Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The jews - 911 & WWII

By Cindy Johnson
Yesterday at 4:22am · Facebook

Addition: http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-leaders-eisenhower.html

Israel/Worldwide Zionists/Rothschild, Judeo-Freemasonry did 911 so they could get American kids to fight and die in their genocidal wars of expansion. They were trying to do a false flag since the 1970's. Text Messages from Israeli text message service Odigo advising Israelis and Juice that there would be a terror attack at 8:45 AM meant that many Israelis and American Jews didn't show up for work that day; not one of these traitors against America and Humanity called 911, police, fire, they just let other people die. The Patriot Act was already written. Zionist and son of a Mosad Agent Michael Chertoff failed to investigate the biggest crime scene on US soil. The scrap metal was cut up 24/7 and shipped to China at a time when the price was the lowest in decades.

The whole Holocaust lie was done so the WORLD would have to support the Genocidal False Flag Criminal State of Israel. They tried to get the 6 million lie going after WWI. The JEWISH Soviets killed 66 MILLION Russian Christians, 40 MILLION Ukrainian Christians, and Rothschild/ JEWISH Young Turks were behind the genocide which murdered 10 Million Armenian Christians, before Hitler even came to power. When German troops entered the Ukraine, they were greeted as LIBERATORS. Austrians WELCOMED the German Annex. There was tremendous murder of German and other European Christians after the Treaty of Versailles cut off ethnic groups by forming NEW countries. Rothschild Satanists did WWI and US Servicemen were released early from WWI to clean up Rothschild’s involvement in getting WWI started. WWII was just the continuation of WWI to destroy Germany. There were no gas chambers in the German Concentration Camps. There was a typhus epidemic for which people were deloused. There was a swimming pool, soccer fields, a theater, brick buildings, a post office, a brothel, and no gas chamber at Auschwitz. The concentration camps were not bombed but every German city was carpet bombed, including Dresden, which was packed with refugees fleeing the murderous JEWISH Soviet Troops. More Germans were murdered in Dresden than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki COMBINED, and there were many Christians in one of both of those Japanese cities. When the Jewish led Allies bombed, they came back in waves to make sure they murdered the medical workers, just like they do now. Swedish (or Swiss) JEW Eisenhower falsely classified 4 Million German civilians as enemy combatants and murdered them by exposure, hunger, thirst and disease in his Rhine Meadows Death Camps. Swedish JEW Eisenhower refused to build shelters, refused to feed inmates, refused to give them water even though they were so close to the Rhine River, and refused food from Charities. They were rounded up in crowed outside PENS, animals would have been treated better. Women, children, murdered by JEW Eisenhower. Another 4 or so Million DISARMED German POW’s were also deliberately MURDERED by JEW Eisenhower. JEW Brandise planned to drop Anthrax on Germany. JEW Warberg was running WWII for the Americans, Jew Eisenhower was fired by Douglas McArthur as an incompetent and then promoted over 10 or 20 more qualified men. Gen Patton planed to testify against the ((J'$)) but the ((J'$)) murdered him first. The Holocaust lie was made up to cover up JEWISH crimes against humanity and it is illegal in most European countries to tell the truth. There were 4 million Jews in Europe before WWII, yet there were 5 million Jews claiming holocaust guilt money after WWII; do the math and let it sink in for a minute. I have even seen adds on facebook encouraging grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to claim money. The definition of a Holocaust survivor is any JEW who lived in Europe during WWII or their descendants. This is a plan to murder non-Jews and they believe that only Jewish lives matter. The Protocols of Zion called for 3 World Wars. We are in WWIII now. Israel/ Rothschild did 911, attacked the USS Liberty and killed John F. Kennedy because he printed US Currency which did not pay interest to the Federal Reserve Private Bank and because he opposed Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program. Our good friend Israel, who we and Germany send Billions to every year, attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 when the US was listening into radio traffic of Israel forcing captured Egyptian POW’s to dig their won graves and be shot in the back. The USS Liberty was clearly marked as an American ship, and Israel tried to kill every American sailor on board. LBJ, also a Jew, call off rescue planes when he found out it the attack came from Israel, and Adm. McCain, John McCain’s father, threatened American sailors with court martial if they talked. John McCain and John Kerry (real name Kohn- Jewish) closed the files on American POW’s known to be alive and John Kerry’s family received a commission from every piece of real estate sold in Vietnam. The keeping of White POWs from wars as slaves and to murder was done to German soldiers in Russia in WWII, American soldiers in Korea, and Jew Eisenhower murdered German POWs and German civilians in his Rhine Meadows Death Camps. Israel is our enemy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx9_paDhpQs Jeff Rense with Catherine Austin Fitts 2017.
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Song Bird Insane McCain and John Kerry (Kahn) covered up and closed files on American POW's known to be alive. John Kerry's family received a real estate commission from every piece of land sold in Vietnam. John McCain's father, Admiral McCain covered up Israel's attack on the USS Liberty and threatened surviving sailors with court martial if they talked.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnlQpKdNjWU&feature=related John McCain
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https://www.youtube.com/watch… New Clinton Chronicles.
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http://www.cvltnation.com/brutal-drawings-from-the-gulag/ Drawings of Soviet Jew run Gulags.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChNz-i3UYxQ Islamic Connection to Rome.

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