Friday, May 31, 2013

FaceBook Has Blocked My Account

I was active on FaceBook for about two months. During that time FaceBook blocked virtually all my friend requests. They stated that the people I had asked to be friends were in fact people I did not know, yet most were work colleagues, friends and family I had known for decades. I also invited many European Union members of parliament who are frequent recipients of my emails. In disgust I asked complete strangers from Asia and South America to be my friends. Oddly, all accepted my friend requests and none of the invitations were blocked. Vietnamese readers of my posts responded favourably to my postings. In fact my "LIKES" had surpassed a count of 11,500. FaceBook recently reset my "LIKES" to 100. They removed over 11,000 "Likes", and Google Blogger has eliminated tens of thousands of visitor counts to my BLOG. Obviously someone is undermining my impact on social media.

When FaceBook blocked my account they informed me that I was not Joseph Pede, even though I am Joseph Pede.

Social Media is a vast information gathering network. The Globalists are employing an "analytics" agenda in attempting to take full control of "social consciousness". The corporatists will go to great lenghts to know everything about you. This will allow them to build media, fashion, music, technology or any type of model that could manipulate your mind.

By posting your "diary" online you relinquish personal details about yourself. This allows the corporatists to build a "human file" on you and your friends. Technically, they could exterminate an entire group of people if they determined they were a threat to the new Order.

When you are online messaging with friends, they have the ability to analyze your thought patterns, when communicating via video they can record key personal traits such as your speech patterns and eye fingerprints, and when communicating with touchpad technology, they can store your fingerprints.

I use Social media to communicate i) alternative news events, ii) issues of esoteric importance, iii) scientific revelations, iv) historical events and v) the political sentiment throughout the world. I made available stories that impacted your brain and hopefully your heart.  This is a complete contradiction to what Social Media wants us to do. Social media is a mechanism for "thought control". Be careful in exposing your "Self" because they may take it away from you one day!

I would like for you to read my brief commentary entitled "The Diary" via the following LINK:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Senator McCain Supporting Terrorism in Syria

What government representative would overtly sponsor and support terrorist activities in a foreign country while enacting terrorist laws in its own. Senator McCain is not only a hypocrite, he is dangerous. His presence and support of mercenary rebel troops inside Syria, sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Great Britain and the U.S., is in itself an act of war. The hidden aggressor lands with a message of support not for the prevailing government, but rather for terrorist rebels. Syrians don't have a problem with al Assad, the Globalists do. Why does the world allow war mongers and war criminals to dictate who lives and dies? The very people who ignited this coup d'état are now masquerading as peacekeepers. The absurdity is beyond absurd.

Please read the attached article from DiploNews:

US Senator McCain's surprise visit to Syria puts the pressure on the White House, though it could prove counterproductive

667 words - May 30, 2013 | © DiploNews, all rights reserved.

US Senator and former Republican nominee for the 2008 Presidential elections, John McCain, went to Syria where he met with anti-Bashar al-Assad rebels and affirmed his country and its allies can help "the right people." McCain's trip to Syria was made in full knowledge by the White House which was informed in advance of the Senator's meeting with the chiefs of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), including its commander Gen. Salim Idris.

"We were aware, of course, that Senator McCain was going to make this trip," White House spokesman Jay Carney said. "And we look forward to speaking with Senator McCain upon his return to learn more about the trip." However it seems that McCain's crossing into northern Syria from Turkey was a surprise. Spokesman Patrick Ventrell of the State Department said he doesn't have "a particular reaction to the trip one way or another."

Senator McCain's office told reporters that his visit was organized by the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a US-based non-profit group that backs the Syrian opposition. "While meeting with Senator McCain, General Idris and FSA commanders asked that the United States increase its aid to the Free Syrian Army in the form of heavy weapons, a no-fly zone, and air strikes on Hezbollah," the SETF website said. Bombing Hezbollah would somehow be a declaration of war against Iran, DiploNews underlined, with all the potential consequences it would have regarding the Middle East's stability, energy supplies and the ongoing nuclear issue with Tehran.

Opinion polls showed a very large majority of the Americans (approx. 70%), Republicans as Democrats, are against a US intervention in Syria. Also, a large number of current and former officials voiced their concern about the risks of sending weapons to Syria, for fear they could end up in the hands of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), like Al Qaeda-affiliated group Al-Nusra. So far Senator McCain has strongly disagreed.

According to him, the wait-and-see policy of the West is just sending more and more violent extremists to Syria. "Every single day, more and more extremists flow in… They're flowing in all the time, these extremists. But they still do not make up a sizeable portion (of the Syrian rebels)," the Senator told CNN's Anderson Cooper. Furthermore, recent developments showed foreign groups like Hezbollah are indeed increasingly taking part in the day-to-day combats on the ground.

Surprisingly, the visit of Senator McCain served more the interests of countries like the UK and France which have been continuously pushing for the sending of weapons to the Syrian opposition for months, eventually lifting the European Union's embargo, than the policy of President Barack Obama administration whose diplomat-in-chief, Secretary of State John Kerry, is trying to convene a second edition of the Geneva conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

According to DiploNews, Senator McCain's visit had the virtue of stressing the very urgent need of a solution as the situation in Syria has turned into a nightmare. However, DiploNews thought, the Senator's efforts could prove counter-productive in case Russia interprets them as the second track of a double-track policy led by the United States on Syria. Iran already seized the opportunity, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs' spokesman Abbas Araqchi saying "McCain's illegal entrance to Syria contradicted the US claim saying Washington was seeking diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis."

The Syrian rebels "don't understand why we don't help them", said Senator McCain. Yet the non-lethal official support has been quite substantial over the last two years. On the one hand, the fact that the Syrian opposition seems not as unified as it claimed to be clearly harms any chance of strong support from the West. On the other hand, finding a durable solution seems unlikely without some support from Russia, according to diplomatic circles, and the West itself has yet to agree on a same, unique, strong stance too.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford - Part III

Mayor Rob Ford - Part III

Andrea Horvath should not be considered a serious contender for the Premier’s office when the next Provincial election is held. Her support of a McGuinty government spear-headed by Kathleen Wynn is indefensible. On the other hand, Wynne’s attack on Mayor Ford’s office is intended to do one thing – add fuel to fire. If this is not calling the kettle black, then I can have no other explanation.

The next scheduled Toronto municipal elections are to be held on October 27, 2014. Prepping and priming the public for the new savior and mayor is at the core of this propaganda. They want to discredit Ford to the point where he becomes damaged goods. We should keep an eye on where the reporters who broke this story and the already exited Mayor’s staff end up.

Toronto is an extremely important city in the Globalist agenda. We may be too naïve to believe that, but having a progressive non-establishment Mayor in office could upset the apple-cart when “key decisions” have to be made. The establishment “cannot” trust this Mayor to do their bidding, and this is their key concern.

The underling ideology in this case is progressive change. Should this Mayor leave political office, for whatever reason, we can kiss transparency, accountability and honesty good-bye. As a tax-payer I am not interested in a leader’s human failings provided her/his political platform stays intact. I refer not to any criminal short-comings.

Political correctness means obedience. We don’t have time for these games anymore. Where’s the Beef? If the glove don’t fit, then we must acquit. I’m confident Disney will make a movie of this interesting Canadian saga - “Alice in Crack-Land with Two Hookers and Five Zombies”.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


Mayor Rob Ford – Part II

Mayor Rob Ford – Part II

More of the Mayor’s senior staff has resigned. Surprisingly, most of his staff has resigned over “unproven allegations” about his cocaine use.  There is something very ominous in the air. More mysterious is the fact that senior municipal staff would resign their positions in an environment where jobs are extremely difficult to find.

For most people finding a job is a job in itself. When one has a lucrative and well-paying job one seldom forfeits the comfort of that security unless one has already been provided a safe haven.

In my past experiences as a private sector financial executive I learned quickly that employers, above all else, valued loyalty. While I was one to value job performance, employees who supported the organizational and leadership vision of the leader, generally had long tenure. In the Mayor’s case there is no visible employee loyalty, and job performance appears to be of no consequence. In difficult times both the leader and his team-members generally rally to make things better. In this case we have a surreptitious mutiny.

I am curious to know what organizations these mutineers have been employed by. There is something really sinister at play, and my hunch is that the “establishment hand” is at work. Torontonians, someone or something is going to great lengths to discredit and scar this Mayor.

Why has not this degree of vinegar been employed with our ex-Premier and the Prime Minister?  What you are witnessing is the controlled corruption that exists within our political system.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


David Miller Reaches From Political Grave To Cost Taxpayers $55 Million


Former mayor David Miller has reached out from the political grave to cost taxpayers $55 million.  For some reason, the media largely ignored it!

So how did this happen?  Let me explain.

Yesterday, Auditor General Jeff Griffiths delivered a report to the Audit Committee.  The subject of the report was a $7.9 million computer project from 2008.  He's revealed the budget for the project has since ballooned to $69.9 million!

After the initial project was approved, it appears a few million was added to the budget.  But then, buried deep in the 2010 budget, was a $55 million increase for this particular project.

There was no report to council.  There was no explanation for taxpayers.  There was no scrutiny of the project.

We still have no idea why the project, called Financial Planning, Analysis and Reporting System (FPARS), has been so badly mismanaged.

Local media outlets have largely ignored the issue.  CTV News Toronto ran a short clip of our spokesman demanding answers last night at 11:45pm.  Toronto Star ran a small article but refused to mention our outrage on the matter.

And believe me, we are outraged!

The irony isn't lost on us that David Miller was elected on the back of a similar scandal, the MFP Leasing Scandal.

In fact, when David Miller was elected mayor in 2003, he stood in front the city and held a broom.  He promised to clean up this type of practice.

We now know he was just sweeping it under the rug!

We may not be able to demand answers of David Miller now, but his former Budget Chief, Shelley Carroll, is still an elected Councillor.  We have some pointed questions for her.

What did she know?  When did she know it?  And why didn't she inform council about this $55 million?

She buried it deep into her last budget.  So what was she hiding?

Was this approved during a secret, in-camera budget meeting?

Heads would roll in the private sector over this!  So why wasn't the media been reporting on this very serious fiscal mismanagement?

And that, my friends, is the $55 million questions.

We have our work cut out for us over the next little while.  The media continues to ignore important issues like this, so we have to work extra hard to do the digging the media refuses to report.

As you know, we're all volunteers who run this organization in our spare time.

Can you please chip in $5 or whatever you can afford to help us continue to report on the issues that the media are currently ignoring?

Thank you.
Matthew McGuire
Toronto Taxpayers Coalition

P.S.  When the media is on a feeding frenzy is on, they stop reporting on the real issues that affect taxpayers.  That means we're currently working extra hard to watch what council is up to even if the media refuses to.  Please consider a donation to help us continue advocating on your behalf. Thank you.

Please forward this email to your friends!
Toronto Taxpayers Coalition - P.O. Box 27502 Yorkdale Mall R.P.O. Toronto, Ont. M6A 3B8
(416) 748-0856

Adolf Hitler Survived WWII

In this amazing interview Jeff Rense talks to Harry Cooper. The evidence and the story are an eye-opener. This interview confirms much of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell's books on Nazi Alien Technology and Trans-humanism, amongst so many other topics. Human consciousness is starting to unravel the truth. We have lived "four score" in the darkness.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Rothschild Speaks

Project Camelot - A beyond real interview with Erin Rothschild

Reinforces what Andrew Basiago and James Corso have revealed to the world.!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford

I’m not a lawyer, but if someone was filming Mayor Ford in a personal moment, has someone not violated his privacy and civil rights?

I’m not a genius but don’t you think it would have been wise for the Toronto Star reporters to have taped the conversation they had with the supposed person who took the video of Mayor Ford, allegedly smoking a crack pipe? I am presuming they went to the Dick Tracey College for wannabe sleuths.
By the way, is Gawker not guilty of “extortion”? They are soliciting money from the general public in advance of having the evidence (i.e. video)? They continue to collect money when it has become obvious that no video exists. In the world of fraud this would be deemed a scam and indictable offence.

Is the media not indirectly “black-mailing” Mayor Ford by proclaiming him guilty of something they say happened, and then asking him to comment on it? What should he say? Yes, I had a crack in my pipe and one in my ass.

McGuinty’s government defrauded this province of between $4 - 6,000,000,000 (billion) and no one raises an eye-brow. Are we out of f______g minds? I think we are the ones smoking crack!

Harper’s government misplaced $3,000,000,000.00 and Tony Clement went Sunday shopping with $60,000,000.00 of our money. No accounting records either.

To the best of my knowledge Rob Ford is not a Freemason and the other three are. This should explain everything.

For those who are uninformed, three of the largest drug dealers in the world are Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and George “the idiot” Bush Jr. A three decades long case in Mena, Arkansas is still trying to convict Clinton for the murder of several teens who witnessed the drug transactions.

By the way, after City employees pick up the garbage bins, could they leave them in an upright position?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tesla Lives


by Nikola Tesla
October 13, 1932, New York
This idea of the great philosopher, who later honored me with his friendship, had a fascinating effect on my mind and in meditating over it I was struck by the thought that if there is energy within the substance it can only come from without.  This truth was so manifest to me that I expressed it in the following axiom: "There is no energy in matter except that absorbed from the medium."  Lord Kelvin gave us a picture of a dying universe, of a clockwork wound up and running down, inevitably doomed to come to a full stop in the far, far off future.  It was a gloomy view incompatible with artistic, scientific and mechanical sense.  I asked myself again and again, was there not some force winding up the clock as it runs down?  The axiom I had formulated gave me a clue.  If all energy is supplied to matter from without then this all important function must be performed by the medium.  Yes--but how?
I pondered over this oldest and greatest of all riddles of physical science a long time in vain, despairingly remind of the words of the poet:
Wo fass ich dich unendliche Nat—r?
Euch Bruste wo Ihr Quellen alles Lebens
An denen Himmel und Erd— hangt.  .  .
Where, boundless nature, can I hold you fast?
And where you breasts?  Wells that sustain
All life--the heaven and the earth are nursed.
                                      Goethe.  Faust 

Eric Dollard:
A collection of scientific papers and articles by Tesla and others
about Tesla's work primarily in the field of electrical engineering.

The Tesla Effects With High Frequency and High Potential Currents, Introduction.--The Scope of the Tesla Lectures.
Tesla's Oscillator and Other Inventions, Century Illustrated Magazine, April 1895
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Tesla Tries to Prevent World War II, Prodigal Genius, 1944 — Unpublished Chapter 34

Saturday, May 25, 2013

GMO's & GMF's - BioWeapons

GMO's & GMF’s

There is a heightened awareness of genetically modified organisms and genetically modified foods. With limited labeling and government support Monsanto has been given the green light to bio-engineer seeds that serve a corporate agenda rather than an environmental plan. I will not go into a lengthy story of GMO’s but I will provide this important warning.

In the near future “seeds” and food could become just as deadly as a bullet. Let me explain. Each ethnic and geographic human sub-species has specific DNA traits. When seeds or food can be modified to incorporate deadly genes then GMO’s become a eugenics weapon. GMO’s will become the perfect killing machine. In reality seeds could be programmed to select a geography, ethnic traits, sex and then engineered to kill their intended target.

Do you understand the danger? This could be happening as we speak.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire of our time is the planet Earth and the Universe that encircles it. Caesar’s time has passed. The only Caesar of consequence is God. We should have learned by now that our greatness is part of something greater, and no leader on Earth is worthy of that title.

There was a time when great men risked their lives and nations to conquer the world. They assembled great armies and fought heroic battles. Chivalry, courage and death were the oath of the loyal soldier – mercenary or not. They fought for a Man, his ideology and for a few coins of gold or silver.

Today we have become as meek as the sacrificial lamb - amputated of all honor and courage. We seek all the comforts this world has to offer, never relinquishing an inch for fear that another may relish in the divine majesty of creation or its man-made by-products.

We are complete and utter fools. We continue to create laws and ideas that divide us, rather than unify us. We have learned nothing from the quiet hand of nature. Even in its most unspeakable hour it will bring joy and calm to all who surrender to it the next day. We seek peace and security at all costs, yet very visibly, it abounds and surrounds us.

Life can have no meaning is we cannot understand its deeper purpose. Technology and artificial intelligence will makes fools of flesh unless we realize that it can never possess the one thing God provided to us all, a soul.

It is tragic when I read that so many young adults are committing suicide and finding themselves lost at the periphery of society. We find it in our means to measure the number of victims, but not the emotional circumstance that has brought these young adults to an unhappy conclusion. Even when we have determined the social consequences that have brought us to this great tragedy, the solutions become unfeasible or untenable.

So where do we go from here. While you must shelve your guns, so too must you keep them as a reminder that tyranny harbors itself in the minds of all Men. We must seek out our personal God and ask for guidance, for it shall be given. We must, at the commencement of this New Age, finally come together in prayer, and respect the ingenuity of God’s creation. He created black and white, red and brown. He set forth the languages of the world. He sent His Prophets as divine messengers, and He gave us Free Will. Well, that one gift is no longer free. We have consciously or unconsciously relinquished the greatest gift our Creator bestowed upon us.

God told us that the act of giving harvested greater returns. Instead we have learned to take by killing and stealing. There is nothing left on this Earth that belongs to Caesar.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


Friday, May 24, 2013

Make a Choice

Make a Choice

The amount of flesh Mankind has buried underground in the past century defies all logic. The earth has swelled and become rich with the remnant remains of feeding maggots and vermin. The gravedigger’s brow is over-run with sweat as bullets and bombs continue to rage across the bloodied landscapes. 

Disfigured soldiers with emptied rifles, and the survivors, fully comprehend the ugly brutality of war. They have witnessed the unspeakable crimes one human being can do to another. In turn, the killing fields have harvested an unspeakable and undefinable hate.

You would think that in this technological age the blood and guts that have been spewed across dirt roads, arid deserts and barren mountains would be a reminder that war can have no victor. We grieve when a small number of victims die as sacrificial lambs on domestic soil, and completely ignore the millions who have been radiated, amputated, psychologically scarred and killed in foreign lands. How blind can our ignorance be?

We have been led to believe that insane terrorists, immoral dictators and religious fanatics are at the heart of our defensive posture. We have even allowed political and military monsters to spawn a weapon of security and to invoke the doctrine of protectionism - these policies have become our prison guards.

It is critical for readers to understand that virtually every global leader is attached to the end-times apocalyptic plan. They have been carefully chosen, bred and indoctrinated into the service of the global cabal. Their loyalty to the cause is unwavering and their willingness to do anything criminal is resolute. Pre-meditated murder is the calling card for fraternal acceptance. Their stature, wealth and position in society flourishes with each capital crime they commit. Is there not a resemblance to the culture of the “Hells Angels”?

These bastards reward themselves with castles, while they build prisons for the petty thief who seeks money for food.

The depth of the insanity is so profound that words cannot begin to explain it. Historically, Prophets have presented themselves whenever Mankind deviated from God’s plan. But to what end? We have taken peaceful words of love and peace and made them weapons of war. Holy scriptures have been tormented by occulted gematria rather than common sense. We cannot complicate the word of God to suit the will of Man. Whenever ominous scripture simulates real life events it becomes a calling card for change – a change in consciousness. It is our cue that we have erred in our decision-making and choices.

There are many of us who fail to recognize the real dangers that exist in our times. Many of us discount how a problem so distant could possibly impact our lives. You must always remember that humanity is a hologram and anything anyone does impacts us all. This is a key principal of Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect. It explains the ubiquitous nature of human consciousness.

We cannot allow banks and perceived elected governments to continue dictating the course of humanity. They are the minions of Satanic kings and queens. We must stop their centuries old thirst for war, blood and power. They are at the heart of the global chaos. Seize them and Mankind will find peace and harmony. Then we must once again embrace God.

We are at a time where you must choose your angel or demon.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


Thursday, May 23, 2013

My most important BLOG Posting and message to Humanity


Anyone who has read what I have written about John F. Kennedy knows that greatness perishes quickly on this planetary plane. Those who challenge the madness of Man seldom see their prominence change the times in which they live. Their greatness is left to chance, and the hope that a future consciousness will resuscitate the genius that once stood before us. History has many valuable lessons, but none more than in knowing that the mind is forgetful, and it grows lazier with each passing day. JFK would have given humanity a peaceful world. Nikola Tesla would have made our planet a paradise. God does send us messengers, but we seem to destroy, shelve or ridicule them. Our failure to recognize that the Devil and his disciples (royalty specifically) are real and seek to destroy us, is an affront to God.

Nikola Tesla

Below is posted a communique by Eric Dollard. He is an individual whose “life in crisis” I have attempted to follow. It is my opinion that Mr. Dollard’s genius is something the scientific community should be embracing.  A statement he issued today is shown below. Nikola Tesla’s words require deep contemplation. The great tragedy is that Nikola Tesla was murdered by the U.S. government and his genius hidden from Mankind. In his place they heralded an idiotic patent clerk named Albert Einstein to the world of science.

The Defiance of Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla went far beyond electricity.

He ventured into the engineering of the underlying field of force behind electricity, gravity and all non-physical phenomena. He was the first Aetheric Engineer and this is what scared the bankers above all else. Tesla made clear the extreme power the Aether held and how it would save humanity. Destroying Tesla was not enough, the entire study of electricity had to be suppressed for they knew that through the genuine study of electricity lay the knowledge of the Aether.

( From Prodigal Genius by John O’Neil )

The only statement Tesla has made concerning his principle
and his theory is that contained in the lecture he prepared
for delivery before the Institute of Immigrant Welfare (May
12, 1938). In this he stated:

“During the succeeding two years [1893 and 1894] of intense
concentration I was fortunate enough to make two far
reaching discoveries. The first was a dynamic theory of
gravity, which I have worked out in all details and hope to
give to the world very soon. It explains the causes of this
force and the motions of heavenly bodies under its
influence so satisfactorily that it will put an end to idle
speculation and false conceptions, as that of curved space.
Only the existence of a field of force can account for the
motions of the bodies as observed, and its assumption
dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this
subject is futile and destined to oblivion. So are all
attempts to explain the workings of the universe without
recognizing the existence of the ether and the
indispensable function it plays in the phenomena.

My second discovery was of a physical truth of the greatest
importance. As I have searched the entire scientific
records in more than a half dozen languages for a long time
without finding the least anticipation, I consider myself
the original discoverer of this truth, which can be
expressed by the statement: There is no energy in matter
other than that received from the environment.”

-Nikola Tesla

The Lecture that Tesla spoke of was given at Columbia in 1937 and is still classified by the US Government. Tesla had discovered the rules and methods by which the Aether itself may be controlled. Energy synthesis, levitation and miraculous healing became trival with this understanding. Tesla was giving it away to all.

There is a reason why Tesla was suppressed and it most certainly is not Thomas Edison, who was robbed of his company by the bankers while Tesla had achieved victory in the War of the Currents. When Tesla’s Lab burned down Thomas Edison let him use his own (Source Empires of Light by Jill Jones). They both knew they were now in a far greater battle against a far more cunning adversary.

The following is the number of times the word “ether” is mentioned in the writings of Nikola Tesla. The following is the number of times the word “ether” is mentioned in the writings of Nikola Tesla. The following books as PDF’s can be downloaded at

You may wish to read a poem I wrote December 20, 2012 on "Gravity"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

11 Governments meeting in Peru to discuss the future of the Internet

Someone please contact Stephen Harper

11 Governments Are Meeting in Peru to Figure Out How They Can Control the Internet

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 18:43 - By Patrick McGuire

6efbf8bfafb85cf2c9ec59b01fb83bae_vice_630x420 (1)
by Patrick McGuire
Remember SOPA? Remember how when we the people finally defeated SOPA everyone got so stoked that confetti poured out of their eyeballs and its opponents downloaded films and albums and pirated video games in celebration? Well, shortly after SOPA there was CISPA—the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act—a bill that is both scarier than Zombies and much less well known than SOPA .

On April 18, three days after the Boston Marathon bombing, CISPA passed in the House of Representatives. Obama’s White House has expressed “fundamental concerns” about CISPA. They are justifiably a bit turned off by how CISPA doesn’t specify precisely how it intends to spy on the internet—and when it is ok to spy on internet users—and that is a terrifying prospect.
As a Canadian, these American “fuck up the internet” bills have always been disconcerting. While Canadian sovereignty would ideally save anyone who lives in this country and errs on the wrong side of a SOPA or a CISPA—with so much internet traffic filtering through American-owned web servers—it is not out of the question that American jurisdiction could be called against an international cyber-offender. The state of Virginia, for example, claimed jurisdiction against the Hong Kong-owned Megaupload who was hosting their website in that state.

But now it appears that it’s going to be even easier for international copyright offenders to be tried in court by the interests–and lobbying power–of Hollywood. Starting today, 11 countries—Canada, America, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand—are having a secret (no members of the public and no press) meeting in Lima, Peru to figure out what can be done about copyright offenders who transmit Hollywood’s precious content over the interweb’s tubes without paying for it.
The meeting is held under the banner of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. They’re looking to sign an international treaty that will create world government-esque laws to handle anyone who downloads an early leak of Iron Man 3 illegally.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling this the “biggest global threat to the internet since ACTA.” If you remember, ACTA (the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is an international, internet-policing treaty that was shut down by the European Parliament with a 92 percent nay vote. Luckily for Europeans, no EU country is anywhere near the TPP negotiations in Peru right now—and European politicians are now quick to distance themselves from the policies that ACTA is trying to ram down the world’s throat.
But in North America, the ACTA movement is still very much alive. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government passed a bill in March that makes Canada more ACTA-friendly by allowing customs officers to destroy counterfeit goods and ratcheting up the criminal penalties against copyright offenders. And the United States has seized hip-hop blog domains without warning or trial, because they were alleged to host pirated material.
A leaked chapter outlining some preliminary discussion to re-examine intellectual property has revealed that TPP wants to add further checks and balances to restrict fair use. Those behind TPP want to make sure that if a teacher is trying to show some copyrighted material in their class for the purpose of education, or if a humorist using copyrighted material in an article for the purpose of satire, they’re doing so under what TPP calls a “good faith activity.”
The language in this leaked TPP chapter is incredibly dense and dates back to February 2011—so not only is it a confusing bit of writing, but it will also likely be revised over and over during this meeting in Peru. As it stands, the EFF is worried that “the United States is trying to export the worst parts of its intellectual property law without bringing any of the [fair use] protections.” And just like SOPA or CISPA, many people are concerned that the broad language in new legal terms like “good faith activity” will potentially lead to unjust prosecutions.
It may take a while before the results of this TPP meeting in Peru filter out to the press, but it’s crystal clear that even though SOPA died, the Hollywood lobby is more than willing to generate new legislation and international partnerships to protect its interests. SOPA, for a combination of reasons, incited the ire of the public. We saw SOPA blackouts where websites like Reddit and Wikipedia went offline for a day, celebrities spoke out against it on Twitter; there was a bona fide cultural movement.
But now, the language behind international efforts like ACTA or TPP is getting more and more obscure, the reporting on such efforts less and less frequent, and the meetings being held to define these treaties are being held behind closed doors. The wheels of government are moving quickly to restrict international copyright online as much as possible—with the lobby of Hollywood thrusting it forward—in order to preserve the profits of content gatekeepers like the RIAA and MPAA.


London UK Machete Attack is a HOAX!

Max Malone does it again. He presents the newest fairy tale. The London machete attack is a complete HOAX.

Lieutenant Paul Vance of Connecticut police department is dubbed a scum-bag! The Police and the American government were part of the Sandy Hook hoax.

Watch this great video:!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Upcoming Bilderberg Meeting – To E.U. Parliamentarians

Upcoming Bilderberg Meeting – To E.U. Parliamentarians

The responsibility of European Union parliamentarians is to protect the citizens within that union, as well as any other nation who could be victimized by the actions of this nefarious group.

Any individual attending the Bilderberg meeting in Watford, U.K. is a treasonous devil. Their meetings are secret, their agendas are secret, and their tyranny is a secret. It is your responsibility, while on European Union real estate, to arrest these Satanists.

It does not matter if these Satanists are heads of state, royalty, bankers, industrialists or religious theocrats – they must all be arrested. It is your responsibility to gather the appropriate police or military force and have these people locked-up. Their agenda, once exposed, is no different than that of Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin. Their Bilderberg membership will ultimately mean that they should all be executed for crimes against humanity.

You are the last gatekeepers – do not let humanity down! God exists and God will reward you for doing the right thing. These people are not gods, they are human degenerates. Do your duty.

If you cannot see the endless global wars, hopelessness and joblessness around the world, disease, hunger, eradication of civil rights and poverty, then your blood runs cold.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Secret to Eternal Life

The Secret to Eternal Life

The geeks and the gentry are secretly collaborating to engineer a eugenics platform for the masses, and a super-human breeding laboratory for themselves. Together they are giving birth to the new Frankenstein(s) of our society. The children of a lesser God are obviously oblivious to these occulted and alchemical creations. This is where the doctrines of nepotism and fraternity have brought us. The elitist goal is one of immortality and dominion over the peons of society. Yes the two-class system of the Morlocks and the Eloi is upon us.

Perhaps we should all race to find the secret of the “immortal jellyfish”. This would certainly level the playing field.

Not only is Dr. Frankenstein back, but he now has the support of global governments.  We have unknowingly entered the perverted age of Jekyll and Hyde. This time Hyde is perfectly mad.

For the adventurous souls who believe in the immortal flesh, rather than the eternal soul, I reference you to a paper entitled “The Book of Aquarius”. While the author is unknown, or should I say, prefers anonymity, the paper reveals the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone, Elixir of Life, Fountain of Youth, Ambrosia, Soma, Amrita and the Nectar of Immortality. Your search for the document may not be easy.

For one who is not so adventurous I refer you to a word I have mentioned many times in the past - “Aether”.  This substance is said to be the mystical essence of all creation. An odd-genius named Eric Dollard is continuing research in this secretive field – initially the domain of Wilhelm Reich and Nikola Tesla. Long ago Reich assembled a device which captured the aether. He called it the “orgone accumulator”.

If you are interested in the eternal life of the soul then you should do research on the “Akashic Records”. Edward Cayce’s special gift was his ability to read the soul’s journey through each life experience. Growing old will never be the same again.

I bid Cagliostro, St. Germaine and Fulcanelli a pleasant good night.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


NASA & Google Team-up to Bring You Tesla - The World of Quantum Mechanics

NASA & Google Team-up to Bring You "Tesla" - The World of Quantum Mechanics

Read the full article at the following LINKS:

I should add that the Forbes article focuses on Albert Einstein. To repeat my position - Albert Einstein was the greatest fraud of the 20th century. His name should be erased from all textbooks. He was an incompetent patent clerk who managed to steal the genius of many scientists.

e=mc2 is the genius of Olinto dePretto
The atom bomb is the domain of Enrico Fermi
Short & long wave technology and Black Technology is the domain of Guglielmo Marconi.

Anything to do with anything else is the domain of Nikola Tesla. He was and is the greatest scientific genius of ALL time. Everything we are discovering today and hope to discover, he did a century ago.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede




Monday, May 20, 2013

Cyprus: Through the eyes of Katanga

What the banks did to Cypress becomes clearer when you understand what the United Nations did to Katanga. It is pivotal that you comprehend the strategy being employed by the globalists. Edward Griffin provided the only complete story on Katanga. Please view the following video:

Once you have viewed Griffen's sad tale on Katanga, view PressTV's documentary on Cypress.

The parallels are amazing. We must ERADICATE bankers and royals.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

"Ci Sara" by Al Bano & Romina Power

A great Italian song then - the words have a powerful meaning today

ci sara ...... there will be

Joseph Pede

Sunday, May 19, 2013

To Mayor Rob Ford

To Mayor Rob Ford

I don’t care if you are a drunk, drug-addicted, over-weight or skinny. In the real world gambling, alcoholism and drug-substance abuse are recognized addictions. In work environments, employees who fall prey to these social disorders, may have even qualify for Workplace compensation benefits.

I don’t know if you need counseling with respect to these issues, but it does not concern me. I do know that Torontonians, Ontarians and Canadians have been victimized by bigger political scoundrels, and the culprits never seem to make the front page news or pay for their crimes and misdemeanors.

Politicians and the corporate elite have misappropriated billions of dollars, invoked nepotism with great harm to our economy, practiced covert racism and lied to extremes. The only punishment is an “inquest”.

All I know is that you have lived-up to your election mandate. Continue the good work for Toronto taxpayers. Good people should not go down hard. Great people should give good people a helping hand when deserved.

Why does human nature relish in the demise of a good person? We really should be re-evaluating how far human beings have fallen from Heaven.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


We are not SHEEP, we are FOOD for evil

We are not SHEEP, we are FOOD for evil











Civil rights

FIAT Money








We are the problem and our demise is the solution. Are the people cooking-up humanity, terrestrial or of another world?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede