Friday, March 11, 2016

Chronovisor Update

"Ernetti and Gemelli discovered chronovision in the 1940's while tinkering with a specialized microphone to split the voices in Gregorian chants.

"By 1952, collaborating with Fermi, they had developed a two-dimensional chronovisor that was like a TV set, except the images seen were of past events, not TV shows.

"When I first encountered chronovisors in Fall 1970, they were stage-like apparatuses in which a crystal array in the ceiling propagated a cubic hologram on the stage consisting of moving light in which a past or future event was recapitulated.

"When we stood inside the hologram as it was propagated on the stage from the crystal array in the ceiling, we instantaneously went to that non-local event.

"In this way, the chronovisor became not just a technical remote viewing device but a time machine."

-- Andrew D. Basiago

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