with the princely rats in the tower of London. Their only purpose is to degrade humanity. Get rid of the royal refuse! We should re-confiscate our stolen assets and make these human degenerates wash military latrines. At the end of the day, they are the ones ordering men and women into harm’s way. They are the ones master-minding political upheaval and expanding their manifesto of colonialism. Lock them up and redistribute the trillions of dollars they have stolen from our pocket books. The world’s global debt problem would be resolved in an instance. These unelected hypocrites have an unquenchable thirst for power and your blood. Their inbrededness should render them obsolete. Stop waving at these children of Satan!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That’s the way I remember it

That’s the way I remember it

Mom and dad woke up early to prepare for their day ahead

Long ago hard work was the only way immigrants managed to bring home the bread

In the morning they hugged me so I would get out of bed

Before I attended school they wanted to make sure I was properly fed

Dad would drop me off in his new Chevy Nova

The Camaro later in life made me feel just like Casanova

My lunch consisted of crusty white bread and tasty salami

Red peppers and eggplant completed the gourmet tsunami

Afternoon recess provided the chance to play with whatever ball we could find

Rubber orbs flying about everywhere would have made a hooker go blind

When the 3:30 bell rang, school was done for the day

My friends and I walked home with very little to say

We each waved good-bye, as one-by-one we left the pack

Our books were quite heavy because there was no such thing as a dependable knapsack

In through the door and grandmother would give me a hug

Grandpa spent all day reading the bible, but still found time for a gentle tug

I then washed my hands and got ready to cook

Yep, grandma and I would have dinner prepared for everyone because that’s what it took

Supper was great with a glass of ginger ale and some added home-made wine

Then off to play soccer with the friends I had earlier left behind

After much fun, yes we went a little berserk

When we arrived through the door, the eyes didn’t seem to have much strength to complete the daily home work

A little persuasion by mom made sure it was complete

I just wished her convincing shoes would have accommodated much smaller feet

Espresso and milk with a box of cookies would sum up the day

A walk upstairs to bed, undress and then once again I began to pray

That’s the way I remember it, at this point in time

Who would have thought before prayers, I would have learned how to rhyme.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Male Erectile and Penis Health

Male Erectile and Penis Health

Gentlemen, I am no doctor, but I am confident that the following are impacting your virility:

a) Lab-top computers are emitting dangerous electronic pulses, heat levels and hazardous toxins from the battery packs. These lab-tops are typically placed on your groin when relaxing. Not a good idea

b) Tight underwear over-heats the scrotum. This creates erectile dysfunctions and decreases sperm count

c) Condoms can’t be good for you. Plastics and latex impact people in factory environments – so what is the damage when it is strapped tightly around your best friend

d) Female estrogen pills affect women but they also have a sterilizing impact on men

e) A tight waste belt strangles your nerves and effects the fluidity of key veins. Your groin area is a mass of nerves and veins. This may also prevent painful hernias

f) Tight pants put a lot of pressure on the family jewels – loosen up and let them breathe

g) Seek a diet that fits your physiology – have your blood type explained to you by your doctor. Each blood type accommodates specific food groups

h) Excessive masturbation cannot be good for you. It will damage the penis wall and veins and excessive friction may create pain in the penis muscles

i) Avoid perfumed, chemically enhanced soaps or bathing lotions

j) Drink moderately – a little wine, a little tea

k) Sun bathe in the nude but don’t burn the “pack”

l) Stress – yes it will have an impact on the “ticker”, and what you need to “dick her”

m) Don’t swim naked in shark-infested waters

n) Not circumsized - keep the sweater clean guys

Why is the health of your penis important? You will need a “dick” to stand up to the “bull” that is "coming" our way. The future appears very caustic.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Tribulations of Benjamin Netanyahu, or is that Yahoo!

The Tribulations of Benjamin Netanyahu, or is that Yahoo!

More puzzling politics – please read the following two news articles posted in Haaretz:

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama
By Barak Ravid and Natasha Mozgovaya| 20:10 11.09.12

The White House's response marks a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama, underscored by the fact that this is the first time Netanyahu will visit the U.S. as prime minister without meeting Obama; PM to meet with Clinton. The White House declined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request on Tuesday to meet U.S. President Barack Obama during a UN conference in New York at the end of the month.

A Special Place in Hell
By Bradley Burston| 09:19 13.08.12

Mr. Netanyahu, before you bomb Iran, say goodbye to everyone you know.

When the war is under way, it won't matter why you insisted on pursuing this; whether it was a bluff that went ballistic, or a tragic thirst for a place in history. At the local shopping mall, as I took a number to receive shoebox-size personal protection kits against weapons of mass destruction, I found myself thinking about farewells.

This kind of news would suggest that an attack on Iran is not imminent. It appears that the people of Israel do not want war, just as much as its Arab neighbors.
Has Obama’s biggest hope of winning the U.S. Presidential election been put on ice? The people in power appear to be second guessing themselves. Those who control Obama may have thrown in the towel. Is there a rift between the U.S. political hierarchy and the U.S. Military? More importantly, is there a tear in the Globalist fabric? The people of Israel may be impacting their military decision-makers as well.

It does not matter which country has thermo-nuclear weapons or who starts a thermo-nuclear war. In the end “we” all lose. Five minutes after a nuclear detonation, all nations will perish. Perhaps God has made His presence known to these perverted relics we call leaders. Mankind can live in peace if our political leaders do not seek war as pretext to maintain peace. Historically, the motives for war have been the insatiable greed and power of a select few. Our mistake is that we keep placing trust in political rhetoric without knowing the facts.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, September 10, 2012

Putin’s Puzzling Politics

Putin’s Puzzling Politics

Russia has become one of the biggest oil producers in the world. Will Putin protect Russia’s political and military interests in the Middle-East or will he walk away and see the vast Russian oil reserves increase in value, as the Middle-East crumbles? Should he choose the latter, Russia’s oil wealth would eclipse that of Saudi Arabia’s.

Russia has been at the forefront of a major controversy. They were one of the main protagonists in trying to resolve the following matter, is “oil” fossil residue, or abiotic? Please read the following article to get a better understanding on the origins of oil:

The APEC summit saw Canada take a decisive step with Iran. That step was intended to put the globalist led NATO countries on alert, or at least send a message. Canada has become the “dunce” of democracy. It accepted the globalist invitation of walking-in the New World Order flag, into the end-times arena.

Regardless of the outcome, Harper and the Windsor queen will see Canada’s oil fortunes increase. Yesterday alone, a junior oil company named Shoal Point Energy found 23 billion barrels of oil in Newfoundland shale rock. But what will they do with all this oil wealth if they intend to eliminate the bulk of humanity? My hunch is that gold, silver and oil will be the primary resources that back a New World Order currency. While gold and silver are recyclable natural resources, oil is an infinitely available consumable resource (i.e. based on the abiotic theory of oil). The formation of a global oil cartel will determine when the N.W.O. reset button is pushed.

If Russia walks away from the Syrian crisis, the chess-game to Armageddon will have completely changed. Check-mate is just a move away. It appears that China has taken an arm-chair approach and is prepared to side with whom-ever takes the helm.

The leaders that we have entrusted to protect humanity have been corrupted by greed. It will take them an eternity to cleanse their souls of this life-time’s mistakes.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, September 7, 2012

John Baird cuts ties with Iran

John Baird cuts ties with Iran, diplomats given five days to leave Canada

Baird rattled off a litany of long-standing grievances with Iran during a news conference in the Russian city of Vladivostok, where he and Prime Minister Stephen Harper are participating in this weekend’s meeting of Asia Pacific Co-operation leaders.

Baird, the official mouth-piece of the Windsor queen and the British Commonwealth makes another prophetic speech. Well folks important decisions are being made behind the scenes:

1. Israel and Netanyahu seek U.S. co-operation in attacking Iran. In the past month, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Dempsey escaped an Israeli assassination attempt because he refused to back Netanyahu. On September 6, 2012 (yesterday) the Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff James Winnefeld, secretly visited Israel. Is there a military and political divide forming in the USA?
2. It is no surprise why Baird’s announcement took place at the APEC summit in Russia. More important is Putin’s reaction to Baird’s comments and what they mean for Russia. Russia is an ally of both Syria and Iran, as is China. The Chinese reaction is just as important. Especially since there is a gradual changing of the guard in the land of Confucius. The Canadian decision made today is a signal that the Globalists are preparing for global war.
3. With the U.S. Presidential election in full swing, and Obama the sitting President, his re-election would almost be assured if he backed Israel. The U.S. Jewish vote would flock to his side as would the Christian Evangelicals. Romney stated at the Republican National Convention that it is time to show Mr. Putin a stronger U.S. backbone. Are those fighting words? Democrat or Republican it looks like war is on the horizon for the USA once again.

The people we have elected to be “public servants” are private members of a globalist masonic cabal who serve to destroy Mankind and not defend human life. Why are we allowing this to happen?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Heaven's Gate

Heaven’s Gate

In the beginning
We departed the comfort of our heavenly dimension
This to inaugurate our journey into infinity, and
Celebrate our perpetual metamorphosis into life and death
Perhaps the two greatest mysteries of all time
They mark not a beginning or an end
But rather keep a journal of our eternal passage
They are moments in which we enter and exit through Heaven’s gate
Needing not a key, nor
The time to wish our Great Master an adieu as we move along
There is a silence in death’s door
As it provides no creaky warning or squeaky hinge
Our entry into Heaven is via a simple nudge, and
It ends when the nudge exists no more
Only when the finite cycle of reincarnation is complete
Will you rest in the comfort of God’s magnificence.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The globalists will all go to Hell. They are the transmigrated demons of Satan.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

White Phosphorous a.k.a. “Willie Pete”

White Phosphorous a.k.a. “Willie Pete”

“Willie Pete” is the smoke-screen that will unveil some very serious viruses as we progress through 2012 and 2013. The history of “Willie Pete” should concern you. The globalist WHEBB is getting stronger all the time.

a)Botulism, b)Bubonic Plague, c)Ebola, d)West Nile Virus and e)Hantavirus

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, September 3, 2012

End ot Time

End of Time

Tick tock
Mankind invented the twenty-four hour clock
First sun dials measured the almighty sun
Timex then made telling time fashionably fun

All this fuss to quantify the beginning and the end
It took moments for spirituality into darkness to descend
Shake your wrist free of those two cunning arms
They will never counsel you of the end of time alarms

Prophets spoke of a mystical time
Daniel measured time, “for a time, two times and half of time”
There was no number that marked the date
Rather God’s moment to test humanity’s fate

You will not find time between dusk and dawn
It only exists until we are unfortunately gone
If you wish to gauge the instance we call life
Run your fingers along the dull side of the metal knife

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



Yaqui Elder Don Juan spoke of waiting for the 2012 event during his teachings to cultural anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, stating emphatically: "[As seers] our case is a bit different, because we are at the end of our trail. We are not seeking anything... we go from day to day doing nothing. We are waiting. I will not tire of repeating this: we know that we are waiting and we know what we are waiting for. We are waiting for freedom!" The progressive energetic changes currently raising human consciousness will cause fear and panic only for those who are unprepared, while many spiritually awakened individuals have been preparing for the Purification Day. Apache Elder Stalking Wolf related his profound visions of the future in the Prophecy of the Red Sky, received in the 1920s and later published by Tom Brown Jr.:

Grandfather spent the next four days at the cave entrance, though for those four days nothing spoke to him, not even the Earth. He said that it was a time of great sorrow, of aloneness, and a time to digest all that had taken place. He knew that these things would not appear in his lifetime, but they had to be passed down to the people of the future with the same urgency and power with which they had been delivered to him. But he did not know how he would explain these unlikely events to anyone. Surely the elders and shamans of the tribes would understand, but not society, and certainly not anyone who was removed from the Earth and Spirit.

He sat for the full four days, unmoving, as if made of stone, and his heart felt heavy with the burden he now carried. It was at the end of the fourth day that the third Vision came to him. As he gazed out onto the landscape towards the setting Sun, the sky suddenly turned to a liquid and then turned blood-red. As far as his eyes could see, the sky was solid red, with no variation in shadow, texture or light. The whole of Creation seemed to have grown still, as if awaiting some unseen command. Time, place and destiny seemed to be in limbo, stilled by the bleeding sky. He gazed for a long time at the sky, in a state of awe and terror, for the red colour of the sky was like nothing he had ever seen in any sunset or sunrise. The colour was that of man, not of Nature, and it had a vile stench and texture. It seemed to burn the Earth wherever it touched. As sunset drifted to night, the stars shone bright red, the colour never leaving the sky, and everywhere the cries of fear and pain were heard.

Again, the warrior spirit appeared to Grandfather, but this time as a voice from the sky. Like thunder, the voice shook the landscape. "This, then, is the third sign, the night of the bleeding stars. It will become known throughout the world, for the sky in all lands will be red with the blood of the sky, day and night. It is then, with this sign of the third probable future, that there is no longer hope. Life on the Earth as man has lived it will come to an end, and there can be no turning back, physically or spiritually. It is then, if things are not changed during the second sign, that man will surely know the destruction of the Earth is at hand. It is then that the children of the Earth must run to the wild places and hide. For when the sky bleeds fire, there will be no safety in the world of man."

Grandfather sat in shocked horror as the voice continued. "From this time, when the stars bleed, to the fourth and final sign, will be four seasons of peace [that is, one year]. It is in these four seasons that the children of the Earth must live deep in the wild places and find a new home, close to the Earth and the Creator. It is only the children of the Earth that will survive, and they must live the philosophy of the Earth, never returning to the thinking of man. And survival will not be enough, for the children of the Earth must also live close to the Spirit. So tell them not to hesitate if and when this third sign becomes manifest in the stars, for there are but four seasons to escape." Grandfather said that the voice and red sky lingered for a week, and then were gone as quickly as they were manifest.

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Joseph Pede

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September, 2012 Numerology

September, 2012 Numerology

Between now and September 21, 2012

On May 2, 2012, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi was elected to the Myanmar (formerly Burma) Parliament. Suu Kyi is the daughter of Myanmarese independence leader Aung San. He was a founder of the Communist Party of Burma and was instrumental in bringing about Burma's independence from British colonial rule. He was assassinated on July 19, 1947, six months prior to independence. Suu Kyi has planned a visit to the USA this month – both to receive the Congressional Medal of Honour and the “Global Citizen Award”. The latter award will also be received by mass-murderer Henry Kissinger. He has yet to be tried for crimes against humanity. The Medal of Honour is in most cases awarded posthumously (i.e. the recipient is deceased). Are you thinking what I am thinking? Will this event trigger another major event?

September 9, 2012

The year 2012 is the most significant year in 2000 years. We celebrated the birth of Jesus two millennia ago. So what are we to celebrate on September 9 of this year? With the assistance of numerology we can translate this date into the number 99. This number is extremely significant as “Allah” is said to have 99 names. It is said that a person that memorizes these 99 names will go to Paradise. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Will Islam rise from the ashes on this day? Keep the radio on for news of Ariel Sharon (I have already written on the importance of his death. It is tied to prophecy). Will Albert Pike’s prophecy of the “great war” between Islam and Judaism finally be realized?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede