Sunday, October 1, 2017

Prison Planet

Prison Planet

I sense the prison bars all around me
But their presence is nonexistent
I sense that there are eyes all about me
But apathy veils their onlooking gaze
I sense ears listening to my every word 
But nowhere can a lobe be detected

We have created the perfect prison planet
Souls entrapped into everlasting servitude
Schools harvesting manipulated minds
Jobs positioned for meaningless results
Churches preaching to empty pews
Governments legislating endless serendipity

Nowhere can the exit door be found
No emergency lighting to guide your path
Hallways engulfed in darkness
The light switch inexplicably stuck
Rooms filled with shock-filled faces
Blackened windows reflect lonely apparitions

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

1 comment:

Dogonic OceanPhoenix said...

Joseph your poems and writings are so very profound. Unfortunately all these things must come to pass for renewal ( or total destruction) by the will of TMH Elohim. Shalom friend