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China throws down the gauntlet in gene-editing race with U.S.


China throws down the gauntlet in gene-editing race
with U.S.

BLOOMBERG Feb 24, 2016
U.S. companies racing to develop a promising gene editing technology are up against a formidable competitor — the Chinese government.
China has long set its heart on building an expertise in genomics and its government is pouring funds into a new and sometimes controversial tool called Crispr, encouraging its researchers to advance the technology. Chinese scientists say they were among the first in using Crispr to make wheat resistant to a common fungal disease, dogs more muscular and pigs leaner.
The scientific research bankrolled by the Chinese government could eventually be tapped by agricultural and pharmaceutical companies. Programs funded by Beijing are, among other things, working on disease-resistant tomatoes, breast cancer treatments and increasing the oil content in soy beans. In the southern city of Guangzhou, researchers who received government funds went a step further, sparking an international ethical debate last year after tweaking the genetic make up of human embryos using Crispr for the first time.
Formally called Crispr-Cas9, the genetic editing tool acts like a pair of low-cost and highly precise molecular scissors that can cut out unwanted sections of DNA and insert desired ones. It has revolutionized what was once a time-consuming, pricey and inaccurate process, and scientists and businesses worldwide are seeking to capitalize on this emerging technique. The expertise the Chinese groups are developing positions them to eventually challenge U.S. gene-editing companies, some of which have raised millions in venture capital.
“I would rank the U.S. and China as first and second Crispr-Cas9 research countries, respectively, at this time. Both countries have much strength in this area,” said Paul Knoepfler, an associate professor of cell biology and human anatomy at the University of California’s UC Davis School of Medicine, who recently published a book titled “GMO Sapiens,” discussing the application of gene-modifying technology on humans. “The U.S. currently gets the edge in high-profile papers, Crispr biotech and intellectual property. China has published a lot in Crispr animals.”
The Boston Consulting Group estimated in September that U.S. gene editing companies have attracted more than $1 billion in investment since 2013. Editas Medicine Inc., Intellia Therapeutics Inc., and Poseida Therapeutics Inc., are among the U.S. biotech companies researching Crispr to tackle health disorders. Editas this month raised about $109 million in the first U.S. initial public offering of 2016.
While Crispr has yet to be proven effective in creating new treatments, pharmaceutical companies worldwide see it as a potent tool. The hope is that it could potentially generate therapies for conditions from cancer to blood diseases.
A Chinese team at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou last year became the first to report Crispr work in human embryos, attempting to edit a gene that causes the blood disorder, thalassemia. The study was at least partly funded by two government-run organizations, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and another called the National Basic Research Program.
The research caused an international stir, even though the scientists only used ‘nonviable’ human embryos — or those obtained through fertility clinics and without any potential for live births. Professor Huang Junjiu, who led the study, declined to comment. In publishing their findings, the Chinese researchers said that Crispr needs to be better understood and more accurate before being used in human testing.
While there is still little private investment in gene editing in China, a publicly traded Chinese company called Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co. in a December statement said that it would provide 3 million yuan ($460,000) in funding to the university. The company, which prints cigarette boxes, has identified the health industry as a key area of growth and hopes to eventually share the rights to the Crispr-based thalassemia treatment technology, it said via email.
In the U.S., the federal government does not fund work that destroys or creates human embryos for research purposes. This month, the U.K.’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority gave a group of researchers permission to conduct Crispr research on human embryos, although they still need an ethics committee to approve their plans.
Using Crispr to cure disease “is probably ethical,” said Eric Hendrickson, a professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, whose research uses Crispr techniques for DNA repair. “To use that technology to make your child run faster or jump higher is uniformly frowned upon. The technology to do that, however, will soon be in place.”
Most of China’s funding for Crispr research is coming from the government, with very few private companies putting money into gene modification work, said Lai Liangxue, deputy director of the Southern China Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. “Whether it’s animal or plant, our country has special funds for this aspect of work.”
Last year, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, a prominent government backed institution that funds research, awarded more than 23 million yuan ($3.5 million) to at least 42 Crispr projects, more than double the previous year. It is just one of several government institutions providing Crispr funding in China. China is also aided by a large pool of internationally trained scientists, many of whom have returned home after working overseas. The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology did not respond to a fax seeking comment.
Backed partly by grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Lai, the researcher in southern China, has focused on biomedical applications of Crispr. He has given pigs genes that allow them to contract human diseases and serve as trial subjects for new treatments, or even act as potential sources of organs for human transplant.
Lai’s team also snipped a gene that inhibits muscle growth in beagles, enabling the modified dogs to have stronger muscles, run faster and jump higher than normal ones. The same technology could potentially benefit the police and military in the future if applied to canine breeds commonly used by law enforcement agencies, he said.
Part of the challenge for Chinese companies will be getting licenses to use Crispr commercially once there are patents awarded internationally. Several academic institutions in the U.S. and elsewhere have already filed patent applications for Crispr-Cas9 technology. “Without obtaining licenses from these parties, commercial applications in China or elsewhere will be hampered,” Jin-Soo Kim, a professor with the Center for Genome Engineering at Seoul National University.
Crispr has already boosted a new industry in China that supplies genetically edited animals to foreign research labs and pharmaceutical companies. Researchers in the U.S. and China also see its potential in agriculture — to potentially create disease resistant grains or better quality meat. Raising a genetically engineered pig with Crispr technology is already cheaper in China at about 700,000 yuan, while in the U.S. it could cost four or five times as much, said Lai. Labor and other costs are lower in China.
Still, Crispr-edited animals and crops in China so far remain off the market, he said, as their safety needs to be studied. In agriculture too Chinese scientists or their commercial partners will need to negotiate with the holders of the related patents and probably pay a fee to use them. In June, Des Moines, Iowa-based seed company DuPont Pioneer entered into a licensing pact with Lithuania’s Vilnius University, one of the first groups to discover the gene-editing functions of the Cas9 protein.
“If in the future we think they don’t cause any harm to the human body and can indeed increase output, they will be very useful to the development of our country’s agriculture sector,” said Lai, referring to edited animals and crops.
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Rabbi Pedophile Gets 60 Days in Jail? CRAZY CRAZY!!!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn rabbi charged with teen sex assault gets 60 days in jail; DA ripped for offering light plea deal

Thursday, February 25, 2016, 5:32 PM

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi
Anthony Lanzilote/for New York Daily News

Yoel Malik got a generous plea deal after the victims declined to move forward with the case, officials said.

A Brooklyn rabbi charged with sexually abusing four teenage boys in a hotel was sentenced to 60 days in jail and six years of probation.

Yoel Malik, 33, a highly regarded member the Satmar Hasidic sect, was given the generous plea deal after the victims were extremely reluctant to testify publicly, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the case.

In 2013, Malik was charged with 28 criminal counts and shamelessly blamed his underage victims for trying to seduce him, police sources said.

The boys were all students at Ohr Hameir, a now-shuttered Satmar yeshiva in Borough Park. The alleged victims were between ages 13 and 16 when the incident occurred.


The rabbi was accused of groping the genitals of all four boys inside motels, prosecutors said after his arrest.

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi
Anthony Lanzilote/for New York Daily News

In 2013, Yoel Malik was charged with 28 criminal counts and shamelessly blamed his underage victims for trying to seduce him, police sources said.

The twisted teacher also allegedly forced two of the boys to perform oral sex on him. One of the victims was also forced to perform oral sex on Malik inside his car parked near a cemetery on a separate occasion, according to prosecutors.

In 2014, he quietly pleaded guilty to a felony of luring a child and a misdemeanor of sexual misconduct, records show.

Over the past two years, he completed a series of probation requirements, including a sex offender class and staying away from children, court records show.

As part of the deal, the felony was dismissed upon completion of the intense probation supervision.
On Tuesday, he was sent to Rikers Island for 60 days for the misdemeanor offense.

Advocates for child sex-abuse victims questioned the deal that Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson (pictured) offered Malik. 
Julia Xanthos/New York Daily News

Advocates for child sex-abuse victims questioned the deal that Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson (pictured) offered Malik. 

Advocates for child sex-abuse victims questioned the deal.

"What DA [Ken] Thompson has done is inexplicable," said Ben Hirsch, a spokesman for Survivors for Justice, an organization that advocates and educates on issues related to child sex abuse. "Through unexplained plea deals such as this he has effectively quashed any willingness on the part of victims to come forward."

Malik's lawyer contended his client wasn't getting off easy.

"I will concede he wasn't burnt at the stake," Roger Bennet Adler said sarcastically. "He wasn't stoned running through the village."

It’s a “significant” punishment when any first-time offender gets sentenced to jail, he added.
"Most people would be scared out of their minds," he said, referring to time on Rikers Island.

Baba Vanga Predictions

Baba Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva was born on January 31, 1911. She died on August 11, 1996 . She lived in the city of Petrich, Bulgaria .   Ibtissem Menad
Ibtissem Menad Zon Staff

Vanga lost her sight when she was 12. She was swept away by a mighty tornado. Later she was found alive, covered with dirt and stones, with sand in her eyes. She became blind as a result.

Vanga started making predictions when she was 16. She helped her father find a sheep stolen from the flock. She provided a detailed description of a yard where the animal was being hidden by the thieves. Her powers of foreseeing took shape after she turned 30.

Many a statesman visited Vanga. Adolf Hitler called on her one day. He left her house looking rather upset.

Vanga died in 1996 and predicted many of the major global shocks such as the tsunami of 2004 or the attack on the Twin Towers. And now, one last omen seems to begin to be fulfilled: according Baba Yanga, 2016 would be the year that “Muslims will invade Europe”.

Yanga Baba prophesied that in 2018 China will be the first “super power” in the world, taking the lead from the already worn U.S, plus, she added, in the same year a space probe will discover “a new form of energy” in planet Venus.

But that is not the end of the story, the great seer even said that things will start deteriorate for the U.S, and that the “African American” president would be “the last” acting president of the northern country.
“African American”president would be the last acting president of the U.S.”
Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova also predicted the attacks on the Twin Towers, when in 1989 she said:
“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.” (1989)
Happened as predicted. The World Trade Center Towers in New York collapsed following terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 . The WTC Towers were dubbed “Twins” or “Brothers.” The terrorists drove passenger planes –“the steel birds”- into the towers. “The bush” obviously relates to the surname of the current U.S. president.

She also anticipated the devastating tsunami in 2004 that hit the Thai coast,
“a big wave will cover a large coast with people and villages where everything disappears under water.”

She also said that in 2023 the Earth’s orbit would change, which would “melt the poles” and set fire in the “Middle East”

The old woman said:
“great Islamic war” would begin in Syria culminating in complete control of Rome, in 2043.

It also stated that there would be established a definitive Caliphate and that Europe “would cease to exist”, to become a continent “almost empty “and” wastelands devoid of any form of life. ”

One of the most shocking prediction was made in 1980. The blind old woman said: “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.”

The prediction did not make any sense back then. Twenty years on, it made a horrifying sense. A Russian nuclear submarine perished in an accident in August of 2000. The sub was named after the city of Kursk , which by no means could have been covered with water.

Among the many predictions, there are some quite exotic, such as ensuring that aliens will help man to live underwater in 2130, or a possible war on Mars in 3005.

Finally, perhaps the most fantastic yet the most apocalyptic:

Vanga assured that there will be no survivors on Earth, circa 3797.
Woman Who Predicted The Fall Of The Twin Towers Has Bad News For 2016!
Here we leave a list of predictions for the coming years:
  • 2016. Muslims invade Europe.
  • 2023. There will be major changes in the Earth’s orbit.
  • 2025. The population of Europe will disappear as a result of wars.
  • 2028. There will be an attempt to travel to other planets like Venus, with the hope of finding other sources of energy to Earth.
  • 2033. Water levels rise due to the melting of the poles.
  • 2076. Communism contagious return to Europe and the rest of the world.
  • 2084. The rebirth of nature.
  • 2100. A new sun illuminates the dark side of the planet. This could refer to a scientific project that began in 2008 and will create an artificial sun using nuclear energy.
  • 2130. extraterrestrial civilizations might reach our planet.
  • 2170. Global Drought.
  • 2187. Two large volcanoes erupt.
  • 2262. Mars is threatened by a comet.
  • 2480. Two artificial Suns collide and leave the Earth in total darkness.
  • 3005. A war on Mars will change the trajectory of the planet.
  • 3010. A comet reaches the Moon, so the Earth is covered by a ring of rocks and ashes.
  • 3797. The Earth dies but mankind has advanced enough to move to a new solar system.
  • 5079: The universe will end.

Nimrods Tomb Found Cloning underway of Nimrod and Osiris

Nimrods Tomb Found Cloning underway of Nimrod and Osiris

Nov 09, 2013 by RickMatheson
Apollyon Rising

As some of you may already know, archeologists claim to have found the tombs of both Osiris (Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead) and the tomb of Gilgamesh (A king who was claimed to be one third man and two thirds god [66.6%]). Very shortly after the tomb of Gilgamesh was discovered, America invaded Iraq, where it was discovered. This was back in 2003, so we were just beginning the war on terror.

So, these two gods are often linked to Nimrod, and many biblical researchers believe them to be one in the same. Is it possible these people actually existed and were mere men who were praised as gods? Is it possible that these men were influenced by the very same evil spirit that influenced Nimrod? If so, with the discoveries of these tombs, and with the very rapid expansion and understanding of DNA cloning technologies we are currently developing, is it possible that whoever may have governance over these tombs could be holding back information, which is scarce, and could possibly be planning something larger. What if they want control over this demonic DNA? What if they want to use it for clones, or for injecting it somehow into someone else? What if these so called gods did have some type of demonic power, like the occult seems to have, and their DNA contains something occult followers would wish to possess? If Nimrod is, in a sense, worshiped still today by mystery religions, what if these religions want to recreate him in some sense? If Babylon truly is still in existence to some degree, wouldn't Nimrod be the guy they would most want to see again?

A whole lot of what if's, but Nimrod worship is very real in this world, and with the technology of today and the discoveries of yesterday, something bigger could be in the works. Possibly something that will lead to the rise of the Anti Christ.

Ongoing excavations and research at Nimrud Mountain in Bitlis have revealed the history behind the tomb and treasures of King Nimrod. The real venue of the tomb, which was constructed 2,000 years ago, has been determined.

Writer and researcher Mehmet Törehan Serdar said his team has determined the location of the tomb after an extensive period of research. Noting that the mountain in Adıyaman has no relation to the mountain in Bitlis, Serdar said, “This is only a resemblance in name. The reason being, there is another kin of Adıyaman’s Nimrod in Nemrut.”King Nimrod, according to the Book of Genesis and the Books of Chronicles, was the son of Cush and great-grandson of Noah, and the King of Shinar. He is depicted in the Tanakh as a man of power on earth and a mighty hunter.

Extra-biblical traditions associating him with the Tower of Babel led to his reputation as a king who rebelled against God.

Several Mesopotamian ruins were given Nimrod’s name by 8th-century Arabs.

His tomb remained on the mountain, and the team believes to have found the real location
of the tomb in Bitlis.


As troubling as these thoughts are, they could be just the tip of the iceberg as one-on-one interpersonal malevolence by human-animals might quickly be overshadowed by global acts of swarm violence. The possibility of groups of "transhuman terrorists" in the conceivable future is real enough that a House Foreign Affairs committee chaired by California Democrat Brad Sherman, best known for his expertise on the spread of nuclear weapons and terrorism, is among a number of government panels and think-tanks currently studying the implications of genetic modification and human-transforming technologies related to future terrorism. CQ Columnist Mark Stencel listened to the recent HFA committee hearings and wrote in his March 15, 2009 article, Futurist: Genes Without Borders, that the conference "sounded more like a Hollywood pitch for a sci-fi thriller than a sober discussion of scientific reality… with talk of biotech’s potential for creating supersoldiers, superintelligence and superanimals [that] agents of unprecedented lethal force." [1]

George Annas, Lori Andrews, and Rosario Isasi were even more apocalyptic in their American Journal of Law and Medicine article, Protecting the Endangered Human: Toward an International Treaty Prohibiting Cloning and Inheritable Alterations when they wrote:

"The new species, or ‘posthuman,’ will likely view the old ‘normal’ humans as inferior, even savages, and fit for slavery or slaughter. The normals, on the other hand, may see the posthumans as a threat and if they can, may engage in a preemptive strike by killing the posthumans before they themselves are killed or enslaved by them. It is ultimately this predictable potential for genocide that makes species-altering experiments potential weapons of mass destruction, and makes the unaccountable genetic engineer a potential bioterrorist." [2]

Observations like those of Annas, Andrews, and Isasi cause one to wonder if this is not how the servants of Antichrist move with such compassionless brutality in rounding up to destroy all who refuse to receive the Mark of the Beast.

Not to be outpaced in this regard by rogue fringe scientists or even bio-terrorists, DARPA and other agencies of the U.S. military have taken inspiration from the likes of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, and in scenes reminiscent of Saruman the wizard creating monstrous Uruk-Hai to wage unending, merciless war, billions of American tax dollars have flowed into the Pentagon’s Frankensteinian dream of "super-soldiers" and "Extended Performance War Fighter" programs. Not only does the EPWFP envision "injecting young men and women with hormonal, neurological and genetic concoctions; implanting microchips and electrodes in their bodies to control their internal organs and brain functions; and plying them with drugs that deaden some of their normal human tendencies: the need for sleep, the fear of death, [and] the reluctance to kill their fellow human beings," but as Chris Floyd in an article for CounterPunch a while back continued, "some of the research now underway involves actually altering the genetic code of soldiers, modifying bits of DNA to fashion a new type of human specimen, one that functions like a machine, killing tirelessly for days and nights on end.... mutations [that] will ‘revolutionize the contemporary order of battle’ and guarantee ‘operational dominance across the whole range of potential U.S. military employments.’" [3]

In keeping with our study, imagine the staggering implications of such science if dead Nephilim tissue was discovered with intact DNA and a government somewhere was willing to clone or mingle the extracted organisms to make Homo-nephilim. If one accepts the biblical story of Nephilim as real, such discovery could actually be made someday or perhaps already has been and was covered up. As an example of this possibility, in 2009 blood was extracted from the bone of a dinosaur that scientists insist is 80 million years old. Nephilim would have existed in relatively recent times comparably, making clonable material from dead biblical giants feasible. The technology to resurrect the extinct species already exists, and cloning methods are being studied now for use with bringing back Tasmanian Tigers, Wooly Mammoths and other extinguished creatures. National Geographic also confirmed this possibility in their May 2009 special report Recipe for a Resurrection, quoting Hendrik Poinar of McMaster University, an authority on ancient DNA who served as a scientific consultant for the movie Jurassic Park, saying: "I laughed when Steven Spielberg said that cloning extinct animals was inevitable. But I’m not laughing anymore... This is going to happen. It’s just a matter of working out the details." [4]

Will the same technology lead to the resurrection of the pagan deity Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod, who returns to rule the Novus Order Seclorum? Is material from the deity’s ‘body’ concealed in a tomb at Giza… or in Washington, DC… or in the ‘sacred casket’ that former U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace mentioned in his letter to Nicholas Roerich, considered in esoteric circles to be the same as the casket or ‘coffin’ of Osiris? If so, is it conceivable that plans to revive the Apollonian tissue using biotechnology have already been made, or worse, have already been accomplished and the pagan god waits the moment of its unveiling?

People not familiar with biblical eschatology may find this idea fantastic, that the being who becomes the Antichrist was once alive, then was dead, and returns from the grave to rule the Novus Ordo Seclorum. But this is exactly what Revelation 17:8 appears to say will happen: "The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition [Apoleia,]: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder… when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is." Further, the mythos of the Eye of Horus on the Great Seal, which so fascinated Wallace and company, represents this very concept of deity incarnation into the "King" that is to rule. As mentioned earlier in this blog series, in ancient Egypt where this Great Seal symbol originated, each Pharaoh "became" the incarnation of the falcon god Horus during his lifetime, and at death, the Osiris—the divine judge of the netherworld.

As biotechnology and synthetic biology advance to the degree that we can now realistically anticipate reviving long-dead species, I have been able to convince a few scholarly minds that the Man of Sin could in fact be the return of a deceased Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod who arrives via biotech resurrection. Even Chuck Missler, though not with the same details, raised the appropriate question not long ago in an online article about the Antichrist: "Could it be that this final world dictator will be, in some sense, a return of Nimrod?" In my opinion, this is more than a possibility, and I remember with curiosity how in 1998, Zahi Hawass, the current Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, claimed to have found the burial tomb of the god Osiris (Apollo/Nimrod) at the Giza Plateau. In the article Sandpit of Royalty from the newspaper Extra Bladet (Copenhagen), January 31, 1999, Hawass was quoted saying:

"I have found a shaft, going 29 meters vertically down into the ground, exactly halfway between the Chefren Pyramid and the Sphinx. At the bottom, which was filled with water, we have found a burial chamber with four pillars. In the middle is a large granite sarcophagus, which I expect to be the grave of Osiris, the god…I have been digging in Egypt’s sand for more than 30 years, and up to date this is the most exciting discovery I have made…. We found the shaft in November and began pumping up the water recently. So several years will pass before we have finished investigating the find." [5]

Insofar as we know this discovery did not ultimately provide the physical remains of the deity. Of course, that is, in as far as we know. But what it did illustrate is that at least some very powerful Egyptologists believe Osiris was a historical figure, and that his body was stored somewhere at or near the Great Pyramid. Manly P. Hall, who knew the Masonic legend of Hiram Abiff was a thinly veiled prophecy of the resurrection of Osiris, seems to have understood what Zahi Hawass was looking for, and why. Consider that he wrote in The Secret Teachings of All Ages:

"The Dying God shall rise again! The secret room in the House of the Hidden Places shall be rediscovered. The Pyramid again shall stand as the ideal emblem of solidarity, inspiration, aspiration, resurrection, and regeneration. [6]

Over the years, biblical scholar Gary Stearman has written extensively about Nimrod (Apollo/Osiris/Gilgamesh) and the connection this historical figure has with Babylonian Mystery Religion, Watchers, Nephilim (including their resurrection), and the spirit of the end-times Antichrist and revival of paganism. He too appears to believe the coming of Antichrist represents a return of Nimrod. "But who is this Assyrian," he asked in the July 2001 Prophecy in the News Magazine, "He is none other than the spiritual inheritor of the first great post-Flood religious apostasy. He is the keeper of the great heritage that began at the Assyrian capital, Nineveh. Its founder was Nimrod…. He is the Antichrist, the future despot who comes in the name of the ancient mystery religion."

A year earlier, in June of 2000, Stearman had written in Prophecy in the News concerning Nimrod:

"He was a rebel who allowed himself to be worshipped as a god. After the Flood, his rebellion became the foundation of mankind’s greatest religious apostasy. Down through the generations, this system of false worship became known simply as the "Babylonian Mystery Religion."

Its basis is quite clear. It attempts to channel the power of the ancient gods through the figure of one, powerful man. Nimrod became that god…" [emphasis].

Alexander Hislop in his classic text The Two Babylons substantiates Stearman’s thesis that the Babylonian Mystery Religion was based on the worship of Nimrod. "It was to glorify Nimrod that the whole Chaldean system of iniquity was formed," he wrote (p.20). Yet Stearman sees that the Mystery Religion continued secretly through the ages, shrouded in hiding by adepts of the occult in anticipation of a final moment when the ancient spirit should be awakened.

"…corrupt priesthoods have flourished, carrying with them the shadow of Nimrod and his ancient mysteries. Their inner secrets have been known by various names, including alchemy, magic, sorcery, conjuring, soothsaying and so forth…. waiting for the prophesied day when it would rise once again. This movement will result in the reign of the Antichrist."

In addition to the supernatural aspects that biotechnology could provide the Luciferian technology to resurrect Nimrod/Apollo/Osiris in the person of the last days Man of Sin, the ramifications of using the same science to revive extinct animals, Nephilim, or to create newly engineered versions of demigods and mythological animals may also play a role in the Kingdom of Antichrist. This is because as interbreeding begins between transgenic animals, genetically modified humans, and specie as God made them, the altered DNA will quickly migrate into the natural environment, and when that happens (as is already occurring among genetically modified plants and animals), ‘alien’ and/or animal characteristics will be introduced to the human gene pool and spread through intermarriage, altering the human genetic code and eventually eliminating humanity as we know it. This is what happened before the Great Flood according to many theologians, and perhaps that has been the whole idea for the end-times as well—to create a generation of genetically altered ‘Nimrods’ to serve as ‘fit extensions’ for the resurrection of underworld Nephilim-hordes in preparation of Armageddon.

Does a curious verse in the book of Daniel hint at this? Speaking of the last days of human government, Daniel said:

"…they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay" (Dan. 2:43).

While Daniel does not explain who they that "mingle themselves with the seed of men" are, the personal pronoun they caused Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman in their book Alien Encounters to ask: "Just what (or who) are ‘mingling with the seed of men?’ Who are these Non-seed? It staggers the mind to contemplate the potential significance of Daniel’s passage and its implications for the future global governance." [7]

Daniel’s verse troubled Missler and Eastman because it seemed to indicate that the same phenomenon that occurred in Genesis chapter 6 where non-human species or ‘non-seed’ mingled with human seed and produced Nephilim, would happen again in the end times. When this verse from Daniel is coupled with Genesis 3:15, which says, "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed [zera,] and her seed," an incredible tenant emerges—that Satan has seed, and that it is at enmity with Christ.

To ‘mingle’ non-human seed with Homo sapiens through altering human DNA while simultaneously returning Nephilim to earth has been the inspiration of the spirit of antichrist ever since God during the Great Flood halted the practice. According to Louis Pauwells & Jacques Bergier in The Dawn of Magic (first published in France under the title "Le Matin des Magiciens" 1960 by Editions Gallimard, Paris), this was certainly the goal of the antichrist Adolf Hitler:

Hitler’s aim was neither the founding of a race of supermen, nor the conquest of the world; these were only means towards the realization of the great work he dreamed of. His real aim was to perform an act of creation, a divine operation, the goal of a biological mutation which would result in an unprecedented exaltation of the human race and the "apparition of a new race of heroes and demigods and god-men." [8]

One cannot read the conclusion by Pauwells and Bergier regarding Hitler’s antichrist ambition without seeing how it corresponds perfectly with the Cumaean Sibyl’s prophecy pertaining to the coming of Apollo, who receives "the life of gods, and sees Heroes with gods commingling." This calls to mind that from the Middle Ages forward, church leaders have believed the Antichrist would ultimately represent the return of the Nephilim—the reunion of demons with humans. St. Augustine himself wrote of such demoniality in the City of God [9], and in the De Daemonialitate, et Incubis, et Succubi, Fr. Ludovicus Maria Sinistrari de Ameno (1622-1701) also perceived the coming of Antichrist as representing the biological hybridization of demons with humans. "To theologians and philosophers," he wrote, "it is a fact, that from the copulation of humans with the demon…Antichrist must be born." [10]

The English theologian George Hawkins Pember agreed with this premise, and in his 1876 masterpiece Earth’s Earliest Ages he analyzed the prophecy of Christ that says the end-times would be a repeat of "the days of Noah." Pember outlined the seven great causes of the antediluvian destruction and documented their developmental beginnings in his lifetime. The seventh and most fearful sign, Pember wrote, would be the return of the Nephilim, "The appearance upon earth of beings from the Principality of the Air, and their unlawful intercourse with the human race."

Consequently, if the Antichrist is the reincarnation of the demon Apollo as prophesied by the Apostle Paul, not only will he be the exact opposite of Jesus (Son of God), but the forerunner of the return of the Nephilim. The prophet Isaiah (chapters 13 and 14) likewise spoke of the return of these beings, and tied the advent to the destruction of the city of Babylon in the final age. The following verse should give us pause in light of the ongoing presence of US armed forces in Iraq/Babylon and the powder keg surrounding it. From the Septuagint, we read:

The vision which Esaias son of Amos saw against Babylon. Lift up a standard on the mountain of the plain, exalt the voice to them, beckon with the hand, open the gates, ye ruler. I give command and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfill my wrath…. For behold! the day of the Lord is coming which cannot be escaped, a day of wrath and anger, to make the world desolate…. And Babylon…shall be as when God overthrew Sodoma and Gomorrah…. It shall never be inhabited…and monsters shall rest there, and devils shall dance there and satyrs shall dwell there . . . (Isaiah 13:1-3, 9, 19-22).

One can only speculate if something more than is casually perceived is meant by Isaiah when he says, "open the gates, ye ruler," but whoever this ruler is, he opens ‘gates’ in Iraq/Babylon through which end-times giants (Gibborim) return to the surface of earth as agents of God’s wrath. Noting that Isaiah ties the destruction of Iraq/Babylon with the reappearance of Gibborim in this way, we recall how thousands of US troops on invading Iraq during the Bush administration admittedly filled U.S. containers with archaeological materials, including what some have speculated to be cuneiform tablets pointing to the location of pure-blooded Nephilim buried in underground caves. This is exactly where Enoch said the antediluvian Nephilim are, and raises fascinating questions: Would agencies like DARPA have interest in studying or cloning the extinct beings if they were, or have been, found? Could man in his arrogance revive ancient DNA, revitalizing or blending it with other living organisms in a way similar to what the Watchers did in making the first Nephilim? Is this how the Rephaim (dead Nephilim) who are viewed as squirming beneath the surface of the earth, rise to challenge the armies of God during Armageddon? Is the factual reappearance on earth of legendary beings verified by Isaiah, who foresaw creatures such as satyrs (transgenic half-man half-goats) accompanying the return of giants in the end-times, or why other Apocryphal Books like 2 Esdras 5:8 prophesy the birth of "monsters" for the same period of time? Some may be shocked to learn that in addition to the citations above, the Bible actually describes an end-times confrontation between the ‘mythological gods’ and Christ. "The Lord will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth" says Zephaniah 2:11. "The Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, saith; Behold, I will punish the… gods" (Jer. 46:25). Human followers of the pagan deities will also join the conflict, calling upon their "idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood" (Rev. 9:20) to convene their powers against the Christian God, uniting with "unclean spirits like frogs… the spirits of devils working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth… to gather them to the battle of that great day… [to] a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon [Megiddo]" (Rev. 16:13-14;16).

Given that the prophets foretold a day when mythical characters and "gods" would return to earth to conduct war against the God of the Bible, it is more than a little disturbing that man has, for the first time since before the Great Flood, intentionally set course to repeat what ancient records say the Watchers did. The accelerated pace by scientific exploration against God’s Divine Order, and the subsequent revival of Watcher technology leading to transhuman or revived forms of Nephilim, has without doubt pushed the end-times clock closer to midnight than most comprehend.


Enoch was the son of Jared, father of Methuselah and great-grandfather of Noah whose writings provide the most detailed account of the fall of the "Watchers," the angels who fathered the infamous Nephilim. While the book of Enoch is no longer included in most versions of the Bible, Enoch’s writings are quoted in the New Testament in at least two places, and he is mentioned by name in both the Old and New Testaments, including Jude 14-15 where one of his prophecies is cited. During the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, pre-Maccabean fragments of the Book of Enoch were found, helping scholars to verify the book’s antiquity while also illustrating that the ancients held these texts to be inspired. Many early Church Fathers likewise considered the Book of Enoch to be sacred, including Tertullian, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Origen and Clement of Alexandria. This is an important fact because if Enoch was truly a prophet, then the world may be in for an unfathomable surprise concerning the return of Nephilim, and soon.

In the tenth chapter of the book of Enoch, it says the Watchers who were judged during the flood would be bound beneath the hills of the earth for 70 generations, until the day of their final judgment when they will be released from those confines and thrown into an abyss of fire, "to the torment and the prison in which they shall be confined for ever."

But in the fifteenth chapter, Enoch writes about the deceased offspring of the Watchers, the giants or Nephilim, and describes them as being released at the same time to bring slaughter and destruction upon man:

"The spirits of the giants…shall be concealed, and shall not rise up against the sons of men, and against women; until they come forth during the days of slaughter and destruction" (Enoch 15:9-10).

This particular prophecy mirrors those of Isaiah and other apocryphal works, which indicate a future date in which Watchers will rise for judgment while their giant offspring resurrect "from beneath the hills of the earth" to wreak havoc upon earth. According to Enoch, this unparalleled event is scheduled to occur after 70 generations have passed from the time of the Flood.

This could be troubling.

Although traditional scholarship places the time of the Great Flood between BC 2500 and 2300, modern dating by some researchers has roughly estimated the flood to have actually transpired between BC 2800 and 2900. For instance this is the dating given by a group of scientists from the USA, Russia, Australia, France, and Ireland known as the Holocene Impact Working Group who hypothesize the Great Flood resulted from a comet striking the Indian Ocean between 2800-2900 BC, resulting in a mega-tsunami. Because a prophetic generation is 70 years based on Psalm 90:10 ("The days of our years are threescore years and ten"), Enoch’s 70 generations times 70 years equals exactly 4900 years forward from the flood. If the flood took place between BC 2800 and 2900, this brings the return of the Nephilim to the immediate hour. In other words, if this BC 2800 to 2900 dating is correct, mankind is on the threshold of Watchers being raised from their underground prisons and thrown into an abyss of fire, while their giant offspring return to the surface of earth in violent fulfillment of multiple prophecies (and does this coincide with the Mayan 2012 return of Quatzlecoatl?)

We have no idea whether the modern time frame for the Great Flood is reasonable, but the Book of Jubilees—another apocryphal text—seems to verify this frightening scenario, prophesying Nephilim on earth in the last days. Again, the familiar word "corruption" turns up in association with these beings, insinuating an end-times repeat of what the Watchers did by corrupting human DNA and blending it with animals to retrofit human bodies for Nephilim incarnation. Note that this happens just before Satan is judged.

"The malignant evil ones [spirits] were bound in the place of condemnation, but a tenth part of them were left that they might be subject before Satan on the earth. These are for corruption [corruption] and leading astray men before Satan’s judgment" (10:7-12).

Finally, a prophecy in the second chapter of the Book of Joel could refer to the same end-times volcano of resurrected Nephilim. While some expositors say Joel was most likely describing an army of locusts, with phrases like "[They] a great people and a strong" and "they shall run like mighty men [Gibborim]" it is reasonable to question if in fact these verses are talking about grasshoppers.

"[They] a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it… and nothing shall escape them. The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run…. They shall run like mighty men [Gibbowr,]; they shall climb the wall like men of war…. They shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses; they shall enter in at the windows like a thief. The earth shall quake before them…. And the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?" (Joel 2:2-11)

When the numerous ancient texts from inerrant Scriptures to extra-biblical sources are added up, there is persuasive evidence that Joel’s army could indeed be more than simple grasshoppers, and that this massive Gibborim army that runs upon the wall from which nobody can escape could be the result of man’s willingness to play "god" in reviving forbidden science and opening "gates" to what lurks beyond.

Even then, we are just getting started…



by Joan D'Arc
from PlanetXVideo Website
According to the harmonic rule known as Bode's Law, a planet should exist between Mars and Jupiter - some 260 million miles from the Sun.
Beginning in 1801, tiny rock and metallic objects were discovered to be orbiting the Sun at about this distance. Since then, several hundred thousand large asteroids have been catalogued, and it is estimated that there are more than a million 1 km asteroids.

Was the Third Rock from the Sun Once the Fifth Rock from the Sun?
Stretched out at a distance of 205 to 300 million miles from the Sun, this band is known as the Asteroid Belt. The asteroids range in size from Ceres, which has a diameter of about 1000 km, down to the size of pebbles. If the estimated total mass of all the asteroids was gathered into a single object, the object would total about 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) across - less than half the diameter of the Earth's moon.

Atronomer H. Olbers discovered the second asteroid, Pallas, in 1802, and the fourth asteroid, Vesta, in 1807. In his time, Olbers thought these bodies were fragments of a planet that had exploded. Another generally accepted theory suggests the asteroids are the remains of a planet that was destroyed in a massive collision. Nonetheless, it had earlier become evident that much of the material of this 'missing planet' had been pulled into the orbits of Earth, Mars and Jupiter as either meteors or orbiting satellites.

Among catastrophists there is substantial disagreement on the matter of the "missing" fifth Planet from the Sun, in the place of which lies the Great Band, the debris of an enormous planet which the Sumerians knew as Tiamat. There are various opinions on what caused the Asteroid Belt; for instance, Tom van Flandern's Exploded Planet Hypothesis in Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets, asserts that a former major planet between Mars and Jupiter exploded about 65 million years ago.
Van Flandern believes this event is the origin of the great bombardment of comets and asteroids which ended the reign of the dinosaurs on Earth. However, according to Zecharia Sitchin in The Twelfth Planet, written accounts left by the lost Sumerian civilization state that Tiamat isn't missing, it just moved shop. Tiamat is the planet on which we are standing right now.

This article will discuss two anomalies that suggest the Earth was once further away from the Sun, suggesting that prior to a grand cataclysm described in the Babylonian Enuma elish, the Earth was the planet which the Sumerians called Tiamat.
According to Sumerian/Babylonian cosmogony (cosmic genesis), the fifth Planet from the Sun, Tiamat, was shunted to third position by a calamitous event, one now well known by followers of Planet X Theory. First, a quick overview of the Sumerian/Babylonian story of Tiamat is in order.

Nibiru: The Retrograde Interloper
Ancient Sumerian texts indicate that Tiamat was struck by a large planet, which moved it into its present orbit, and also created the Earth's moon and the Asteroid Belt. In his books, The Twelfth Planet and The Cosmic Code, Zecharia Sitchin outlines this "celestial battle" as described in the Babylonian text Enuma elish.
The planet "Marduk" (the Sumerian "Nibiru"), as it came into the solar system on its 3,600-year clockwise (retrograde) elliptical course, struck Tiamat, which was moving in its ordained counterclockwise orbit.

According to Sitchin's well-known translations, one of Marduk's satellites struck Tiamat first, followed by two more of Marduk's moons. Then Marduk itself, an enormous cosmic entity, struck Tiamat, smashing one half of the planet into pieces, which became what the Sumerians called the Great Band.
The remaining half of the planet, which was struck by a smaller moon of Marduk, was catapulted into a new orbit, along with a chunk of material which became its moon. According to the Enuma elish, Tiamat's original moons were dispersed, many changing the direction of their orbits and rotations.

There is indeed evidence of this great cataclysm in our solar system today. Tom van Flandern, a specialist in Celestial Mechanics at the US Naval Observatory, has suggested that the great rift on Mars may be the impact site of a former moon, the moons of Neptune show evidence of violent disruption, Mercury was originally a moon of Venus, Mars once had many more moons, and Pluto and Charon are escaped moons of Neptune.
Van Flandern finds the retrograde rotation of Venus peculiar, he believes that our moon originated from the Pacific Basin of the Earth, and he agrees that there is probably an undiscovered planet beyond Pluto which belongs to our solar system. In addition, Hubble recently investigated one of the largest asteroids, Vesta, and found evidence of differentiated layers similar to the terrestrial planets, distinctive light and dark areas like the face of our moon, and a geology similar to the Earth, including evidence of ancient lava flows.

Impossible Knowledge

Sitchin believes that the "impossible knowledge" of the Sumerians was imparted to them by "Anunnaki" space travelers in a series of texts forming the basis of ancient science and religion, and was translated into many languages, including Greek and biblical Hebrew. According to Sitchin, all ancient mythologies stem from this original knowledge imparted to earthlings by spacefaring ETI hailing from this wayward bowling ball, Nibiru. According to Sitchin, the Anunnaki called our planet ERIDU, meaning "Home away from Home."

Sitchin also argues in The Cosmic Code that the Anunnaki used their detailed sky charts to group the stars into constellations, and then honored their leaders by naming the constellations after them. Thus, the Sumerian god EA, ("Whose Home is Water") was honored by the zodiacal signs of Aquarius and Pisces, and the "priests who oversaw his worship" were dressed as Fishmen.
Enlil, the strong-headed one, was honored by the sign of Taurus. Ninmah was Virgo. The warrior Ninurta was Sagittarius. Over time, Sitchin explains, as second and third generation Anunnaki 'gods' joined the scene on Earth,
"all the twelve zodiacal constellations were assigned to Anunnaki counterparts."
He argues, "not men, but the gods, devised the zodiac."

The continent that the ancients called Pangea likely represents the prehistoric truth regarding the land formation on the Earth after it was involved in this collision. Over time, the continents then drifted to where they are now. As Sitchin points out, Earth's largest landmasses are mostly on one side and the oceans take up the rest of the planet. Looking at the Earth's globe from a distance, if you took the water away, what's left is a "cleaved planet," which is the meaning of "KI" - the Sumerian word for the present embodiment of Earth.
According to the Enuma elish, the Earth came to rest as the third Rock from the Sun after this watery calamity. Here is where the Biblical genesis tale picks up the story, only telling it as a beginning, at the point where the waters of these two great bodies separated in the firmament, the waters belonging to two worlds going bump in the night. Current advances in astronomy have, in fact, corroborated certain aspects of this tale.

Planet X in the News
Mathematical irregularities in the orbits of the outer planets, in particular, strange wobbles and gravitational anomalies noted in the orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, have prompted astronomers over the past hundred years to search for a large planetary body in the outer solar system.
Based on mathematical evidence, astronomers have been so sure of the reality of this planet that they named it Planet X. The name stands for the tenth planet, as well as the mathematical symbol for an unknown quantity. (see Joan d'Arc, "Planet X - Is a Runaway Wrecking Ball Part of Our Solar System?")

Many articles have been written about Planet X over the last twenty years.
  • On June 17, 1982, a NASA press release from Ames Research Center officially recognized the possibility of "some kind of mystery object" beyond the outermost planets.
  • Astronomy magazine published an article in December of 1981 entitled "Search for the Tenth Planet," and another article in October of 1982 entitled "Searching for a Tenth Planet."
  • Newsweek covered the story of Planet X on June 28, 1982 in an article entitled "Does the Sun Have a Dark Companion?"
  • This article implied that the tenth planet was a twin sun, stating that such a,
    • "dark companion could produce the unseen force that seems to tug at Uranus and Neptune, speeding them up at one point in their orbits and holding them back as they pass... the best bet is a dark star orbiting at least 50 billion miles beyond Pluto... It is most likely either a brown dwarf, or a neutron star."

  • Andy Lloyd later went on to more than speculate that we live in a binary star system.
  • The Washington Post covered the story of Planet X on the front page on December 31, 1983 called "Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered."
  • This story reported that the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) detected heat from an object about fifty billion miles away.
  • A NASA/ARC press release published in Newsweek on July 13, 1987 disclosed that, "an eccentric 10th planet may or may not be orbiting the Sun."
  • The article stated that NASA research scientist John Anderson, "has a hunch Planet X is out there, though nowhere near the other nine."
  • The article concluded,
    • "if he is right, two of the most intriguing puzzles of space science might be solved: what caused mysterious irregularities in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune during the 19th Century. And what killed off the dinosaurs 26 million (sic) [actually 65 million] years ago."
This brings us quite neatly to the first anomaly which suggests the Earth was the late great Planet Tiamat.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pope Francis' pregnant secretary found dead in her Rome apartment

Pregnant secretary of Pope Francis found dead in her Rome apartment

Miriam Wuolou, a 34-year-old of Eritrean origin, was seven-months pregnant when her body was discovered

Getty pope francis
Case: Pope Francis' pregnant receptionist has been found dead
The Pope's pregnant receptionist has been found dead in her apartment on the outskirts of the city.
Miriam Wuolou, a 34-year-old of Eritrean origin, was seven-months pregnant when her body was discovered.

She had worked at Pope Francis' home and a priests' guesthouse called Santa Marta for years.
The Italian press reports she worked as a kind of gatekeeper for the Pontiff, as well as for the bishops and cardinals who stay there.

The Pope opted to live at the Santa Marta guesthouse after his appointment in 2013, rejecting the grand papal apartments because he found them too sumptuous and he feared isolation.
Read more: Pope Francis says contraception is 'lesser of two evils'

Getty The "Domus Sanctae Marthae" (Santa Marta residence), at the Vatican City
Workplace: The 'Domus Sanctae Marthae' (Santa Marta residence), at the Vatican City

Ms Wuolou had a serious kind of diabetes which had led doctors to warn her pregnancy was at risk.

Police are investigating a case of neglect and have interviewed family members, her ex-husband from whom she was separated, and most recent boyfriend, thought to be a policeman in the Vatican, according to Rome-based newspaper il Messaggero.

Vatican: A spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said. "Pope Francis had been informed of the death"

The first external examination of the corpse showed no signs of violence.

Her brother found the body on Friday after he had not heard from her for several days. The autopsy has been carried out, and DNA tests are to be carried out on the foetus.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said. "Pope Francis had been informed of the death. We are all pained by this news."


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Obama Was Ordered By Top US General Not To Attend Scalia’s Funeral

Obama Was Ordered By Top US General Not To Attend Scalia’s Funeral

Obama was ordered to steer clear of Scalia's funeral because he murdered him, a top U.S. general has said
An MoD report says that America’s top military leader ordered President Obama to avoid attending the funeral of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia last week following an admission that Scalia was murdered. 

U.S. General Joseph Dunford ordered the President to steer clear of the funeral following a conversation he had with Russian Colonel General Bondarev in which he was asked why Obama had attended a secret meeting with Scalia shortly before his death and why no autopsy had been conducted.

According to the report General Dunford lashed out at Bondarev claiming “of course the bastard [Obama] murdered him“.

Important to note, this report continues, is that General Dunford’s “severe” reaction to the death of Justice Scalia lies in both of them being strong adherents to the Roman Catholic faith—with Justice Scalia being described as a “vocal defender of traditional Catholic morality” and General Dunford, likewise, being long known as a “fervent Catholic”.
As to why President Obama had Justice Scalia murdered, this report grimly notes, General Dunford told Colonel General Bondarev that is was “over fucking coal”.

Specifically, this report details, the entire “coal” issue General Dunford claimed was behind President Obama’s order to have Justice Scalia murdered revolves around these central facts:

On 3 August 2015, President Obama unveiled the final version of his centerpiece global warming agenda called the Clean Power Plan that four months later, December 2015, he presented to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change at the 2015 Conference of Parties (otherwise known as the Paris Climate Conference) in Paris, France.

Two months prior to the Paris Climate Conference, though, on 23 October 2015, President Obama made his Clean Power Plan law by publishing it as a “final rule” in the Federal Register under the title of Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units.

Within hours of President Obama publishing his “final rule”, 24 US States filed a lawsuit against the Obama regimes Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop this law with Oklahoma, North Dakota and Mississippi filing individual lawsuits and the US Chamber of Commerce, led a group of trade associations, and utilities, coal companies, mining interests and other sectors each filing their own cases too for a combined 39 lawsuits from a total of 157 petitioners.

With all of these lawsuits against President Obama being filed in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, these cases were then combined last month with an expedited briefing schedule and oral arguments set to begin on 2 June.

Knowing that these lawsuits against his global warming agenda would take years, if not decades, to decide, President Obama, this report surmises, was assured that his centerpiece law had become “unbreakable” thus ensuring his legacy—made even more surer after the D.C. Court of Appeals refused to stop this law with a “stay”. [The act of temporarily stopping a judicial proceeding through the order of a court.]

But, on 9 February, before this case was even heard by the D.C. Court of Appeals, and for the first time in its history, the US Supreme Court granted a “stay” to keep President Obama’s global warming centerpiece law from taking effect.

Critical to note about the US Supreme Court “stay” granted against President Obama, this report says, is that in it Justice Scalia had written that “Justice Ginsburg, Justice Breyer, Justice Sotomayor, and Justice Kagan would deny the application”, thus meaning that the five Supreme Court Justice’s agreeing to it had doomed this law to ultimate failure before it had even been heard in the lower court.

Two days later, on 11 February, and as the SVR had previously reported, President Obama and Justice Scalia met at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington D.C. where both had separate flights scheduled—President Obama going to California and Justice Scalia going to Texas, but which the evidence suggests both were on the same flight.

With President Obama having failed to convince Justice Scalia to change his mind in regards to the Supreme Court’s “stay”, at least until the lower court had ruled on the case, this report further notes, this esteemed jurists fate was “most likely” sealed—and though his death is officially now listed as having taken place on both 12 and 13 February, MoD intelligence analysts contributing to his report state, it could well have been on 11 February too.

And with Justice Scalia now dead, this report says, President Obama’s centerpiece global warming law has now been thrown into “uncertainty and chaos” instead of its “assured destruction” with no one yet able to determine its ultimate outcome.

As to what fate awaits General Dunford for revealing these facts to Colonel General Bondarev, this report concludes, isn’t known—but with President Obama having already fired nearly 200 generals, flag officers and other high-ranking officials in his “military purge” it shouldn’t be to hard to guess.


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BDS = Defending Apartheid and Communism

Letter sent to Federal Canadian Legislators 02/22/2016

I thought it would be fitting to remind our legislators of ex-Prime Minister Harper's intent to construct a memorial to the victims of communism. This to my knowledge was to be built with public and private funds, and it was to be constructed on parliamentary grounds.
Stephen Harper was not commemorating the victims of communism but rather inaugurating Canadian democracy into the footprint of Zionism, which at its core is the ideology of Communism.
The memorial design eerily resembled a fish, as the monument was to symbolize the Old Testament monster known as Leviathan. In the Talmud Leviathan is called the favourite fish of God, while we, known as the Behemoth, are the symbolic enemies of Israel.
If you have yet to realize the calamity of our times then know that Israel and Zionism are behind its destruction. BDS is more important than you will ever know. A photo of the then proposed memorial is shown below.
Thank you,Joseph Pede