Saturday, August 15, 2020


Religion is not always a politician's best friend, but in these dystopic times, religion may be the only truth worth pursuing. While many of you have a difficult time with the truth, the core message of Fatima is about a real virus that has infected humanity. 

Our Lady reminded Lucia many times about the reconsecration of Russia. It was the duty of the Church to undo the ongoing evil and debauchery perpetrated by the jew, better known as the children of Satan. While many of you protect shield, befriend, protect and sympathize with their lies, Heaven knows better.

The children of Satan are history's most prolific mass murderers, slavers, liars and thieves. Their cunning must not only be exposed, it must be extinguished. This is the key to the third Secret of Fatima. The rise of communism, better known as judaism, is a virus that is infecting the world. Our religious leaders fail to expose this truth. They are caught atop the man-made laws that separate the truth from hate. Hate is a fraud that has been seeded by the jew all over the world. It is a seed that veils their lies and their true history.

Christians who protect the children of Satan are the adopted demons of communism. You CANNOT have your cake and eat it to. You must pick between Jesus or Satan. There is no other choice.

The link to the Fatima magazine above makes reference to many wonderful events in history, most notably the many apparitions of Mother Mary throughout time. One author also notes the following:

[I'm} hopeful that Muslims too, will be attracted to the movie since they are the second largest religious group to make a pilgrimage to Fatima each year. They have a very special devotion to Mary, and Fatima is the name of Muhammad's oldest daughter.

You can undo the evil that infested our times by believing in a time when our Creator and His messengers taught us right from wrong, and provided us a direct path to a better world.

God provided the path, the Devil provided us the possibilities.

Today we are witnessing evil all around us, yet you do nothing. Why? It is time for Christians to be Christians.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede