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Jeffrey Epstein - The jewish Satanist

A special Youtube video LINK by Rosicrucian Imperator David Griffin has been provided below - Griffin is one of the good guys. Always keep in mind that Epstein was a Mossad agent and that jews are central to the Black Magic Rituals and a corrupt force in many of the world's powerful organizations, institutions and people. Epstein was the procurer of children, and a man responsible for the murder of many children who were sacrificed during Satanic Black Magic rituals, and he was protected by the world's elite. Mr. Griffin briefly highlights how a criminal gang known as MS-13 practices murderous Black Magic rituals in our very streets. If you want to get serious about gangs and crime you must UNDERSTAND the demonic force that has taken hold of our youth.

In order to understand the jew's devotion to Satanic rituals I refer you to a book which purports to present folklore, when it is in fact it is reality.

Lilith's Cave: Jewish Tales of the Supernatural

by Howard Schwartz (Author)

Finally, I think it noteworthy that you understand the demonic temple which was housed on Epstein's private island and what it was likely used for. The demonic temple is VERY judaic in design and colouring. Please open the article link below:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, August 22, 2019

jewish controlled Opium Trade and the genocide of tens of millions of Chinese

he Jewish Opium Trade and Britain

The Truth at Last:
Hong Kong's opium dens

Hong Kong and The Sassoon Opium Wars
   The 99 year British lease on Hong Kong expired in July 1, 1997 allowing the Red Chinese to take over. Hundreds of newspaper stories and TV reports have  covered this event but not one revealed how England first gained control of  Hong Kong!

   The truth lies buried in the family line of David Sassoon"The Rothschilds of The Far East," and their monopoly over the opium trade. 
   Britain won Hong Kong by launching the opium Wars to give the Sassoons exclusive rights to drug an entire nation!  

   David Sassoon was born in Baghdad in 1792. His father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and the treasurer to Ahmet Pasha, the governor of Baghdad. (Thus making him the "court Jew" - a highly influential position.)

   In 1829 Ahmet was overthrown due to corruption and the Sassoon family fled to Bombay, India. This was the strategic trade route to interior India and the gateway to the Far East. In a brief time the British government granted Sassoon "monopoly rights" to all manufacture of cotton goods, silk and most important of all - Opium - then the most addictive drug in the world!   

   The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905, states that Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan. He placed his eight sons in charge of the various major opium exchanges in China.

   According to the 1944 Jewish Encyclopedia: "He employed only Jews in his business, and wherever he sent them he built synagogues and schools for them. He imported whole families of fellow Jews. . . and put them to work."   

   Sassoon's sons were busy pushing this mind-destroying drug in Canton, China. Between 1830 - 1831 they trafficked 18,956 chests of opium earning millions of dollars. Part of the profits went to Queen Victoria and the British government. In the year 1836 the trade increased to over 30,000 chests and drug addiction in coastal cities became endemic.  

   In 1839, the Manchu Emperor ordered that it be stopped. He named the Commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse-hsu, to lead a campaign against opium. Lin seized 2,000 chests of Sassoon opium and threw it into the river. An outraged David Sassoon demanded that Great Britain retaliate. Thus, the Opium Wars began with the British Army fighting as mercenaries of the Sassoons. They attacked cities and blockaded ports. The Chinese Army, decimated by 10 years of rampant opium addiction, proved no match for the British Army.

   The war ended in 1842 with the signing of "The Treaty of Nanking." This included provisions especially designed to guarantee the Sassoons the right to enslave an entire population with opium. The "peace treaty" included these provisions: "1) Full legalization of the opium trade in China2) compensation from the opium stockpiles confiscated by Lin of 2 million pounds, 3) territorial sovereignty for the British Crown over several designated offshore islands. 

Sassoon's Use British Army to Drug An Entire Nation
   British Prime Minister Palmerston wrote Crown Commissioner Captain Charles Elliot that the treaty didn't go far enough. He said it should have been rejected out of hand because: "After all, our naval power is so strong that we can tell the Emperor what we mean to hold rather than what he would cede. We must demand the admission of opium into interior China as an article of lawful commerce and increase the indemnity payments and British access to several additional Chinese ports." Thus, China not only had to pay Sassoon the cost of his dumped opium but reimburse England an unheard sum of 21 million pounds for the cost of the war!   
   This gave the Sassoon's monopoly rights to distribute opium in port cities. However, even this was not good enough and Sassoon demanded the right to sell opium throughout the nation. The Manchus resisted and the British Army again attacked in the "Second Opium War fought 1858 - 1860Palmerston declared that all of interior China must be open for uninterrupted opium traffic. The British suffered a defeat at the Taku Forts in June 1859 when sailors, ordered to seize the forts, were run aground in the mud-choked harbor. Several hundred were killed or captured. An enraged Palmerston said: "We shall teach such a lesson to these perfidious hordes that the name of Europe will hereeafter be a passport of fear."   

   In October, the British besieged Peking. When the city fell, British commander Lord Elginordered the temples and other sacred shrines in the city sacked and burned to the ground as a show of Britain's absolute comtempt for the Chinese. In the new "Peace Treaty" of Oct.25, 1860the British were assigned rights to vastly expanded opium trade covering seven-eights of China, which brought in over 20 million pounds in 1864 alone. In that year, the Sassoons imported 58,681 chests of opium and by 1880 it had skyrocketed to 105,508 chests making the Sassoons the richest Jews in the world. England was given the Hong Kong peninsula as a colony and large sections of Amoy, Canton, Foochow, Ningpo and Shanghai. The Sassoons were now licensing opium dens in each British occupied area with large fees being collected by their Jewish agents. Sassoon would not allow any other race to engage in "the Jews' business."   

   However, the British government would not allow any opium to be imported into Europe! Sassoon "Monopoly Rights" Wrecked Lancashire - England's  Textile Industry - Made Roosevelt Wealthy.
   Sir Albert Sassoonthe eldest of David Sassoon's sons took over the family  "business" empire. He constructed huge textile mills in Bombay to pay slave labor  wages. This expansion continued after World War One and ended up putting mills in  Lancashire, England out of business with thousands losing their jobs. This did not stop Queen Victoria from having Albert knighted in 1872.  

   Solomon Sassoon moved to Hong Kong and ran the family business there until his death in 1894. Later, the entire family moved to England because with modern communications they could operate their financial empire from their luxurious estates in London. They socialized with royalty and Edward Albert. Sassoon married Aline Caroline de Rothschild in 1887 which linked their fortune with that of the Rothschilds. The Queen also had Edward knighted. All 14 of the grandsons of David Sassoon were made officers during World War One and thus most were able to avoid combat.  

   Franklin D. Roosevelt's fortune was inherited from his maternal grandfather Warren Delano. In 1830 he was a senior partner of Russell & CompanyIt was their merchant fleet which carried Sassoon's opium to China and returned with tea. 
   Warren Delano moved to Newburgh, N.Y. In 1851 his daughter Sara married a well born neighbor, James Roosevelt the father of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He always knew the origin of the family fortune but refused to discuss it.  

   The Sassoon opium trade brought death and destruction to millions and still plagues Asia to this day. Their company was totally operated by Jews ONLY! The corrupt British monarchy honored them with privilege and knighthood - to the disgrace of the Crown! To this day the Sassoons are in the history books as "great developers" of India but the source of their vast wealth is never mentioned!  

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White Supremacists?

The term White Supremacist has entered mainstream consciousness as if by spontaneous generation. The term is used by media, politicians, fringe groups, NGO's et al as frequently as one voids. It appears almost absurd when you consider that Christian North America and Europe have welcomed more non-Whites and non-Christians than any other nation or continent on Earth. In fact, many people using the term White Supremacist are the very people Christians have welcomed to both continents.

In turn, the far left should be tagged Communists, Marxists and Terrorists for they are the ones who are guilty of provocation, Gladio Events, violent demonstrations and false flags. It is even the far left Democratic leaders (Clinton and Obama) who brought much of the destruction to the Middle East and Northern Africa. Perhaps we should add genocidal maniacs to the definition of far left.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Anti-surveillance clothes foil surveillance cameras

Anti-surveillance clothes foil cameras by making you look like a car

The garments introduced at DefCon are meant to confuse systems that track civilians. Talk about a statement piece.

A new clothing line lets you camouflage yourself as a car to mess with surveillance cameras. The garments in the Adversarial Fashion collection are covered with license plate images that trigger automated license plate readers, or ALPRs, to inject junk data into systems used to monitor and track civilians. 
Designer Kate Rose in a dress that features excerpts from the Fourth Amendement. 
Kate Rose
ALPRs -- which are typically mounted on street poles, streetlights, highway overpasses and mobile trailers -- use networked surveillance cameras and image recognition to track license plate numbers, along with location, date and time. 
Hacker and fashion designer Kate Rose showed off her inaugural line at the DefCon cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas over the weekend. It was inspired by a conversation with a friend who works at the Electronic Frontier Foundation about the "low specificity" or inaccuracy of a lot of plate readers on police cars. 
The Adversarial Fashion garments, she said, highlight the need to make computer-controlled surveillance less invasive and harder to use without human oversight. 
"A person walking along the sidewalk or in a crosswalk is often close enough, as the readers take in a pretty large visual field, and have ... problems with specificity." The line is conceptual, she said, "but I worked pretty hard to make sure that it can work on the street in daylight." 
The collection includes shirts, hoodies, jackets, dresses and skirts covered in modified license plate images and other circuitry patterns. Some of the garb features wording from the Fourth Amendment in bold yellow letters written over separate license plates made to look like the kind you see on vintage California cars: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things."  
The garments range in price from $25 (about £21, AU$37) for a crop top to $50 (about £41, AU$74) for a unisex bomber jacket. When picking a size, you'll need to consider not only fit, but maximum readability. 

"For the pattern to have a maximum effect, it's ideal for the fabric to hang straight so that the text is not excessively warped," all product descriptions read. "For this reason, you may want to consider sizing up if you intend for it to read in to ALPRs effectively."   
Rose, who's organized civic hackathons across the US, isn't the first designer to come up with wearables meant to flip off surveillance cameras. 
Artist Leo Selvaggio created a 3D-printed rubber mask aimed at foiling surveillance cameras by making everyone look like the same person -- him. It started as an Indiegogo campaign and now sells for $200 (about £165, AU$296). And artist Adam Harvey created a hoodie and burqa designed to ward off the eyes of drones. They're made with a metalized fabric meant to thwart thermal imaging, and they work by reflecting heat and masking the person underneath from the thermal eye of a drone. 
The Adversarial Fashion website also includes DIY resources such as APIs and image-editing tools for those interested in designing their own anti-surveillance fashion. Rose says there's never been a better time to design such garb. 
"I can prototype single pieces in a way I couldn't afford to even a few years ago," she says, "and have designs made to order, reducing the price and improving the accessibility of an experimental design."

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Matter is all that Matters

Matter is all that matters

Matter is all that matters in our three dimensional understanding of the universe. We can only imagine God as a magnificent goliath of flesh, when God may simply be a power packed quantum. Splitting an atom creates nuclear fission, splitting God may be the premise for the Big Bang.

Splitting God you say? The duality in the Oneness of God may very likely explain creation. 

Where in the esoteric world can we replicate this simple example? How about a thought? When I have a thought the universal hologram absorbs the contents of my thought - thereafter a universal catharsis of symbiotic thoughts emerge. In Raja Yoga the basic tenet is that “energy follows thought”. This is similar to nuclear fission.

Pythagorean Hylozoics can best be conceptualized as "an explanation of reality" (the sum of all laws in the universe); an immense continuum of esoteric thought beginning with a single primordial atom and ending with an entire universe, the alpha and omega of the knowledge of reality. This little-known esoteric thought system is available to all seekers as a counterpoint to traditional explanations of reality as posited by religion, philosophy and science.

As a rule, only those understand esoterics who possess the knowledge latently from previous incarnations.”

We are all one of God’s original thoughts. Those thoughts are represented by souls. The mind becomes the material device which connects our physical world to the library of creation, and all the other souls. 

We place too much importance in matter. I suggest you sit and think - a thought will connect you to God.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky

Jeffrey Epstein, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky

Humans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orang-utans are referred to as hominids. Based on intellect, we would classify the latter three as the more primitive forms of hominids. From an instinctual point of view one may conclude that humans have regressed, and they currently hold last place in the standings.

At some point in time in our past, humans employed imagination and contemplation to render conclusions about their visible world. As we migrated into the future, humankind became more learned, and employed logic and deduction as the primary means of rendering a conclusion. Today we are told what to believe. These truths are thrust upon us by repetitive media representations and no visible evidence.

The latest news of Jeffrey Epstein committing suicide in a high security prison cell, while under suicide watch, should make everyone question the validity of this news. What is known is that Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad agent. He used his resorts and properties to videotape powerful and influential individuals in compromising situations. They included politicians, state leaders, business executives and Hollywood moguls. In many cases, the latter individuals were drugged, placed in illegal and embarrassing situations with minors of either gender, videotaped and then subjected to extortion. This is how intelligence agencies have come to control our politics.

When this fantasy began weeks ago, I told many of my friends that Epstein would be terminated - that Epstein's revelations would never make front page news. Epstein was terminated, but not in the truest sense of the word. There exists no evidence that he is dead other than media propaganda. Epstein, like Khashoggi, is alive and well. Both are very likely residing in Israel. The fact that so many jews are involved in pedophilia, sexual perversion and Satanic child sacrifices makes disclosure extremely dangerous for the children of Satan. Weinstein, Wexner and the Bronfman sisters are just the tip of the iceberg.

Because so many influential individuals were compromised while in a drug-induced state, the Trump government had to come up with a plan to clean up the pedophilia and sex trafficking networks established by many prominent jews without exposing innocent victims. While Epstein has evaded justice, he has provided the Trump government the names of other key players involved in these sex crimes. I can’t wait for the fall of Steven Spielberg, and his conviction for the rape and murder of child actress Heather O’Rourke. In part, Epstein’s disappearance will likely mean that the Clintons and the Obamas may be protected by Trump’s inquisition. The Clintons and Obamas, however, will likely have to provide their knowledge of the pedophilia and sex-trafficking networks, in order to evade public scrutiny, and a hanging. Trump is attempting to protect the integrity of the presidency not the Clintons and Obamas. As a footnote, Trump has arrested more than 1.500 pedophiles since he has taken office.

Pedophilia networks go hand in hand with the porn industry and jews are the prominent figureheads in both industries. I have attached an interesting article for you to read at your leisure:

Part II

Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, were named as suspects on July 23 in the double murder of a 23-year-old Australian, Lucas Fowler and a 24-year-old American, Chynna Deese. On July 25, the teens were charged for second-degree murder for the death of Canadian Leonard Dyck. 

The public’s distance from the crime scene makes whatever was/is reported to become the truth. Personally, I do not believe any of the rhetoric. Photographs and video of the two suspects (subsequent to the murders) does not depict two deranged and dangerous young men. In fact, they entered towns and villages without fanfare and caused injury to no one. I believe those two boys were running for their lives, not running away from the law.

The “Highway of Tears” has an ominous history, and many people have gone missing since 1970. 

Accounts vary as to the exact number of victims. According to the RCMP Project E-Pana list the number of victims is less than 18. E-Pana includes a large proportion of victims that are not related to the Highway of Tears. Aboriginal organizations estimate that the number of missing and murdered women ranges above 40. Although E-Pana has led to solved cases in other areas, no E-Pana case along the Highway of Tears has been solved.

When I assess the facts, the one name that comes to mind in the initial two murders is Leonard Dyck. Dyck spent decades in the wilderness, and his age could make him a suspect in the Highway of Tears disappearances. Dyck also has an eerie resemblance to Bruce McArthur. I do not believe Dyck acted alone. He may have had accomplices. I allege that Dyck murdered the young couple, the two boys may have witnessed the events, killed Dyck in self-defence and then ran for their lives.

The fact that the boys were found dead by a riverside makes no sense. They were likely found alive, killed and placed by the river’s edge for future discovery. These boys were sacrificed to hide a much more sinister crime(s). Crimes that have been occurring since 1970. 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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jews are not the chosen people

Apart from the article below jews ARE NOT descended from the Israelites.

Why Jews are not the Chosen People

. . . by Dr Sardonicus

Pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon
bc7f65455b238d4371eeb25d9b1a3072_400x400Jewish writer Naomi Wolf (pictured) recently posted a controversial comment on Facebook denying that the Jews were the “Chosen” people or that God gave them the Holy Land. She provides a very plausible explanation why this cannot be so.
Let her speak for herself:
Okay, so I was challenged [by someone]: “Read the Bible! God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people.”
I may get crucified for this but I have started to say it — most recently (terrified, trembling) to warm welcome in a synagogue in LA: Actually if you read Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy in Hebrew — as I do — you see that God did not “give” Israel to the Jews/Israelites.
We as Jews are raised with the creed that “God gave us the land of Israel” in Genesis — and that ethnically “we are the chosen people.” But actually — and I could not believe my eyes when I saw this, I checked my reading with major scholars and they confirmed it — actually God’s “covenant” in Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy with the Jewish people is NOT ABOUT AN ETHNICITY AND NOT ABOUT A CONTRACT. IT IS ABOUT A WAY OF BEHAVING.
Again and again in the “covenant” language He never says: “I will give you, ethnic Israelites, the land of Israel.” Rather He says something far more radical — far more subversive — far more Godlike in my view.
He says:
“IF you visit those imprisoned…act mercifully to the widow and the orphan…welcome the stranger in your midst…tend the sick…do justice and love mercy…and perform various other tasks…THEN YOU WILL BE MY PEOPLE AND THIS LAND WILL BE YOUR LAND.”
So “my people” is not ethnic — it is transactional. We are God’s people not by birth but by a way of behaving, that is ethical, kind and just. And we STOP being “God’s people” when we are not ethical, kind and just. And ANYONE who is ethical, kind and just is, according to God in Genesis, “God’s people.”
And the “contract” to “give” us Israel is conditional — we can live in God’s land IF we are “God’s people” in this way — just, merciful, compassionate. AND — it never ever says, it is ONLY your land.
Even when passages spell out geographical “boundaries” as if God does such a thing, it never says this is exclusively your land. It never says I will give this land JUST to you.
Remember these were homeless nomads who had left slavery in Egypt and were wandering around in the desert; at most these passages say, settle here, but they do not say, settle here exclusively. Indeed again and again it talks about welcoming “zarim” — translated as “strangers” but can also be translated as “people/tribes who are not you” — in your midst.
This blew my mind, and I hope it blows yours.
To summarize: according to Naomi Wolf, God gave the Holy Land to the Jews ONLY IF THEY BEHAVED LIKE MODEL CHRISTIANS!
The Holy Land was theirs if their behavior was impeccable and in every way NON-TALMUDIC. Far from believing themselves a superior race and the goyim mere cattle, Jews had to regard all other races as their own kith and kin and treat them with kindness and mercy.
Moreover, God did not give the Holy Land to the Jews because they were ethnically Jews. Race or ethnicity did not enter into God’s considerations. The Holy Land was to be a gift to ANY people, ANY race, ANY ethnicity, who were capable of behaving in a godly way, in a just way, in a noble way: in short, like model Christians.
This is quite a startling new interpretation of the meaning of “Chosen People”. It appeals to us personally by its sheer reasonableness and concordance with basic ethical principles: “The Holy Land is yours provided you behave in a holy way — and, if you cannot behave in a holy way, then it is NOT yours, but it belongs then to any other race capable of achieving holiness.”
I admit that all this will seem a pack of nonsense to the atheist. If you question the basic assumption that God exists, the whole idea of God handing over the Holy Land to anyone capable of behaving in a godlike way becomes nonsensical.
Suffice to say that Ms Wolf’s fascinating hypothesis has no chance of catching on with most Jews in Israel right now, especially with the so-called “religious” Jews.  As far as these Jews are concerned, God gave them the Holy Land because of their Jewish DNA. They are infinitely superior to all other races by virtue of being uniquely “human”, whereas all other races are subhuman and akin to the animals and have animal souls.
This Jewish God, Yahweh, appears to be a pretty vengeful and bloodthirsty God; He is not in the slightest bit concerned with His Chosen People treating other races kindly. In fact, he advises his Chosen Ones to treat all other races harshly, unkindly, unmercifully, and put them all to the sword.
Yahweh, in short, is the Ultimate Jew — the Eternal Jew. He created the universe for sadistic fun, so that His Chosen People, built in his image, might enjoy endless orgies of cruel delight torturing the inferior races and slaughtering them without mercy — exactly as they are doing in Palestine right now in a frenzy of ritual murder:




Last week, Professor Steven Salaita of the University of Illinois tweeted: “Why would Hamas even try to use children as human shields? Israel has proved for decades that it has no problem shooting children.”
In the words of Dick Eastman, “That was just too much truth for Rabbi Meyer May of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The Rabbi called Salaita’s tweet ‘baseless anti-Semitism’, and demanded the college fire him. And fire him they did.”
By doing this, the cowardly college authorities demonstrated that these mass murderers in our midst can not only kill with impunity—now that they have muscled their way into supreme power—but that the world is under obligation to pretend that genocide is a form of kindly pest control when Jews are its main practitioners.

Naomi Wolf’s fanciful reinterpretation of the “chosenness” of the Jews and their right to the Holy Land being conditional on their godly behavior, is in stark contradiction to this famous passage from the book of Deuteronmy:
And so this, according to the God of the Old Testament, is the criterion for true holiness: to see how many goyim (or non-Jews) you can offer up to Yahweh as blood sacrifices.
G-d help us all.

Saturday, August 3, 2019



Skin comes in a variety of textures and colours. Skin spontaneously responds to genetic coding at the moment of conception. Skin remarkably coats all appendages and leaves an exact amount of openings to accommodate our senses and vital needs.

In most instances, the skin on top of our heads is encased with hair. Hair may signal that something important is contained under its protective presence - just as pubic hair protects our reproductive genitalia.

Skin is the largest human organ, yet few realize that skin is an organ. Skin has up to seven layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. What is omitted in the skin’s biological description, is that it houses the soul.

While amongst the living the skin serves as a human sarcophagus holding the inner skeleton, organs, muscles, veins and ingested nutrients which go through a continuous metabolic metamorphosis.  

Skin can stretch, tighten up, wrinkle, discolour and even fall off. Skin’s versatility also makes it vulnerable. It can be cut, burned or subjected to virulent diseases such as cancer. But skin can be self-healing and regenerating.

Skin houses life for the living and a different kind of life for those who have experienced death.  

{Human} decomposition begins several minutes after death with a process called autolysis, or self-digestion. Soon after the heart stops beating, cells become deprived of oxygen, and their acidity increases as the toxic by-products of chemical reactions begin to accumulate inside them. Enzymes start to digest cell membranes and then leak out as the cells break down. This usually begins in the liver, which is rich in enzymes, and in the brain, which has a high water content. Eventually, all other tissues and organs begin to break down in this way. Damaged blood cells begin to spill out of broken vessels and, aided by gravity, settle in the capillaries and small veins, discolouring the skin.

Body temperature begins to drop, until it has acclimatized to its surroundings. Then, rigor mortis – “the stiffness of death” – sets in, starting in the eyelids, jaw and neck muscles, before working its way into the trunk and then the limbs. In life, muscle cells contract and relax due to the actions of two filamentous proteins (actin and myosin), which slide along each other. After death, the cells are depleted of their energy source and the protein filaments become locked in place. This causes the muscles to become rigid and locks the joints.

During these early stages, the cadaveric ecosystem consists mostly of the bacteria that live in and on the living human body. Our bodies host huge numbers of bacteria; every one of the body’s surfaces and corners provides a habitat for a specialized microbial community. By far the largest of these communities resides in the gut, which is home to trillions of bacteria of hundreds or perhaps thousands of different species.

Ancient tribes, such as the Egyptians, did their utmost to preserve the skin, in the hope that the embalming process would provide a vessel for the after-life. Today, we have manufactured synthetic skin and made skin transplants a reality. Skin has become portable - just like a woman’s leather purse.

In fact, animal skins are tanned and made into a host of specialized products for human enjoyment. Leather car seats, belts, coats, shoes, and hats are but a few examples.

Skin has become so popular that some people have converted to cannibalism. Human meat proves to be a delicacy.

Skin also serves to incubate new skin - you may know the new skin as an embryo. In this unique event, the host human is occupied with two souls - sometimes two, and even more, if you were to consider octuplets. 

Therefore the skin houses God, for souls are bits of God. Let's get past the foreskin.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede