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Facebook & Zuckerberg - Meta and Metatron - Meaning

Mark Zuckerberg consolidated his empire under one corporate name: "META"
In Greek/Roman Meta means "after, beyond or transcending". In Hebrew it means "dead". We may come to conclude that Meta may be combined to mean "after or beyond dead".
With so many identities having been farmed by Facebook and Instagram would it not be logical to conclude that after the flesh and bone components of the Facebook members have experienced death, virtual Avatars could be created via the picture diaries left behind by the Facebook/Instagram members.
Meta will become a depository for the living dead. Will this become a means by which the technocrats will transcend death? Eventually capturing and transplanting souls into the holograms.
Artificially created holograms of the living dead could be cast onto the physical plane. This world would then be filled with digital ghosts.
Or is Meta a reference to the most powerful Archangel of all, Metatron. But who was Metatron?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Metatron is the greatest and most powerful of the Archangels of Heaven, being the personal scribe of God. Whenever a human believes God has directly spoken to them, in reality it is Metatron acting as his vessel. One million eyes and mouths cover his body, and every mouth speaks a different language. He is also the patriarch Enoch (Book of Enoch), who, after death, merged again with Metatron and the Archangel was fused with the Most Holy Name of God, who considered him worthy to act as His direct avatar and spokesperson within the universe. Metatron is said to be the twin brother of the archangel Sandalphon.

He is the being who is the nearest in hierarchy to that of God. He is said to have the largest body among all of the angels, having 36 wings, 3 representing the triumvirate of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, multiplied by the 12 tribes of Israel. Metatron even has a throne of his own since being God's representative. It is understood that any angel who wishes to speak to God must go through Metatron first and that every command uttered by Metatron must be fulfilled by all other angels.

Many argue that the level of power and influence which Metatron has is on par or possibly even superior to Lucifer's former position as the anointed prince of the Seraphim. It is also shown that Metatron, alongside Raziel, was privy to God's secrets furthermore showing how much God trusts him and how valued he is as an angel. God even goes so far as to plant a crown upon his head that is so glorious that it makes every angel, including the likes of Gabriel, prostrate before him without hesitation.

However, despite his exalted status in Heaven, Metatron was not above being punished should he step out of line. Metatron being punished by God served as a warning to anyone who would dare irk Him. It is believed, by some of the true archangels no less, that Metatron served as Lucifer's replacement after he fell from grace. After Lucifer was condemned to the pit, God felt lonely even amongst his own his children and especially after Barbelo left Heaven since she could not bear to see how much her family had been destroyed and could no longer tolerate her consort's questionable decisions. God anointed Metatron as the King of the Angels to fill in the void.

Metatron utilizes the Merkabah cube for healing and clearing away lower energies. The cube spins clockwise and uses centrifugal force to push away unwanted energy residue. Thus, various appearances of God to various figures in the Bible (such as Abraham, Jacob, and Moses) were actually Metatron acting in His place, until he withdrew entirely from worldly affairs, remaining eternally quiet and not speaking in his whirlwind (Enoch was the Angel in the Whirlwind) even when The Darkness escaped her prison and Ayin escaped from Hell in the Apocalypse.

Megatron's true form is so powerful that it was able to char the human form of various archdemons and even gods. Metatron is described as an intensely strong and pure light, with a voice that resembles the destruction of several stars. In his angelic form, Metatron appears as an incredibly gigantic being, surpassing Raphael's size in his angelic form, being the largest of all angels. Metatron has a million eyes and a million mouths spread over his body and has six seraph wings, two to cover his face, two to cover his feet, and two to fly.

A few times that Metatron appeared on Earth, the Scribe appeared as a middle-aged man in his thirties, his hair was white and his eyes bluish, giving him an appearance resembling one of God's human forms. Metatron wore only the white robes of the ancient Israelite. In another form, he manifests as a bearded, pot-bellied, middle-aged man in his 60s with a short height of 1.63 cm.

In his last human form, Metatron appears as a handsome young man with hazel hair, his eyes are greenish and his face is generally serious. The Archangel appears wearing a navy blue T-shirt under a gray jacket under a pair of jeans. Unlike other archangels, Metatron invokes 14 wings on his body, pure white and glowing wings, with his glory being described as the manifestation of God Himself.

As the scribe of God, Metatron, with his sacred geometry, is a teacher of esoteric knowledge. Archangel Metatron teaches esoteric wisdom to children and adults. He seems to take a special interest in highly sensitive young people who are misunderstood or even medicated because their spiritual gifts make them socially awkward. He is portrayed as firm and lawful, if not ruthless and unforgiving, especially when it comes to matters that concern demons, whom most he harbors a deep hatred for.

Metatron is the mightiest of all the archangels of heaven, existing at the top of Atziluth, past the boundaries of the comprehensive world, in an "ineffable heaven" where all descriptions and conceptions of anything remotely earthly and recognizable cease to exist or apply. The Archangel is so powerful that he was handpicked by God Himself to be His scribe and described as being God's direct avatar within creation, with his existence compared to an author manifesting within his work by creating a self-insert character, which made him known as "Measure of the Lord", "Face of God", "The God Least", among several other titles that not even Michael or Lucifer came close to having.

Metatronius is a holy firearm created by Metatron using one of his wings' feathers.

When the Rabbi priest known as Ishmael ascended to Heaven, the archangel Metatron guided him through the celestial spheres (this is the manner in which souls reach the infinite seat of God). The other angels began to quiz Metatron, asking him what makes Ishmael worthy to stand here amongst them all, but Metatron answers all of their questions with an easy calmness and seems to be able to pacify the other angels. Interestingly, Ishmael picks up from their conversations that the other angels refer to Metatron as "Youth."

When he asks Metatron what his name is, Metatron explains that he goes by seventy names but that indeed God and the other angelic entities refer to him as Youth. But Ishmael perceives Metatron to be the greatest of all angels and he who is higher amongst all others. So he cannot fathom why he would be called something so lowly as "Youth" until Metatron reveals that the reason he is addressed as such is because he is the youngest angel for he is in actuality the man formerly known as Enoch.

Metatron reveals that when the flood occurred, he was brought up by God, and saved him suffering from the destruction of the Earth so that none could say that God was not merciful. So, to show how much God appreciated Enoch, the man underwent an apotheosis and was transformed into a being that would govern the other angels. This would make Metatron the first and only archangel who had been born a human.

However, there was resistance towards such an apotheosis. It is said that the angels known as Uza, Azza, and Azzael rebelled against this decision, declaring to God that He was a fool for making a man into an angel and that they would not serve under one who was not born of them. But God reprimands them immediately and stamps out their dissent by going so far as to say that He valued Enoch more than He did all the other angels and that they will serve under him whether they like it or not. Unlike Lucifer, the three angels do not possess the same goals as the Morningstar and submit to Enoch in the end.


Pfizer Vaccine - Did the FDA Pull a Bait-and-Switch on the American People?

Did the FDA Pull a Bait-and-Switch on the American People?

Source: Steve McCann

See also: The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Pfizer shots

On August 23rd all the mainstream or agitprop media outlets were trumpeting the news that the FDA had granted permanent approval for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.  The press breathlessly reported that vaccine mandates were now legal for healthcare workers, employees in private industry, college students, and government employees at all levels including teachers and school staff.

Almost immediately Joe Biden shuffled his way to the podium and read off his teleprompter that all businesses should immediately institute vaccine mandates.  The Pentagon announced that vaccinations would be mandatory for all active service members.  Bill de Blasio immediately instituted a vaccine mandate for all New York City teachers and staff

But what the agitprop media and the Biden White House failed to report is that there are two critical issues as to whether the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine (which is what has been and continues to be administered) can be mandated and whether Pfizer can be held liable for injuries, a provision that accompanies permanent approval of a vaccine or drug.

What the FDA approved and licensed is Pfizer’s Comirnaty Covid vaccine not the current Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine in use under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  The FDA has acknowledged that Pfizer has insufficient stocks of the newly licensed Comirnaty vaccine available but there is a significant amount of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine available under the EUA still on hand.REPORT THIS AD

Further, the FDA decreed that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine should remain unlicensed and under the EUA but can be used interchangeably with the newly licensed Comirnaty vaccine.  More importantly, the FDA states that the licensed Comirnaty vaccine and the existing Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are “legally distinct” but proclaims that their differences do not “impact safety or effectiveness.” [emphases added]

Per the Children’s Health Defense Fund:  

There is a huge real-world difference between products approved under EUA compared with those the FDA has fully licensed.

EUA products are experimental under U.S. law.  Both the Nuremburg Code and federal regulations provide that no one can force a human being to participate in this experiment.  Under 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A), “authorization for medical products for use in emergencies,” it is unlawful to deny someone a job or an education because they refuse to be an experimental subject.  Instead, potential recipients have an absolute right to refuse EUA vaccines.

U.S. laws, however, permit employers and schools to require students and workers to take licensed vaccines.

EUA-approved Covid vaccines have an extraordinary liability shield under the 2005 Public Readiness and Preparedness Act.  Vaccine manufacturers, distributors and government planners are immune from liability.  The only way an injured party can sue is if he or she can prove willful misconduct, and if the U.S. government has also brought an enforcement action against the party for willful misconduct.  No such lawsuit has ever succeeded.

At least for now, the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine has no such liability shield.  A vial of the branded product that says “Comirnaty” on the label is subject to the same product liability laws as any other product.  People injured by the vaccine could potentially sue for damages.  Based on what has been reported over the past six months regarding Covid vaccine side effects, the potential jury awards could be astronomical.

Thus, it is highly unlikely that Pfizer will allow any Americans to take the Comirnaty labeled vaccine until it can coerce Congress or the Biden Administration to somehow arrange immunity for the product.

Meanwhile, Pfizer has been given the green light by the FDA to continue administering the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine under the EUA.  And given the fact that they have a huge inventory on hand, they will continue to do so in any vaccine mandates. 

The obvious and inevitable question is: did the FDA cynically pull a bait-and-switch on the American people by announcing permanent approval of a Pfizer Covid vaccine, which everyone would assume to be for the vaccine currently in universal use, in order to abet the Biden Administration in imposing illegal vaccine mandates?

Or, more cynically, did the FDA also conspire with Pfizer to allow them to unload their current massive inventory of a vaccine that science and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)  have exposed as unreasonably dangerous as physicians, families, and injured vaccine recipients have reported more than 600,000 vaccine injuries.  And which has also been rendered obsolete by the Delta variant, requiring a “booster” shot that has yet to be tested or approved by the FDA.

Since the beginning of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic, the entirety of the federal medical bureaucracy has been woefully inconsistent in their pronouncements, inevitably wrong in their prescribed actions, subservient to political pressure from Democrat party politicians, and far too cozy with pharmaceutical companies as they focused solely on vaccines and not therapeutics and prophylactics. 

But on the surface, these dubious actions by the FDA go far beyond incompetence.  The time has come for some genuine transparency and honesty from the FDA on how this Pfizer vaccine approval came about and why in such an inordinately short period of time for a new and experimental vaccine with no long-term trials.  This agency’s credibility is at stake.

Meanwhile, Americans should decide for themselves about being vaccinated.  But if someone is subject to a vaccine mandate, they should request to see if the vaccine they are about to receive is labeled the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine as that is the only one licensed.  If any other, that person has the legal right to refuse.


ᴛᴇsʟᴀ, ᴍᴀʀᴄᴏɴɪ, ᴜғᴏs ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ ᴄɪᴛʏ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅs

ᴛᴇsʟᴀ, ᴍᴀʀᴄᴏɴɪ, ᴜғᴏs ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ Sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ ᴄɪᴛʏ Ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅs

History is replete with stories of lost magical cities. Stories such as the lost city of Z,
which claimed the life of legendary explorer Percy Fawcett and his son. Or the lost
city of Hy-Brazil, a technology-advanced Phantom Island which was known by early
mariners to occasionally appear in the Atlantic.

The crystalline towers of its main city jutting up off the horizon. Let us not forget
Atlantis, Lemuria and even Hyperborea. All mythical islands lost to time or natural
disaster. Even Shamballa and Agartha, which were lost in the snows of the Himalayas.

There are still other lesser known, but equally as fascinating lost cities which appear
to stand the test of time. The commonality? They all seem to have some sort of
amazing high technology and also appear to be phantoms. It is one of those fabled
cities which we will now explore. A city of true amazement, a technological
wonderland, and a city without a name which apparently has remained hidden for
almost a century.

Guglielmo Marconi
For more then 30 years there has been a persistent rumor. A rumor, which has not
been widely reported but is fascinating nonetheless this nameless city buried deep
within the Andes Mountains and was founded by none other than Guglielmo
Marconi and his protégé’s. Powered by Tesla technology and hidden from the world.

The story as it now exists was originally discussed in a book called “The Mysteries
of the Andes” by Robert Charroux and published in 1974. It was later translated from
French and published by Avon books in 1977. Charroux, a world class Fortean
adventurer, had gone to South America in search of a hidden codex called the ICA
Codex which purported to show a lost human civilization millions of years old, as
well as lost underground tunnels and cities.

The story was then picked up by Renato Vasco and published in his book “Man Made
U̳F̳O̳s” and from there it has simmered.

The story goes something like this.

Marconi, the son of a wealthy Italian family had started working on radio technology
with Tesla and pioneered radio communication. In 1896 he broadcast a transmission
nine miles across the Bristol channel and by 1899 was sending transmissions across
the English channel some 30 miles from his transmitter. In 1901, after improving his
transmission equipment, he broadcast a transmission from Cornwall England to
St. John’s in Newfoundland Canada.

In 1909 Marconi, along with Karl Braun, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.

By the 1930’s Marconi, and his student Landini, were working on Antigravity. In fact
Marconi, who by this time was a millionaire many times over, converted his Yacht
the “Electra” into a floating super lab where they successfully sent signals through
the earth, much in the way Tesla did.

In June of 1936 Marconi made another leap forward and demonstrated a energy wave
canon for Benito Mussolini on a busy autostrada outside Milan. Apparently, according
to the story at least, Mussolini had asked his wife Rachele but be at the motorway at
precisely 3:30pm. Marconi triggered the device and for over 30 minutes every car
suffered a complete electrical failure. At precisely 3:35pm Marconi switched the
device off and the car, including his wife’s, started up.

Mussolini was said to have been quite pleased with the result and began to move
towards the notion of weaponizing it. This displeased Pope Pius XI who is said to
have taken an interest in the device and was able to prevent further research.

According to Bibliotecapleyades these four photos are from the U.S. Air Force Blue
Book files and show a “French Flying Saucer Device” that is alleged to be one of the
craft used by Marconi and built at the secret city in South America. The photos are
known to have been taken in 1953.
Fearing repercussions from the Vatican, Marconi then faked his own de̳a̳t̳h̳ then
sailed his yacht to South America sometime in 1937. It is believed that Marconi took
some of the brightest minds in Italian research when he left including Fulcanlli and
Landini. The total count was about 98 total scientists who disappeared with Marconi.

Their ultimate destination was said to have been in the southern jungles of Venezuela
where they setup a technological utopia complete with free-energy motors, Tesla
technology and even a new kind of aircraft, which used a form of anti-gravity
Marconi and Landini were said to have perfected.

It was in that secret city the scientists are said to have perfected many of the
free-energy and Tesla technologies which we read about today. They are also said to
have dedicated themselves to the peaceful application of these technologies and
remained isolated from the rest of society even to this day. Working in the shadows
to provide new and updated ecologically friendly technology.

The story first came to light in the book “The Mysteries of the Andes” by Robert
Charroux. In the book he discussed having heard the story of the Cuidad Subterranea
de los Andes from a Mexican Journalist named Mario Rojas Avendaro who had heard
about the city “from Caracas to Santiago” which eventually prompted Avendaro to
investigate the story futher.

Avendaro claimed that most of the detailed information of the secret city had come
from a man named Naisso Genovese who had contacted him about his research into
the city. Genvoese had been a student of Marconi and had spent time with him in the
city. At the time he contacted Avendaro, Genovese was working at a physics teacher
at a school in Baja California.
Genovese claimed to have spent a number of years working in the city and even
published an account of a alleged trip to Mars using a Tesla / Marconi powered flying
saucer. In the 1950’s he wrote about the trip in a very rare, and frankly odd, book
entitled “My Trip to Mars.” A book which, although it was never published in English
did come out in numerous other languages.

In discussing the city with Avendaro, Genovese claimed that it had been built with
Marconi’s fortune. Marconi, before his de̳a̳t̳h̳, had shifted large amounts of his
fortune into secret accounts which he accessed to acquire the materials he needed.
Genovese also claimed that by 1946 the scientists had built a massive cosmic energy
collector based on Marconi’s improvement of Tesla’s original designs. He also went
into some detail about the massive and amazing research facilities they had
constructed saying it was probably the greatest laboratory ever built on the planet.

By 1952 Genovese claimed they had constructed a new type of aircraft with an
almost limitless supply of energy, and scientists had used it to explore almost the
entire globe including the oceans.

The craft was said to be able to accelerate to 500,000 miles per hour and was built
out of a new alloy which could withstand enormous enormous pressures of the deep
ocean as well as traveling through the atmosphere at extremely high rates of speed.
The only problem he said the device had was acceleration. It was something the
scientists were still working on.

The implication was that the device was also capable of stellar, possibly interstellar,
travel and it had also been used to visit various planets in the solar system. We
know from Genovese that he claimed regular trips were being made to the Moon and
Mars. The implication being that a outpost could have possibly been setup at one or
both of those locations.
Avendaro then pressed Genovese for the location of the secret city. Genovese
responded by saying that it was located at the bottom of a crater, was mostly
underground and was at almost 13,000 feet above sea level. It is believed that the
city is located in an extinct volcano in the eastern Andean Cordillera somewhere in the
Bolivian or Venezuelan mountains.

That seems to be where the story ended, and no further investigation has been made.
Some researchers have hypothesized that Tesla, having been contacted by Marconi,
faked his de̳a̳t̳h̳ and also traveled to the magical city.

But is a hidden high tech city really feasible? Given the region where the city is
supposedly hidden and the sheer size and vastness of the unexplored land in that
region it is completely plausible such a city could indeed exist.

Especially if that scientists there had perfected free-energy and anti-gravity. With
those two technological leaps there is really no limit to what they could have

Is this Cuidad Subterranea de los Andes, or Underground City of the Andes, real? We
will probably never know for sure but it does remain one of the more mysterious and
enigmatic hidden cities of legend. If it is real, there was certainly the brain power
required to make such stunning technological advancements but for now it will have
to remain a lost city.


Cheap anti-depressant "fluvoxamine" cures Covid-19

Cheap antidepressant shows
promise treating early COVID-19

A cheap antidepressant reduced the need for hospitalization among high-risk adults with COVID-19 in a study hunting for existing drugs that could be repurposed to treat coronavirus.

Researchers tested the pill used for depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder because it was known to reduce inflammation and looked promising in smaller studies.

They've shared the results with the U.S. National Institutes of Health, which publishes treatment guidelines, and they hope for a World Health Organization recommendation.

“If WHO recommends this, you will see it widely taken up,” said study co-author Dr. Edward Mills of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, adding that many poor nations have the drug readily available. “We hope it will lead to a lot of lives saved.”

The pill, called fluvoxamine, would cost $4 for a course of COVID-19 treatment. By comparison, antibody IV treatments cost about $2,000 and Merck's experimental antiviral pill for COVID-19 is about $700 per course. Some experts predict various treatments eventually will be used in combination to fight the coronavirus.

Researchers tested the antidepressant in nearly 1,500 Brazilians recently infected with coronavirus who were at risk of severe illness because of other health problems, such as diabetes. About half took the antidepressant at home for 10 days, the rest got dummy pills. They were tracked for four weeks to see who landed in the hospital or spent extended time in an emergency room when hospitals were full.

In the group that took the drug, 11% needed hospitalization or an extended ER stay, compared to 16% of those on dummy pills.

The results, published Wednesday in the journal Lancet Global Health, were so strong that independent experts monitoring the study recommended stopping it early because the results were clear.

Questions remain about the best dosing, whether lower risk patients might also benefit and whether the pill should be combined with other treatments.

The larger project looked at eight existing drugs to see if they could work against the pandemic virus. The project is still testing a hepatitis drug, but all the others — including metformin, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin — haven't panned out.

The cheap generic and Merck's COVID-19 pill work in different ways and “may be complementary,” said Dr. Paul Sax of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, who was not involved in the study. Earlier this month, Merck asked regulators in the U.S. and Europe to authorize its antiviral pill.


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10 Secret Things You Didn't Know About NANO ENTITIES

10 Secret Things You Didn't Know About NANO ENTITIES

  • Integration of nanomaterials into the entire food supply.
  • Installation of AI nanomaterials for agro-food inspection.
  • Hybrid probes installed into foods that insert platforms into your body.
  • Injection of nanobodies into your food.

Abstract Image

The World Economic Forum informed us that our food supply was going to be disrupted, beginning last year. Agro-food safety inspection is going high tech with newly constructed hybrid micro/nanoentities. Yes, you read that correctly, hybrid micro/nanoentities.  And these nanoentities are not only going into the food supply but also pharmaceutical products. 


There is much speculation about what these entities are.  Over the next few weeks, we will become somewhat familiar with them as they pop up across the commercial market.

The definition of entities is:

  1. Something that exists as a particular and discrete unit.
  2. The fact of existence; being.
  3. The existence of something considered apart from its properties.

For purposes of this article, nanoentities are self-associated aggregates that group together to provide a solid lattice framework.

These entities are not merely physical surveillance arrays but include multi-dimensional aspects that I will be discussing in another article.

Described below are some of the entity names that you will see soon at your local grocery store, fulfilling the World Economic Forum’s promise to entirely disrupt the global food supply.


These entities are not merely physical surveillance arrays but include multi-dimensional aspect that I will be discussing in another article.

Some entity names that you are going to see soon at your local grocery store fulfilling the World Economic Forums promise to entirely disrupt the global food supply.


Molecular Imprinting Polymers integrated with Quantum Dots (MIPs@QDs)

What is this?

Advanced tools for cell imaging are of great interest for the detection, localization, and quantification of molecular biomarkers for infection. It is a novel photo polymerization method to coat quantum dots (QDs) with polymer shells (in particular, molecular imprinting polymers (MIPs)), by using the visible light emitted from QDs to install a surveillance platform into food and your body.

Molecular Imprinting Polymers Integrated with Upconversion Luminescent Nanoparticles (MIPs@UCNPs)

What is this?

The UCNPs are luminescent nanoparticles (NPs) that are doped, yes doped, with dyed silica, rare earth ions, and fluorescent QDs, providing an amazing array suite for food as it goes through its entire cycle (fork, food, body) for sensing and imaging in analytical chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, biomedical engineering, and environmental science.

Upconversion Luminescent Nanoparticles Combined with Metal–Organic Frameworks (UCNPs@MOFs)

What is this?

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of porous materials prepared by the self-assembly of metal ions or clusters with organic ligands. They are tunable (i.e., controllable), meaning they have the power to regulate things such as dispensing of nutrition of food products to comply with international mandates.  These metal ions form nodes that yolk together repeating cage-like structures, creating a fusion of biological life with machine.

Magnetic Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs@Fe3O4)

What is this?

Nano-sized metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) forming the foundation for magnetic core-shell nanoparticles (NPs) has been designed for targeted drug delivery engineered from a toxin released from cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).

Magnetic Covalent–Organic Frameworks (Fe3O4@COFs)

What is this?

Magnetic covalent organic frameworks (Fe3O4@COF) with core-shell structures were fabricated at room temperature and used as an adsorbent for magnetic extraction of polar endocrine-disrupting phenols and for sensing food in the human or animal body.  The synthesis process is a temperature-controlled, reversible reaction that precisely controls the geometry, function, and stereo-orientation of food products.

Covalent–Organic Frameworks Doped with Quantum Dots (COFs@QDs)

What is this?

Quantum-dot-doped covalent organic frameworks (COF) in a molecularly imprinted network (QD-doped COFs@MIP) were developed for detection of Nereistoxin (NRT)-related insecticides in tap water.

Nereistoxin is a poison produced by organisms belonging to the Tetraodontiformes order, which includes the puffer fish, ocean sunfish, and porcupine fish.

Once these systems are integrated into the food supply, various imaging tools can be used to surveil the food supply and your consumption of food.

Integrating these sensory arrays will require various disciplines, such as material science, nanotechnology, and analytical methodology, to address new challenges that emerge in agro-food research fields.  This will translate into higher food prices to cover implementation of these "food-safety" systems. 

Once installed into the food system, no single sensory technology can detect the full range of nano-entities, as each technology has its own advantages and limitations.


The bottom line is that expensive surveillance system platforms (frameworks) are being integrated into the food supply, thereby causing food prices to skyrocket, while your access to food will plummet.

Food for thought,






Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence.