Tuesday, September 8, 2020

If we STOP testing (if testing is being done at all) Covid-19 cases will drop to ZERO

Is the PLAN-DEMonIC ramping up for stage 2? It certainly appears that way, and we were told rates would start going up. So naturally they have to go up. We don't want to make liars out of our political leaders.

The news states that Covid-19 incident rates are on the rise in some parts of Canada. I have a simple question:

"who the hell is getting tested and why?"

If we stop testing, no one will test positive. It really is that simple. We will have conquered the Coronavirus or the globalists' crown-virus very quickly.

Let's explore the role of the conspiracy theorist because his/her role is not fiction. Especially in a world filled with lies and deception. The question most people ask when they want to debunk a conspiracy theorist is, 

"how could so many people be in on such a crime"? 

And then those same people conclude, It's just not possible!

Well the answer to that question is simple. It only takes a pope, queen, military general, a political leader or a CEO to create a subservient army of individuals who unwillingly agree to do what their leader asks them to do. They may not be part of the conspiracy, but they become willing dupes in the conspiracy (i.e. sedition, genocide or evoking communism etc). You don't need a lot of people to bring about chaos, only a few who direct the masses to do as they ask.

A simple example is the George Soros funded anarchist movements known as BLM and ANTIFA.

The conspiracy theorist is not crazy, and I've never thought of myself in that regard. The real problem is that you are stupid for believing covid-19, chaos and communism are natural events.

There is a line in the movie " A Bronx Tale" that always makes me think. During a frank discussion, the actor Palminteri tells Brancato "nobody cares". When Palminteri lies dead in his casket, Brancato says to the corpse, "nobody cares ha, you were wrong about that one....wasted talent....see you around Sonny".

I guess you have to die to care about what is going on in the world today. Would that not be a little too late?

Thank you for being part of the MK-ULTRA experiment,
Joseph Pede

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socratis said...

yes very truth insighted and foretelling of stpupid is what stupid does and does not do. Thank you.