Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Cello’s Four Strings

The Cello’s Four Strings

The cello’s four strings
Birth, life, death and resurrection
Tuned to the perfect fifths
Amplifying the senses of sound, smell, sight, hearing and touch

A mare’s tresses gently caress the metal cords
Transporting harmony to the inner sanctum
Pacifying the myriad of life’s anxieties
Bestowing an orchestral requiem to the living

In the background a symphony accompanies the Nephilim violin
Harp, trumpet, piano and symbol
Each devoted to the shepherding maestro
No distraction, no division

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An Evil Thought

An Evil Thought

Evil is the caged restricted inner you manifesting in the realm of flesh. Evil baptizes every soul with its decadence when it resurrects from the inner sanctum. Overcoming Satan’s chains requires that we acknowledge his existence, his role in our spiritual journey, and keeping in mind that whatever morsel of truth we ingest, Satan has already weaponized - this to entrap the totality of human consciousness. 

One must realize that “free will” is genetically encoded with Satan’s DNA, not by accident, but rather by the holographic nature of our creation. The implication is that God created evil, or allowed its manifestation, in order to challenge His own creative process. We are God’s curiosity, and Satan’s chess board.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Martin Luther King - March 14, 1968

The Anti-Media's photo.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Inter-office Memorandum to Canadian Politicians

Inter-office Memorandum
To Canadian Politicians

Why do world governments act only when Mother Nature triggers untold death and destruction, yet fail to assist the hungry, the poor and those afflicted by war on an everyday basis? 

Billions of dollars were pledged to the people of Haiti as a consequence of their earthquake, yet Haitians continue to loiter in poverty and hopelessness. Why?

Whether in Iraq, Syria and now Nepal, we have witnessed unquantifiable human suffering, but so too, an attack on the Gods and houses of worship we have come to love. I’m not convinced Mother Nature is acting alone, nor does it matter. What does matter is that we have become indifferent to human suffering, and ignorant as to how war has been employed as a device to divide humanity.

The battle of good versus evil is being staged right in front of our eyes, yet we fail to acknowledge the Masonic evil which has spawned it. What is the value of one life, a hundred, a thousand or even a million lives, when all life has been rendered obsolete?

The calamities which continue to present themselves upon this planet are not the acts of God, but rather the acts of madmen, and they are a preamble for something much more sinister.

Annually, or on some specific anniversary date, we celebrate humanity’s great wars and/or honor all those who perished guarding against an encroaching evil – an evil fabricated by powers hiding in the shadows and ultimately prospering from our demise. All the while, these events condition the human psyche with hate - a hate which has become geneticized.

“Help is on the way”, at least until the media and others profit from these tragic spectacles. Then the brainless coach-potatoes re-enter the void, awaiting the next great cataclysm.

The West has raped and/or taken control of Afghanistan’s great wealth, stolen all of Iraq’s and Libya’s vast treasure in money and gold, pinched all of Ukraine’s gold, and has been attempting to do the same in Syria. I will venture to say the Asia houses vast amounts of gold - more gold than one could possibly imagine. These gold hoards exist within Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, India and other secretive locations throughout Asia. A man named John F Kennedy attempted to unearth them via peaceful accord, and assist humanity, instead he was assassinated.(Global Collateral Accounts)

What took place in the Middle East through the pre-text of terror and war, in order to steal African and Middle Eastern wealth, is now being covertly conducted with scalar weapons in Asia.

Canada has evolved from a once great peacekeeping nation under the leadership of Lester B Pearson, to a lost and confused nation, whose current leadership includes war crimes, sedition and lies. Stephen Harper is not the consequential leader of a democratic election, but rather the manifestation of a hidden power which continues to brew violence across this planet.

Politicians everywhere must be awakened by self-induced spiritual tremors in order for humanity to gracefully enter the next paradigm shift, or we will all be consumed by it. When the Elite, bankers and political leaders start shaking in their boots, Mother Nature will rest, and so too will Humankind.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede