Saturday, April 30, 2011

The House of Hanover

The House of Hanover

There was a House that war and slavery built
To this day for their crimes the members consider neither shame nor guilt
The present line-up you know is quite sublime
The ancestry is rather German than notably Lime

Good old Prince Phillip loves his word nigger
Fayed indicted the racist of giving Diana her untimely rigger
Bonny Prince Charlie prefers chatting with his well adorned plants
Soothing comfort for when Camilla is found yelling in a drunken rant

The Duke of York so too failed in his momentous marriage
Sarah had the family twitching when she was found under a carriage
Princess Anne has proven to be a reliable daughter
To this day the gardener styles her hair with the palace’s finest sewer water

Now we come to the red-haired Harry
The elder of this younger one should be extremely wary
A member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg
Kaiser Christoff is in command of this notorious Fourth Reich-purge

Finally Wilhem the future royal of the Anglo-Germanic throne
Completely in a fog as to when Hanover became Windsor’s unknown
Happiest when flying whirlybirds across open waters
His honeymoon will reveal the royals’ plans for humanity’s intended slaughter

Life behind the castle walls is really quite pleasing
The worst of it is when the knickers curl with an abrupt sneezing
Oh but the decisions can be thoroughly intoxicating
The only word Elizabeth fears is the one known as abdicating

Her duties these days are quite minor you know
Hip Hip Cheerio! I bequeath an oil spill followed by snow
One too many mouths to feed say the lords, dukes and earls
A good culling she commands we must then quickly unfurl

If not for a great crime what would she do
These days she finds jolly playing polo atop a saddled kangaroo
Charlie and Philip are patiently waiting for the old bag to drop dead
The boys want to be in charge when murdering the masses becomes widespread

Ah my fellow serfs why wait for their bountiful harvest
A few aristocratic refuse for the world will be much easier to target
With pomp and ceremony the ending must go
“Off with their heads” will be the main theme of the revolutionary show.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Underdog

The Underdog

Mad people, mad world, mad minds
The Book of Life distressed as web-filled window blinds
Locked closets, hidden doors, secrets all around
Butchers’ plans spread as intestines on the blood-stained ground

Madmen have mastered the making of Manchurian moles
Zombie-like creatures void of all substance and soul
Society’s walking dead gifted with gentle decorum
Their mania and motives guarded by a secretive quorum

Look to find the underdog among the masses
A true leader will shine through societal sun-glasses
Normality is a rapist who breeds indifference
Instinct the guardian will ensure spiritual deliverance

There are those who are ready to count to ten
Three strikes and you are out mimics the Globalist comedienne
Stand ready to play ball in life’s last inning
The end you will find will be the start of a next big beginning.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bernanke Launched a Financial Bomb!

Bernanke Launched a Financial Bomb!

Do you believe the gall of this guy? He insinuated that the Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, sets the monetary policy for the USA. I’d like to know where Rockefeller, Rothschild and that unscrupulous Queen Elizabeth were sitting during this once in a life-time event. Must I keep repeating that the 100 year old Federal Reserve Charter “expires” December 21, 2012? Ninety-nine years ago they planned the demise of the Federal Reserve to coincide with the ominous date of 12-21-2012. Why is no one talking about this?

Bernanke stated that while the construction industry may be in a mild concern he is optimistic about the overall economy. Whose economy is he referring too? The USA has 17% unemployment, 15% of the residents are on food stamps and there have been in excess of 1,000,000 bankruptcies for the first quarter of 2011. He went on to say that inflation is more a factor when you consider the price of gasoline. I don’t think he mentioned food.

With continued low central bank interest rates and quantitative easing the USA will be exactly where it should be very shortly – in the tank! Mr. Stephen Harper, Canada holds approximately $25,000,000,000.00 (billion dollars) in U.S. currency investments and approximately $5,000,000.00 (million dollars) of gold reserves. Just what are you and “Al” thinking? We could have doubled our money if one of you had bought some silver and dumped the U.S. currency a year ago. That would have paid for the 2011 Federal Budget commitments! You are not managing our assets Stephen. We simply cannot afford you. The $25 billion has lost 5% on the exchange and we have lost the upside on precious metals. Stephen, we have lost in excess of $25 Billion in one year. You blew a billion for the G8 summit and now you want to invest in jails and jets. CANADA, SOMEONE PLEASE PUT STEPHEN HARPER IN A PRIVATE JET HEADED FOR TORTUGA.

The U.S. dollar index has hit a momentous low of $0.7335. It was approximately $0.9100 last year. The U.S. dollar is still the reserve currency for most of the world. Its continued devaluation will mean that gasoline prices will continue to rise. Obviously the Arabs do not want to lose their purchasing power. That means food and commodity prices will continue to rise as well. People have to eat you know.

Did you see how gold and silver rebounded. Best erection I have seen in quite some time. Looks like the USA will pursue war in the Middle-East, raid the Middle-East coffers, get the war machine fully primed and really piss off China and Russia. China has vast investments in Libya, Nigeria and throughout Africa, while Russia has a naval fleet stationed on Syrian waters. Do you get what this is really all about?

We have to stop dealing with U.S. Preseidents. Obama a Kenyan CIA operative, Bush the son of a murderer and Clinton the son of a self-confessed prostitute. My dog groomer has better credentials to serve as U.S. President. Interested parties should do research on the toll corexit, oil and methane have taken on the Gulf Coast population. Many people are dying terrible deaths. We should thank the “BP Queen Elizabeth”. As a Canadian I am offended that people throughout the world would support a British monarchy and the upcoming royal marriage when they have so much blood on their hands. Butchers! Would any of you go to Colonel Russell William’s birthday party? He only killed two women.

For those of you who care. Bernanke is not a central banker. He is a mobster.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

We must understand that global governments have more in common than we think. Foes are friends and “fiends” serve a purpose. Strategy is paramount in how the web of paranoia and propaganda is spun. While we have allowed governments to achieve an almost invincible persona we can still deploy a tactic they think they have mastered - that scheme is known as “divide and conquer”.

In this new world, China is the new capitalism, Russia has emerged as the sensible strategist, America has been transformed into a Nazi Beast, Europe continues to breed aristocratic assassins and the rest of the world watches in an attempt to be good bedfellows to the changing power structure – a power structure that in essence, is only controlled by a few individuals. These few have no allegiance to country, religion or people. They seek only power and control.

Our ultimate defence is the election box. As controlled and corrupt as it may be, we ultimately decide with whom our leaders go to bed with. Local and national politics are no longer local or national. Our leaders and our choices impact global decision-making. Your goal is not to be mesmerized by smooth talking hypocrites but rather sincere appearances. You are now, more than ever, required to use that which has been dormant for quite some time – instinct and brain. Know the politics before it imprisons you.

Continue to divide and conquer. Add a little simple subtraction by eliminating Stephen Harper.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Choo-Choo Train

Choo-Choo Train

Air, Land and Sea are the three amigos of economic trade
Connect the ports and you have a perfectly scripted parade
Logistics is the science that keeps trade flowing
Provided of course Mother Nature’s winds are not angrily blowing

Adverse weather patterns will create future travel obstacles
Surety of safety rests only with the wise old barnacles
We have spent much time on global warming
Little attention has been directed to an ominous peril which is quickly forming

Let us leave the alien mysteries of Mother Nature
More formidable are the dogmas of the present financial nomenclature
Through their devices the Elitists have managed to undo the masses
Their goal is to have us sitting on our bare asses

The winds will be raging throughout the heavens
Air traffic may be reduced to one day rather than the sevens
Waves of waters will rise to kiss the mountains
The creaking ships will sit in port as stationary fountains

Adverse weather may be that which finally divides each continent
For Globalism a very unwelcomed strategic condiment
Herding the masses will pose a definite challenge
The doctors of doom for solutions they eagerly scavenge

The “final solution” rests with the reliable Choo-Choo train
This most trustworthy of all transport travels through all terrain
Disciples Buffet and Gates in their investments would agree
The cabooses of their trains each contain a Nazi “Banshee”

Fill the cars with wheat and oil
Just enough for the masters so the goods will not spoil
Load the hogs and cattle too
Off to the slaughter will also be contained me and you.

Thank you and keep on chugging you chooches,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Queen Elizabeth a Major Player in Global Genocide!

Queen Elizabeth a Major Player in Global Genocide!

Stephen Harper announces that he would establish an Office of Religious Freedom. It would be part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and would cost taxpayers about $5 million a year.

Mr. Harper we don’t require an office of religious freedom bather rather an office which exposes the corruption of Freemasonry within all our institutions. Secrecy, social engineering, sedition and Satanism are the foundations of Freemasonry. We simply do not require another $5 million of taxpayer funds being spent on more Masonic appointments.

How do you keep a straight face when you make these announcements? Why don’t we focus on detaching ourselves from a corrupt Monarchy – a Monarchy that was involved in the extermination of Canadian Aboriginals, colonization and abuse of global cultures, Negro slavery and human genocide? This covert genocide lingers to this day through Monarchist influence and ownership of the oil and uranium industry. Their hands you will find are coated with the blood of children, women, men and Diana.

Queen Elizabeth owns $35 Trillion of Land, Oil and Uranium rights throughout the British Empire. She has a vested interest in radiating and killing the world.

Yes, let us celebrate Wilhem and Kat – the future killers. I agree with the British students who protested tuition fees – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

Listen to the 2:00 minute mark of this tape.

I think they have deleted the above video already. Please do your own independent reserach on Leuren Moret and watch her introduction video below:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things you should consider doing after Good Friday

Things you should consider doing after Good Friday
Your religion matters not - God built a universe not fences

Cancel your Facebook account – it’s social engineering at its finest

Surf the net using an “in-private” browser window so they cannot track your activities

Take everything out of your Bank Safety Deposit Box

Make sure you have an accurate accounting of all your RRSP/Investment Funds

Make sure you update your home policy for earthquake coverage

Do not donate any funds to any charity or cause – its organized theft

Convert all your American currency to Canadian Funds – U.S. dollar stocks with hurt you on the exchange

Take your money out of mutual funds and take control of your future

Buy a quantity of bullion gold or silver

Sell any American real estate that you may own

Buy a Geiger counter and check radiation levels on everything you buy

Buy vitamins and medical supplies for future use

Stop drinking all forms of soda pop and Florida Orange Juice

Stop buying gasoline and take public transit

Stop eating junk food immediately – McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King et al.

Travel within Canada

Be tough on your kids and their teachers

Do not buy any more video games

Be kind to strangers including your self

Believe in a higher Authority, not the Media

Expose Freemasonry at every level and clear politics and public institutions of all Freemasons

Harper, McGuinty and Blair should be charged with Civil Rights Violations and the first two for defrauding Taxpayers of Billions

Fight against the fraudulent Middle-East war, an unjustified attack on Islam and know that our Intelligence agencies are dumb

Do not vote for Stephen Harper and get our troops out of the Middle-East

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Disappearing Pubic Hair

Disappearing Pubic Hair

Long ago cave people displayed their sexual paraphernalia
Body hair covered the privates much like Masonic regalia
Men the hunters survived by instinctual ability
Women gathered greens to increase Caveman’s sexual virility

The fear of baldness never raised any concerns
Hair created the perfect cover when fornicating among the ferns
Determing who was on top a quandary amidst the woolly yarn
Those were times a great orgasm may have included a gentle darn

Ah butt then along came the flaming fire
Nature’s heat soon made body hair quickly expire
All that remained was the hair surrounding the pubic utensils
Darwin quickly took aim at all the Cavemen with tiny pencils

Women watched the slaughter as only the stubbies remained
An extra inch to the vagina brought pleasure that appeared unexplained
So was fashioned the perfect couple
Rampant copulation saw Mankind grow by a sizeable quintuple

Money brought change to the bedroom’s stage
Disappearing pubic hair made prostitutes become all the rage
Bankers were delighted with the returns on illicit passion
A balding vagina became the ultimate fashion

Amid all this attention clitoris discovered her power
Women’s Liberation began her prowl for Man to devour
Kill the family and the house as a home
Rather let’s hit the nigh-club and have sex under the dome

The Godly temple a burdensome cancer on Sunday morn
The body felt imprisoned like the child unborn
Too much booze and too much pot
The New World Order had cunningly re-fashioned humanity’s plot.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Yes, the evil creation of the Rothschild family
Nazism’s older cousin is a rogue calamity
The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” divulges the cryptic agenda
Inebriated, Judaism is kept hostage in a secluded hacienda

From Khazar, not Jew, did old Nathan derive
Money and power were his primordial drive
Zionism manufactured to satisfy bible lore
Israel a diversion for a baron better known as whore

All the “Isms” foretell of an “end days” time
Man’s demise being fashioned by his own ingenious crime
Pawns one by one will fall as the Knights look on
The orbiting gods will witness the horror at the break of each dawn

The current diversions are too many to comprehend
All intended to masque the shadow which on Earth will soon ascend
No trumpets will be blowing as the angels shed tear upon tear
God in the distance, knew man would not warn man, of the approaching fear.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Will

Free Will

You delight in your own demise when you participate in a celebration of royal marriage. The vast majority of human creation has taken refuge at the edge of existence. We have accomplished this by relinquishing our divinity and by rejoicing in pompous ritual. Monarchy is the root of anarchy. If you can no longer afford to eat it is because Monarchies have a financial interest in “Big Oil”. We should be resurrecting Cromwell, not applauding Wilhem and Kat!

A belief in God should not be a function of a secret agenda or political will. The betterment of humanity cannot be subjected to malevolent protocol. Manipulating an individual’s free will is genocide.

This genocide can take the form of religious secularism, adherence to a universal language, the introduction of a global currency, a uniform system of justice, media manipulation or a ubiquitous political mind-set. When we standardize and limit the scope of our free will we resign ourselves to an absolute authority - an authority which will have achieved this influence by duplicity and corruption.

Free will allows individuals the freedom of expression, the right to cultivate thoughts and ideas, and most importantly, the right to develop their conscious and subconscious identity.

The “goal of each soul is to exist as a schist”.

As we progress into the chasm of collectivism and uniformity our heavenly gift of “free will” will die with it. Whatever special inalienable rights that have been bestowed upon us, will perish. We will be returned to a form of bestiality which will embrace hate and not love, our adoration will be toward the finite and not the infinite and truth will be relegated to the horrors of indifference.

We can achieve a New World Harmony by exterminating the veiled Order. The only Authority that matters is God. The Disciple should be you. The Congregation should be a diversified “free thinking we”. The faith we have placed in our Churches, Governments, Institutions and the Military should no longer be extended. They now constitute the major roadblock as to why you and I can no longer be “we”. Their crimes are so heinous that capital punishment must be the only verdict. If we are to achieve a renaissance in justice then we must be willing to eradicate the evil that has taken hold of our common sense. The individuals we have entrusted with man’s future have been transformed into assassins.

Freemasonry is “singularly” responsible for the demise of our world. It has infested our religious institutions, government, media, all forms jurisprudence and the public and private business sectors. Exposing and eliminating this parasitic leach from our fabric of existence should be our primary goal. Why? Because our extermination is Freemasonry’s primary goal!

There can be no civility in those who engineer their own success while deconstructing the foundations of civilization. They accomplish this treachery through lies and deception. This conspiracy manifests itself through war, oil, hunger, disease and all things found in Satan’s Temple.

A friend once remarked that it takes ten geniuses to undo the work of one idiot. So why have we idiots failed so miserably? If you wish to confirm that Freemasonry is Satanism, please research Albert Pike. One of Freemasonry’s greatest leaders openly venerates Satan and candidly ridicules the lower degrees of Freemasonry as the dispensable and ignorant adherents to evil.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giffen Good

Giffen Good

Everything we consume now a “Giffen Good”
If you thought I said goof you obviously misunderstood
A light bulb lasts for no longer than hour
The water bill overflows with an extended hot shower

Tuna contaminated much more than ever
Pricing Sushi has become a princely endeavour
Mad Cow lingering in that one inch Angus steak
Frightened cattle shiver with each Ponderosa quake

Costing “Texas Tea” for Jed Clampett has become a plight
His Hillbilly friends have resorted to incest for evening delight
The KKK so too have put a hold on the burning of all crosses
They instead bang woks and douse wood with their favourite soy sauces

Tuition for an education has gone through the roof
Deciphering political corruption will become your burden of proof
Prescprition fees for all your ailments can only be described as “sky high”
Your venom should be directed towards the “All Seeing Eye”

To the Hypocrites hiding in the Masonic Houses of Ill-Repute
Joseph Pede

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Understanding Economics

Understanding Economics

If Stephen Harper wins a majority government - Canada will become a key player in the destabilization of the Middle-East. You can look forward to more WAR. Supply is no longer a function of demand. Everything is becoming a "Giffen Good".

Consumables that fuel an economy
Weapons of mass destruction/Military arms
Human beings

Economic stimulants

Collateral damage
Mother Nature
Human spirit
Belief systems

Foundations of a sound economy
Social justice

What an economy is not
Economic union of nations

What an economy is
Stock Exchange

Who controls our economy

Economic pawns
We the People

A stock exchange has become a marketing agency promoting financial heresy.......Joseph Pede

Monday, April 11, 2011

Decoding the Apocalypse of Daniel 12:7

Daniel 12:7

Then I heard the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven, and swore by Him who lives forever, that it shall be for a time, times, and half a time; and when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered, all these things shall be finished.

Decoding the Apocalypse of Daniel 12:7

The words “time, times and half a time”, in my opinion, should be read as “there will be a time, in a time forthcoming where time is split or halved”.

There are two very important concepts of time that are seldom discussed. We must remember that Daniel lived during the time of the Babylonians. That time period was approximately 586 B.C. The Babylonians are the ancestors of modern man and the true chosen people, not the Jews. They originate in what is now modern day Iraq. My belief is that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have their roots in Sumerian and Babylon history.

The Babylonians and Sumerians brought forward two very important concepts. First, the notion of “nothing or zero”, and secondly, the identification of the Saros Cycle. This cycle identifies the 3,600 year orbit of the Planet Nibiru. It is in this planet that many researchers have identified our alien origins. Here the names Anu, Enki, Enlil, Marduk and Ninmah come to identify the “gods of man”.

The other relevant date is the year 212 of the Julian Calender.It was in the year 212 that the Roman Emperor Caracalla extended Roman citizenship to all free inhabitants of the Roman Empire, which included the Jews. To the Jews this would foretell of a split in time - from bondage to freedom. This is significant because the Roman Empire was the Universe of ancient times. The other half is derived by splitting the length of the Saros Cycle (i.e. 3,600/2 = 1,800).

Therefore, the apocalyptic date that Daniel is referring to is (1,800 + 212) = 2012.

Why is war with Iran relevant? It is the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy.

The Tomb of Daniel is the traditional burial place of the biblical prophet Daniel. Various locations have been named for the site, but the tomb in Susa, Iran, is the most widely accepted.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lady Gaga

Gaga is now the planet Pluto. At one-time it was Saturn's moon. Its orbit was shifted by Nibiru's passage. The body in heat is Venus. You look for Krlll.

Lady Gaga

Look into the sky above your opened window sill
Glaring down is observed his Omnipotent Highness Commander Krlll
To the right the remnants of a one-time regal Mammu
There remains the great Mother shattered by a once angry Anu

Far, far away visible is Saturn’s lost Lady Gaga
A formidable player in our Solar System’s incredible saga
To the left in solitude orbits a voluptuous body in heat
Roman gods their advances to this day remain quietly discreet

The heavens are a rage with hormonal wonder
Asteroids and comets, casualties all in their attempted plunder
The Sun looks on as the guardian of the temple shrine
Majesty in the beginning created by a hand so divine

At vision’s centre rests the protector of our Earthly planet
Smiling faces glow amidst the tattered granite
Infinitesimal man surrounded by galactic splendour
We fools have surrendered all these gifts to murderous pretenders.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dead Weight

Dead Weight

For decades people have been transporting a burdensome ten pound object from place to place. This object is covered by a thin protective outer layer of molecular magma to ensure that the rain and sun do not distort its functionality. Thankfully it has been designed with a multi-port venting system. This object’s inner core would in fact resemble compressed bovine intestines. We haul this object to and fro, seldom acknowledging its incredible potential. Sadly it has become plugged, just like a toilet bowl. This object happens to be your head. Below is a scrambled puzzle. Please place the words next to the individual they best describe.

Rebel with a cause – Hu Jintao
Terrorist of unknown proportions – Barack Obama
Protestor without a voice – Muammar Gaddafi
Infidel in waiting– Stephen Harper
Radical cool cucumber Cossack– Vladimir Putin
Fanatic with a fanciful vocabulary – David Cameron
Activist looking for her Fuhrer and money - Angela Merkel
Revolutionary fool with a metal garter around his neck – Nicolas Sarkozy
Insurgent subjected to silence – Joseph Biden
Dissident of doom – George Bush (either one)
Extremist sex maniac – Silvio Berlusconi
Fundamentalist philosopher with no stones– Zbigniew Brzezinski
Militant maniacal murderer – Henry Kissinger

Do you remember your grade school math? How about when you were first introduced to “long division”? This fully describes the age old adage of “divide and conquer”.

If you take an economic catastrophe and divide it with unemployment you get poverty, take poverty and introduce war so we get soldiers who will die for a dollar, then take all this death and introduce an environment that will generate super-diseases, then impact Mother Nature so we can create geological cataclysms and finally bring God back into the equation by dividing “morals” with abortion.

Here is a solution. I wish to exclude China and Russia in this game for the time being. The results would be catastrophic. There are approximately 300,000,000 Americans. I would estimate that 50,000,000 adult Americans possess guns. At your next football game, church gathering, bar get-together, poverty rally or mortgage foreclosure seminar get to know your fellow Americans. On the first of July you should “all” get together in Washington, DC.

With an army of 50,000,000 guns all your problems should be solved. America, you do have the right to bear arms and you are long due for a revolution. I’d really like for “you all” to read the poem I wrote in June of 2010, entitled “The Oil Spill” – it’s in my September, 2010 blog.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Monday, April 4, 2011

The 2012 London Olympics – The Last Illuminati Festival

The 2012 London Olympics – The Last Illuminati Festival

The 2012 Olympic Games are evoking great symbolism. Symbols are the language of secret societies and those who consider themselves enlightened. The logos, characters, shapes and the fable associated with these games have ominous overtones. These games may be the games in which humanity becomes the attraction in the revived “Circus Maximus” and the “Coliseum”. If any of you thought the Roman Empire was dead, it’s not. If any of you ever thought the Pope and Vatican were not the most powerful force on Earth, think again. I encourage you to read the following with an open mind, because the human mind has lost its aperture (look up the meaning of this word, it may save your life).

The symbols I will draw to your attention are the following:

1. The puzzle-like shape of the “2012” logo, as well as the alternate configurations,
2. The “steel tear-drop” shape of the mascot named Wenlock and the alternate ideas pertaining to steel.
3. The meaning of “Wen” and “Lock”,
4. The revised meaning of the “Five Olympic Rings”,
5. The symbolism of the “Rainbow”,
6. The shape of Wenlock’s face, and
7. The meaning of “George”,

Before we begin our review of the symbols let us first describe the plot which surrounds Wenlock and Mandeville (the Paralympic mascot which will not be discussed in this essay). The fable was entitled “Out of the Rainbow” by its creators:

At the steelworks in Bolton they are finishing building the last girder for the Olympic stadium. Two drops fall out of the molten-steel, and once cooled are picked up by a man named George. The day happens to be George’s retirement day so he signs the finished girder and cycles home. He gets home to his wife and grandchildren as they give him his retirement cake. Later when everyone else is asleep he decides to make a gift for his grandchildren out of the steel drops. The next day George and his wife give their grandchildren the steel Wenlock and Mandeville. The two children take the mascots up to the attic and place them on the windowsill when a rainbow forms going through the house. The rainbow brings Wenlock and Mandeville to colour and to life where they learn sports from the children, posters and the TV. Wenlock and Mandeville realize their names from books and trophies before leaving on the rainbow. The story ends with: “And then suddenly the rainbow is back. Wenlock and Mandeville know that it’s time to go: their journey has just begun: so many adventures to have, so many people to tell. But they will meet again; in London, in 2012. They’ll be there, you’ll be there, the whole world will be there.”

It is no secret that the numbers 2012 transform to the word “Zion”. But more intriguing is the fact that the shapes also come to form a “Dragon”. I encourage you to manipulate the pieces so you can discover this yourself. If you cannot achieve the images I will email them to you. Zion no doubt a foretelling of the “Third Temple” and the “Dragon” refers to Niburu and China. Hopefully, you have been following my commentaries and poems so that you are familiar with the symbolism. If not please read my two essays on “Robert Morning Sky”, the solution I provided for the symbols in “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa” and the poem “Dragon and Bear”.

The tear-drop symbolizes mankind’s inability to temper (symbolic in the steel) his spiritual being with his physical being. Below is the meaning of the teardrop as provided by Rabbi Michael Laitman:

In spirituality, tears are the expression of a passive participation in correction. They’re a sign that a person or soul is spiritually weak. This is a state where one has a small screen. That is to say – a screen that only protects one from egoism but doesn’t enable one to work with egoism directly, to bestow.

It is written that the Creator sheds tears into the Great Ocean because He cannot make the correction for the person. A person has to want to be corrected, but he doesn’t want it. And the Creator is more pained by this than the person, and He sheds tears (Light) into the Great Ocean – the desire He created, and because of that the toughest part of the desire is corrected.

There was a peculiar “teardrop” event in 2006:

Located in Bayonne, New Jersey, with little to no media coverage….no signs or ads leading to it on the streets. It is billed as being a gift from Russian president Vladimir Putin to America and was created by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli. The monument was the source of many controversies and disputes. It was originally meant to be erected on the New Jersey waterfront but officials rejected it. It was finally placed in Bayonne, facing the New York skyline, but many still complain that this 10 story horror blocks the wonderful view of the city. The art community stated that “it was not just unpleasant, but to the point that it was offensive“. Others have said that it looked like a woman’s vulva and that it was Russia’s indirect of way of calling America a pussy…cat. There is also the fact that the memorial included huge pictures of Russia’s dictator Putin and America’s all-time worst President George Bush Jr. The sculpture is actually a large teardrop.

Now let us look to the meaning of Wenlock. The name has more meaning when it is broken up into its two syllables. Wen is symbolic of our modern world.

Wen is a disparaging nickname for London. The term was coined in the 1820s by William Cobbett. He saw the rapidly growing city as a pathological swelling on the face of the nation. But, what is to be the fate of the great Wen of all? The monster, called, by the silly coxcombs of the press, "the metropolis of the empire?

The Lock no doubt depicts the shackle on Mankind. London is the home of English Freemasonry and its banking centre. It also holds resident the caretakers of Zionism – the Rothschild family. Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism is a covert arm of the Vatican. To the Jewish people – get over it! The wolf hides in sheep’s clothing.

The five Olympic Rings will come to signify the five planetary objects within the Asteroid Belt. This event occurs every 3,600 years and is named the Saros Cycle. Zecharia Sitchin refers to this same measure of time as a Shar. The five planets will be Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Nibiru.

The rainbow image depicted in the fable is of major importance. From a Bible perspective the rainbow appears in both Genesis and Revelation, the beginning and the end.

In Genesis, a rainbow appears right after the great worldwide flood brought in order to remove sinful and evil-minded man from the earth. The rainbow symbolized God's mercy and the covenant He made with Noah not to destroy the world in such a way again……….. Rainbows appear again in the prophetic book of Revelation, which foretell the end of man's rule on the earth and the coming of Jesus to set up his Kingdom.

One need only to look at Wenlock’s face and make the following observation - his face has only one eye. He is the messenger of the Illuminati – the “all seeing eye”.

Finally, we come to the character of George. No doubt these are references to George Orwell (rejoicing in 1984), both George Bush Jr. and Sr. – Senior for announcing his vision of a New World Order and Junior for perpetrating 911 and beginning the war on terror - thus fulfilling Pike and Mazzini’s end-game manifesto. The final tribute is to St. George. He is the patron Saint of England and remembered as the Roman Soldier (born in Syria) who slew the Dragon.

So there you have it, the hidden message behind the 2012 Olympics. When “Big Ben” chimes, like it never has before, the count-down to Armageddon will begin. We are doomed to repeat our past.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Syria - In Cold Blood

Syria – In Cold Blood

Is anyone paying attention? Canadians have joined a murderous American Crusade and the reason appears unknown. In June, 1985 Air India flight 182 was blown out of the skies and 329 people perished. It took the Canadian government 25 years to admit to “intelligence negligence”. In December, 1988 Pan Am flight 103, on orders from Gaddafi, was blown up and 243 people died. The American government took no aggressive measures, other than to later create a business relationship with Gaddafi. This event should have created an opportunity for war.

So what am I getting at? War must have an economic opportunity – lives do not matter! Libya is a stepping stone for total Middle-East instability.

Why have the Americans waged this war on Libya? Well, they have not. It has been ordered by a Satanic Globalist Cabal whose political authority is unelected. Once again these assassins include the Bush Family, Clinton, Rockefeller, the Windsor Queen and the Zionist scorpions known as the Rothschilds among others.

Why is Syria the most important card in the deck?

a) Well, let us look at its geographic positioning. Syria is just west of Iraq (the Americans have hundreds of thousands of soldiers walking around killing Iraqis next door). What would it take to have thse soldiers walk westward? Not much.
b) It borders Turkey for quite a distant. Turkey is a country on the edge of Islamic fundamentalism and a key secular Muslim country. Could it be made to transition to a Theocracy with a covert revolution? The answer is yes and the CIA is very effective in this regard. Turkey has also become very friendly with Iran.
c) The big shock is Iran. Everyone thinks Iran is an enemy of western democracies. You could not be more wrong. Iran is most likely the strongest American ally, or should I say, Globalist ally. Iran is to Globalism in the Middle-East as to what Japan is, or should I say was, in Asia.
d) If this plan works, the road in Damascus will lead to Riyadh, and eventually Yemen. The big question still remains. Will they sacrifice Israel? Real history will show that Hitler was the bastard son of Baron Rothschild and the primary protagonist in the deliberate extermination of the Jews. The Germans did not plan the Jewish tragedy, the Rothschilds did. The Rothschilds can take back what they created anytime they want. These guys are evil satanic Zionists.

So what is the motivation? The primary objective, as I have indicated before, is China. China’s economic growth and influence in both the Middle-East and Africa have placed the Globalists in panic mode. Secondly, the Federal Reserve, whose principals include the assassins I have previously mentioned, has no more money. The well has run dry, and I as I previously stated, they want to raid the Middle-East coffers and secure control of the vast resources in the region. If China or Russia make a move the world will be in serious trouble.

Will Canada have to wait another 25 years to apologize to the people of Libya, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and possibly the Jewish people? Why are we allowing Harper to be controlled by these assassins and why can’t Canadians see it? I thought we had a great chance of averting a global war, but we continue to allow these people to indoctrinate more and more disciples of doom – Harper, Cameron, Berlusconi just to name a few.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede