Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Compliment

The Compliment

Is being nice to someone becoming a thing of the past

Is the compliment a gesture whose intention has become a little too abstract

Could telling a stranger they look pretty be a little avant-garde

Or is it wrong to hold someone in high regard

Does personal contact make the compliment more sincere

Or do a few words over a ubiquitous void appear a little too austere

There is no question that communicating a smile is a sincerest form of flattery

Unfortunately human nature has lost its social battery.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede





Friday, June 28, 2013

Occam's Razor

Occam’s Razor

The simplest explanation, with the least amount of assumptions, usually provides the correct answer.

This logically simplistic statement should make visible the nightmare that surrounds you. We are not as complex a world as some people would have us believe. The dynamism of who and what we are is a product of human interaction. Technology may impact how we interact with one another but it does not change who we are. The “who” is that part the “Whom” which you may have momentarily set aside in the conscious world.

We are simple creatures of habit who have become habitually altered by hate.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There Was But One

There Was But One

Plague and pestilence
Hunger and famine
Poverty and homelessness
Sickness and disease
War and death
Hate and Godlessness

The planet swells in a laborious and apathetic slumber
The heavens quiver gazing upon the reckless Creation
The ocean waters stir in agonizing guilt
The winds circle icy mountain tops to cool their anger
The spirits cursing across the dimensions
The Saints praying with rosary beads in hand

There was but One
Pain and dignity accompanied His journey
His death marked a milestone in Mankind’s journey
Did He die in vain?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



Grand Enough

Grand Enough

Planet Earth is certainly a colossal place

Accompanied by the Moon and its funny face

Globalists are concerned about over population

And so too on Mother Nature’s degradation


The poor throughout the world live a meager existence

Occupying a small shanty while battling subsistence

Death is welcomed for those who await daily salvation

Hoping only the Divine will be just in their next life re-incarnation


The rich live on palatial grounds

Protecting their status with well-fed hounds

They consume all to their heart’s content

Storing silver and gold as a hedge in the event of commoner dissent


How do these reckless caretakers get away with such treason

Putting blame on the frail of Creation without reason

This dominion is grand enough for so many more

God would not mind if we extinguish the Globalist whore.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Apocalptic Army Base Found in Herlong, California

An immense army base filled with tanks, helicopters, ammunition etc. just discovered by alternative news seeker:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Life-Long Dummy

Life-Long Dummy

No one is born dumb
But society is pre-disposed to make the individual mind numb

From childhood to adolescence
The system pitches subliminal acquiescence

Parental nurturing should have reinforced the brain’s immunity
But Kindergarten’s curriculum pre-plans the pretend and illusive community

Somewhere along the journey your parents introduce you to the One Divine
Perhaps at dinner time over a Kraft dinner and a glass of wine

The probability of the an idyllic place seems amazingly good
A lot better than your own lifeless neighborhood

At puberty the media commences to take control of your choice
Rebellion too starts to lose its voice

As you enter college you have been primed to become a professional sceptic
Graduation then means you have achieved the status of an intellectual skeptic

Now you ready to become a life-long dummy
Letting a god-less State become your daddy and mummy.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, June 23, 2013

queen Elizabeth a Satanist - Further Proof

The following attachment is relatively old news but it does provide another reason for the growing evil in the world. All important to remember is that she is the supreme pontiff of the Church of England.

Church of England creating ‘pagan church’ to recruit members-Paganism-Satanism is now officially cool

Posted In: world religion news
satanistIs this what they will be teaching oh dear.

Paganism and ultimately the creature behind the scenes Lucifer is now cool in the church of England, after all with its congregation dropping  to all time lows as people leave it due to not only its lack of Christian evangelization or leadership,  its pro-homosexuality, female-priests,and lack of direction so it has come up with a new way to attract fit young things. Dr Rowan Williams the ex head of the church of England  himself became a druid in 2002(see pic below)Dr William’s  was  following in the footsteps of people like Winston Churchill and Alister Crowley who was once dubbed the wickedest man in the world . This new Idea to recruit Pagans and witches while nothing to do with Jesus Christ will help the Church of England stay relevant to Today’s young people

who in their hundreds of thousands are falling in love with these pagan cults.The idea to train priests was  allegedly the brain child of Dr Rowen Williams himself a druid of the high order and well able to train young men and women under his tutelage. After all the CoE must justify Its positions of power in the House of Lords which is difficult to do if no one goes to church. The Church of England which is a powerful business empire in its own right is moving in this direction because they feel its what the people want them to do to stay relevant. They have adopted the old adage if they can not stop people practicing paganism why not join in. Jesus May be outraged they may all be bound for hell fire but that does not seem to bother the people running the church of England who for many long years now have taught we all pray to the same god-pagans witches Muslims Christians etc.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves-Matthew 7:15

The next Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, in head gear at his induction as a Druid
Dr Williams described claims of paganism as “offensive”
Instead of preaching Jesus they are now preaching earth worship. The Original druids who were wiped out not by the church but by the invading Pagan Romans under the victorious General and Historically famous leader Julius Caesar. The following description is merely a few pages out of a 500-page volume on the conquest of Gaul, but they provide valuable insights. Thanks to Caesar, historians are provided with an excellent primary source that dates to 30 B.C. From Caesar’s account historians can build the mysterious depiction of Druids in history. link
Caesar opens his discussion of the Druids by describing them as one of the two classes of dignity, the other being the knights (which are of course the warriors of the Celts). The common folk, he says are less then nothing and “treated almost as slaves.” (Caesar 335) He goes on to say that these Druids are “concerned with divine worship, due performance of sacrifices, public and private, and the interpretation of ritual questions: ” (Caesar 335-337)
He went on to write that the local populations were terrified of these demonically inspired devil priests who practiced human sacrifices . HHHmmm so they treated the common folk as slaves and  Practiced human sacrifice sounds like something the Church of England should avoid but in today’s political correct hypocritical society everything is allowed except true christian worship with its love of Jesus Christ and neighbour  as self is  deemed dangerous, bigoted-wicked and evil while everything else including Islam which although it shares some  beliefs is also dangeous in that through  sharia law it advocates violence towards homosexuals and such.

flashback-Monday, 5 August, 2002, 13:48 GMT 14:48 UK
Archbishop becomes druid

The new Archbishop of Canterbury has been inducted as a druid in a centuries-old Celtic ceremony.Dr Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop of Wales, said that he had been “saddened” by the misrepresentations about the ceremony, which sparked concern about pagan links.picture above famous druid and Satanist Alister Crowley a homosexual heroine addict who once allegedly ate his own excrement. He had links to British Royalty and highest levels of government and was linked to m15.Dr Williams who at the time of his enrollment as a druid was Head of the Church of England said “Some people have reached the wrong conclusion about the ceremony,” .”If people had actually looked at the words of the hymns and text used they would have seen a very Christian service.”
What is the Gorsedd of Bards?
Created in 1792 as celebration of Welsh and Celtic heritage
Gorsedd is Welsh for high seat
Rituals look back to era when Celtic druids – religious professionals – led society
Compared to English honours system
Currently 1,300 members
Dr Williams became a member of the highest of the three orders of the Gorsedd of Bards – a 1,300-strong circle of Wales’ key cultural contributors – in a ceremony at this year’s National Eisteddfod celebration of Welsh culture in St Davids, Pembrokeshire.
The ceremony, which took more than an hour, started with a procession from the main Eisteddfod Pavilion to a circle of stones on the edge of the site.
Dr Williams, 52, wore a long white cloak without any headdress as he arrived at the back of the procession.
at the time this was controversial but now its being promoted. To say these people are members of a christian church is beyond a joke as they are now aggressively becoming openly Pagan.

The Church of England is trying to recruit pagans and spiritual believers as part of a drive to retain congregation numbers.

The Church of England is trying to recruit pagans and spiritual believers as part of a drive to retain congregation numbers.
Crowds gather at dawn amongst the stones at Stonehenge in Wiltshire for the Summer Solstice Photo: Lewis Whyld/PA
The church is training ministers to create “a pagan church where Christianity [is] very much in the centre” to attract spiritual believers.
Ministers are being trained to create new forms of Anglicanism suitable for people of alternative beliefs as part of a Church of England drive to retain congregation numbers.

Reverend Steve Hollinghurst, a researcher and adviser in new religious movements told the BBC: “I would be looking to formulate an exploration of the Christian faith that would be at home in their culture.”
He said it would be “almost to create a pagan church where Christianity was very much in the centre.”

The Church Mission Society, which is training ministers to “break new ground”, hopes to see a number of spiritual people align themselves with Christianity.
“We live in reflective England where there’s much more of a focus on ourselves. I think that is something we can bring in dialogue with the Christian society.”

The Church Mission Society’s webpage advertising their pioneer training scheme states: “Wherever in the world the mission of Jesus goes on, the church needs pioneer mission leaders to break new ground.”

The news comes as spiritual seekers celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge today.

Pagans and druids will gather to watch the sun rise following the longest day of the year, celebrating at the historic monument.

The new move could see famous druids such as druid leader Arthur Pendragon move to Anglicanism.

More than 20,000 people gathered at Stonehenge today ahead of a £27 million transformation of the site.

The huge gathering of people marked the event in a “positive, friendly atmosphere” as they waited for the sun to come up, but cloudy skies prevented them from basking in a beautiful sunrise.

Superintendent Matt Pullen from Wiltshire Police said: “Solstice 2013 has been a great success with approximately 21,000 people celebrating in the positive, friendly atmosphere as they waited for sunrise.

“The weather held but unfortunately the cloud cover was too dense to see the sun come up.”

Loraine Knowles, Stonehenge director at English Heritage, said that although Stonehenge never failed to impress visitors, the setting of the stones had marred people’s appreciation and enjoyment of the site. link

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Nakedness of Truth

The Nakedness of Truth

All about us is the Aether
Unrecognizable is its form
No alchemy could render a prescription

Yet it furnishes our first and final breath

Animates each and every one of our thoughts

Provides motion to our lifeless mass

Making comprehensible the curiosity of life

Initiating Nature to the will of Man

Revealing in order the nakedness of truth

While masking God’s creative genius

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The randomness of life is explainable only by the creative genius of God, and the realization that His existence is an enigmatic predictability. Should he fail to exist then we are an anathema of chance, a peculiarity of unfavorable design and doomed to live in an everlasting Hell.

Friday, June 21, 2013

We have opened the door - Welcome to the “Age of Quantum”

We are beginning once again where Tesla left off. His work is still classified by the U.S. government. The paradox is that our scientific community has experimented for almost a century to uncover what we already know.

We begin our journey anew to find the aether, the orgone and the God particle.

While we may have the ability to extend human life, clone organs and humans, recreate the human brain and become immortals, we will never experience God until death awakes.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Free Will - Part II

Free Will - Part II

Let prophecy slumber for God’s word is a device for men to engage their free will. Our fate is in the hands of God but our destiny is ours.

Do not think that free will has not spared Mankind throughout the course of our history. We are wicked wretches who thirst for what is wrong, yet in moments of absolute despair, a valiant outcry surfaces from beneath the rock of cowardice, and we unite to undo a visible wrong.

We are a planet who is lost, confused and riddled by the coming of tomorrow. Sadly, the infinity of tomorrow is ever present, and we fail to open its door. We have lost our perceptive ability, but most of all, an understanding of our past. Our history is who we are regardless of the transformative powers of technology. We are capable of mixing God’s ingredients, but totally inept at undoing God.

We have failed in our communion with Mother Nature, we have failed to better understand the holographic nature of our existence and we continue to fail in loving one another. Evil has so won the day that we are engulfed in its trickery. While a magician’s hand can produce momentary ecstasy, the Creator’s finger constructed an entire universe.

God created a “flawed perfection”. We seek immortality with the accompaniment of flesh, rather than eternity in the presence of God. We can choose to walk upon this earthly haven forever, or we can choose to touch each and every star in the heavens.
We watch as war shreds flesh, mutilates Nature and creates an everlasting foe, so when will it stop?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Nikola Tesla - He Discovered How God Truly Gave Us a "FREE" Paradise

The kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, bankers and industrialists - guilty of a century's old genocide. All for the love of money and power. They accomplished this feat because of our stupidity.

My hope is that Vladimir Putin will become the Oliver Cromwell of the 21st century. We walk blindly, as camels across the desert sands not recognizing where salvation rests.


Nikola Tesla - Mankind's Greatest Secret


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baird - Again!

Baird accepts U.S. arming rebels in Syria, heads to Jordan

Read more:

I strongly advise that Mr. Baird personally arm the Syrian rebels. I hope one of them has their carving knife handy when he arrives to do so.

I hope that one day a World Court of Justice, headed by civilized people of this world, will convict Mr. Baird for war crimes.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Murder of James Gandolfini

Just this past week I wrote a commentary entitled, "Epoch of Evil and Ecstasy". Here are a few of the highlights:

While the Cabal’s agenda has been evil-filled to date, I’m pre-disposed to conclude that “ecstasy” will become the new wonder drug that attempts to subdue human consciousness.
Sensationalism is a subset of ecstasy, as is genocide and chaos. .......Evil’s shock effect may have worn itself thin, so be prepared to be enticed, seduced, tempted, charmed and fascinated to death.
It is easy to kill, especially when the death of a famous celebrity adds to the fascination. From all accounts they killed a very nice man. This murderous act will mask a much greater evil.

You have witnessed the final act of the Soprano's final episode.
Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man

The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man
By Dr. Guenther Wachsmuth

Below is both the Introduction and Forward from Dr. Wachsmuth’s book. It was emailed to my Facebook account by someone I consider a modern day genius – Eric Dollard. This man is resurrecting Tesla. They figuratively buried Tesla alive almost a century ago. When you read the forward, written 90 years ago, you could conclude it was written today. Please go to Eric Dollard's site to download this rare book and learn something about him as well.
Professor Dollard said in one of his video lectures that the sun is only visible from Earth because of the atmospheric impact on our vision. In space the sun is invisible - it is an multi-dimensional enigma.

Here is Dollard’s Facebook forward:

    The First Book You Must Read to Understand the Aether and Natural Science

This long lost treasure has been out of print for over 80 years. I found a copy in the Yale Library and had it sent to New York where I spent weeks reading and rereading it.

This book will answer questions that modern Science still cannot and for those who are paying attention send you to the deepest possible level of the rabbit hole. Even if you don't want to go there this volume will change the way you see science.

Dr. Wachsmuth’s book:

The astronomer Johann Kepler, in his work " Harmonices
MimcU," " The Harmonies of the Spheres " :

" Even though men may scorn me for my frank confession—

Yes! I have stolen the sacred vessels of the Egyptians that I
might make of them a sanctuary for my God, far, far from the
confines of Egypt.

" If ye forgive me, I shall be happy ; if ye are angry, then
I must bear it. Well, here I cast the die and write a book—
whether for the present or for the future is of no consequence
to me. What though it wait a hundred years for its reader—
God has awaited his decipherer for thousands of years."

Foreword to the First German Edition


ABOOK concerned with problems of natural science will, in our

day more than ever before, grow into a treatise upon the most

profound questions of philosophy, if it is to deal adequately with

its problem. For in this materialistic age the results of scientific

research, not only in their power to illuminate but also in their power

to darken, have penetrated so deeply into the human mind, into its

habits of thought, that corresponding effects show themselves even in

the outward and visible life of our age—although the true cause of these

conditions is not any longer present to the consciousness of most of

those who are themselves involved in the sort of life thus manifested.

But the new generation now growing up sets itself, with the energy of

those who are battling for their lives, against being swept into this

current of our age, a current whose chaotic, ruinous nature is to be

explained wholly as a result of the scientific thought of the past century,

but especially of the last decades.


Who is not deeply impressed to-day with the feeling that those

ideas taken over from the scientific conceptions of the past century,

and.then popularized and introduced into the thought and activities of

every-day life—conceptions cf " the struggle for existence," of " natural

selection," of the pitiless " mechanism of Nature," of the " survival of

the fittest " and the annihilation of all that fails to meet the requirements

of this supposedly utilitarian Nature—who does not feel that all these

conceptions, ostensibly learned from Nature herself but really obtruded

upon her out of one-sided and limited human thought, have brought a

terrible devastation into the minds of men, and that this spiritual confusion

has been the impelling factor in bringing about the European

catastrophe ? This is not a question of guilt or innocence. It is a

question as to the manner in which a spiritual stream in human evolution

which took its rise in the fifteenth century, and reached its culmination

at the turning point between the nineteenth and the twentieth, is drawing

to its end. This spiritual stream, which—when viewed in its brighter

aspect—has brought to us the great scientific revelations, yet also has

given to the men of our time a phantom picture of the world wherein

this cosmic system, in which we must live, appears as a great corpse.

For the scientific research of these 500 years—however great the service

it has conferred upon human nature in the direction of the understanding

and domination of dead " matter "—has, on the other hand, failed to

lift ever so little that veil which conceals true knowledge and the mastery

of that which is alive. Indeed, a future age, viewing more impartially

this trend of human inquiry, will be able to show that the development

of natural science in the direction of an understanding of what is dead

has fastened a leaden weight upon man's feet to hinder him from moving

toward a knowledge of what is living—a weight from which he will be

able to free himself only by an almost superhuman effort.


Wherever one engages in conversation to-day in any part of the

world, especially with young men, one becomes aware of that great

process of fermentation through which the coming generation will free

itself of the horrible form to which our conception of the world, and thus

also our life, has been reduced by a materialistic science, directed almost

wholly towards merely quantitative results. It is for men of this sort,

who wish to cast from their feet the leaden weight, that this book has

been written, in the hope that it may give to them the elements out

of which to build up a new and different conception of the world, a

conception in which the investigation of the living, the organic, as the

true origin and starting point for knowledge—with the inorganic and

lifeless constituting the less essential part of the world-conception

within this framework of the living—will be the object of our study.

Of the reader of this book I would beg that, before he begins, he

will spend five minutes in bringing before his minds eye, in thoughtful

reflection, the present world situation, unmitigated, in all its future

perspective. He will then enter upon his co-operation in the problems

to be attacked with his mind equipped otherwise than one who is

interested merely in adding to his treasury of formulEe one formula more,

or one who works in the merely scientific fashion to protect from disturbance a
pet theory which has become necessary to his comfort. The

method of research applied in this book and the results of this method

must be taken as a whole, as a unity. Whoever extracts any detail

whatever from the book in order to play that game of concepts so beloved

by the abstract intellectualism of our age, instead of fixing his view

upon the whole, will simply be attempting to run his head against a

wall that does not exist.


We do not propose merely to pass over in a schematic fashion from

the results of the investigations of the lifeless to investigation of the

organic, the phenomena of life, the living; on the contrary, we propose

to unite a new sort of view of the world with a new inner mood of spirit,

which ought to penetrate us and remain with us from the beginning in

the scientific investigation of both the living and the lifeless. Here

there is no great gulf in man separating religion and science, such as has

been artificially created by the merely quantitative-mechanical tendency in

science. Whoever reads this book with an open and unprejudiced mind

will find, nevertheless, that the vast results of the previous investigations

in the same field are used as its foundation and serve as its tools. But

this is to be the chief distinction of what we shall strive to accomplish :

that, although the coming generation dare not, cannot, and will not

set aside the results of the quantitative idea of the world and begin anew

to work without these, but will weave the already attained results of

quantitative research into their new conception of the world, where

these are very valuable supports for knowledge, yet they will, on the

contrary, reject these, especially in their own attitude of mind, wherever

their effect is to degrade our cosmos into a corpse.


Everything contained in the following pages owes its origin to the

fact that the author is an adherent of Spiritual Science as given its

determinative direction by Anthroposophy. Whatever is false or

imperfect in the book is the fault of the author and not of the theory.

I am well aware that the volume is only the first feeble endeavour to

master the problems attacked. Many slips, many failures in clarity,

have doubtless crept into this attempt to survey by a new method such

varied and complex fields of human knowledge. Yet a conviction as

to the lightness of this new way of viewing the problems and of the

urgent necessity for such a view has given me the courage to risk the

attempt. Whoever has blazed a trail in a hitherto unknown region

will know that, in such a journey of exploration, no one can at first

take the most direct or the easiest path to his goal. Yet only a man

of small nature will come to grief because of the roughness of the path,

right in itself; a man of spirit will take pleasure in the new trail, and

will himself lend a hand in order that the new goal may be reached.


As a small portion of that comprehensive contribution which

Anthroposophy will make toward the evolution of humanity, this book

is dedicated, from the author's profound sense of an inner necessity,

and in spite of his consciousness of its imperfections, to him who has

called Anthroposophy into being—Dr. Rudolf Steiner.


Heartfelt thanks are due also to many others, all of whom I would

gladly mention by name, but especially to Mr. Scott Pyle, of New York,

to Count Otto von l>rchenfeld-K6fering, to Frau Harriet von Vacano—

who has translated into German for us the great christian philosopher

Vladimir Solovjeff—and to my brother, Wolfgang Wachsmuth, as

well as Dr. Ita Wegman, all of whom have given both counsel and

co-operation. For scientific and experimental collaboration, there is

a special debt to Herr Ehrenfried Pfeiffer. To the many others who

have aided may the most earnest thanks live in my thought.



The Goetheanum,

Dornach, near Basel, Switzerland.



Thank you,
Joseph Pede.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Child Labour 2013

Are you a university or college graduate and can't find a job? Read about your competition.

Huffington Post

Across the globe, 215 million children spend their days toiling in dingy factories, scrubbing homes and sitting perched on street corners selling crafts to passersby.

While the statistics are grim, on World Day Against Child Labor, activists are working to reveal the grisly conditions to which kids are subjected and the meager pay these poverty-stricken school-age children take home. On Wednesday, advocates are visiting their places of work, sharing disheartening photos, organizing rallies and disclosing to the world what child labor really means.

Ten million child labourers in domestic work


© S.Sekhri / The Times Of India
GENEVA (ILO News) – An estimated 10.5 million children worldwide – most of them under age – are working as domestic workers in people’s homes, in hazardous and sometimes slavery-like conditions, says the ILO.

Six and a half million of these child labourers are aged between five and 14 years-old. More than 71 per cent are girls.

According to the latest figures in a new ILO report,
Ending Child labour in domestic work, they work in the homes of a third party or employer, carrying out tasks such as cleaning, ironing, cooking, gardening, collecting water, looking after other children and caring for the elderly.

Vulnerable to physical, psychological and sexual violence and abusive working conditions, they are often isolated from their families, hidden from the public eye and become highly dependent on their employers. Many might end up being commercially sexually exploited.

“The situation of many child domestic workers not only constitutes a serious violation of child rights, but remains an obstacle to the achievement of many national and international development objectives,” said Constance Thomas, Director of the
ILO’s International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC).

The report, launched to mark
World Day Against Child Labour, calls for concerted and joint action at national and international levels to eliminate child labour in domestic work.

“We need a robust legal framework to clearly identify, prevent and eliminate child labour in domestic work, and to provide decent working conditions to adolescents when they can legally work,” Thomas stressed.

It is estimated that an additional 5 million children, who are above the minimum legal age of work in their countries, are involved in paid or unpaid domestic work globally.

Please read the full reports via the attached LINKS.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Purge Western Governments

Mass protests in Europe, the Middle-East, South America, the USA and quite frankly, all over the world, are an indication that our political, financial and socio-economic systems are collapsing.

At the root of this is the unprecedented banking and political corruption. What should be our most trusted institutions have been infiltrated by thieves and assassins. The two-party political system, monarchies and FIAT currencies house the disciples of Satan.

Those found guilty of wrong-doing must be indicted and "executed" for their crimes. Purging the system is the only way of restoring global peace. There simply is no other way of correcting this immense wrong.

Too many have died, too many people are lost and too many people no longer know what it means to be a human being. Every existing western government leader must be put on trial. Crimes are occurring right before our eyes and no one holds them accountable.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Stephen Harper: Bashar al Assad is a “Thug”

Stephen Harper: Bashar al Assad is a “Thug”

I can’t help but be amazed at some of the “bullshit” that comes out of peoples’ mouths.

If anyone has been following the Canadian political stage, then one should be aware of the corruption, fraud and theft that is rampant in all levels Canadian government. Do charlatans like Stephen Harper not believe that this corruption affects all Canadians?

The theft, nepotism and lies impacts the poor, the elderly, the sick, the unemployed and those lost in society. Mr. Harper your hypocrisy makes you a thug.

The peace in Syria was shattered by men like you, whose political agenda is global genocide. Foreign mercenaries funded by the Windsor queen, France, Israel, the United States, Qatar and Saudi Arabia do not represent the will of the Syrian people. Arming blood-thirsty rebels and supporting their cause with maliciously fabricated events is the realization of the absurd.

Your lies are despicable, and the assassins you support, is loathsome. I never believed that a Canadian political leader would one day be accountable for war crimes.

Mr. Harper why don’t you openly admit to the people of Canada that a blood thirsty queen and her guinea pigs want Russia out of Syria, that Assad’s wealth, once stolen, will prop up the British and American economies and the goal of this murderous Cabal is to ultimately destabilize the entire Middle-East.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede